Destiny's Reluctant Mercenary Green Tufirath

In every generation, a champion emerges, built for battle and prepared for anything. From the tip of her moss green nose to the wide forked tail this wiry toned warrior was born for combat. Nothing is wasted, a fastidious expenditure of flesh with a short slanted face of yellowed olive the color broken up into semicircular fan-like shapes that bare a striking resemblance to scales. The near reptilian scalloping continues up past wide set horn-like eye ridges that do not detract from the streamlined head and neck. Compact forelimbs are straight out of a mechanic’s dream as earthen lime hide wraps fluidly around sharply angled elbows. The lower limbs strikingly variegate as vivid chartreuse teardrops are stamped in perfect tessellation all the way to wide grounded paws. She’s a final boss fight, with an ample chest of hard polished citrus, color deepening to vivid bronzed emerald over well-sprung ribs, the chain mail pattern creating a camouflage that’s a grave injustice to the rest of the world’s creatures. The girl with all the gifts the degree of raw strength on display peaks as tarnished copper expertly moulds into sizable wingspars, high set upon a sloped laid back shoulder they’re mesmerizing as the corrugation creates a vivid trick of light. When fully open the differing levels of transparency in her expansive sails produce the appearance of a stained glass window. Compared to that it’s hard to be surprised by rounded robust haunches and malachite talons that are frankly a zealous degree of overkill.


Obviously In Charge Egg

This mid-sized egg takes on a pleasant shade of green along the top half of the shell. Bright chartreuse blends flawlessly with waves of veridian that shimmy down all four sides as if the egg itself were a hill made of numerous smaller hills. Petite speck-like clouds of fluffy white dapple on one side, breaking up the landscape curiously. Further down, the green washes out as if a fog has rolled in. Bountiful verdigris disappears into mottled grays and whites. Inside the mist, it almost looks as if there’s something else, a lurking figure that’s hidden from view, a set of round eyes peering out at the world. Each side is much the same, including the lingering possibility that something is prowling in that mist. No matter where ones stands, there’s a watcher that peers out at the world with rabid curiosity. Then, as quickly as it’s seen, the watcher dissipates into the smooth brilliance further down the shell, white becomes rocky crags broken up sharply before everything settles into murky seafoam blue at the base.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Obviously In Charge Egg has never been the most patient of the clutch, and true to form, the moment humming begins, it starts to vibrate. A deep, ominous chattering sound from within the green shell gyrates rhythmically, the beast within anxious to emerge.

Crack Message
Obviously In Charge Egg’s fevered pace increases in tempo, the ovoid dipping back and forth like a pendulum with the trapped resident shifting to and fro. Not one cracking noise but sickening crunching, crinkling like the pops of bubble wrap until every inch of the shell is mushy and destabilized yet still whole.

Hatch Message
Obviously In Charge Egg can't stand much longer. The ruined shell has begun to cave inward, pieces falling like the rubble of a ruined city as the titanic presence obliterates the only wall holding it at bay. Then, with a nauseating snap, the dragonet's head emerges, the hatchling leaping upward as the first sign of fresh air, raining shell bits and shrapnel on its siblings and possibly any candidate standing in firing range. For better or worse, it's here now and ready to make that everyone's problem.

Colorless Description
Death's Most Loyal Servant Hatchling

A timeless otherworldy shade stands cloaked in mist and coated in dark sand that blurs the lines between myth and reality. Obscurity aids in the appearance of cryptic long limbs. Each step taken twists the appendages into monstrous shapes as the shadows themselves have sprouted several extra legs from the side of this ghoul. Blinking is not advised because whatever fresh shell has been hatched molds and shifts with the fog. One moment a normal-looking hatchling, wide-eyed and lost among the dither, the next ginormous bug eyes that bulge and deviate side to side suspiciously upon a pyramid-shaped head. A glorious deception of circumstance, as no one piece is ever seen as part of the whole, two wings- or possibly four as each movement brings a new view. Each new visage is more shocking than the next, if only because it's impossible to know the truth. Death, after all, can look like anything.

