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Broad and muscular is what best describes this dragons form: a wide muzzle connected to a thick neck, well built body and long tail. Faceted eyes are set in deep under large eye ridges and outlined in the brightest china blue over a softer, powdered shade which trek down to his chin and neck in tiny wisps and fading into a soft haze across his undersides. Large talons are covered in the same tones as they blend into the light upwards and vanishing under mottled wing sails. Indigo mottling covers powder in dark patches as if his very hide is a tapestry of the skies in which he makes his home. The only thing that one could consider average of this dragons image is the well proportioned wings to his exaggerated frame.


Name Saith
Dam Gold
Sire Bronze
Created By V'al
Impressee V'al
Hatched Insta
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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