Mottled Warrior of the Desert Brown Yumath

All shades of the desert seem to collect themselves in the body of this one large brown. Burnt Sienna seems to have been painted over his head and body. A small tattoo like pattern of prussian blue and terra cotta dots enhance the deep set of his large eyes. Muscles ebb and flow along the length of his neck, each ridge peak tinted a glinting brass. His length stretches further on his back and sides, as pale russet is mottled by thin striations of sage green paired with a light khaki. Strength plays out in wings that seem so intune to not only his body and size but to his unique colorations as well. Belly and legs are dipped in dark tones that seem to enhance and enlongate his limbs while helping to hide the chubbier roundness of his stomach and chest. Thick spars sing with raw umber while sails tune in with more wheaty hue that's flecked with just a hint of copper where sails and spars come together. As if seeking a final place to stretch out futher, his tail seems to go on and on, where again the deep sienna of his body comes into play only to turn into the warm mahogany of his tailspade.

Egg Name and Description

A Little Bit of Everything Egg
One can almost feel the soft touch of a drifting breeze as it wraps around the countoured shape of this egg. While shorter then some of it's siblings, this ovid makes up for its lack of height in it's girth. Darkest sepia funnels upward from the base, becoming paler as it creates finger like towers which sprout up to cup themselves around the shell. Inky shadows play impishly against a background of wheaten gold and dashes of sagey greens. Lavenders and roses appear timidly over over the top, mixing with hints of apricot, wisteria, and azure to great a soft sunrise of colors that make the rest of the egg stand out all the more.

Hatching Message

Rippling like water in a mudpuddle, A Little Bit of Everything Egg begins to slowly move in it's sandy home. Slow rocking movements are added, the sides bulging now and then before everything stills like all power to the hatchling within has been unceremoniously shut off.

One little crack splinters over and over, turning A Little Bit of Everything Egg into a new jigsaw puzzle. The return of the hatchlings movements within makes small flecks of shards patter down the heaving sides to lay on the sands below. Can't you just feel the building energy, the excitement that shall soon be set free?

All the movements before now have all been just a build up before the storm. The battering motions of the hatchling within A Little Bit of Everything Egg picks up, sending the egg nearly toppling onto one side. Shards fly outward, raining down on nearby eggs. A moment of silence comes before with a loud sound similar to thunder the shell explodes to leave one very large brown standing in it's place.

Impression Message

The intense heat of the hatching sands is pushed aside to allow the soft sounds of a desert morning to rush in. The coolness of the dawn slides over your face, easing your discomfort « Shhhhh Listen, can you hear it? » A voice asked from somewhere within in your mind where it's explorations have it twinning with you so tightly that you seem to be no longer fully yourself. « We shall explore it all, get to know everything and everyone we come in contact with. » The voice tells you again as the day slowly grows and a gentle rain washes down over your face. « Azoa, I am Yumath. Together we are Azoa and Yumath, Yumath and Azoa. We shall explore far and wide, speak to people from all over. » Your belly rumbles in an echo of the hunger the other mind seems to feel. « But first we need to take on provisions for this great hunt of ours. » Looking down, your eyes meet with the whirling eyes of a large brown dragon that will forever be yours and no one elses.


You'll notice that Yumath is large, larger then all the other browns in the clutch though with some it may not be by much. He has boundless energy, wanting to explore even before he's ready to really leave the protection of the barracks those first few days after the hatching, so you may find yourself working rather hard to distract this lifemate of yours. He'll pull you out of whatever your doing to get to know your fellow weyrlings « We'll be here a long time with them so we'd best get to know them all rather well don't you think? » is something you'll often hear. Fast growing is your Yumath, stretching out all over during the night though no matter what he does he'll never really get rid of that chubbiness that lingers on his belly.

As he grows, Yumaths want for exploration will grow with him until you find yourself out at the hunting grounds as daybreak comes. Once you start flying he'll find all types of new places within the weyr that you'll just have to check out. He only downfall is that when you want to have the littles help wash him, he balks and adamently refuses to let them near him. It's like he's totally afraid of them, petrified for some unknown reason. This is something that only turns of life will help him get over, along with many long discussions on the topic. Your lessons in weyrlinghood will come as a great time for him, though flying will at first be a challenge as his wings will often try to trip him up. Betweening will be something he's a natural at, able to remember so many places and pull his more favored ones from your mind « Let us go here Azoa, Here where the forests are thick. » Life will be one grand trek for you with Yumath leading the way.

Flights will be something that he will something he'll put his all into while after a while you'll grow to wish you were well away from the weyr. Golds and Greens will be chased with equal delight, as his size will allow him to keep up with the smaller bronzes as they vie for the prize. Greens will be his most comman catch, as his energy will come into play in catching them.

I tried to give you all that you asked for in a dragon, but remember that Yumath will be what you make of him. Feel free to change him as you wish, play him as you want for all that I've put in here are just ideas for you to play with.

I hope you enjoy playing Yumath as much as I enjoyed creating him for you.


Rain through the Firestones
Imagine rain pattering down upon your roof, dripping from the eaves. That soft lulling sound that seems to relax you, to help you drift off into deeper thoughts. Think of how rain runs in rivelets down over rocks, wiggling into tight spaces as it flows towards the ground. This mind can do that too, seeking out the tightest of places in your memories, prying into it so slickly that you might not even know it's been there. It carries with it the fresh scents of the rain, the dampness that sometimes comes into the air before the rain even hits the ground, the smells that fill the air after the storm is over. When you think of colors thinks greyblues, silvers, whites, crystalline blues.

Mind Touches
Rain through the Firestones softly begins to drizzle down upon you, cooling you even as the heat of the sands threatens to overwhelm you. The comforting touch seems to check you for injury, wanting to make sure your well before anything else. Soft greyblue wash around you, the smells that come before the rain tickles your senses, distracting you as the rain comes a little heavier to soak into your thoughts. What do you like? What do you need? Can you tell it more about this dry, place where is? It's questions aren't demanding but they are there.

Rain through the Firestones returns with it's gentle force, silver flashes sparking around you as you feel the rain begin to patter down on your skin once more. A bit more demanding now as it seeks out pathways into your memories, it picks out images of your home, your past, your fears and seems to want to know more. You can feel this little ones frustration mounting as the rumble of distant thunder eachos in your mind. How it wants to get out and soak in everything, can you be the one to fullfill it's yearning needs? Tell it more, show it more.

Rain through the Firestones finds away into your deepest thoughts, slipping past many barriers you have put up since that's what rain does - it slips into the tiniest cracks to get to what it wants. Do not think that soft rain cannot be a force to be reckoned with, as it grows to a thundering flood. The wild rush seems to pound down around you, icey coolness licking at your skin but not drowning you. Are you afraid now? Are you strong enough to tackle the inner wildness that this young one certainly has in it?


Yumaths name originates from the Native American name Yuma which means Son of the Chief. I thought his name fit in well with our Desert theme and the fact that I used the native American Indian tribes of the Mojave Desert to inspire his description. Yumaths egg is based off the Mojave Desert and the rainfall that falls sporadically there for his mindvoice.

Sianne had full control him creating your dragon from his egg to his description to his name to his personality.


Name Mottled Warrior of the Desert Brown Yumath
Dam Gold Sakrienth
Sire Bronze Ytroth
Created By Sianne
Impressee Azoa
Hatched June 27, 2007
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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