Winter Avalanche Brown Valthrenezath

The mixture of seal brown and bistre that covers this large brown from muzzle to tail is all that could set him apart from even some of the mid-sized bronzes. A slightly lighter sepia shades his wingsails, the color tempered by flurries of silver that cover the upper side of his wings, all the way across his back, even dotting the ridges between the base of his neck and the start of his tail. A ribbon of fern green streaks up his powerful hind legs up to his haunches, before dipping down along his belly, twining as they race up towards his neck where they turn into a single line that comes up its right side. It continues up over his head, passing between his eye ridges then swinging across to splash around his left eye. A hint of pale carmine covers his chin and throat, disappearing into the brown of his neck and reappearing as thick rings around his forelegs, as well large dots over his shoulders and a single patch over his chest.

Egg Name and Description

Alpine Summit Egg
Perhaps better suited for the Northern Reaches' peaks, Alpine Summit Egg's shell is a lightly hued off-white from base to tip. Pale blue tints its crown, dipping a third of the way down one side before retreating close to the top as it trails to the opposite side, the tone subdued by a mix of white flecks, some carrying a hint of gold. One jagged seam of brown streaks down one side, the darker color fading in and out of the egg's white shell as it flows down the edge of the blue cap before disappearing into the egg's foggy base.

Hatching Message

Alpine Summit Egg stays relatively still. There's hardly a wobble, perhaps only the merest hint of motion causing the oval shape to tilt in the sand.

Alpine Summit Egg shivers, once. A single crack, not even a hand long, opens, then nothing more as the hatchling within elects to delay its entrance.

Alpine Summit Egg, without warning, shatters from top to bottom, the egg's shards falling to the ground at the feet of the hatchling that once occupied it.

Impression Message

Without warning, a perhaps familiar sensation of cold crawls over your skin, mingling with the heat coming from the sands. « You. » The choice has been made, and you are merely informed. There's a comfortable moment, relatively quiet moment, a soft wind brushing through your hair. It ends quickly, though, as your new bond finds his way into your soul. « I'm hungry. I want to eat. » There's no alarm, but the thought is strong. « Please. I want to eat. » The voice becomes louder, more demanding, and the hatchling at your feet nudges at your chest impatiently, pushing his hunger pangs into your mind. You know his name, now: Valthrenezath . « You are perfect. » he exclaims suddenly, the chilling feeling pressing deeper, down to your bones, the air growing thinner as he takes more and more space in your thoughts, making it harder for you to breathe. « We will be together. But I am so hungry. Please. Please. Feed me! » he begs, clouding your vision, the sudden strength of your lifemate dimming the Hatching Grounds' light, his need consuming you.


Growing up: Perhaps a good way to describe Valthrenezath as he grows from hatchling to adult brown is to look at avalanches through a year's seasons. Young, his avalanches will be more common, but also smaller in effect and easier to get out of. You'll soon find out that you are one of the major contributing factors to his outbursts, and you will find areas (such as your emotional relationships with others) that he may be more sensitive to. He may react to criticism by bowling you over with uncertainty, or anger. He may react to praise by filling you with nonsensical amounts of glee and giddiness. Other dragons, of course, especially his clutchmates, Weyrlingmasters' dragons, and Igen's golds and Weyrleader's bronze, will have a great impact on him. Other people, less so, except perhaps those that matter to you, as well as the Weyrlingmasters. At the same time, his avalanches won't be confined just to you. Even though you will feel them the strongest (along with him, of course), he'll still be able to project a lot of his feelings to his clutchmates. He may cause mass dragon laughter if something cracks him up, but he's also liable to cause mass discomfort or concern if something freaks him out.

Adolescence: As he progresses through weyrlinghood, Valthrenezath will grow slightly more mellow. You'll be able to push emotions around to try and counteract his outbursts, perhaps melt some snow off his proverbial slopes to prevent an outburst, or to make it minimal. He'll still have the upper hand, though, and as he nears the age where he'll be able to chase during flights, he'll definitely challenge your abilities. One of the interesting things about Valthrenezath is that his avalanches aren't necessarily bad, or good, or confined to a certain type of emotion. Some dragons that get carried away will only do so about certain topics or in certain cases. You'll find that this brown can get carried away about any and everything. At the same time, as time passes, he will confine the effects of his outbursts to you and him, and maybe only his weyrmate, or another dragon or person close to him or you.

Maturity: Both you and your brown will mature, and one of the keys to being able to handle him once he settles into his true self will be to learn to defuse his outbursts before they happen on their own. Much like mountain staff often trigger avalanches with TNT when the area is deemed safe, you should be able to sense when Valthrenezath is piling up too much emotion. As you grow beyond Weyrlinghood, and as you witness (or undergo) more and more of his avalanches, you will learn ways to predict them. However, he'll still be able to surprise you, and when he does, you may well be able to teach other dragons or people how to come rescue you as soon as possible (when needed).


