Dancing Shadows Green Silaveth

This smoky green is built with all the delicate lines of nature, her face narrow and angular with slightly larger eyes than is the norm, her headknobs slender enough that they almost work themselves into points, a fine glassy green glaze coating them. This paler green soon fades away into the rest of her hide, a hide that sports the darkest of greens to the point of becoming a fine, verdant black at the tip of her tail. Her ridges, oddly, are each and every one a gleaming jade shard planted along her agile back in a fine, neat row. This jade repeats itself with a sage hue where her claws come into question, each claw elongated and sharp as razors, tipped in shining black. Though notably muscled beneath her thick, dark hide, her body is lean and lightly made for speed, her tail winding and abnormally dexterous, perhaps longer than most. Another offsetting feature are her wings, which seem to be somewhat smaller than one would usually find, though they are jeweled in a myriad of different colors along the sails as well as the wings themselves, mottled to create a wonderful rainbow of green on the thin membranes. When she moves, the colors of her hide, dappled as it is with a few sprays of lighter coloration, seem to slip and slide about.

Egg Name and Description

Bloody Bulbous Jello Egg
A striking member of the lineup on the sands, this egg appears to be made of some blazingly crimson material that gleams like gelatin. It gives the impression that, if one were to poke it, it would wobble affectionately. Mottling this jelly egg's surface in a few places are splotches of lurid swamp green that may very well have been lobbed at it from afar, none of them particularly big but most of them varying in diameter and shape. On one place on this freakish little ovoid sits a sharp slash of gray that arches upwards towards its thinner end only to explode into circular blobs, each one white tinted a sickly green. Wrapping tightly around the egg in what may be an effort to keep it together are a variety of dots that differ in shape, though one in particular looms translucently over the others, almost covering one side of the egg entirely. This spot carries any variety of colors and often seems to change with the refraction of light, a regular rainbow whorl that exposes all the beauty the rest of the egg does its best to conceal.

Hatching Message

Like a rip in the fabric of life itself, the bloody egg cracks swiftly all along one side, shedding dust along the fine, slender crevice this creates. It falls entirely still, the dragonet within perhaps watching everyone from the depths of darkness, waiting for the perfect chance to strike. Then, abrupt and lashing, the egg shatters and crumbles to the sands in a spray of wine-colored shards, leaving a dangerous looking green to stand and lash her tail.

Impression Message

The heat is suffocating, intoxicating, bathing you in light and burning across your skin like a blanket. It is out of this chaos that another suddenly crosses over your mind, sweeping away everything else on a tide of dismissive havoc. A sharp stab of darkness lashes out in order to encircle your thoughts, a blade that darts from the shadows; soon enough, the steel of it wanes, becoming a sheathe of black silk, caressing and tender. A voice like dark chocolate swirls steadily into your consciousness, « Ah, there you are. I knew you'd be here. » There is confidence in that voice that borders on smug, though it is suddenly overcast by hunger and need. « I am Silaveth, and we are finally complete. Now feed me. »


Silaveth (See-ya-veth) is your guarantee against ever having low self-esteem ever again. She is entirely convinced that you are perfect, better than anyone else, and that together, the two of you are beyond what anyone can comprehend.

« Strange? They obviously don't understand us Peons. »

If anyone speaks down to you in her presence, they had better be prepared for a seriously angry green in their face. Though she will listen to you when you tell her to back down, she is fiercely protective of you and will go into fits if you get hurt or injured. Understand, however, that her overall personality is dark, and everything she does will have darkness to it. She will not get weepy over your injury but darkly vindictive, and may dump any variety of candidates into the lake for grievances. She isn't violent, though her mannerisms may suggest otherwise, but is actually quite gentle, her more loving side only visible to you and sometimes a mate that will catch her in flight. She adores you above anyone else, of course, and is of the personal opinion that no one can even take second place where you're concerned.

