Egg Name and Description

The Lone Wanderer Egg

Surprisingly large this egg glitters against the dark sands. It drifts through that dark oblivion on no particular course under the gentle nudging of its dam. It seems rather round in comparison to other eggs, but instead of warmth, it exudes a chill from its frozen appearing surface. Regardless of the baking temperatures of the dark sands, not a drop of the ice melts or shows any sign of yet revealing the soft pulse of life that grows within. That breath of life is cradled deep beneath the ice cracked surface, beneath the dirty edges of vast canyons that end in as solid a bottom as the top one starts from. Or perhaps those are grains of the hatching ground sands sticking to the surface reducing what might shine in otherwise bright purity to a large dirty snowball.

Mind Touches

Mind-Name: Steadfast Explorer

First: Steadfast Explorer is a solid wall that you run into. What might be normally an 'oh pardon me' moment is entirely different in the plane of awareness where the collision occurs. Or not so much collision as you run into it and come to full screeching stop. It looms large against your thoughts, a veritable wall that for the moment seems oblivious of your presence. It is so enormous one might consider it to be quite grand, only it isn't exactly so. It simply is large and unmoving, and as you focus a bit one gets the sense of dirty icy brown and blue to see as far as one can perceive in any direction in front above or below you. Not exactly grandiose material.

Second: Steadfast Explorer shifts its gigantic bulk. Oh look it DID notice you! The feeling of something so enormous suddenly coming to focus upon the pinprick of your consciousness may be a bit too much for some. There isn't any wrath in the inspection, thankfully. There is curiosity and questions galore. Who are you? What are you? And why are you just so gosh darn small?!?

Third: Steadfast Explorer sweeps you along like a parent to child, settling you about its neck so you can peek beyond at what lies in front. If this one seems to ginormous, it is tiny in comparison to the universe that stretches out beyond. Ah, you can sense a barely held excitement. Yes, that great beyond. Look at how much lays before to be discovered, ever moon to be spun to see the other side, a sip from every watery world to quench the explorer's thirst and to orbit a burning start as one might sit about a campfire keeping ones toes toasty.

Hatching Messages

Hatchling Name: Alien Vista Dusty Gold Hatchling

The lone wanderer egg moves, for real this time. Its glittering surface catches even faint light from the grounds, glittering a dangerous invitation to the surrounding candidates. Dare you come closer now?

It's hard to discern the cracks which are forming upon the surface of the lone wanderer egg. The shell is already so bright in many spots, but where the cracks cross a dirtied line the evidence mounts. Doom, doom here comes your destruction. Well, maybe, or your salvation, but in a doomy kind of way. What is life but the path you walk? Never a guarantee that it will be an easy one.

The shell of the lone wanderer egg finally gives, separating unevenly into three or four large pieces. It's a bit difficult to tell for the darker hatchling that emerges, dirty alabaster talons finishing the job in a sturdy push which slices apart a piece of shell that had been resisting her escape. Really, you should know better she snorts in disdain, nothing will stop a queen.

Impression Message

Your world darkens as shadows slip into the edge of your vision and if you didn't know better you might think you are fainting. However, a deep presence props you up and a deep feminine voice echoes into your head «Well now, none of that. We aren't going to escape this by passing out.» no indeed, the grasp is firm and sure, fi alien and so different that it may take a moment or three to grasp that the queen's outstretched talon has come to rest on your knee. There's a feeling, as if she's weighing something not entirely sure. «So, what shall I call you. Isn't it some honor to shorten one's name, but 'She' might get confusing». a dry sort of humor that presses on «Perhaps Taia then, or just stick with Shetaia. Who really cares much about tradition anyway. I am Ryath.» a pause and then it's back to survival basics «Food, I require it.»




Her egg was based on a wandering planet. That is one which was thrown out of its home solar system and is left to drift in the void. Some of these are even so large as to generate their own heat and potentially be sources of life. Imagine that, from a planet!! Though this one was more based on a thought of a water planet expelled and frozen in the oblivion of the cold depths of space.

OMG, I was very excited when I saw you wanted a Riddick dragon. It's hard to say that I've really done it entirely justice, and you should totally feel free to tweak or go off in an entirely different direction if it suits you. I won't mind at all. I sure tried however, first off by going to my DVD's and re-watching, and watching, and then realizing I better get to writing this one. Eeeep!! Of course it was hard as well to resist the Red Dwarf (also Adore!) and Stargate (we are seriously on the same wavelength!!!), but really I have tried to focus it more Riddick-ish. Not exactly, obviously cause y'know, she's a /girl/ and all.


Her description was inspired more by the planet in Riddick, with its storms bringing the venomous creatures awake. So kinda take that, but make apply a little more of a goldenrod or dark gold filter on it. Golden-brown she is more than any shiny metal specimen. She also isn't particularly beautiful. There aren't all those sensual smooth curves or any of that. She is harsh, dirty and rough in looks.

Names are always difficult for me. If you absolutely hate it, by all means talk to me and we can retcon something else. As tempting as Furyath was, I thought it might be to close sounding to Fuerioth who Reya currently rides in this game. I tried a lot but I finally settled on Ryath. Pronounced "Ree-a (like ack)-th" after Furyan. Although it was used on a game long ago, with her character I think she can wear it well.


Name Ryath
Dam Zeraeth
Sire Teimyrth
Created By Neyuni
Impressee Shetaia
Hatched June 13th, 2018
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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