Winter Avalanche
Valthrenezath has two 'modes'. The first is his 'normal' mode. He's a sunny character, wispy with comments and questions. That's not to say he doesn't enjoy a quiet moment or two, though, which is part of why he chose to bond with you. His normal mind voice is a sweet tenor, prone to inflexions and pitch changes when something piques his interest or tweaks his sense of humor. He does have an affinity for chilly mornings or evenings, and one of his guilty pleasures is watching Rukbat come over the horizon from the Star Stones. Light interests him, his attention often attracted to reflections off sharp edges, whether it be on small objects like glass or buffed metals, on large peaks in Pern's mountain ranges, or on lakes. This means that he may have an attraction to mirrors and other objects that shine, but it will never be his reflection he's looking for. He may even enjoy paintings, drawings (so long as they have color), and pictures. If a computer is available with pictures on it, he'd be a sucker for the screen saver. Of course, due to his lack of long term memory, he may often ask you to look at them with him, and give you his opinion. Over and over.. and over.. and over again.

The majority of the time, your brown will be in his 'normal' mode, but every so often, he'll slip into his other self: the avalanche. That'll usually be during the warmer part of the morning and early afternoon, from maybe 10am to 3pm or so. Not to say that he can't have an 'attack' at other times, but he'll be particularly susceptible during warm days. Things will have to pile up for a while, perhaps a dragon that's been proddy and flirty for a few days, or a person that's been affecting you consistently, and then a single event to trigger him.

Once he's been set off, there's no stopping or retrieving him. It will almost always come as a surprise to you, when his voice changes to the deep, thunderous baritone, but you will know immediately. He will shower your mind with whatever emotion he feels, whether it be good, or bad. It could be the lust of a flight, the anger of a lost flight, the helpless mirth of an event or activity he finds amusing, fear from an injury to you or him… Any feeling could, literally, snowball and take over.

Once the dust settles, and his voice has died down, he will still have you smothered in the emotion, either until it melts away, or until someone (be it another dragon or person), can get to you and rescue you. Along with this, however, he will sometimes bury himself in his outbursts, and you may have to rescue him yourself, or ask another dragon (a gold would be best, or one of his recent flight wins) for help to find him and extract him from his own emotional prison. This avalanche-like trait of his, of course, makes him VERY prone to chasing in flights, and when he does, he will often try to bully his way through, finding only bronzes or the largest browns to give him a run for his money, in terms of size and strength.

Mind Touches
Winter Avalanche seeps a sense of serenity into your mind, instilling calm and quiet, pushing the Sands' noises back, replacing them with the faint whispers of wind. The touch of the egg's shell chills your fingers, the cool sensation working its way slowly up your arms, shoulders, passively invading your body from your shoulders down as you stay in contact with the egg. Your forehead and face, on the other hand, begin to warm, bringing back the familiar feeling of Rukbat's heat at it s strongest, without clouds to abate its rays.

Winter Avalanche spreads stillness and silence through your fingers and into your mind the moment your fingers settle upon Alpine Summit Egg's shell, giving you a fleeting sensation of comfort. Fleeting, indeed. Announced only by a low rumble that drowns out the rest of the Hatching Cavern's sounds, a rushing sensation barges into your mind, urging you to run, to flee, the rumbling growing into a roar that may well deafen you, an icy sensation storming around you before finally grasping you, first holding on to every bit of exposed skin, then sinking into your tunic, and up your legs wherever your outfit provides openings. The egg leaves you with a smothering, frozen sensation, shutting out light.

Winter Avalanche envelopes you within cold and darkness, a sensation of isolation dragging you away from your surroundings, the sounds becoming distant, muffled noises, voices becoming unintelligible. You are left alone, trapped in the egg's frigid embrace as it keeps you immobile, giving you little room to breathe, let alone move. Slowly, it releases you, the sounds surrounding you being allowed back into your mind. Ambiant light grows until a single ray pierces through, then another, and another, the light growing brighter until, at least, your surroundings extract you from the egg's hold.


Valthrenezath's inspiration is a combination of two things. The first one, of course, is the avalanche. Its sudden burst of power that transforms peaceful winter days into massive displays of force appealed to me. It gives him an edge to his character, that he may suddenly overwhelm and smother you for no apparent reason. The three touch poses for the egg, of course, were the three stages of an avalanche. The second part of Valthrenezath's inspiration is a picture that I took a couple of years ago in the French Alps. That picture's still online at . The picture inspired his egg's description and is one of my fondest memories of recent times. I wanted to share that with whoever would've liked the Alpine Summit Egg. There's more to the picture, though: it was taken at a ski resort named Val Thorens, which is where Valthrenezath gets his name. The reason I tried to liken your new mate to an event was to give him an understanding of his general emotional self, rather than a specific list of habits. I'm hoping you'll find Valthrenezath to your liking, without him being too vague or restrictive. I'm also hoping you'll find him to be as pleasant a surprise as I found the day that inspired me to make him how he is. It was fun for me to share that with you. I hope you enjoy it as much.


Name Winter Avalanche Brown Valthrenezath
Dam Gold Uthandriath
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By S'r
Impressee S'hir (Samhir)
Hatched October 14, 2006
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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