Cold and Unforgiving Oil Rubbed Bronze Troyseth

Powerful muscles are evident beneath supple hide. Sinewy and toned, every fiber of this dragon's frame appears to have been carefully and deliberately molded. His muzzle is long, yet has a peculiar roundness to it that lends it the appearance of being stout. Headknobs are well-defined, yet smoothed over so as not to be angular. His neck is long and solid. Indeed, if there is one word to sum up this bronze it would be exactly that: solid. Brushed over his sturdy frame is a dark bronze hue that appears to have been rubbed and polished into his every last inch of his hide with particular care and attention to coat thoroughly and evenly. Marring this lovely shade of oil brushed bronze is a lighter patch of maple on his chest and a lighter circling of the same about his eyes that wraps around his head knobs and fades at the base of his neck. Wingsails are a dark and dirty color, as though a bottle of oil had been spilled upon the tissue there nearly covering up what might have been pure and undiluted bronze.

Egg Name and Description

The Darkest Night Egg
At first glance, one would think this rather large egg has spoiled. It's shell is nearly black in color, but upon closer inspection, it is a rather dark, and angry blue with a few dimly lit white specs tossed here, or there. It is almost as if this egg has its very own constellation painted along the dark exterior. Near the bottom of this egg, tucked into the cozy sand, is a lighter streak of blue, splashed along like crashing waves. The entirety of this egg seems to be rather angry, full of passion, yet calm all at once. As if there was a turmoil of conflict brewing about the colors.

Hatching Message

The Darkest Night egg begins to slowly wiggle, a gentle shift within the sand as it starts to slope to one side lazily. Maybe it's just trying to get cozy?

The Darkest Night egg continues to wobble back, and forth, until suddenly, lines begin to spider web their way around the dark shell, soon creating a loud *CRACK* as nearly the top of the shell unhinges.

As the lines continue to grow upon the shell of the Darkest Night Egg, it becomes more, and more fragile as the base of the shell tumbles around the hatchling within, leaving the ground in a shower of blue shards.

Impression Message

Upon finally finding his life mate, the large Bronze hatchling settles his gaze upon yours, rumbling with a steady, blood colored pulse of light. The stare is heavy, and long as if he was taking his sweet time in consideration, before finally deciding. « It is you that I find worthy to lead upon this unforgiving journey of unknown trials. Come, G'rism, my stomach hungers with a need to be filled. » The loud pulse becomes even greater within your head as the red beats flash over, and over again with an angry hunger.


In the beginning, Troyseth will be quite the loner amongst the other Hatchlings. Instead of being full of energy, rowdy, and buck wild, he takes his time to quietly monitor, and survey his surroundings, and fellow clutch mates. He will follow instruction quite well, and take to his training easily, almost headfirst. He will be /determined/ to be the best, quickest, and fastest, though this competitive nature will only be shared between you, and him. Any disappointments in coming in second, or worse, will throw him in a bitter, irritable mood, which will cause him to work even /harder/ to make up for lost time, or ground.

Much like his sire, Troyseth will fiercely protective of his life mate, and woe to any who wrong you. This is where his subtle aggression, and true nature will begin to shine through. He will be quite the adamant, vengeful soul. In a physical scrap, he will be there, at your side, practically unyielding in showing mercy until you are able to rein him in. No one, and I mean /no one/ is going to disrespect you and get away with it. He can handle personal attacks just fine, but when it comes to his best friend, and life mate, it is a whole different story.

As the two of you begin to grow older together, especially during his training, you will find Troyseth finally coming around socially. He will begin to partake more in conversation, though it will still be in that contemplative tone. Now that he knows his 'family' better, and has analyzed them, he will be able to change himself socially in each situation. If he has a wild brother, he will be rambunctious. If he has a quiet sister he will mellow himself out. It seems that he can blend into any situation if need be, smoothly, in a fine transition. The protectiveness over you that he grew up with will never ease off though. Though, he will be a lot more subtle in the way he 'pays the other back', pending that his foggy memory serves him well. He is by no means a prankster, but this dragon firmly believes in: Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth.

