Crystalline Diamond Dust Green Yxelth

Sunlight's refraction glints across this pale green dragon, scattered into crystalline diamond patterns before they melt into the icy depths of her hide. Hoarfrost crowns a finely boned muzzle, leaving that a paler green before melting away along the rest of her delicately carved head and then the upswept arch of her headknobs. Prismatic flashes of color, are limned along her curved neckridges, before trailing on down her back to follow the wandering length of her tail to the flash of her tailspade. Slender shoulders lead into her lithe body, from the slight curl at her belly to the slightly more amplified curve that leads into her haunches. Finely boned again are her legs, colored in those same reflected hues of winter's icy green, before narrow feet terminate in the arching half moons of her talons. Winter's filmy haze is over lain across her wings, spreading from her leading edges to her main sails, ice crystals to refract the light in a sunlit display over the deeper green, until it ends in a flare of brighter reflection at her ailerons.

Egg Name and Description

Terra Australis Incognita Egg
Icily white, near blinding in the absence of any color on the shell, it seems swirls of pale snow frost in swoops and spirals across the rounded angles and gentle curves of this egg. Nearly hidden and almost random are the flecks of deep perfect blue, seeming the same color as the clear sky, touched on all sides by the encompassing white and looking nearly fathomless in depth, sinking to nearly the other side of the shell in the pure hue. That almost overshadows the only other feature on the completely plain egg, a jagged ridge of dark brown to black the seems to rip along its side, starting from where the egg is buried in Igen's sands, to just below the middle, just one dark stain or smudge that won't be removed.

Hatching Message

White against the dark is an incongruous sight, but slowly the Terra Australis Incognita Egg begins to move on the dark sands. Rolling back and forth as the hatchling inside struggles for freedom, for release, for life and caught now on the precipice between one age and the next before everything falls still once more.

Darkness grows on the pale surface of the Terra Australis Incognita Egg, a fine webbing of cracks that undermine the structural integrity of the shell and show the fault lines of where it will hatch. It moves once more as again the hatchling inside struggles, determined in its efforts to make it outside its former home and into freedom for once.

It doesn't take it very long, now that the cracks are in place. So the Terra Australis Incognita Egg splits apart, into several unequal parts and leaves exposed on Igen's dark sands a paler green hatchling. She seems quite confused, sleep frosted for a long moment or two before she unsteadily gets to her feet.

Impression Message

It's a return of the frigidness of winter, cold gathering all around you and the blank emptiness of ice. Of darkness, of nothing there to see or feel except the cold. Still, there is a light in the darkness, a single torch held there for you. « Jei? » A questing voice calls, a near breathless soprano on the search. « Jei. There you are. You know, you might have made my looking all the easier. You were a hard one to track down. Still, I found you. So, can we go find where they're hiding my dinner?» Nearly in one breath she asks you. « Oh. I am Yxelth. I forgot, because I was so hungry. You'll forgive me, right?»


Your Yxelth is an adventuresome sort, from the moment she first tumbles out of her egg and has to take her first steps. She doesn't wait hardly for two seconds before she heads out, throwing caution to the wind in her haste to find you. And even as she greets you for that first time, she won't take any chiding. « So? So what if I almost got hurt. I had to get to you. My life, my life depended on it. » This might be your first taste of the stubbornness with which she tackles her life, first hand.

She can be a bit whiny, your dragon. Never of course in front of others, for that wouldn't complete the picture that she wants to portray. And as well, it simply isn't done. No one has ever heard of a whiny dragon, so perforce, she isn't. Not until she has your ear, and then. «Jeeeiiii. I want to go, I'm tired of this. Fix this now. » Almost without end, when she's young, but bearable as she gets older. She's also prone to melodrama and dramatics. « When we're old, Jei, a hundred turns from now, I say we go out trying to rescue someone. None of this dying in our sleep for us. You hear? »

Yxelth is also greedy: for food, for praise, for attention. Most of all, she wants attention from you, but when you're unavailable others will make an acceptable substitute. Still, she's not one to be overly pampered or fussed over like a lady, she wants folks to take note of what she's achieved. « I want to be the first in my clutch to fly, or the first one to get my own kill. » Never mind that she's meters smaller than everyone else, she's going to push herself toward her goals.

Even when she's not the first dragon to reach a goal, she has a habit of marking off her own personal achievements. « We flew today, Jei, WE FLEW! » Her enthusiasm for all things can be quite catchy, even as she sometimes attempts things she's not prepared for, even to wheedling you aboard for longer flights than you are cleared for. Or maybe she can get you to sneak out with her, in the night when the weyrling staff isn't looking. Because that's the best time to go exploring.

