Elegant Treasured Sea Green Xinieth

Elegant Treasured Sea Green Xinieth

The soft flow of water and endless time have worked to smooth the edges of this lithe lady, at least in appearance. Of personality a different time will tell, but for what the eye can see is but an elongated teal green muzzle that is smoothed around curving jaw and overlarge eyes covered by weathered ridges. Of an arcing sinuous teal and sea green neck, studded by blunted turquoise ridges and decorated with tiny pearls along its upper length blending into the deep pool of her chest. Where phthalo greens rise from her belly and tickle like drifting kelp and sea grasses rolling to the invisible flow of watery currents. Smooth strong muscles flex along elongated arms and legs twined with beads of pearl and bits of shell, ending in the only angular part of her. Diamond sharp talons hued of pearl like the egg from which she birthed, tip each wicked finger and toe. A hint of something more dangerous than her smoothed elegant form otherwise implies. Drifting flanks lead to long tapered tail that dapples between the teal and sea greens decorated by tiny bits of shell, inviting one closer to this elegant lady, but beware the hidden danger of her talons. Of wings she sports finely woven sails, a thin sheen of watery green hues that look ever damp as they drift to watery turquoise along the trailing edges. They balance her, allowing her to move with a fluid grace unusual for one so newly born.

Egg Name and Description

Treasure of the Sea Egg
Light shimmers along the smooth surface of this large egg which at first seems rather plain and unambitious in its near uniform creamy white. The slightest hint of rose reflects back along the shells horizon from within the creamy white depths. It is reminiscent of a rare treasure pulled from the salty sea in one very small corner of the world. One typically hidden within a hard shelled ugly mollusk. A creature that clings to and defies release of its precious cargo. Yet somehow pried away from its sea cradled origin, it now rests comfortably upon the warm Igen sands. The soft, even burnished luster hints however at endless hours of tender care upon the surface of this particular remarkably smooth egg. In the end it doesn't need any flashy hues or fancy tricks. It is elegant and regal in its simplicity and time grown perfection.

Mind Touches

Hatching Message

The treasure of the sea egg shifts ever so slightly, sending a few grains of sand sliding away from the lustrous shell. Is someone trying top steal this treasure after all? Who would be so bold as the egg shifts again, rocking ever to one side before flopping back into the shall sandy wallow it has been resting in. A bit heavier than expected perhaps?

The shadows cast by the treasure of the sea egg are but its own, and although some tomfoolery may have been suspected the next rocking of the egg is much more like its siblings. The treasure being stolen… no it is the treasure within that seeks to be revealed! Bright cracks suddenly break the beautiful pearlescent sheen upon the shell as the one within seeks to be out!

Cracks continue to grow upon the treasure of the sea egg as it rocks more violently back and forth. One crack in particular makes its way along the circumference of the egg and you can watch, almost count down to the moment as the crack comes fully around and the shell gives. A heave and a ho and with a final SNAP it breaks nearly in half, if not entirely neatly. Tiny shards from the final kick spray outwards landing with tiny impacts disappearing into the overall hatching ground sands. The larger halves of the shell are pushed determinedly away by a sharp set of talons and bright ruby whirling eyes get their first look at this world beyond.

Impression Message

Elegant Treasured Sea Green Hatchling cries discordant again. Hello, hatchling standing right in front of you ladies! She rears back, pearly talons flashing as she stands briefly now before Oddisa and Katailea. Weren't they warned to pay attention or anything? Such a pose is still a bit much for her newborn muscles, but she'll bet they are paying attention now as weary haunches settle her back down to dark sands. Muzzle jerks upwards then, desperate and needing as energy begins to fade. Eyes finally catch and lock with one of the ladies whose own eyes reflect the hues of the hatchlings hide. Her perfect, her chosen, her one! Made for each other clearly, the discordant melody of her cries changes into a notably joyous song as she leans forward, wings reaching out as if to ensnare her chosen in their grasp.

