Luscious Vanilla Orchid Gold Sorchayth

Glamorous gold is imprinted in unabashed washes over the rounded frame, the curves of her comely body appealing in sheerly feminine allure. The wedged head is cosmopolitan in its sophisticated lines, angling back from the velvet muzzle stained bright canary to melt into buttery topaz that gilds the adventurous spire of headknobs. The near-dainty march of neckridges, a pale shadow of cream glistening over the apex, trails down the elongated length of sun-kissed neck. The aureate shade that commands the expansive chest warms to a spicy rum flavor that spreads over her leonine back in bewitching, feline-like bands. Gossamer wingsails obscure aught beneath them, flashing in antiquated gold, the hue a cuprous echo of the rest of her buxom figure. Brazen saffron melds liquid-like over the rounded barrel, the overall true-gold coloring accented with a sassy splash of the aged. Often more copper hues dominate the lower portions, the creases near her sloping flanks flashing bronzed, fused with the irresistible glimmer of brazen gold. Contradictory cream prevails over the peaks of neckridges, highlighting the barb of the sassy tail, and spilling milkily through the bold curves of her wicked talons.

Egg Name and Description

Lush and Sultry Neotropics Egg
Vivacious malachite wraps itself coyly about the ovoid shape, glossy lime that tinges to a gossamer marigold peeking from betwixt slick foliage. Ancient jade marks the stoic foundation, climbing in tethering coils upwards to the spicy saffron zenith capping the symmetry of the orb's equatorial shape. Copious moss wends about the midriff, an obscure trajectory seemingly worn by minuscule footwork through the jungle of emerald. Stippled amber mimics sunlight's irradiated cheer through overhead canopy, a glossy sheen of aureate tempering the darkened beryl hue of this overlarge egg. Buttery topaz gilds the topnotch, the crescent-shaped peak shading down in glamorous golden streaks to temper the leafy splendor with a gilded sheen, the large egg gleaming aureate in the slight illumination.

Hatching Message

The time of the ancients has passed, and so has time ran out for Lush and Sultry Neotropics Egg. The great pyramidal base yields to the overpowering jungle-hues that seem to overtake it, great fissures opening along the seams as the golden shell cracks, leaving room for the dragonet inside to spill out in a wash of glittering wetness, as if soaked in a jungle tempest.

Impression Message


The most outstanding characteristic of Sorchayth is her driving nature. True to her golden heritage, she seems to have gotten a full dosage of the dominating traits of queens that somehow managed to be skipped in her dam. Though her commanding presence is a hefty part of making Sorchayth who she is, it's by far not the only facet of her stippled personality. Her strong desire to be, know, do, and achieve will take a part in whatever she does, she also has a softer side, one that appreciates the mystics of life itself. Sorchayth can be quite taken with the innocent sunset on the glaring brow of the desert, often perching on the sharp ramparts of the weyr bowl with you to watch the sinking sun. »Do you see Rukbat glow like that when it is in the full sky, Veia? I think not, it does so just for us, tonight.« And like Montezuma, whom she is based on, she tends to cast you in the role of Cortez, the reincarnated god come to life. Which is not to say Sorchayth see's you as her god, far from it. Rather, she sees you as a god among humans, her beautiful Veia of the black hair, which she tends to guard jealously. Beware any drudge with a pair of scissors, she is likely to snap them up and gobble them before they are allowed to approach your crowning glory with shears. As her mind name proclaims, she is a bold creature, once she sights what she wants, she pursues. From picking a herdbeast for dinner, to deciding which set of riding straps will best compliment her curvaceous form, Sorchayth will let her opinion be known. Like the ruler she is based upon, she knows her worth. Physically, she is a lovely creature, and well she realizes this. Sorchayth isn't above using her pretty face if it gains her or you something. While loathe to 'sell' herself, she will lend her favors, flirting audaciously, if it will gain her that specific wherry she wants. Just so, she likes to look her best. You'll have quite a time bathing, oiling, scritching, polishing, and otherwise keeping her beauty perfect. As well, she'll expect you to look your equal best at all times for her. »Veia, can you not plait all your lovely hair in a more attractive way instead of just… rolling it up? My rider must look as lovely as I, it is only right.« Not a haughty dragon in the least, she does, however, tend to capitalize on her knockout looks and gregarious nature. She can be rather manipulative, often convincing one of her clutchmates that she surely needs that skin of scented oil instead of him.

