A Scholar's Consequence Blue Sciath

Why's It Sticky? Egg

A deluge of black sludge is the initial impression of this egg. Moldy, dark patches of gray start at the top and ooze down both sides; spindles of shiny ebony interlace along the shell and seep outward like rotted tree roots that refuse to succumb to the peace granted by complete decay. Long fingers of putrefaction battle against queasy phosphorescent green undertones. It's unclear if either shade would improve upon the unsettling visage. All the gloom and shadow form despondent curtains that ensconce an eerie red center that's mildly obscured by whisps of smokey grey, yet the eyes are always drawn back to that sliver of red, an unsettling disparity without any visible purpose other than to unnerve the viewer. There's a near-constant lacquered appearance, somehow shiny like exposed tendons. The entire form is visceral and ominous.

Hatching Message

Why's It Sticky? Egg shatters abruptly outwards from its mysterious fracture, one clawed foot bursting from the hole made in its shell. Further splits and cracks weaken the egg with brutal precision, as though intent on not just freeing itself, but destroying the thing that caged it along the way. It lasts far longer than one might expect before finally dank, creepy tentacles slap sickeningly to the sands on either side of a damp hatchling.


A Scholar's Consequence Blue Hatchling

It is not this blue's appearance that defines him, a creature of lapis hide cloaked in celestial delights - it is his comportment of self that takes what would be whimsical in any other beast and lends it peculiar intensity. He appears to be carved from bold blue stone, a taut pull upon his features rendering him both striking and severe. Bands of ice-white and near-grey alternate dominance in their sweep over intelligent eyes, striating the long, proud arch of his neck before their meteoric streaks burn out upon the voluminous expanse of his wings. Starry candescence lights his lower jaw, swathing throat and belly in subtle brilliance. Limbs are deceptive in their slow descent into night-darkness, thin but strong and seemingly-plain except for the stark press of sinew and bone against hide. It is only when one observes him as a greater picture than his parts, however, that they might realize he's painted as a predator: marbled above, pale below, a mistake the unlucky might only make once.

Impression Message


A Scholar's Consequence Blue Hatchling stills once more, but this time there's a line of tension in his lanky form, stone-hewn head snapping sharply to one side, as though sensing the exact origin of that drag on his soul. There. How could he have ever lost it in the first place? Ah well, no time to wonder, to waste a second longer, unhurried stride carrying the careful blue straight to a spirited young woman's feet.


One moment there are sights and sounds and sensations, dragons and desert and din, and the next there is simple, utter quiet. It should be terrifying, this sudden sensory deprivation, but somehow this darkness is comfortable, containing all the soothing warmth of an embrace. From the very heart of this quiet compassion comes a glittering light, a single meteor streaking across the sky, leaving an entire universe-worth of light in its wake. Stars stud a sky rendered in varying blue hues, auras swirling in painterly whorls, all of it reflected upon the ground on which you stand. « They are not stars, actually, » comes a voice both old and wise, soft but strong, « not really. That is merely how we interpret them. They are representative of so much more, of destinies and fates and powers incomprehensible to mortal minds. » It is a humble statement, meant to encompass you both, acknowledging the background of his mind as something that will forever be a mystery. « But that is what makes life exciting - the pursuit of the unknown. » Scholarly pursuit, of course, but that's a discovery for your future. For now, the voice in your mind sours somewhat, skies taking on a faint red hue. « Alas, mine, I hunger. For now, suffice to say that I am your Sciath, and you are my Aph. The rest may wait until later. »



“Books are always first, you know.” - Merlin, Sword in the Stone

And here he is, your own personal Encyclopedia Dragonica, in the flesh. Fret not, dear Aph, he is no less of a dragon than any of his brothers or sisters, he will be subject to the foibles of memory that plague them all, but just because he is similar in this regard doesn’t mean he won’t be unique in others.

You see, where Klyssyneth might be inspired to foolishness more in keeping with your own personality, and Verzhuqueth might have the kind of pure wildness to keep you on your toes, Sciath is here to ground you, to bring you back to earth. It is all fine and well to dream, to nurture goals and ambitions, but it does not do to dwell upon them and forget to think, to learn, to live. If you race into things half-cocked and unplanned, life will pass you by before you even realize it, with you having learned nothing in the process.

That is where Sciath comes in, as much educator as fellow student, one that will center your world with ample introspection and nose-to-the-grindstone philosophy. Your early days as a bonded pair will center upon learning one another, on what makes each of you unique and yet somehow terribly the same. It's a strong, young pair of hearts that beat in his chest, after all - just because his drum to the tune of self-betterment and mindfulness doesn't make him any less prone to messing it all up in a colorful way.

“A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.” - Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings


Indeed, there are things your Sciath will simply never get right, timeliness being his greatest weakness. Whether it's delving you both into a particularly interesting book, getting lost in a harper's public performance and forgetting he had somewhere to be, or simply enjoying the sun's warmth with cat-like grace (he was definitely meditating, Aph, only old men nap through midday), he is wont to let time slip him by without noticing its passing. If you don't want to be late to everything - possibly including your own funerals, depending on who this behavior annoys - you'd best get a good timepiece.

For everything else, there's Sciath and his big beautiful brain and his somewhat-less-beautiful body, which he won't hesitate to use to come between you and trouble. He's just as likely to use his height to tower over you in an argument as he is to simply hook one claw into the neck hem of your tunic to hold you back from some terrible decision.

