Point of the Laser Green Ruseth

Chilled mint hide, a blue-tinged green, eye-catchingly bold and vibrant accentuates the sleek, angular form of this moderately sized lady. Her head is a delicate wedge where fine bones are defined by clean, sharp lines. Bright, expressive eyes shift animatedly beneath the graceful arch of the eye ridges. It is supported by a leanly muscled neck surmounted by daintily rolling neckridges of a faintly emerald touched bottle green. The neck flows into the athletic torso, neither softly curved nor bulky with muscle. A springy chest tapers slowly to taut flanks and defined haunches. She has long, nimble limbs with lengthy, narrow paws tipped by sharp talons of a blushing coral hue. The points of her joints are visible, especially at the peaks of the strong hip bones. Tiny bottle green ridges return on the balance of her restless tail. Light strikes the great mass of her long, pointed wings making eldritch flames of the curious bottle green sails. It spills over mint green spars, to splash down and leave her shimmering in a ghostly glow.

Egg Name and Description

Mosaic of Fun Egg

The mosaic of squares casts a cheerful grid of colors onto the shell of this larger egg. Each piece abuts the squares around it in any one of six different shades. There is no rhyme or reason to the distribution with the chances of any one color touching any other color seemingly random. It frequently even has matching pieces adjacent to each other. With all the small squares marching in neat little rows and columns, it creates the illusion that the egg is rather square as well, though in truth the shell is a perfect ovoid.

Hatching Message

If stared at for too long, the squares of the Mosaic of Fun egg start to take on motion in an optical illusion that makes the eyes water and the mind dizzy. So it's easy to see how one could mistake real motion for this phenomenon. Many miss it when the egg first begins to rock.

It seems a whirl of color and motion as the Mosaic of Fun egg picks up speed. The rocking moves from subtle shifts on the sands to violent swaying and near rolls. Finally, it can take the recklessness no longer and does roll right into Zuhth's leg. The bang is nearly in sync with a cracking sound and as the gold nudges the egg away, several small cracks are seen hidden between the squares.

The Mosaic of Fun egg pushes on towards hatching with a strong steady rocking and curious bulging of the shell, though it does not collide with another again. Each push stretches the hold between the squares and the fine cracks spread and multiple. Before long chunks of red and blue, white and green, are falling to the sands giving hints of blue-green from within. One final shake and the egg falls to pieces depositing the newly hatched green onto the sands.

Impression Message

A subtle amber glow builds on the heat of the Igen sands, where heat is really a way of life. It invades in sly warming waves that relax muscles and sooth tension like sun-kissed skin on an island beach. In all rather alien to this hot desert place. Amber bubbles dance laughingly in your thoughts. The call arrives with a kiss of evergreen scent. « Arva…». But where? Is it getting weird around here? « Absolutely! » Your shock is enveloped by a wave of molten gold clearly coming from the curiously glowing green. « Ruseth. Would you be prepared if gravity reversed itself, Arva? » There's a teasing taste to the comment that quickly gives way to sharp blue pangs of hunger. « I'm hungry! »


Ruseth is a being of bright, blinding energy. She is an intellect with an energetic, playful personality, a wickedly sharp creativity, and highly detailed sense of humor. These are her defining characteristics and they are so entwined they can not be separated. To ask her to curb them is to ask her to be less then herself. From the very moment of your impression to your last breath together, she is a shining star burning more breath-takingly bright then any other being in your life and she will tell you « You are the source of all my joy. »

"Mitch, there's something you need to know. Compared to you, most people have the IQ of a carrot." Prof. Hathaway - Real Genius

Your lady is brilliant. Truly. She is a dragon genius which means she excels at acquiring information and applying it to comprehend exceedingly complex interactions and concepts. Like most dragons she suffers from the typical dragonic memory and instead isn't great at details like dates or names. So while she might be able to explain why the Igen solar panels produce electricity so efficiently, don't expect her to remember that hydrogen only has one electron. How you two choose to deal with that will be an evolving long term solution, but don't be surprised if she expects you to keep notebooks of facts and figures for her.

