Rugged Lichen Bronze Vorshnath

The rich burnt umber hue that dominates the rugged lines of this powerful dragon's form is interlaced with a more delicate smidge, strength underlined by titan's softening touch. The brilliant bronze that foreshadows the soft hide is eclipsed by the reddening highlights, crimson arches that denote the peak of each strongly delineated neckridge. Cascading copper sweeps in metallic veins ac ross the barren expanse of back, shifting into the rugged ridgeline that is his spine with an easy flow of color. The rusty overtones that stain the handsome length of limbs, as well as the capacious breadth of chest are warming to the othe rwise coldly spartan shape. Though husky in size, little whimsy has gone into the body. The talons are practically curved, spicular shapes shine a clever onyx against his bronzen form. The sails gleam in obscure shades of chestnut and dun, their utilitarian shape nonetheless massive in extension. The lithe length of tail is tipped in vermillion, set against the sharp copper that monopolizes the greater portion of the handsome frame. Echoed in the muscled haunches is the rosy color highlights, accentuating the dark bronze of his limbs. Even the artistically wedged head has not escaped the scarlet tips, the pragmatic shape ornamented only by a windblown sheer of harsh auburn along muzzle's velvet edge.

Egg Name and Description

Ancient Frozen Glacier Egg
Icy tendrils of blue are suspended over a myriad of diaphanous silver lines, making the mind wander instantly to the great sheets of ice at the poles. Rough protrusions speak of soaring; jagged mountans and valleys, all puctuated by the underscoring of the pale blue; glowing almost in the manner of the glaciers themselves, the blue itself underscored, cracked and marred by the lines of silver that speak of the pressure that has weathered and broken the ice under thousands of turns of constant force, appearing timeless and ancient to the eye. All of this is ever changing around the egg's entire surface, always slightly different no matter what angle one regards it, the only constant being that it appears never the same; quite hypnotic to the sight.

Hatching Message

The patriarchal shell that envelops Ancient Frozen Glacier Egg in wintry magnificence shudders, challenging the sands. I am ready, behold my illustriousness. Grandiose shards tumble haphazardly, crumbling from base to disintegrate into desert soil. The enemy that has imprisoned Rugged Lichen Bronze Hatchling no longer holds power, and he gives a trumpet of warbling victory.

Impression Message

Brandy's gossamer warmth spreads lethargic drowsiness through your limbs, the awareness of a unaccustomed counterpart joining you. The headiest of liquor's deluge pools sepia in your mind, coursing through your veins in hungry sensation. Earnest ochre and exhilarated plum coat an unfamiliar mindvoice, its deep balm soothing you, uniting you with the languished bass. « Kuloh? I have discovered you. We are together at last. » Ardent ruby thoughts trail liquid fire into your psyche, a contemplative afterthought. « As K'loh and Vorshnath, we will do monumental things. »


Vorshnath's laconic outlook on life furnishes him with a lifetime's supply of relaxed energy. An instinctive leader, he takes control easily, effortlessly, and is comfortable in his commandant skills. An approaching deadline is no cause for alarm, however, and neither is a recalcitrant wherry. « Why bother to be annoyed? What purpose does it serve? » reasons the bronze. Everything must have purpose, for purpose is structured, and structure is what makes great things happen. And he's destined for great things, he suspects. Shouldering extra work with cheerful acceptance and a chuckle to make the time go faster, he's not joking when he says there's a reason: he works as a means to an end. Vorshnath is decidedly a take-no-prisoners type of bronze. Sympathy only carries one a short distance before you're dumped in the sand and forced to walk on your own, he believes. Hence his motto: use others as long as they are effective. While he's no cold-hearted villain, he believes that compassion and benevolence are highly overrated when it comes right down to it. This also isn't to say that he isn' t an understanding dragon, for he indeed is. Empathic to the feelings of others, he hates to see suffering and misery; he feels duty bound to stop it. This sensitive side is hidden away, normally overrun by masculinity and assertiveness, and he is prone to inner tumult as his two dissimilar ideals war. The battle within him is staved off with a ribald humor, his flirting banter suggesting and declaring his luck with the ladies. Vorshnath's willingness staves off sharply at the thought of menial tasks, however. He's a /bronze/. They don't clean. And they definitely don't do anything the least bit /boring/, which scrubbing most certainly is. Having others scrub him, however, is a pleasant, majestic task to which he'll nag you about every day. « Want to go oil my hide? No? Well, how about a quick little rinse in the lake? » Though Vorsh would never openly admit that he craves your love, bathing him is an open declaration in his book. And while as a hatchling he may candidly express his own adoration, as an older dragon his masculinity will inhibit his ability to casually comment, « K'loh? Have I told you that I love you today? » He cherishes the greens and golds of the weyr, and loves to tease them. A debonair rake, they whisper from the ledges, one who's far too much ego for his own good. But they love him for it, and they appreciate his superiority for what it is: noble vanity.

