Egg Name and Description

Sweetest Citron Egg

A delicate drop of dew slowly drips down the side of the pocketed surface. It slips along that perfection of orange, those tiniest of perfected dimples which engages in a random path of unpredictability. The hue belies one piece of perfection, whose flesh beneath is juicy and sweet, and which offers a respite from the burning heat of the sands. The fruit appears to have been grown and nurtured with love and care by one of elder age, with knowing gentle hands and deep experience. This depth of knowledge has produced perhaps the finest amongst the citrons, the most perfect of specimens that rest ever as carefully nestled by its mature dam until that day when it is precisely the right moment for it to be plucked, err hatch.

Mind Touches

First: reaches out with slow deliberate motions. There is little unplanned about it, unabashedly unhurried as it slowly slips around the edges of your own thoughts. The pace might be to glacial to endure, or it might be just slow enough to seem unthreatening as opposed to others of its siblings. As if it runs out of energy, blue and silver tendrils of its thoughts splash up against yours and then fade without fuss.

Second: Is already at the edge of your thoughts somehow, and now cerulean and indigo creep a bit farther in. There is a purposeful slowness, as though each step is considered and deliberate to start to tease out some of your own memories. It has little to understand in context but for your own reactions as small [pieces of your own life flash in bright bursts for some moments. Then it pauses, waiting to see if it might be wise, or allowed to continue in order to better understand and yet if your reaction is opposed it is as ready to slip away as easily as it arrived.

Third: is ever gathering information, processing, deliberating it may even be considered extremely /boring/. It is however what it is and deliberate, methodical it is also a sense of fairness in having viewed some of your thoughts previously it now shares a few flickers of its own. Of course, it doesn't have much to go on so it is almost more of a feel and sense than anything so much direct in pictures. A lulling comforting warmth that envelops in the softest of fashion, a reassurance of safety in a low hum that vibrates to the very core of one's being and then, then it dissipates again.

Hatching Messages

The sweetest citron egg sends a few dribbles of sand down the side of its shallow wallow. Slowly maturing upon the heated grounds it looks as if this one is nearing that moment. That peak of perfection in which is shall be harvested and peeled back for the contents to be revealed to all. Soon, so very, very soon now.

Another twitch and the sweetest citron egg rolls onto its other side and to the edge of its wallow. A few spidercracks can now be seen upon its surface, marring the perfect image it has reflected for so many sevendays.

The cracks grow in inevitable progress over the orange hued shell until a triangular piece breaks and falls off. There is a pause, then a snout pushes through splintering the shell further until it fully gives way and the hatchling within wriggles free of its former enclosure.

Impression Message

The sands seem to grow even hotter as you watch and wait. The activity fades into that oppressive heat which seems intent on binding itself to your core and never letting go. «Why would I /ever/ let you go my Kass?» the voice, rich and feminine drifts into your thoughts as your own, but somehow not your own. Patience, endless, depthless she just knows and waits for you to connect the dots. The slow snap of synapses processing what might seem impossible and yet she too stands before you with those lovely perfect eyes waiting for you to bridge that final gap in space where she has bridged the invisible one that had separated you two before. Thoughts entwined you can feel her rising joy, bursting, bubbling in the moment of recognition «I am Xerosaeth.»


Weyrlinghood will likely be particularly dull in comparison to some of your classmates. Your lady is certainly queen of the roost and she'll roar to put another in their place if need be, but really she doesn't seem particularly interested in forcing her way to the forefront. She acts beyond her turns, perhaps somehow pulling from your own experience to be more mature than she has a right to be. If anything she'll lead by example. If there isn't something she isn't willing to do herself she certainly wouldn't ask someone else to do it. «That wouldn't be very fair would it now Kass?» If anything she is more interested in you, ensuring that while her hide has not a speck of dust or crack of dry skin you must be as meticulous. «It won't do for me to shine and you to be covered in grim dearheart. Go take a bath, and do your hair, and use the scented soapsand. You know the weyrlingmaster likes that.» That's not to say she won't have things to learn, all of living is learning and she'll grow and truly mature from one day to the next as her own experience pool grows. Her curiosity towards dragonic anatomy will become apparent during weyrlinghood too. She's likely to ask her clutchmates to stretch out their wings in particular as she studies their structure with a fascination only a healer could have. «Why look at that Kass, did you know the 'sail was so stretchable?»