"Moles and trolls, moles and trolls, work, work, work, work, work. We never see the light of day. We plan this thing for weeks and all they want to do is study. I'm disgusted. I'm sorry but it's not like me, I'm depressed. There was what, no one at the mutant hamster races and we had one entry into the Madame Curie look-alike contest and he was disqualified later. Why do I bother?" Chris Knight - Real Genius

It's what your lady does with her smarts that sets her really apart. Because she's not really that big on work. No, what she wants to do is PLAY!. «There's dry ice in the hydroponics lab. I don't know why but there is. My notebook says if we drop it into the lake it will make a great glorious cloud and we can all pretend to be flying! » Be it inventing games or playing pranks, Ruseth is right there. And the more complex, elaborate the plan, the better. Woe betide the one who makes her angry. Ruseth has little respect for authority and she'll turn that clever, prank filled mind to a revenge more pointed than most. « If you drill a tiny little hole in Staci's footlocker, we can fill it completely full of sand. Then when she opens it, it will spill out all over the floor. That will teach her not to make fun of your swimsuit! »

Clearly, weyrlinghood has the potential to be very trying. You'll walk a fine line between reining in her wilder ideas while celebrating that brilliant mind and creativity. Trouble is almost assured. But with the understanding of the weyrlingmasters and a sense of humor of your own, you should make it through in one piece. After graduation, she will happily support you in your chosen craft, even offering her own unique opinions and suggests. Who knows? Maybe you two will become the first great dragonic fashion designers. However, her primary focus will always be on games and fun and it will make her a favorite of all the weyr young, no matter the species.

"A girl's gotta have her standards." Susan - Real Genius

When it comes to flights, your lady is a speed demon. Her build is that of a falcon, compact and intended to race at speeds none other can meet. The flip side of this is a lack of endurance. So her flights will be wild, fast, aerobatic, and short. She's not the type to let just any male catch her however. She's going to make them prove themselves and for her wit and creativity are just as appealing as physical form. She will take your own desires into consideration but only to a point. Just goes his rider cranks your chain doesn't mean she'll settle for just any blue or brown.


Clever As A

Ruseth's mind is a sly and agile place of forest imagery and amber light. She has a facile mind, much quicker and more clever than the norm for a dragon of any color. She can easily think circles around others and tie them into knots as she does. She tends to express her emotions in a combination of colors, temperatures, and scents. Fear or distrust are the chill of white frost. Curiosity and intellectual stimulation hold the warmth of sunlight in all the golden shades of amber. True joy is molten gold with a hint of evergreen scent. Confusion or uncertainty is sapphire blue, sharp and angular, while anger comes like cooling volcanic rock: black with a scorching heat and hints of fire. Her true mind voice sounds in the contralto range and she speaks at a carefully measured pace.

Mind Touches

Clever As A fox and just as shy, the touch lingers at the edges of the mind, nearly invisible. It waits, hesitant with wispy threads of chilly white fear. Amber bubbles of curiosity slip in and out slowly. With each pass, they build stronger and stronger until a faintly golden amber glow seems to surround you. A hint of pine smell wafts through, and as it does bright bold forest green tickles at the last lesson you had. There is a sense of thoughtfulness, tinted by the amber curiosity, almost as if the mind were checking your answers. But as it senses your focus, it flees leaving behind only the pine scent and the memory of curiosity.

Clever As A fox and equally cunning, the touch slips in before noticed this time, arriving full blown as amber stars and evergreen scent. It seems eager to learn in the bright flashes of golden-amber light. Every idea or plan that's ever been stored in memory is washed over though the hue seems to fade either into the brown or more golden stage with no obvious pattern at different schemes. A sudden burst of joy at one particularly clever plan becomes a sunburst of warm colors: red to amber to golden bright. Again it senses your attention and seems to stumble out in a wave of white threaded forest green. One last blast of pine is all that remains.

Clever As A fox and nearly as methodical, the touch returns. Though still not bold, the amber creep is steady and consistant. It quarters thought, tasting of emotions with puzzled sparks of sapphire and knowledge with a warming glow of firelight. The amber curiosity just builds with each bit of learning, eager and hopeful. Not even the weight of your attention is enough to divert the intensity of it's concentration. Finally, the touch is done and recedes leaving a drained but approving pine scent and evergreen color behind.


The theme for this clutch was the 80's! And with a stand only theme, we went all out on crazy, ridiculous stereotypes! Your egg is based on the children's puzzle toy known as the Rubik's cube which you must manipulate until all tiles of the same color as aligned on each of the six sides. To go with that idea, your Ruseth is intended to be an intellect, a nerd if you will, in a somewhat traditional 80's style. However, to allow her to also display the character traits you preferred, she is specifically based on the Chris Knight character in Real Genius (1985) played by Val Kilmer. Her desc is derived from the laser his character was working on. Her name comes from ruse, not the English term meaning a trick, but rather the French meaning of cunning. We hope you like her and she's all you could want but she is yours now to change or alter as you will. Welcome to weyrlinghood at Igen Weyr!


Name Ruseth
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Eranzath
Created By Kitty
Impressee Arva
Hatched November 14, 2015
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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