Exploring, is perhaps the key facet of Yxelth's life. She has to see, to find, to be there in everything that she does, first hand. « Zuhth said that there is only desert around here. But we can't take /her/ word for it. We shall have to see for ourselves. » And woe betide you, if you're not immediately ready to go with her, on her newest journey. « But, Jeeeiiii We have to go. I simply can't trust what Oth is telling me. You know that. He's been wrong before. »

Still she mellows slightly as she ages, learning to temper her excitable nature with somewhat the wisdom of the mistakes she's made in the past and how not to repeat them again. « Well, we won't be trying to fly upside down again. I'm sorry you almost fell Jei, I didn't know that would happen. » Never mind that she almost crashed, too.

Once the pair of you graduate, she's not going to run out of ideas for the two of you, from what wing you should join. « Can we be part of the messenger service? We could see all of Pern. Or maybe we should be in search and rescue. I think that might be daring enough.» What was it you wanted to do again? « I'm glad you're not in a craft. I would hate to be stuck as a craftrider's dragon. »

Plan for excitement if you are ever a part of a rescue team, as she simply doesn't quite know the meaning of the word, teamwork and will simply try to do everything she can herself. Even at a danger to the both of you, and quite possibly those you're rescuing. « But my way was going to be so much faster, Jeeeiii. »

She is also not overly fond of young dragons, so pity those that come across her path, especially when she is younger. « Jeeeiii. Can't you do something about them? They're bothering me. So many small whiny voices, all wanting something. Make them be quiet. » Rest assured, her whining should she ever have to spend time around them would make you nearly go crazy.

Flights for Yxelth are where she can spend her adventuresome spirit, very nearly to its limits, testing her daring and the daring of those that might chase to the very limits of what it is possible for a dragon to do. Especially the acrobatics that a green might achieve in the skies. « I must do this Jei, because I can't have one of them win that is not simply the absolute best flyer. That would be unthinkable. » Still, if you have a favorite among the riders, that might make an impression upon her. « Would you really want him to win, Jei? I can see if that might be possible.

Her voice is usually quite soprano, and very melodic until she is denied something, and then it rises rapidly into a quite high pitched squeak. Although, as with most things she gains control of this as she ages, so it is only in times of high stress you may be exposed to rapid fire high pitched speaking.


Explore the Unknown
Overly brave, even to the point of fearlessness and sometimes rampant stupidity, this mind has a sense of biting cold and icy chill to everything that it does. A crisp clean scent drifts against senses, along with the smell of stagnant water almost buried. Sometimes stealthy, sometimes out in the open depending on what the best plan of attack may be for the goal it has in its sights. Curiosity sometimes almost overwhelms it, leading it into danger before it can once again find a safe path back. One day though, perhaps it will go too far to satisfy that urge and won't quite make it.


The theme for this clutch was deserts, and for the Terra Australis Incognita Egg, the desert was Antarctica. The theme for the hatchlings was the nomadic peoples found in those deserts, so for Antarctica I chose a southern polar explorer as there are no indigenous people on the continent. The egg name was borrowed from the name given to the speculative continent to the far south, first proposed in early antiquity and means quite simply, the unknown land to the south. Her description is based on a weather phenomenon that only occurs in colder temperatures, most typically only in the Arctic or Antarctic, which is the formation of ice crystals in cloudless weather, called diamond dust. These can also cause the formation of vertical rainbows and a fog that can be pushed aside. Her name is derived from Lake Fryxell, one of the frozen blue lakes of Antarctica and also one of the spots where it is possible to land an airplane with wheels instead of skis. Her personality is based off of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, part of the historic race to the south pole against Roald Amundsen. He was second to reach the pole, and unfortunately died with the rest of his crew on their way back to their base camp. Much has been written about why Mr. Amundsen was successful, and Captain Scott was not, although looking back now from a distance of nearly a hundred years, there are several theories. Perhaps the kindest is simply that luck and the weather was in Mr. Amundsen's favor as it was not, in Captain Scott's.
I hope she is what you were looking for, and I had a fun time creating her. R'by.


Name Crystalline Diamond Dust Green Yxelth
Dam Gold Sakrienth
Sire Bronze Ytroth
Created By R'by
Impressee Jevsia
Hatched June 27, 2007
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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