Growing Up
Trial by fire, that's the best suited phrase that describes Sorchayth's maturing Turns. From the day she is hatched, Sorchayth will be the first to test out a new activity. »Runners are edible. Cannot I have runner for dinner to day, Veia?« And while you are about to pull your hair out by the roots from frustration, she's bounding on to the next activity that catches her eye. Her unpredictable nature is a tempest that you will learn to help calm, though she'll mellow with age. Her shenanigans are more the effect of an overly-ambitious mind than any ill-intent. Though she has an eye for the well-placed joke, she prefers subtle manipulation to gain her humor, rather than blatant overtures when it comes to her little amusements. Sorchayth is not a fickle creature. She knows what she wants, and she'll tell you about it. Just so, when that horrible itchyspot that is just to the right of her left headknob starts acting up, be sure that she will tell you just how it itches, and what sort of oiling will take care of it. When she comes of age, proddiness will strike with a vengeance. How could it not, with her opinionated, audacious unproddy self? When her time to rise comes, she'll become a brassy wench intent only on her own purposes, becoming rather selfish for the short duration that preceeds the flight. A crook of her gilded, creamy talon and the boys come running, eager to do her bidding. Oiling and bathing may well become a thrice daily ministration, for you, as well as her hide. Just what other traits will leak into your own personality at that fateful day, time will only tell. And now, for some of the more minute details of Sorchayth's personality. Her favorite color, which tends to leak into all forms of her life, is a rich lavender, the shade of Igen's spring flowers that dot the bowl, incidentally. You may well find loads of the rich blossoms in your weyr every spring, hereafter. Sorchayth loves the sun. In all forms, the sun is nearly worshiped, and must be felt every day. Luckily she was shelled at Igen, where the merciless rays will find her at every opportunity, though such is her plan. Weyrlinghood will encompass a goodly portion of soaking up the rays in the weyrling fields, as well as once she reaches maturity, often can she be found lounging in the bowl, or perched on the chiseled peaks of the bowl in a contented sprawl. As hardworking a queen as she will become, she also plays hard. Extremist to a fault, she can often be found pulling you on a 'quick' jaunt to a sandy beach or other far off destination. »Veia, let us go to the High Reaches today! Brownieth said that this 'snow' they have there is great fun to play in.«

Why she chose Veia
Because… You are you. And I am me. And we were made for each other.« If asked, this would probably be the first answer Sorchayth would return to you. Though her depth of feeling for you is far more expressed in actions than in this small phrase. Perhaps it was her ambitious nature that sensed the weyrwoman hidden deep inside you, waiting to be pulled out, a fitting partner for her. Or, it could be the loneliness she felt in you when you touched her egg, and the fierce sense of protectiveness, and the desire to fulfill that empty place in your heart that made her yours, and you hers from then on. Then again, some might argue chance, though the deliberate path to you, once she finally glimpsed you, denies that. It could have been the warm, generous spirit she felt when she touched your mind, the spirit so like her own warm, if opinionated, nature. But in reality it is a combination of all of these. Your nature, so well suited to Sorchayth, couldn't help but be snapped up as her own. But deep down, the true reason Sorchayth found you is a bit of a mystery. Why do people freckle? How much is the exact right amount to feed a goldfish? No one knows, these, like the true reason that Sorchayth partnered with you, will always remain partly mystical in nature, as every lasting relationship does.


Sorchayth's mind is as brazenly forward as she acts. Never afraid, never pausing, full speed ahead is the only way she knows how to act, as well as speak. In her beginning months, she'll have quite a time toning down her exhuberant and often speedy words for you. While her speech has that brash quality of the opinionated, the feel of her mind is the antithesis. Soft and giving, her mental touch is as brightly colored as the rainbow it's named for, reflecting her thoughts like a silky prism. Especially where you are concerned, she takes special care to give your mind that extra gossamer caress in parting, or a welcoming wave of velvet azure when you wake in the morning, the one consistency to Sorchayth is the eternally gentle touch of her mind. With others, again surprise is the key, emotions more likely to rule the tone and touch towards them. A talent for changing her 'voice', she delights in mimicking others, much to everyone's consternation. Weyrlinghood may well prove a trial for you when Sorchayth delights in entertaining all and sundry with 'impressions' of her stoic sire, chipper dam, or even the perma-grumpy Weyrlingmaster.


The inspiration for the egg was based on the tropical forests of Central America, namely, the ruins of Tenochtitlan- the Aztec capital, located by Lake Texcoco. The hatchling name, Luscious Vanilla Orchid Gold, came from the Vanilla Orchid (Vanilla planifola), a plant whose fruit is harvested, then fermented; you got it, vanilla beans! The vanilla orchid blooms pale green, fleshy flowers on it's leafless vine. Sorchayth's personality was based in part on Montezuma, the most famous Aztec ruler, who was defeated by Cortez. However, much of Sorchayth's personality was inspired by your application, as well as your own personality.


Name Luscious Vanilla Orchid Gold Sorchayth
Dam Gold Pranath
Sire Bronze Sorvoth
Created By Blythe
Impressee Veia (Vedhika)
Hatched March 24, 2001
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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