As she graduates and moves on to her own weyr and you both can consider what your future path should be you'll find while she is ever married to you she isn't so particular about their home. Hot, cold, she shrugs it off finding new places in visiting or living to be their own unique place with challenges and rewards that she enjoys discovering. When you will find her nesting instincts kicking in is that period should you decide to ever have children. «It's better not to move around with little ones.» and that she will also like to watch her own children grow. If you tally to long in any one Weyr she may just over time grow less inclined to be so agreeable to moving on. «The bronzes are nice, the weather is tolerable and I have so many children to keep track of!» Most weyrs are also unlikely to like seeing the pair of you move on. Her interest in dragons blends well into your own dragonhealing and her abilities as a queen are brought to bear when needed allowing you to treat even the most difficult of patient (at least the dragonic ones). She's sturdy and dependable, loving, evenhanded and fair and well if she happens to like an occasional meal of fish, or the zing of igen spices on a beast tingling her tongue, well you'll just have to forgive her those few selfish impulses.

Mating flights are another matter. She'll be grumbly and proddy for sevendays before she goes, dragging out an ordeal which is likely to set you to echoing her dissatisfaction. Every little thing is less than perfect. The herdbeasts are to chewy, the lake waters to cold, her couch is to hard. Nothing you can actually do anything about which will make it all the more frustrating. Like an Igen heatwave she'll stew, and stew until you just think you can't take it anymore and then it'll break in a glorious rush of cool sending her to the feeding grounds. She isn't about to have less than the perfect flight and although you may struggle to keep her blooding and away from those suddenly tasty looking entrails. Then its high and higher. She's seeking the strongest, best most perfect mate and fancy aerobatics are not as high on the priority list as one who can keep up with her pure endurance. Whether she'll stick to one mate, or pick the best of each group that dares pursue her, well only time will tell.


Her mind is a warm pleasant landscape. She is most often felt in the flare of emotions, and play of colors. There isn't any one hue which dominates at first, she'll grab equally among them. However, as she ages some hues may begin to dominate over others only because she eventually ties a hue to various emotions and some feelings will not so often be, well felt. Sounds are not so frequent in her commination, perhaps the dull background whisper of the desert winds, or a soft pattering of leaves shifting in the breeze. Even when young her thoughts feel so much more mature, her mindvoice more matronly than any might expect.


The egg theme was colors! It was pretty open. Yours was based on the color orange! I was inspired of a citrus fruit by my grandfather who for decades tended and raised the juiciest tastiest oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes, tangerines and mandarins.

Since you didn't have a particular theme in mind she just kind of grew from other aspects of my grandfather which seemed to really fit so well with your preferences. It's not like I tried to make him in particular, just certain aspects inspired a direction for each piece which put together make her in fitting with what you preferred.

Of her mind she reflects the kind of sage idea of gaining wisdom with age. As time passes I can say it /feels/ like this is true, although I'm sure I still do some pretty foolish things.

Her description is inspired by a sunrise on one of our hot hot summer days where there's a bit of smoke in the air that just sets the sky on fire in the most beautiful way, Igen's desert, and some accents of the citrus my grandfather grew.

The name Xerosaeth is inspired by the Ponderosa Lemon. This is the "ornamental" tree which grew at my grandparents. A little 12 foot tall tree that literally would hold 100 two to three pound lemons, or as my office liked to dub them the 'nuclear lemon'. Plus the use of an unconventional letter and the ae sound seemed to work nicely. I think of it as 'ser-oh-say-th'.

Of important note she is yours now. You should take these thoughts as hopeful inspiration but if you both head in a completely different direction, temperament, etc. that is PERFECTLY fine with me. My wish is that you can continue to enjoy some fine RP and have a good time on the game. - Neyuni.


Name Xerosaeth
Dam Zuhth
Sire Eranzath
Created By Neyuni
Impressee Kassala
Hatched September 2, 2017
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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