« Oriapeth's mine hasn't fed yet today, do you truly think this is the moment to tease her? Let me invite you instead to apply that energy to the reading of this novel, I heard it has the most interesting theory regarding the origin of between… »

Though hardly a peacekeeper, Sciath's no-nonsense streak is a mile wide, his patience even wider. Sure, he has his bouts of temper - he's only a dragon, after all - but more often he'll seek quiet discussion, inner exploration, and an answer to one of many 'why's. He isn't one to shy from hard discussions, or to put off for later what might be solved now, for good or ill.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” - The Wizard, Wizard of Oz

This is because your Sciath likes to operate from the shadows, dabbling in a little bit of everything without revealing all the strings he’s pulling to make it all work out. Sure, applause and recognition can be great - he might even chase adulation for a bit in his youth - but by the time he’s reached full maturity, a job well done will be its own reward. He’s a beast that likes subtlety, perfectly content to do his job (whatever that might be) and then retire into a sense of quiet.

For there are times when Sciath is happy to chat your mental ears off, particularly when some topic he's read or overheard sticks out in his mind, but there are just as many times where he'll utter no words at all, content to merely exist, to take in the world and all its many wonders without needing to engage with or influence it. These moments are sure to come at inconvenient times for you, given the nature of wizards even when they do take dragon form, but perhaps you will come to embrace the philosophy that it is okay to disengage, to not have to be the loudest voice or the brightest light. Sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to just be.



“Only by ridding oneself of clutter can one see the true world around them.” - Mona Megistus, Genshin Impact

And this is a concept your Sciath lives by, or so he thinks. One supposed the starry length and breadth of his mind is rather simplistic, empty of defining features; there are simply the comings and goings of destinies untold, magic untapped by the limitations of Pernese life, limitless potential within his grasp… and yet it is not his to wield.

It is fortunate, then, that this mind belongs to Sciath and not another, because the possibilities of what he could achieve should he tap into the power swirling through his mind is unimaginable - dangerous, even. To see into the future, to be able to sink one's claws into the very fabric of reality, the literal stardust that created him and you and everything and wield it… in the wrong hands, it could be devastating. But with him it is merely a backdrop, acknowledged but untouched, discipline and strong morals holding true against temptation.

And yet, despite his perfect vigilance, it works through him, as though perhaps the magic is what is sentient and he is merely its vessel. This possibility is subtle at first, but it's there in his voice that is forever too old and wise for his age, in the way celestial smoke and unknown constellations limn his every word. That's a mystery not even you will be able to unravel, dear Aph. Even should you ask at your nicest and his most vulnerable, you should only expect a wry laugh and some sagely, loaded comment that says everything and nothing at the same time.

Physicality & Flights

When it comes to matters of the body rather than of the mind, well… Some dragons have resting bitch face, and alas, your Sciath is one of them. Even when he’s not engaging in lecture or preaching self-reflection, he has a look about him, as though he’s just smelled something awful, or ingested sour grapes. Does he mind that this might send otherwise-friendly folk fleeing from his presence? Not really. Some days, this might even serve his purposes! But on a good day, it’s enough to inspire confusion.

« Well. That woman's departure was certainly abrupt. »
“You did look like you were about to eat her.”
« Did I? Bother. I rather liked her, too. »

Attempts to make himself appear friendlier - at your request, or at the behest of some other whose opinion he values - is sure to have… interesting results. Stoney features weren’t meant for pleasant expressions, and at best, he can hope to achieve a sort of zen neutrality, a lack of tightness around his lips and brow. His body is similarly set up for failure, thin and narrow with deceptive strength as is the way with wizards, therefore comprising many angles and little in the way of softness (or at least, softness that he’s willing to bare to others). It’s one thing to scoop you into the lengthy curl of his neck while you read to him, or to calm restless sleep by pulling you in against his side with one wide wing, and quite another to allow someone else access to his most vulnerable points.

If that happens, it will almost certainly be as the result of a flight. Though your Sciath can be, ah, persnickety when it comes to those he chooses to pursue, when he does deign to take to the skies after lady fair, you can assure yourself, it will be with his utmost efforts. He doesn’t waste time chasing after every flash of tail available and so flights will earn his best and most inventive self, and should he have his way, it will be as much an intellectual pursuit as it is a physical one. He will challenge his lady’s body and mind, throwing riddles and conundrums her way and - should she be found wanting after all - break away should she disappoint him. But if she excels… oh, ho, then you will experience the one and only time Sciath will give himself over to more than just you. It will never be all of him - his very core belongs to you, and only you, Aph - but only for his equal is he willing to surrender the true might of his mind. It will take a special lady indeed, but should he find her, trust that magic will happen.


Hello Apheli - or should we say, Aph!! Welcome to weyrlinghood here at Igen, we're thrilled to have you. <3

Our egg theme this cycle was 'Dangerous Places to Be.' Your egg was written by Oddisa and was based on the gate to the Upside Down from Season 1 of Stranger Things. If you aren't familiar with the show, goodbye, we'll see you after you binge it all up. ;D

All jokes aside, your little old blue here was themed after wizards! More specifically, he was written and designed after Yen Sid from Fantasia's Sorcerer's Apprentice, whose Wiki states: “Most who encounter Yen Sid often can be bound to be intimidated by his appearance but underneath his fierce look, lies a heart of gold. Surprisingly, he is very forgiving and actually has a sense of humor. He is more than aware of Mickey's mischief and willing to deal with this; putting it aside to teach his apprentice. Underneath his harsh exterior is a man who strongly believes in his apprentices, no matter what mischief they may get into.” This seemed to more than fit the bill, but just for fun I threaded in some wisdom from a host of other wizardly types in the hopes of rounding out that introspective vibe you requested. Hopefully I did right by you, but honestly, Sciath is yours now to play how you like, so please feel free to change anything as you see fit!

<3, Siha


Name Blue Sciath
Dam Gold Oriapeth
Sire Bronze Roheith
Created By Siha
Impressee Aph
Hatched October 1, 2022
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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