Discounted Confident Blue Sirdasuth

Velvety Prussian blue lacquers the entirety of the this blue's lanky form from the tip of a rounded muzzle to the forked end of an elegant tail, issuing a distinctive matte sheen in most any ambience. His features and bodily shape are that of streamlined length, maintaining a discrete curvature that is easily overlooked as average. Rich cerulean blends atop eyeridges, tips headknobs and smudges along the contour of his throat, the smooth variation and blending of color barely noticeable as it seems to provide natural highlighting. Oddly enough, the tips of neck ridges and even the unobtrusive ridges along back and tail are topped in icy ultramarine hues, and as if left unfinished or unglazed, do not have the same sheen as this young dragon's other parts. Midnight-hued fingerbones stand out against powder-blue wingsails dappled in a lacework of pastel verdigris and watery cyan. Extending from toes mirroring the hue of fingerbones, talons are a vitreous blue which seems to graduate from deep aquamarine along the talon artery to glacial cerulean as the artery diminishes.

Egg Name and Description

Fortress Journey Egg
A spherical ellipse as all eggs are, the more slender of the egg's poles is capped in blue while the thicker bottom pole is slathered in browns and reds. Between both swatches of color is a broken graduation, colors ranging from indigo and purple and pink to peach and varying neutral shades. Puffy-looking white and sunset-colored splotches encircle varying portions of the egg's more slender half, while nestled amidst the jagged pink spires of the gradation rests a blocky shape dotted with darkened purple rectangles. Below that, blocky though less-defined shapes emerge while to the side of them stand what appear to be two figures wreathed in golds and tawnies with strips of blotchy, crisp white more towards the egg's broader pole.

Hatching Message

Hatching Message
The Fortress Journey Egg is finally getting into the swing of things, rocking back and forth, further and further to each side with every push from within the egg. Eventually it tips completely over, the impact as it hits the sand creating the perfect outlet through with a Discounted Confidant Blue Hatchling enters the world.

Impression Message

The nervous, excited buzz that has formed a halo around the eggs and candidates is swept easily aside by a soft, warm breeze that carries a rainbow of bright colors in its path. « Oh, it is you at last! » The wind's uncertain glow changes swiftly, Sirdasuth's thoughts gaining a more confident air. « Oh, yes, yes, it /is/ you. Now what are you standing around for? Shouldn't you be getting me some food? »


To put it simply, Sirdasuth… well… he stands out from most of the other dragons at the Weyr. He's not flighty or flirtatious or flippant like so many others might be; he's down to earth and a bit moody, perhaps even eloquent in expressing said attributes. For while Rosselith schemes to seduce someone or Roussanth calculates just how many flights the average green has in twenty turns, Sirdasuth will simply give a draconic sigh. « Why must they be so shallow? Their words are like snowmen on a cool winter's landscape: entertaining to children, but utterly meaningless, missing the big picture. » Whatever that's supposed to mean. Such moody criticism is not reserved only for others, either, for he certainly won't hesitate to point out your own faults (as eloquently as possible, of course). « The messenger who spends his days running occasionally enjoys a rest; your mouth would do well to mimic him. And even the messenger paces himself. » And while "shut your trap" would surely have sufficed, no one can claim that Sirdasuth's criticism doesn't at least sound nice.

While some may suggest that his moody and critical attitude stems from a lack of self esteem, the opposite is the truth; he is overwhelmingly confident. After all, why would he point out the faults of another when he could be accused of hypocrisy? And for all of his confidence and self-assuredness, Sirdasuth is fiercely loyal to both you, his Weyr, and any other being or faction he may be associated with. Highly unfortunate is the dragon who dares to 'dis' Igen Weyr in Sirdasuth's presence, for such things get Sirdasuth riled up enough that even he cannot always come up with a 'mature' sounding insult. « Oh, please, » he might scoff at Niptith, the Weyrleader of Telgar's dragon, should that bronze ever happen to insult Igen. « Triruth's the smallest gold on Pern; /I/ could have caught her. » Fortunately, he only says such things when provoked, since he's definitely not disrespectful- not only will he listen to Th'ris's lessons, he'll probably be the only one paying attention, his critiques of the Weyrlingmaster and his assistants saved for private conversations with you. After all, no one can be as confident as he is without someone to confide in, and you are his only true confidant, the person with which he divulges his most secret desires.