Growing Up
True to his bronze nature, Vorshnath will naturally try and take the lead. Not that he'll succeed, always. After all, he has clutchmates that will often try and steal the rug out from under his talons. From the day he broke from his shell, he will have a maturity that other dragons tend to lack. Which isn't to say he'll be stodgy! Vorshnath knows his place, and where he can be the best asset. Likely to rise to wingleader straight out of weyrlinghood, Vorshnath dreams of commanding others with his structured and fair way that he has about him. He carries a knack for motivating both people and dragons that others don't have, an innate sense of the leader that others naturally follow. The public face that he carries tends to be kept on through thick and thin; professionalism in his duties is very important to him. » K'loh, why does that green insist on throwing a fit every time we do drills? It is practice, it is for the betterment of the wing. Doesn't she know that? « And just as he has his public side, you are the vent that helps keep his professionalism so stalwart. As the Turns pass, he will become even more dignified, the epitome of the bronze leader. And while he is an epitome, many will be fooled into thinking that heated liquid doesn't boil just beneath the surface. Vorshnath tends to hold himself responsible for many things, your happiness for one. He will come down hard on himself when a flight isn't won, or that promotion isn't attained. It will be your job, from weyrlinghood onward, to help even his keel as life's twists and turns bounce you both from one shore to the other, balancing each other with a joined love and bond. When it comes to flights, he will be an avid competitor, his large size and handsome frame helping him win many a flight. He tends to use both mind and body to win said flights, being a more academically minded dragon, he thinks constantly, always something to be contemplated. As he grows, he will have a tendency to think before he acts more; instead of just diving into that lovely lake at High Reaches, he may test it with his tail firstoff, to establish a feel for it. And such may be imprinted on you. Who knows just what traits will be traded and developed over the Turns? These are just a few that will bombard you both throughout your life time.

Why he chose K'loh
Why did Vorshnath pick K'loh? The side K'loh shows society, the rowdy, irate-at-the-world man-child side, drew him like a moth to a flame. Beneath the bluster and brashness is a amiable guy who's humorous enough to make him laugh and serious enough to get something done. Their egos are well matched: neither is as unyielding as they'd like to admit, and both are adamant in their refusals. « Of course I'm stubborn! Who said I wasn't? They're.. mistaken. » Both rider and bronze keep their emotions hidden behind a facade of cocky masculinity, but they're dying to be nice guys. Honest. Their compatibility lured Vorshanth, their total unity. « We are of the same mind on almost everything, K'loh. Is that not what dragons and their lifemates are supposed to be like? »


As the mind name suggests, the thick flow of warmth that is Vorshnath's mental touch is a heady thing. The smooth touch is nearly liquid in feeling as it washes over your psyche, it has the sometimes alarming trend of wiggling its way into the deepest recesses of your mind, and pooling there, knowing your darkest thoughts. Not to say that Vorshnath is a dour creature that likes to merely brood all day. On the contrary, as the warm touch of his mind indicates, he is as soft as they come; somewhere deep down, you just have to dig to get there. His stalwart appearance often stems from his mind, where, like the brandy it is named for, is rather potent, with a bit of an afterkick that can take many tones. Narrowing to a tart slice like whiskey when he is in his leader mode, his voice drops to the balmy smoothness of a good wine when he is at his lenient best, lounging in a cool portal of shade on your ledge. Not given to frills or whimsy, so is his voice, taking a practical attitude when dealing with others. No fanciful whirls of color inhabit his thoughts, the straightforward message is delivered with perhaps only a modicum of even azure when it's business. With pleasure, however, his tone can take a turnabout. When it comes to wooing the ladies, he parades it all out, able to court the greens and golds with the smooth bass that is his voice, caressing with a brilliant array of colors. And such he is more likely to take with you. Able to let down his guard with you, Vorshnath tends to wax more fanciful in his speech to you. You are his rider, why should not you see that side of him he keeps from his public, after all?


Vorshanth's inspiration is an eclectic mix of Peter the Great meets Reghynn and Blythe's imagination. :P His leadership abilities and competitive nature were both taken from the great Russian ruler, as well as his sometimes dour moods. I made his personality after re-reading your application, paying particular attention to Kuloh-the-character and what you liked and disliked in a dragon . It sounded like you really didn't want a total opposite for a lifemate, and so I fiddled with a few ideas and tried to make it not exactly what you were expecting. When you said you'd like to be able to RP a bit of humor with him, I added a dry sense, but really didn't touch much on it. I thought it would be more fun for you to just know that he had it and be able to change it a bit if you felt like it. :) It seemed only natural that a bronze with great leadership capabilities be lucky with the gals. :P For the most part he's like Peter - a take-no-prisoners type, and his akin to liquor was just an attribute we thought was neat. His name came from a pretty 'Russian' sounding name inspired by the movie Enemy at the Gates. Kuloh's way of trying to appear like what he wasn't was a major personality trait we developed in Vorshnath. He has two lives, a Public and a Private, and very few will ever see Vorsh's Private. :)


Name Rugged Lichen Bronze Vorshnath
Dam Gold Pranath
Sire Bronze Sorvoth
Created By D'val
Impressee K'loh (Kuloh)
Hatched March 24, 2001
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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