Sargasso Seaweed Aquamarine Blue Sirankath

Aquamarine ripples spill down the length of a glittering glistening neck, to stream about finely pronounced neckridges before pooling in quiet eddies along stocky well muscled flanks to finally trickle down the length of a short stocky tail. More green than blues hues shimmer along rounded sides — like the billowing sail of a ship, or the soft swell of the ocean's tides. Cerulean wingsails, seemingly transparent in their gossamer form, are perfectly proportioned, wide enough to allow him to ply his trade upon the cloudy seas of the skyline as it arches above Pern. While not especially large for a blue and looking more green than blue in the right light, his size — and the unmistakable male charisma that envelopes him, mark this dragon as a blue.

Egg Name and Description

Waves Where We Are Egg
This egg seems to float on the sand instead of simply sitting there, its shell washed in calming shades of soft cyan that grow darker near the base. From those lower regions sprout thin tendrils of soft kelp, filling the moonlit cerulean with invaders from below. As the sapphire shade goes higher, it slowly lightens, till the very tip is a shade that would equal that of frothing milk. Throughout the entire egg's shell show anomalies that give the impression of depth, sitting far back as flashes of golden-red and silver, including a few glimpses of menacing iron-grey that, at times, seem almost to stalk those glorious flashes. Almost comical, and rivaling this beautiful shades, a small cherry bubble can be seen to practically bob near the surface, tendrils snaking down from it and snaking out across the pale shades of cornflower with ease.

Hatching Message

There is nothing hesitant about this egg's hatching. Whoever's inside wants out. And it wants it now. The Waves Where We Are Egg ripples with activity, like the stirring of the sea before a storm—or a battle upon the high seas. And then, with a sharp cracking sound, a muzzle tears through the shell, followed by a wetly gleaming head. With another shove, and a heaving of shoulders, the hatchling flops free onto the sands admist the shards of the sundered sea.

Impression Message

Bravery refreshes you, a bold dashing mindtouch that certaintly isn't hesitant in the least. And who else could it be, but the Sargasso Seaweed Aquamarine Blue Hatchling as he stands before you, all brazen brashness in his manner. It is not a hesitant naming either, but rather bold and proud in its way. « I am Sirankath. You are Alilen. I have chosen you. » He pauses, for now the pangs of hunger overpowering his bold manner. « I'd think it was time to eat now. » he finally decides.


All Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum is this mind. Rather much like a pirate, and a swashbuckling dashing sort, this rambunctious one would swipe the moons out of the sky if he could. But there's a purpose here, for Queen and Country.. er Weyr after all! To do all of his deed for the sake of its Weyr and its queen.

Growing Up
Naturally inquisitive, and bold from the day he was Hatched, Sirankath could be trouble at times. He doesn't know how not to be brave and bold, and with that, he's got an independent streak that's a mile long. He'll speak out before you do, and it'll become a challenge to make sure you can stop and think about what he says, but unlike you, Sirankath will be a studious fellow, he can well see the finer details of life, and will thus advise you on it.

When flight, and thus *between*ing is learned, Sirankath will pester you needlessly. He wants to see the sea. To frolic in the waves, and to explore the depths. Quite a good swimmer he will be, learning first in the saltless water of the Weyr lake, but eventually he'll be able to take on the tides of the windy ocean. Together, and Sirankath will be united. And together you can be brave.


Rather bold flourishes of white and blue mark each statement of Sirankath. He's strongly minded, and rash at times. To you, he's certainly bold, without a hint of worry that he's not really that courageous. Still though, he'll like your reassurances, that he is indeed bold and brave.

To others, his mind voice is always strong, bold and sure of himself. With broad strong flourishes of blue and stormy-grey.


Known as El Draque (or The Dragon) by the Spanish who feared him, Sir Frances Drake was a buccaneer, a pirate and a talented navigator working for the Queen of England herself. Born in 1540, Sir Frances Drake made voyages to the Caribbean with John Hawkins, himself a famous seaman, in the1560s. One such voyage, they ran into a hurricane, and suffered severe damage, and were forced to drop anchor in the Mexican city of Vera Cruz. Unfortunately for them, the Spanish fleet arrived the next day, and attacked them, from which only two ships were able to escape—Drake's and Hawkins. From that day forwards, Drake harbored a dislike for the Spanish, even going so far as raiding and destroying the town of Nombre de Dios. Drake's exploits became known to the royal family of England, and he was eventually knighted by the Queen. He also was a famed explorer in his own right, and explored much of the seas surrounding the New World before he died of illness near the town of Nombre de Dios in 1560. Visit this website to learn mo e about Sir Frances Drake:

Sirankath gets his name from Sir Frances Drake. (Si)r-F(ran)ces-D(rak)e-th. Credit to his egg goes to Alayha for the descing of the Waves Where We Are Egg. Enjoy!


Name Sargasso Seaweed Aquamarine Blue Sirankath
Dam Gold Pranath
Sire Bronze Sorvoth
Created By T'lis and Alayha
Impressee A'len (Alilen)
Hatched March 24, 2001
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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