And then, just when you think you've got Sirdasuth down to a T, he'll surprise you with some ridiculous, out-of-place remark. « Why do people say, "You can't have your cake and eat it too"? Why would someone get cake if they can't eat it? »

Most hatchlings have trouble when it comes to projecting thoughts to specific people; instead, their message to one other dragon is often sent to the entire Weyr. Sirdasuth will most decidedly /not/ have that problem. In fact, most of his day will consist of quietly watching the other new weyrlings do what they do while pointing out their foolishness to you. By the second month of his life with you, though, he'll have matured in that respect. That is, he'll have started sharing his criticism openly with the others… only when the Weyrlingmaster and his staff aren't present, of course. It's not that he's trying to be mean and doesn't want to be caught, but that he really doesn't mean his criticism to be anything other than light hearted and just /knows/ the staff won't understand that. Although he'll become slightly more social as he ages, Sirdasuth will always have one thing to set him apart from the others: his complete lack of interest in dragons of the opposite gender. He just plain doesn't care to get involved with that "muck," as he calls it. Oddly enough, even with this asexual attitude, there are still plenty of greens in the Weyr who absolutely fawn over him and that moody, poetic attitude of his. Sure, he can't deny his instincts, so he rises for the chase when there's a glowing green about, but even then it's sort of a half-hearted chase. Unless, of course, a dragon from somewhere other than Igen Weyr is the probable winner, at which point his loyalty to his home kicks into gear. For, as he'll gradually realize more and more over time, that's his true driving force: a sense of honor and loyalty that pushes him to succeed at all costs, if only to honor you.

Why he chose Katanali? Just a general warning ahead of time: it's probably not wise to question Sirdasuth as to why he chose you over the other white-robed figures on the Sands. If you do, it will undoubtedly result in his recitation of some wordy mass. « It's typical, » he might say amid his rant, « that I should spend months inside an egg and, upon hatching, find the perfect person for me, only to have them question my decision. » But the key all that is the phrase 'perfect person for me'. The reason Sirdasuth might be upset over your questioning him on the matter is because it offends his confidence and, deep down, he knows that you're the /reason/ for his confidence. Upon hatching, he saw you and /knew/ you were the right person for him. While he may occasionally accuse you of being superficial or overly chatty, these are, in fact, the things about you which he adores the most. They're what made you stand out as a person who could help him where he fails, a person to whom it would be worth being loyal. For giving him his confidence, he cherishes you above all others.


Smooth, skillful confidence seems to flow from the depths of Sirdasuth's mind; a font of knowledge of awareness of the world. Darker shadows cloak the private innermost thoughts that he has, as if hiding them away into the cobwebs and vaults of the deepest cavern imaginable. Not even to you would such feelings and thoughts be revealed, as if secrets were hidden, untouchable but always known to be there. To you, save for those very innermost secrets, Sirdasuth's thoughts are open, caring and given in shared harmony with your own. When speaking to you, there's cheerfulness and the bright colors and hues that go along with it. For others, Sirdasuth is less likely to be entirely truthful, using vague half-hints and deception. No longer would his thoughts and the colors associated with his feelings towards you be quite so cheerful and bright. Instead, there is some wariness, and darker somber tones of the earth and darkness seem to dominate throughout the conversation.


Name Discounted Confident Blue Sirdasuth
Dam Gold Isisth
Sire Bronze Vorshnath
Created By K'loh, Th'ris
Impressee Katanali
Hatched July 24, 2003
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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