A fairly large queen, Toruth is not just large but rather heavily built as well. She will not ever be mistaken for some lithe graceful creature, for she is one of power and pose. Her soft hide gleams in the light a healthy burnished yellow agate. A hue which mimics the sandy dunes of the Igen desert from which she hails in soft whirls and whorls that finely layer variegated shades of gold, amber and honey. From afar the layers blend into a warm shimmery effect of looking at a golden dune miraged by the desert sun. Up close however she is beautiful and mesmerizing and one could spend hours lost in tracing the patterns upon her hide. Small but angular citron hued ridges just out from shortened neck and stud down the shorter length of her tail. Large wind smoothed head swivels with passively blue-green eyes swirling contentedly as she surveys her terrain, alabaster teeth peeking through. Her neck widens at the juncture of her broad chest, and somewhat pudgy belly. Gilded talons tip each claw on each thick finger and toe. While sturdy arms and legs propel her along when needed and at rest disappear into the pattern of her hide. The membrane of her wings stretches across spars that seem far to small for the heft of her build. Here the colors give way from their pattern to a liquid yellow agate broken only by sunshine like rays as the sails flex in the air.

Egg Name and Description

Simply Iconic Egg
Average sized and unassuming this egg is still sure to draw the eye. A base of inky darkness is etched by fine lines of a bright blue and spattered in a fairly regular stream by tiny white dots. That would be enough for most but for this egg that is but the icing in detail few are likely to notice in comparison to the other, more brilliant half of the shell. It simply looks to be being consumed, eaten, or simply bitten by a singular sunny yellow creature. With a smooth unnatural texture it surrounds the larger end in that flawless hue, gaping maw cutting across the darkness with angular lines that are ever slowly closing down.

Hatching Message

The Simply Iconic Egg wiggles within its sandy bed. A raised nest has been pushed together and the top dimpled in to hold what the growingly restless egg. Sitting in one place will only hold it for so long. It would rather take charge and face down its future than waiting a moment longer for the future to find it!

Shuddering from the impacts within, bright starbursts of lemon puncture the shell of the Simply Iconic Egg. Sand slides down the sides of its raised base, slowly eroding beneath the impatient movements. Something, something is coming indeed!

There is no further resisting the decision which has been made. An agate hued nose pushes out from one end of the Simply Iconic Egg. After a moment, as if taking a deep breath, the hatchling and shell heave apart, large shards breaking off and the tiny youngster pushing free and finding her feet. She will choose her own direction, she will find her own fate!

Stomp N Chomp Gold Hatchling
New and fresh this little queen bounds free of her shell. Voice experiments, chirping pleasantly as she stomps around the perimeter of the dune her egg had rested upon. Running into a fork in the sands she pauses, small head raising in momentary consideration. The last bits of egg goo glisten upon ridges which jut out like tiny citron studs. Shortened neck disappears into a pudgy body that somewhat echoes her egg in shape. Arms and legs are sturdy enough to propel her along as she makes her decision. Gilded talons push aside the hot grains as she moves pointedly along a winding sandy path that is unerringly about to intersect with the line of white clad ones. Soft hide gleams in the caverns light a burnished agate with warm doses of sunlight within the thin stretches of her rather small wings. Hungry, very hungry she licks tongue over the rows of alabaster teeth coming upon a shoe. It slips beyond her grasp as she goes to bite and it forces her to look up with a bit of shock. That was hers! comes a demanding squawk and though it seems as though Iwa doesn't want to share the little queen has another solution in mind. Now it's theirs! "Oh Toruth, that'd be to tough and stringy and my foot needs it. I have a better idea though, there's some much tastier treats over there." playful laughter erupts from the new rider as the little gold agrees and stomps off in the indicated direction leaving her rider to hustle after or be left quickly behind.


Mind Touches

Maze Runner draws you into another world with a ring of a mark tumbling into some faraway case. The place you find yourself in is rather dark. A black, or maybe just a really dark navy. Neon blue lines streak across what must the tops of the walls which enclose about you, giving hints as to the paths you may choose from. Suddenly a trail of white glowing spheres appears in linear rows to either side running down the corridor. You feel as if you should move, MOVE!

Maze Runner continues in it's strange world. Testing you in ways you can not fathom. Picking a direction you walk and come to sphere. Gently touching it you'll find it disappears into a hazy mist which rather tickles. It encourages you to go on, faster, faster now. No time to waste and in the distance a sense of dread, a strange sound in eerie ghost-like haunting. You imagine you don't want to run into whatever is making that noise as you turn a corner your world suddenly collides into a bright pink ghostly figure and the touch slips back to where you started. Strange, strange which way will you go this time?

Maze Runner prods you along the dark corridors. There's a sense of impatience as well as urgency. Turning another corner you find yourself in front of a gold ball this time. It glimmers like a queen's egg before you daring one to touch ad as you do it disintegrates much like the smaller white spheres. Only this time you feel full of energy and power. A headrush to send you charging through this maze, triumphant over the ghost-like creatures you run into until nothing is left and you feel yourself ascending to another place but the thought tendrils slip away to leave you upon the heated grounds instead and wonder at what might lie beneath the surface your fingers rest upon.


Toruth was inspired by Pac Man! Her name, along with her rider, comes from the game creator: Toru Iwatani. Her name is pronounced TOR-uth, her rider, you, E-wah.


Name Toruth
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Eranzath
Created By Neyuni
Impressee Iwa
Hatched November 14, 2015
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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