Abrael's Go, Go, Go Green Saethiath

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Sleek, but not necessarily slender is the primary form of this green. Large triangular shaped head is blunted at the end, and indeed no part of her is to particularly angular, although her head comes closest. Even ridges are smoothed, somewhat small as if weathered or streamlined to allow her that smidgeon of extra speed. The front end of her is a bit broader than one might expect, tapering to a somewhat too slender belly barely balanced by thin muscled haunches. It frequently looks as if she might tend to tip forwards when standing. Of hue she is a fairly striking strong green tone. It's painted in on in a geometrically pleasing fashion following this or that curve. Darker green striping within each vaguely leafish swatch helps to keep her from being uniform. A few accents of icy green in the most eye catching of curves completes the striking vision of this lass.

Egg Name and Description

Life's Colorful Egg

There is the hand that life deals one, and this egg is no exception. What it has been dealt is expressed vividly upon its surface in a rainbow of hues that roll vibrantly from one to the next, and collide in starbursts. Either end of the ovoid gleams in a polished clean and pure cloudy white. That most innocent of hues gives way quickly enough to the brilliant waves and bursts of lively color. Here, azure and lemon twine next to a spiral of ochre and peach which fade into a playful twist of ruby and olive. Violet and fawn wrap the center with starbursts of chocolate and mauve, and silver and rose to either side. And blue. One can hardly miss the lovely blue that somehow seems to tie everything together in a way surprisingly pleasing to the eye. Beyond its coloring, the egg is otherwise entirely normal. It is neither the largest nor smallest and is shaped quite typically. The shell itself is fairly smooth and unblemished and kept comfortably warm as it rests in its sandy bed.

Hatching Message

Perhaps the most colorful of all the eggs, the life's colorful egg shows signs of life. The streaking of every hue imaginable will not much longer pain the eye as the shell shudders and then rocks ever so slightly.

Greater movement comes to the life's colorful egg. Rocking in earnest in its sandy nest, the occupant within has apparently decided its cramped quarters are no longer suitable. Large white cracks appear in the eggs midsection, girdling the circumference of the colorful shell.

The cracks around the center of the life's colorful egg give way with a sudden snap. The shell slips neatly in half, the two pieces dropping away to either side of the once occupant. It might make an interesting decoration should it be salvaged, or more likely to be trampled into colorful shards to glitter amongst the black sands. The hatchling released seems unconcerned of her shells fat as she stretches out of the cramped quarters and gives her wings a little shake.

Impression Message

The frantic rush and the chaos upon the sands, crooning hatchlings and breaking shells is surely too much. Too much for such a gently and shy soul as your own as you wait with the last shells broken, the final hatchlings to choose and the quiet of your 'normal' life to return. «But what fun would that be?» a playful whisper accompanied by notes of orange and pomegranate tickles the back of your thoughts. As if you must argue with yourself this whole ordeal to come to a conclusion, no new faces appearing in the barracks each day, no random strange chores to deal with «Oh, definitely no fun at all then!» wait but it's just that perhaps your definition of fun is a bit different from «Saethiath» is supplied conversationally… from Saethiath's. That's right, right there it makes total sense now it's… It is the coming realization that the not quite balanced little green hatchling last wandering the sands has come before you, never quite still and somehow with a rather bemused expression upon her blunted face. «Hello Abrael» In fact, you can sense this quite clearly from your partner, you were never meant to have that pesky S for a name, she was! «Why, thank you for saving it for me my deal Abrael.» and so your new journey begins.


Weyrlinghood should prove most interesting and probably quite a bit stressful for you. Your partner has only just entered the world and knows nothing of it, or the proper behaviors in it. She is nearly uninhibited at first. Any moment that she is awake she wants to be there, see that, and asks a million questions along the way. «Why is leather so chewy? How come it is called a bakers dozen if there are thirteen cookies? Did the weyrlingmaster really say we could go skydiving? What is skydiving?» the questions run an unimaginable range. Thankfully they'll taper off after a few months as you get over the initial hump, but always she's apt to ask something totally random and not necessarily on topic. Then there is simply the getting into everything. "Did you just dye your muzzle purple?!" «Well I thought it was one of those scented oils I heard about. A couple of the weavers did not seem very happy. I told them to come talk to you if there was some problem.» It's all so innocent. Perhaps her extreme is a reflection of your own and together somehow you'll both temper each other either side of the middle depending on the moment. Manners are definitely not her greatest suit, and you'll likely spend countless hours trying to get some of the basic concepts thru her mind. She's just as likely to continue on up to someone and sniff at their hair «Oooh! Dear Abrael you /must/ ask how she got such curls! Your hair would look great like that.» or it might be «Janja smells good,» as she bounds over to the weyrwoman and waves her head over her «You must ask what that is!» For whatever reason there is a line that she'd really rather you do most of the actual talking to others, though she certainly can when you are not present and the need presents itself.

