Elayne's Fae Queen of the Forest Green Teraisheth

With regal bearing this lady stands firm, proud or a bit obstinant you'll have to decipher from the whirl of turquoise eyes that shift around that hue every slightly more blue, then green. Elongated muzzle parts to reveal gleaming white teeth in a dragonic laugh, or perhaps the final grin prey sees before eternal darkness envelops. A lithe assassin in classic form she is a beauty to behold draped in forest green that dapples just enough across her form to catch the eye without being overbearing. It flows along smooth supple hide where nary an angle can be found, for this lady is all curves in all the right places. Toned muscles ripple beneath the verdant hues, distinguished without being bulky as they tense and relax. She carries herself easily, gracefully through the world with this near hidden power. Talons of rich amber are deceptively sharp scythes upon each sturdy finger and toe. It might just be enough to distract from the flash of amethyst that is jealously hoarded upon one precious finger. A toss of her tapered head will draw your attention back away, back to the flowing length of her neck with its blunted ridges evenly spaced and the laces of gold and amber that filigree between them disappearing halfway down into her backside. Her wings spread, long and lean they are built for speed and agility fitting proportionately to her form. The translucent membranes dapple a lighter green in reflection of a forest canopy, light filtering through in subtle beams that glow with a mystical energy from leading to trailing edges. Lengthy tail snaps with a casual flick of fine control bringing one back to reality.

Egg Name and Description

Doodle Dilemma Egg

A soft inviting darkness settles around the circumference of this egg. It appears almost wooden, with grainy texture of ancient forests carved into solemn purpose gently texturing the colored surface. Solid sturdy beams carved into columns in red and dark brown that reach up beyond the apex to a ceiling of intercrossed beams that protect one from the elements. Within these sheltered walls the shadows loom large between the pools of light that dapple here and there. It is not an unwelcome darkness, but that doesn't mean one should be unwary. As the light fades along the surface one can make out a splattered child's drawing. Like a playful feline with one paw up and mouth open to pounce it seems at once both joyfully creative and somehow a threatening protector. Perhaps it is that bit of red that drips from its fangs, just some extra paint right?

Hatching Message

WOBBLE MESSAGE: The Doodle Dilemma Egg gives a tentative wobble from the corner of the eye. It is the barest of movements which could be as easily dismissed as to be excited about in the stirring of life. A bit of sand does seem displaced and given the environment one's bets may lend towards movement, than not.

CRACK MESSAGE: Again there is that hint of movement from the Doodle Dilemma Egg. Not very much, not repeating for as you look it simply SITS there. Daring. Teasing. Will it hatch, surely yes but… when?

HATCH MESSAGE: No more will it endure this heated torture, the scarring upon its shell and with no real warning the Doodle Dilemma Egg snaps into three large pieces and a lithe dark green shape leaps out.

Impression Message

A resounding feminine voice breaks into your thoughts, somewhat an echo of your own and yet distinct. «Ah, Elayne, there you are!» as if you've ever been anywhere or anyone else. «Have you now? Why that should be interesting to find out for I was an egg but I have settled into a Dragon. Do you like it?» your eyes come to focus on the Fae Green hatchling whose hungry red eyes now fade to a lovely mix of swirled turquoise as she stretches her wings. Your world expands and collapses at the same time as you are you but you no longer for you are also Teraisheth before you. You know, you just know who she is without hesitation. «Of course I am Teraisheth. As you are Elayne.»



What she will grow into being may not be so obvious as you start out those first days of weyrlinghood. If there is one thing from day one that is never, ever to be doubted is that you are her whole world. She cares for you deeply, passionately without reserve or hesitation. She is your champion striking out in this cold, harsh world. Taking notes of every slight you perceive, and some you don't her untempered youthful emotions are apt to explode now and then. So listen well, and listen close to her so that you may be the balance to intercept the brewing fiery storm when barely contained anger is unleashed upon perceived injustice. «But YOU were supposed to have the oil next! It's your turn and if I have to spill the bucket out so NO ONE gets it then fine!» only you'll be left to clean up the mess. She has courage, which while young is not tempered by wisdom and so you may also find her charging into a situation without thinking, acting the heroine without a villain present and such other awkward situations. She certainly reacts to your own emotions and you will need to take care in those early days. Don't even think to sing a sad song, watch close the lyrics on the lullaby's for she'll broadcast great distress at the merest hint of loss and sadness. Until context can be understood as comes with age and experience life will be full of all kinds of unexpected turns. A final note in growing you're apt to be surprised when it comes to flaming. She'll love fire, weave fire, /dream/ fire. Not that she is a pyromaniac, just something about it seem SO her element, as much as the air she swims through this flame, this fire, it matches her mind, it expresses her moods and she;'ll be ever so much more enamored than other dragons in this period with no thread. Ever after keep a good sack of firestone at hand in your own weyr for when the mood strikes…