Sands Pose
Death's Most Loyal Servant Hatchling is out, FINALLY. Unwilling to wait anymore, it springs forward and darts with unimaginable speed. MOVE AWAY. Several candidates are thrown aside. There's no retreat, only strategic forward as it blasts forth through the dark. There's no way this is a newborn creature. Each movement is far too practiced. Anyone who doesn't get out of the way will be made to, looking upward and HISSING defiantly at anyone who dares to impede progress. One look at the sorry lot left has a screech of impudence, stomping a foot loudly and angrily before darting forward and snapping in the face of a small boy. Regaining composure, this hatchling stands up straight at walks with practiced poise, eyes narrowing over each person left. DECISIONS.

Impression Message

Death's Most Loyal Servant Hatchling retreats back, a dark spot hiding the vessel of death as it contemplates the options before it. Any good battle plan needs time, and death is not impatient. Why be in a hurry when you are guaranteed to win? One red glowing eyes warn that it waits on the outskirts, following each figure back and forth. Two with black hair, one with brown. Pausing, the creature rudely closes its eyes, becoming invisible as it leaps upward, landing ATOP, the curly black haired figure who is flinching. If you're going to flinch, you need something to flinch ABOUT. This is an expert in the field, and whomever it's landed on is sure to have a MASSIVE headache tomorrow.

Darkness, you're dead. You're dead. You're still breathing, your heart beating loudly in your bloodied ears, but the night has killed you, and the sensation of whatever has pushed you down to the hot sands dissipates as the hands of whatever comes next drags you beneath the surface. Yep. This is it. The end. Standing in High Reaches Weyr, staring down the worst thing you've ever done as the body of a person stares back at you with unblinking eyes. In a flash, it's gone, the place-shifting to the caverns of Igen, the barracks, your cot in Xanadu. Newer flashes as the presence of another stands next to you, thumbing through your deepest past like a picture book. Like a particular egg did. Warmth, another being has your back from now until time stops. Alone is the last place you will ever be. The mind of a stalwart protector and encourager whisks you away from the abyss of despair. «Siha, I was afraid I'd lost you in the fog.» A flash of fear, the idea of being apart crippling to your newfound companion. « There's no time to lay around, you need to get up this place is dangerous. Come ON.» Loud and shrill, you are mentally and physically shoved forward. « Name's Tufirath, by the way, figure if we have to do battle together, we best get to know one another.»


HI SIHA! Tufirath is a girl of complexity. I found your idea for Thane Krios and decided to pair it with Mikasa from Attack on Titan. The battle-hardened warrior feel, a mercenary by birth with little real choice in joining the fight your girl has strong opinions and a keen sense for justice.



Endless Deja vu

There are a few truly unique things about Tufirath. Her mental space does not consist of a beautiful sunset beach or a trip through the stars. Nothing is that easy, dear Siha. Instead, every connection made with her tends to include portions of your own memories. This is possibly a minor disability as instead of cultivating her own headspace, she recreates places, smells, and sounds you've already experienced. That time you went to the beach with your family, it's that beach on that very same day. At times her mind will feel like the caverns of Igen as experienced by you or High Reaches Weyr as you recall it from childhood.

The more places you go, the more likely that location will play a role in her headspace. This ability or inability to extricate herself from the deepest portions of your thoughts is going to be challenging at times. If mutually upset, your dragon's mind could contain all the smells and sounds of the LAST place she recognizes you being upset. At the same time, happier memories will be abundant. Somehow she's uniquely capable of returning you to brighter days by cultivating her mind into those places. When content, she'll often settle into your favorite memories. I hope you enjoy deja vu. In voice, she's feminine, kind, and quiet when calm, yet fierce and biting when provoked to anger.


Hello! The egg theme was dog breeds and Obviously In charge was based on the border collie, with the egg being scotland and the inside mind being the dogs demeanour. This dragon was created by Oddisa, using your idea to utilize both Thane Krios and Mikasa from Attack on titan. The name Tufirath is from the Drell word Tu-fira which means 'lost in another'. I found that fitting for one so thoroughly engrossed in her rider. As always she's yours to play and do what you wish with. Her description utilizes portions of the Drell anatomy while emotionally she's a mix of Thane, Mikasa, and anything I thought might be interesting. I hope you enjoy her. <3


Name Tufirath
Dam Toruth
Sire Haijiventh
Created By Oddisa
Impressee Siha (Lunasidhe)
Hatched November 6, 2021
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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