When nature calls you'll know far in advance. The change in her personality is as dramatic as your own because she becomes a mirror to how you were that hatching day. The formerly outgoing, playful, even charming and humorous green will find that she doesn't very much feel like leaving the weyr, heck even leaving her ledge. She'll go find a spot in the bowl and when anyone wanders nearby she's apt to move somewhere with more isolation. Suddenly quiet and ultra-shy it builds up until that moment of the actual flight. «I can't stand it!» hide glows brightly, heat flows off her body in a way nearby males won't miss. If she intended to hide and wait out the cycle, well it will never work. «I'm out of here!» she'll shriek, her challenge, her defiance. Away is all she wants and knows until there is the cool high sky and the sudden warmth in her body and that personality starts flipping back, a sudden interest in her chasers and it'll soon all be over.

Saethiath is the addiction you never asked for that you so perfectly need. A bubbly, playful, outgoing beast that is all over and into everything and everybody. Good humored she chases life with a vigor that is inspiring. She will eventually reach a level of maturity that will keep her from outright drooling on folks, sniffing up skirts and pants, or licking up a drink or snack left out on the beach or in the local bar (at least when folks are looking). A level of tact comes to be understood by her as much as dealing with others about your partners antics will become (hopefully) less terrifying for you. She'll be ever working to drag you along in her shenanigans, unintentional foibles and unplanned adventures. At the end of the day she'll drop into the deepest sleep from which even a rising gold could not wake. You can look at her with a warm fondness in those moments, feeling the love and warmth of her being that wraps about you in the zest of life that she just wants to share each moment of every day with her most perfect rider, and reflect that despite all its challenges you'd never go back to what was before that fateful day she broke from her colorful shell.

There is one thing you will never doubt about her. The unconditional love and affection she shows you. You are her everything, and whatever she does, never is it done to harm or cause you distress. You're likely to have many cringe-worthy moments simply due to the she that she is, but she is here for you, to you above all and any other.


Bequia Sunrise

Saethiath's mind is a bubbly colorful abstract landscape. Of tone it is pleasantly feminine, although a younger sounding voice. As if you are speaking to a young teen, rather than the fully developed tones of an adult. It is frequently accompanied by color or taste, but rarely by sound. Not that she is quiet, just that her mind is expressed in the other sense predominantly. While her mind ranges through all possible colors, most frequently found are oranges and reds. The deep fruity colors and associated citrus, cheery and/or pomegranate flavors. On the rare occasion her ire is raised, the stinging burn of alcohol washes in as well.

Mind Touches

Bequia Sunrise bursts into your thoughts… vibrant, colorful, flavorful. It spins, joyous and playful, full of life and energy upon the rising sun. A sun which strikes the rim of the tall glass of this beings thoughts, flaring as if broken by a prism into the sum of its parts and drowns you in a rainbow of overwhelming color. Laughter follows in bubbles of orange and cherry that float merrily upon the ambered sunrise as it follows the meandering river around your mind and drains off imperceptably to one side until it simply is there no more.

Bequia Sunrise greets your return in a quite unsubtle fashion. Perhaps not as overwhelming as before, it seems to drift more playfully above your thoughts in fizzy orange and cherry micro-bubbles. There is one of good humor here, kind in the depths of their heart or hearts, and innocent in that way of one not yet knowing the world. Your own thoughts provide but a small window into the beyond it will soon enough enter. It is entirely undaunted, not one to be kept down and when it rolls across something not quite to its fancy you can sense it right its own ship in fruity flavors dusting itself off as if nothing were the matter and continuing merrily along. Sweet and citrus wash over your tastebuds as the mind drift away once more leaving you to your own thoughts.

Bequia Sunrise washes into your thoughts one last time. Vibrant colors draw you away from the pitiful heat of the sands into a wider world of the imagination. Floating upon orange rivers with pomegranate swirls it shares both much and little of itself. It seems a book half written, the glass of its thoughts swirled, drawing you down towards the bottom, reaching towards that last page where its destiny is written. Always, always just out of reach. As you extend yourself, you reach nearest that bottom and encounter a parting bite to its thoughts this last time. As if you've swallowed a sudden shot of brandy lurking beneath all the sweet and light, that scorches the back of your throat and leaves ones' eyes watering. It seems not entirely intentional, simply another lesser seen side of this one that lingers like an addiction. The question is, will you one day come back for more?


The theme for the eggs of the clutch was Broadway Musicals, and generally the musical theater posters. Her egg is based on the production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. You can find the poster/cover of inspiration here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Joseph_and_the_Amazing_Technicolor_Dreamcoat.jpg.

The mind theme was alcoholic drinks. Bequia Sunrise is a cocktail of brandy, orange juice and grenadine. It's like a tequila sunrise, but uses brandy instead of tequila.

As for her description the name is inspired from one of the musicals songs as well the sleek vehicle image, and admittedly from my daughter who now backseat drives and says "Green means Go!". It could almost be Saethiath's motto. Her coloring is inspired from here: http://media.photobucket.com/user/mdith_08/media/Green_Abstract.jpg.html and her physical appearance inspired from here: http://media.photobucket.com/user/mrparaman/media/greenlambo.jpg.html

Her name was much more a challenge to find one that seemed just right. I wanted to find a start with S, use that lovely AE and pull from your own thoughts. I took inspiration from Alethiometer, and somehow Saethiath fell out of all that.


Name Saethiath
Dam Zuhth
Sire Sindrieth
Created By Neyuni
Impressee Abrael
Hatched December 28, 2014
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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