Don't worry, you shall both survive weyrlinghood, no matter how many times you may doubt it. Cherish the time as you watch her bloom, as you help to temper the worst of her into the best of her and vice versa without you likely realizing. Before you know it you will be looking back turns and wondering at the proud lady who stands before you. Your ultimate supporter and champion who knows when to push and when to hold and bide her time. «Really, you should play that song for a Master. I could try to sing it if you don't want to.» hard to tell if it's a threat or a genuine offer of help she may let you dissuade her for the time being but it won't be forgotten and you WILL play that tune. Weave your magic melodies with the same passion as she stokes her flames. A passionate being whose courage is tempered with experience, your wisdom and intelligence balancing her fire and passion, and that strong moral compass both guiding and leading the way. Experience also begets a witty humor not present when first hatched. If she may still mange to find trouble now and then don't be surprised, some things one never fully grows out of.


Of Flights she is a firecracker. Roaring her challenge she will be fierce, and hungry and full of fire! She's apt to be one who gives you little warning of impending flights, being all her normal self in the morning and then as you rouse from afternoon siesta… /bam/ a call to arm. «Males, MALES are you PAYING ANY ATTENTION» and skywards she'll take. Flip a coin if she indulges in a blooding or not it will vary over time. She's one to test her suitors in strength, and character and agility. The strong toned muscles lend to her cavorting at breakneck speeds through the crystal skies until a suitor takes her fancy and they tangle wings. OOPS, how'd THAT happen?!? Your preferences in these ordeals are generally left by the wayside in her younger years as she tests the waters and finds many a different suitor entangled. It may be, or may not, that should you develop a love in life she'll find a dragon to settle with more often than not as she ages but even such is no guarantee that she won't surprise you now and then.


Mind Name: Tempered Flames


Mind Desc:

How one perceives Teraisheth's mind will very much depend upon her mood. It is aflame with her emotions and they are ever changing. They flicker back in biting hot reds or oranges as she seethes to get her point across with a particularly difficult party. She may just cut them off completely and turn inwards and then only you shall know the seething simmering emotions that brew within her mindscape. More commonly others will encounter more mild yellows and ambers in a sort of campfire conversation. Gather round and converse, the fires warm, the marshmallows are toasty and she's in a good mood. Oh yes, she is! Of course, there is that other side of her entirely and those who might ever threaten you, to those who think to push their will upon either of you will meet the cold white hot flame, the chill of moon fire so cold it burns, burns.



The egg theme of the clutch was fairy tales. Your egg was based on the Japanese tale "The Boy Who Drew Cats". The mind name stems vaguely from that fairy tale, tweaked in her mental scape to match your preference for an Aelin Galathynius themed dragon. Her description is based on elements of Aelin physically and some of her treasures and traits along the way. Her name is a mix of ideas and inspirations. The Beginning and End inspired from Terrasen, and the middle Aish from Egyptian for Passionate (as close as I could figure) while trying to be neither to long nor to short, nor to awkward. Her persona of course back to Aelin, with some translated ideas to Pern for possible inspiration and integration.

In the end however she is yours to play as you see fit. If I have missed the mark then simply re-write her to be what she needs to be for your partner in life, and love and all things for Play. For we are here for fun and I do hope you enjoy your time as Igen no matter how short or long you will always have a home here.


Name Teraisheth
Dam Zeraeth
Sire Sindrieth
Created By Neyuni
Impressee Elayne
Hatched April 23, 2019
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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