The chaos, the mix of the dragons hum and the cry of candidates and crack of shells. All of this you may have expected. Of Igen the heat is expected. The sand is expected… what isn't is the sudden wave of humidity that drenches you and blurs your vision in an oppressive wave like nothing you have ever felt before. It is like drowning, a horrible ironic fate as you are in the driest portion of Pern overall. Your mind can hardly grapple but for finding a solid perch to cling to. A warm perch. A soft birth damp perch with mesmerizing eyes and a softly crooning voice and… « And? Do go on Kate. » a wave of loving amusement crashes over you like a refreshing river as you realize your arms are around the green that has come before you, even as her own wings embrace you. « Because you are MINE! » definitive, unwavering. You are Xinieth's and « I am yours. Always. »


Your lady is an interesting mix. Devoted and loving to you like no other, she will always be happiest with you in sight or touch. Overall she is a social creature, and it's unlikely that you will be able to retain many moments of solitude as she draws you into a world of who's who and what's what, and don't you just need like two hundred friends! She has all these dragons to which she works lifelong in developing relationships, sharing stories, pleasant sunning snoozes and so on. Playful, she can be a bit reckless, enjoying games without being overly competitive for her it is simply participating and have FUN. Second only to her love of you in water. It may seem odd that Igen has birthed such a liquid loving lady she'll prowl the lake shore and ever swish her tail in the shallows as she socially cavorts. She'll finally encourage you to music. If you are not so skilled you'll be spending plenty of marks, or learning to flirt with the Harper's so that she may hear the latest melodies. Should the inclination strike, the pair of you are likely to make good weyrlingmasters with her innate desires lending in the support of knowledge and learning, and her naturally sociable nature.

Ah so, you now have a new partner, a life partner, one that completes you in a way you never knew was missing. She, she is rather clingy as newly hatched dragon. Those first sevendays she needs to ever have you in sight and if you sneak off while she naps should she awake without you there the WEYR will here her mental shrieks and PANIC. She will be following you like a puppy, besides the fact that you are the source of FOOD, and OIL and ALL THINGS GOOD, she simply needs to be near you. To brush a wing against you, to ensnare your skirt in her talon as if to reassure herself this is real, you are here and will not be leaving her, now that she has found her other half. Growing she will do as quickly as others and with age will come confidence in letting you be a foot apart, a dragonlength away, stretching out on the beach while she bathes, and yes eventually somewhere she can't actually see you though her mental touch will always be close. If there is something that can distract that would be water. The hints are all in her hide, but when she discovers it you will have the challenge of separating her from that fun liquid. It's for splashing, and playing and cleaning, and, and SO many things «KATE there be WATER!!». She's actually fairly attentive at lessons, and if another of her clutchmates seems lacking she'll be happy to repeat the lesson to them, again and again and AGAIN until you have to intervene or deal with their rider, she's only trying to "help" after all.

Of flights you are apt to see a different side of this lady. Who is this dragon who claims you as hers and suddenly doesn't like ANY OTHER rider even looking your way. «Did he just bring you klah?» She goes from her natural self into a dangerous villain vibe. Her musical calls suddenly more siren songs to lure in the males as if they were her prey-things and it will be a relief when she finally flies. Flights are hot, and fast and furious. She isn't one to be /won/ only she'll do the winning her and her suitors will have to prove themselves worthy to be the one she chooses. The one she locks talons with and drowns in her passions.


Her mind is bright and strong and rather hard to pin down. Playful her feminine tones carry easily in her mental thoughts. Her voice echoes you own in that odd dragon-rider way but is distinctly hers too. She can be a bit to probing for some, thoughts drifting over in light greens and yellows as if on misty tendrils that can slip in uninvited. Her mindscape is also rather watery in impression, if not in hue.


The theme of the eggs was birthstones! Your egg was based on the birthstone for June, a Pearl! In particular it was fashioned after the Akoya Pearl. They were the first pearls to be cultured in the 1920's. They are a very high-quality pearl with a deep beautiful luster, and often with rose overtones. The mind name, touches and some of the desc came with the theme of zodiac signs. Yours was based on Gemini, to match with her egg's theme from June. Gemini is an air element (so perfect for a dragon), and noted colors of light green and yellow. Of dragon and personality they are inspired from the Nixie listed in your preference, with a bit of the Gemini traits and your water theme ideas also carrying through. Her name comes from Nixie, shuffled around a bit. I pronounce it "ZIN-eeth" but 'zin-e-eth' is also quite fitting if you prefer to think in more syllables. It seems to look a bit unusual but really is easy to pronounce. Your egg was created by Neyuni, with assistance of Alexa and N'sir.


Name Xinieth
Dam Raaneth
Sire Nymionth
Created By Neyuni
Impressee Kate (Katailea)
Hatched February 27, 2020
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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