Calm Amidst The Tempest's Fury Gold Sabiyath

Trails of tempestuous golden hues writhe in chaotic tendrils over the scrawny curve of shoulder and neck; a windborne dervish of saffron and sunlight tones intertwined upon her gleaming hide. Riotous shadows, slightly darker, swirl and seethe like lurking stormclouds stirred into the violence of nature's fury, limed in burnished gold; uneven whorls of gold that sweep across overlarge wings and dappling driblets of color over skinny little hips and a too-long tail. Spiraled wheels of golden clouds dance paths of destruction over broad silver-taloned paws; dualistic pinwheels of color wrapping about her lower legs to the knee, and fading off into the luminescent gold of her base coloration. About knobby headknobs, a corona of sun-drenched clouds wreath the very top of her head, trailing wisps of color about her eyes; thus resembling the eye of the storm, peaceful serenity amidst the havoc of nature. Depending on the angle at which she stands, she almost appears ewe-necked, but overall, she's moderately proportioned, and she may yet grow into those disproportionate features that she does possess in the Turns to come.

Egg Name and Description

Festival of Flickering Firelight Egg
Glossed shadows of marbled cimmerian and sable blend together smoothly over the gentle curve of eggshell. Looming large — indeed, eclipsing at least several other eggs in size — on the darkened sands of Igen, this egg might easily blend into the the sands upon which it rests were it not for the brilliant burst of tangerine, claret and topaz that flares upwards from the the center of the ovoid. Reminiscent of rising flames, the way the heat shimmers up from the sands adds to the illusion of a dancing flickering fire. And around the fire's center, swirls of color twine and writhe in a riotous blend of harper-blue, peridot and lavender with vaugely oval-shaped blob of fleshy coloration scattered at frequent intervals above the swirl of colors, lending the impression of dancing figures leaping in joyous abandon about a roaring bonfire.

Hatching Message

Festival of Flickering Firelight Egg shudders, stirred to life by the being ensnared within the confining shell of the ovoid, a spinning whirling little force of nature upon the darkened sands. There's a rhythm to the movement, almost like a dance, as if the swirling figures embossed on the shell were twirling about in a dizzy circle. A crack shatters the air, bits of ebony-glossed shell flying through the air like pottery shards to rain down on the sands. The wetly gleaming muzzle tip of the hatchling appears, followed by a weedy looking neck, and at last, with a tired flop, the golden dragonet slides free of the eggshell; bits of black shards clinging like confetti to her hide.

Impression Message

Suddenly, admist the heat rising from the dark-grained sand and contained within the immense cavern of the Hatching Grounds, the air seems very still; heavy and enfolding like the calm before the storm is about to hit. Pressure seems to build, a rhythmic drumbeat like the pulsing and pounding of one's heart. And as suddenly as that feeling arrives, the storm seems to break, a swirling centrugial force in the very presence of the golden hatchling that stands before you, and all the pressure and heaviness melts away; dribbling off like the pitter-patter of a brief summer rain-shower found so infrequently in the desert. « Neraud » comes the voice in your mind, unmistakably hers; that of your draconic partner and of your new best friend. « Neraud, I am here. Here for you, and I'll make sure that you don't get into any trouble. I'm Dragonth, by the way. »

Silence for a moment, and then her stomach rumbles. « I don't suppose you can feed me now? How much trouble could you get into doing that? »


As a hatchling — and even into adulthood — you will find that Sabiyath is clearly not the most graceful of dragons, she does have a tendancy to leave a path of destruction whereever she goes; something she's certainly not at fault for mind, but clearly she's a messy little dragon.

However, growing up, she'll certainly be a guardian angel so to speak. As she matures, she'll be quick to point out suggestions that your ideas might get you into trouble, and will offer alternatives for you that will hopefully keep you out of hot water.


Fragrant Scents of Incense Smoke and Hay
To anyone that touches Sabiyath's mind, the first impression is so overwhelmingly chaotic; of joy, of cheer and all those wonderfully happy thoughts of Life is Good. At first, the very essence of her mind seems to be in turmoil, a million thoughts at once all swirling about in a happy little cloud of HappyHappyJoyJoy! But as long as you wait at least a moment, you'll find that the core of her being, what makes Sabiyath the dragon she is, is actually very calm and purposeful. To be honest, there's a centerpart of her thoughts that are in stark contrast to the more chaotic fringes of her mentality, a stable, mature center despite the outer chaos of youthful exhuberance.

Physically, her mind seems to be windy, everything from the full fury of gale-force winds when she's particularly cheerful (the kind of intensity that seems to almost flatten you with the power behind it) to the gentle rustle of a soft wind through the trees when she's feeling calm and relaxed. And everything in between, depending on her mood.


Sabiyath was inspired by a hurricane, as you wished for weather phenomena as a hatchling theme, her name means Eastern Wind in Arabic, and the theme of her egg was "All Souls Night" by Loreena McKennitt. Please visit the webpage for the clutch for more indepth information about her inspiration.


Name Calm Amidst The Tempest's Fury Gold Sabiyath
Dam Gold Isisth
Sire Bronze Aevisaanth
Created By Lonriya
Impressee Neraud
Hatched October 9, 2004
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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