Spear of Lightning Bronze Shidenisseth

Slender and nimble, this dragon has not an ounce of flesh to spare. Pale bronze hide is stretched tight over sinew and bone, rippling with silvery highlights when the whipcord muscles flex beneath the light-kissed skin. The wedge-shaped head, which rests atop his long neck, holds an intelligent cant to narrow muzzle and tall eye ridges, and mischief quirks within whirling eyes. Gold dusted neck ridges dance gaily along his spine, disappearing behind silver-stroked wings formed of translucent smoky sails stretching tight between lightning-streaked spars. The long, serpentine tail, lined with tiny golden ridges, never quite manages to sit entirely still.

Egg Name and Description

Spark of Life Egg
Smoke and midnight swath this large egg in gloomy clouds, their intermingled pattern hypnotic as it gradiates back and forth from dusky grey to inscrutable ebony. What a vision it would be, a nearly solid-shaded egg and a striking color at that, were it not divided near its fat base by a sizzling line of incandescent white outlined in electric blue. No rhythm accompanies this zig-zagging line, its up and downward slants seeming at whim as one point reaches as far as the top curve of the shell, while most cling about the rotund center.

Hatching Message

Spark of Life Egg seems to brighten, the smoky clouds parting briefly to give a glimpse of the electric blue core which seems to shine beneath.

Spark of Life Egg shudders gently, spinning in place, the midnight and smoke retreating further, leaving behind jags of electric blue and blinding white in its wake.

Spark of Life Egg splits down the center, cracks appearing where the light and dark meet, then suddenly falls to pieces, leaving the elongated and rather tottery figure of its once-occupant alone on the Sands.

Impression Message

Lightning strikes but once, and this time, it's struck you. Though your physical form remains intact, your mind is torn asunder by the sudden bolt which grips it in implacable talons. « Ah. So it is you. I thought it might be. » It booms, thunder echoing within your skull, this voice which comes from every direction. « Very good, very good indeed. You will be exactly what I need, when I am done with you. » The laughter which rattles forth holds a smirk, but there's affection there too, in that deep bass voice. « You may call me Shidenisseth. It is a good name, I think. Don't you? » Somehow, you know that's not really a question. « Come. Food. » The command in that thunderstruck voice is undeniable.


Though slender, Shidenisseth is by no means small. His lanky form is easily amongst the longest of the bronzes, though he lacks the sheer bulk that characterizes most beasts of that particular color. Despite his length, hell be nearly as agile as any green or blue, able to turn on tail and curve in on himself, and that slender frame of his will allow him access to tight spots a useful skill for search and rescue.
However, his dexterity comes with a price, and that price is endurance. Though he might well outstrip most browns, even the least of the standard bronzes will be able to outlast him in a sheer endurance trial. If he wants to win a queen, hell have to use trickery and guile, for hell never be able to outstay the other contenders. The energy which infuses his frame is a nervous energy, and it will always burn off fast, though it will accord him great speed and agility in short bursts. Hell find it much easier to capture greens than golds, though thats not to say hell never sire a clutch. He'll simply have to take the queen quickly, or risk falling out before the flight is complete.

His scent will always be peculiar. Though, like most dragons, he smells of spices and musk, there is a faint undertone of the earth during a rainstorm, and that curious tang of ozone that precedes a lightning strike.

His physical voice is that of thunder. Okay, well not entirely, since its definitely draconic, but his deep bass voice booms, and he doesnt understand the concept of vocal moderation. Though a quiet dragon by nature, his voice will boom out when needed, often causing a shock amongst those not quite used to his little fits of vocal display.

Growing Up
Until Shidenisseth reaches adulthood, hes going to be an awkward little thing. The combination of almost ascetic slenderness and great length will make for a very gawky adolescent. As a baby, you may find it easier to carry him everywhere. However, he will very quickly outgrow you, and youll be forced to deal with him knocking things, including you, over. His twitching tail will constantly be in everyones way, and those long, lean limbs of his will often be all akimbo. His front forepaws may want to go one way, but his hindpaws will want to go a completely different direction. The result will be an oft-sprawled hatchling.
He won't actually find his balance until he's stopped growing, but once he's finally reached his maturity, it will seem almost overnight he'll go from being a gawky, clumsy child to being a lean, lithe, athletic adult. Once he's finally reached his full growth, that promise of extreme speed and agility will be fulfilled.

Your Shidenisseth is based off of a number of different things: An autumn thunderstorm, the thunder gods Zeus and Thor, and lightning itself. Like an autumn thunderstorm, he is a Presence. Brooding and silent, he makes himself felt, regardless of whether its what he intends or not. Despite his lean appearance, he exudes an air that can be felt by even the most insensitive person. Though the violence of a thunderstorm is held in close check, even he can let it free every once in a while, and when he does, one might prefer the terrible storms that destroy the fields with pounding rains, force winds, and deadly lightning strikes.
Like Thor and Zeus, he is a God among gods. The premier, the pack leader, he's got a natural flair for taking charge. He doesn't have to put himself forward, his record will speak for him. He may not be the kind to force himself into the top spot, but he'll definitely catch the eyes of his superiors. Expect to be on the fast track with this one as your lifemate.
Lightning is quick and deadly. It strikes with little warning and offers no mercy. Shidenisseth doesn't have any tolerance for fools. If he can do nothing about those outside of his sphere of command, be assured he will be quick to chastise anyone beneath him should they deserve it even if that someone is you.
He loves you, with everything that he is, but that doesn't mean he always agrees with you. He is a strong, proud dragon, and he feels that you should be much the same. Expect biting sarcasm if you shy away from a woman, or shirk your duties, or shrink away from a confrontation. He won't bully you into changing, but expect him to nudge you in the direction he wants. Whether or not you allow him is up to you.


Weighted for Light or Dark
While his physical voice is deep and loud, his mental voice is rather soft and a startling baritone. When nervous or upset, it may even reach into the tenor range. Lightning often accompanies his voice - the soft, gentle flicker of a spring storm, the raging fury of an autumn tempest - what kind of lightning depends on his mood. But its always there, just out of the corner of your eye, that flickering light that is so firmly intertwined with the dragon that is Shidenisseth.

Mind Touches
Weighted for Light or Dark sends a sensation of energy that seems to pulse from the egg, especially along the vibrant white-blue line as it courses through you with its brilliance. Beneath light joviality, darker sensations of secrets and hiding lurk tempting with the beckon of a smoky cloud that seems to shape oddly into a curled finger.

Weighted for Light or Dark responds with an explosion of mixed emotions and thoughts flicker bright in your mind, racing through random images, most of them intangible thoughts and amorphous shapes that are shrouded in misty blue clouds. A pulsating sensation stretches outward, seeking and in its desire to find betrays itself in a tumultuous melody of the battle between light and dark.


Shidenisseth's name is based on the word 'shiden'issen', which means flash of lightning, or the flash of a sword, in Japanese. It is also the name of the fighting style particular to the Samurai. Of all the different translations of lightning I found, that is the one that best fit the martial personality of your bronze.

The personality is based, as was stated earlier, on three things: An autumn thunderstorm, Zeus and Thor, and lightning. It wasn't terribly difficult to give you a dragon like you wanted, though I admit I had to squelch my more creative ideas, as they wouldn't have suited the type of dragon you were after.

Physically, your dragon is a lightning bolt. Long, sleek, shiny, and fast.


Name Spear of Lightning Bronze Shidenisseth
Dam Gold Uthandriath
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Aileen
Impressee Vi'leko
Hatched October 14, 2006
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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