When interacting with other dragons, another trait of his father he picks up is that he will bow to any, and every Gold, showing off his true, nobility. When among the ladies, he can be quite charming when in the mood, polite, but not too flirty. Flights will never be a big deal for him, even though he will chase. He doesn't chase for the glory of mating, but to out strength, and out win his opponents. When in the air, he will use guile, and well timed tactics to surge ahead, as opposed to muscling out the other and over exerting himself. If he wins, he will be quite the quick lover. Not needing to take his time. After all, he won. That is what matters the most. For the lady who was caught, /you/ are her prize, and she should feel lucky to share your company, even if for a quick moment. She may not see you again for sometime, for duty persists.

Troyseth will also take an appreciation for your art involving paint, and metals. In time, you will see that he enjoys the finer things in life. A well made bubbly pie, a ripe herdbeast in their prime, and the finest oils in which to gloss his bronze hide. This will be the building block of his outgoing personality. Where he typically skulks about, this is where he opens up the most, and he may at times, have very well versed discussions about color, line scheme, and design. On another note, as you two grow up together, mature, he will become your best friend, always trying to give you inner strength, willpower, and confidence. He refuses to let you go too long upset. He will always have a speech ready to pick you up, boost your spirits.

Why did he pick you? There is something dark inside that you may have tucked away, that caught his interest. Some pain in your past? A lost love which still hurts? You have been terribly wronged, and have paid the ultimate price? Whatever that may be, it has caught his eye, and he would not have chosen any of the others. Because he is based off of Batman, I tried to utilize most of Bruce Wayne's traits. The loner, yet well respected, and viewed upon politician. Much like Bruce, he was attracted to women, but never found the time for them. Troyseth may in time, find one, and one only lady of his life, and that will no doubt be a Gold. Never will he give his heart to a wily Green. He would seek out a classy partner, one he can 'rule' with. Much like Batman, Troyseth will be led by vengeance, and angst. It is what keeps the fire in his heart going. If you're upset, he will /fix that/, and then drown in his own sorrows later. He also will not pause for a moment when it comes to rescuing someone, or saving a life. He will take whatever means necessary to right wrong, and to defeat the 'evil' of the moment. It is like he is a completely different dragon, so daring, bold, heroic, and at the same time, frightening. From there, however else you wish to view/play him is completely left up to you, Gari. This is just the foundation of Troyseth. I hope that you enjoy playing him as much as I have building him.


Dark and Mysterious Soldier
This dragon tends to be very quiet, always seeming to observe more than join in on a conversation. When he does speak, it is very low, and husky. When angered, he is as cold as ice, to the point, cutting like a blade. There is always the sensation of a beating heart in the back of your head. The more excited he becomes, the faster it races.

Mind Touches
Dark and Mysterious Soldier slowly becomes apparent in the form of a slow, pulsing heart beat, which comes out like blotchy red splotches across your line of sight. It is cold, and lonely, taking its time to observe you from a distance. Blurs of a yellow streak along a black canvas, giving you a feeling of being disheartened, miserable. You can feel its mind brushing yours, seeking something you have lost close to your heart.

Dark and Mysterious Soldier remains as a soft pulse of red as the presence slowly grows closer, but not too close. It swirls around you like a ghost in the night, tip toeing about, skulking. Through all the mystery, there is something heroic about this one, as if there was a quest unfinished. Will you be its partner? Can you fit the bill? It lunges forward, through one shadow after the other, stalking.

Dark and Mysterious Soldier continues to watch over you, like a shadow in the backdrop of black, ebbing in, and out of time. As it grows closer, so close that you can feel its warm breath in the form of a gentle wash of summer wind, chills run up your spine, instead of the typical, comforting blanket you were expecting. Instead, a yank is felt at the back of your mind, touching your darkest nightmare, bringing it to life. There! That is what it was searching for the entire time. Fear. Apprehension. A soft whisper is murmured: Be strong, push through the pain. Avenge. As mysteriously as it came, it is soon gone, back into the dark, leaving you with just a simple background of black, with a yellow halo perched in the sky. A beacon.


B'rm created both egg, and dragon. The hatching theme is comics, and your dragon is based off of Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight. The egg is based off a perfect midnight evening over the ocean, one that is both peaceful, yet chaotic at the same time, depending on the pull of the moon.


Name Cold and Unforgiving Oil Rubbed Bronze Troyseth
Dam Gold Avarinth
Sire Bronze Treasath
Created By B'rm
Impressee Garirsam
Hatched May 20, 2007
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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