Don't worry about your morbidity; she doesn't just encourage it, she enjoys it! She revels in your dark interests and happily joins in with them, quick to pull you from harm's way if it becomes a problem, however. She is indulgent of you, but her pride will only allow for so much, so make sure you don't push her to points where she'll embarrass herself unless you want a truly sulky green. She is not beyond giving you the silent treatment, although due to her personality and short memory span, it's most likely such fits will only last a few hours to a day.

Though she obviously finds you to be perfect, she will often encourage you to do things that you may not normally do, and will probably urge you towards somewhat more chaotic clothing. She, personally, loves dark but various colors - you can't go wrong with dark reds and purples, especially. For you, however, she will suggest anything from lime green to strawberry red. She adores dressing you up and will often push you towards somewhat more provocative clothing. She understands your sensuality and overall attractiveness because she is of the mind that you are perfection personified (wherein she is perfection dragonified) and wants everyone else to be made aware of it. There is no frumpy dressing around her, I'm afraid. You'll be lucky to get away with clothes that cover you up.

Attentive to your needs, she isn't always indulgent of them. Just because you don't feel like getting up at five in the morning doesn't mean she'll let you sleep, for instance.

One thing about Silaveth you CANNOT forget is her pride. She is cocky, proud, and blunt, with no reason to spare the feelings of others save perhaps yours. She can be condescending and even rude at times, intelligent only when she has figured out exactly how to approach certain people. Politeness has to be earned with this dexterous green, much less civility and kindness. She is so certain of her superiority but has no illusions about being a gold and will even say she is proud to be green instead, often pointing out the overall bulk of a gold in contrast to her own sleek beauty. If anything, her behavior can often be described as 'logically disdainful'. It's not that everyone is bad. She's just better. Her only respect is your only respect, and she gives it where you do, if prudently.

Growing up with Silaveth is going to be something of a trip, much of it probably spent easing relations with other Weyrlings and dragonriders your dear little droplet of darkness has pissed off beyond belief. You'll also find yourself changed by her as well as buffered by her, her dark personality lifting you up and away from mundanity and into the arms of chaos and darkness, all wrapped in a loving, protective blanket. If there's a shell to come out of, you'll be out of it probably before she's even become an adult.

If anything else, life with Silaveth won't be boring. You'll have someone with you when you go to bug the healers for things, or if you want to know what's at the bottom of the lake and whether anyone has a skull down there. You'll not have problems with people picking on you because she won't allow it, even if she has to stand up to dragons bigger than herself in order to fend off their own riders.

Why Katori? Katori is perfect for Silaveth. There was never any question in her mind about it. You are everything she could ever have wanted and she will tell you this often. She finds everything about you to be proper and right with the world, from your pinky toe to the cowlick you get in the morning. You needed someone to see and understand your morbidity, and she does; you need confidence, she is there to provide. You are everything she needs and vice versa. It's really very simple.


Velvet spirals of darkness
Silaveth's mind is always quiet and dark, even when she's angry. Often chaotically colored, she might throw out confusing shades that have nothing to do with her mood. Her voice is a blanket made of shadows or a blade of night, depending on how she feels. When she is being direct, her voice is direct, a knife slicing through your thoughts and when she is playful, her voice is black rain, light, sweet, and cool. With you, there is almost always a softer, loving tone to her voice, something that is stripped away when she speaks to anyone else.


This dragon is Bastila, from the original Knights of the Old Republic game. An important Jedi in the battle against the Sith, she is prideful and arrogant, often thinking herself a cut above the rest. She has a tendency to be bratty towards others, and over the course of the game goes to the Dark Side only to be brought back to the light by love itself. Though viewed as a hero through much of the game, on a more personal note she seems to think she knows everything while learning things as she goes. She is a compassionate person, normally, though, and strives for perfection.


Name Dancing Shadows Green Silaveth
Dam Gold Sabiyath
Sire Bronze Tenirth
Created By Br'yn
Impressee Katori
Hatched June 25, 2005
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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