No Shades of Gray Bronze Zekath

Angular of figure this metallic bronze looks ready to weather the worst that the natural world has to offer. Broad head is rather flat and tapers not nearly as much as most others. Eyeridges are not a smooth or rippled arc, but seem comprised of two angular planes that rise and converge over each eye. A thick shorter neck is studded with equally distinct bronzite ridges that erupt along his spine, fading along his back only to return to stud the length of his tail. Body follows a similar pattern, heavy in build but not necessarily bulk. It portrays one of strength yet skill for it is not just brute force his weapon alone. Wings match in size what is needed to carry him, the twine of muscle and sinew blended to support the stretchy swaths of wingsail. Of hue he is primarily a burnished slightly aged bronze. The strongest cleanest planes in the hue serve only to accentuate the planes and angles of his appearance, even where the muscle smoothly curves. The coloring is not solid and around the edge of each major part of his body the hue darkens along cracks and crevices making him seem to be wearing the color at times, rather than of it. Sails are a bit different, billowing of weather worn metal scarred and pitted by the desert storms he's weathered.

Egg Name and Description

The Longest Journey Egg

Suspended in the void a massive metallic ship struggles onwards. It looks worn, aged and with a few dents and dings that would be under repair were it not for the battle it seems to be in the middle of. A raging debate of claim and counter claim that has lead to the action in the surrounding expanse of space. Distant blurry circles of colored light explode vibrantly where gunfire meets it target. The ship itself is massive and itself looks like a weapon. In its current configuration a long barrel tapers on the fore with blocky sides towards the latter third in a darker metal. The rear like odd block feet in tan pour our the power of supernatural engines pushing the massive vehicle onwards to its final destination.

Hatching Message

The longest journey egg shudders and groans. It is not a natural sound, more the tones of straining metal echoing in a vast chamber. It is a spine tingling noise, painful and eerie at the same time as drawing sympathy for the stresses whatever structure must be undergoing.

Movements befalls the longest journey egg. It's trek through space in giant leaps and bounds drawing to an inevitable conclusion as bright scars mark the surface. Unseen strikes reaching their target and causing damage to set off any number of alarms which join the strange metallic groans in a destiny which seems doomed.

The longest journey egg begins to transform. Whatever strange vessel had marked the surface breaks up and large pieces of the shell fold back and in and upon itself before suddenly a small bronze rises in its place. It is such a strange thing, as if the shell has truly transformed into a dragon rather than crumble into the sands at his feet.

Impression Message

That indefinable instant when your eyes meet the little bronzes spark a merging of two beings so completely and powerfully not even death can truly part it. The chaos of the sands seems suddenly inconsequential, there is only the sudden presence in your mind and a foot or so in front of you at the same time. A presence that know and understands, that loves deeply, truly and undeniably if he hasn't exactly figured out how to yet show it physically even as a taloned hand reaches out awkwardly toward your robe, you feel it deep inside. The voice which speaks as easily as the candidate blathering next to you, clearer than anything you've ever heard and yet so seemingly alien at the same time. A deep gravelly voice with an odd sort of intonation you can't quite put a name to clearly states «K'vir! I am Zekath.» there it is. As black and white as anything the world could ever conceive. Dragon. Rider. No plainer truth in sight.


Freshly hatched this one strides forth with a sense of being so strong that one might mistake him for being more grown up than he really is. It is his newness which lends him to follow a certain set of basics instincts, or self that is entirely unpolished by experience. Your own lack of experience in the world helps to preserve the raw nuggets of his personality for longer than one might expect, shaped and molded only slowly as you both grow and mature together. You will find him a bit headstrong, he is a bronze after all and he knows it. Not so much that he questions the orders given by the weyrlingmasters, no in that he has the innate sense of hierarchy of all the dragons, and of authority. He knows his place (or at lest thinks he does) and will follow orders unquestioningly, with a strict sense of discipline. It is difficult for him to understand the more headstrong of his clutchmates and he might snap at them to fall into line. This is balanced on the other end of the spectrum by feeling an innate understanding of the needs of the group. As much as he is among the potential leaders of dragonkind he is not there yet, and he knows that there is no "I in Team" as it were. The needs of the group are taken into account such that he's not charging to be first out of the barracks, but never last. If he's done being oiled at the lake shore he won't be hustling on to the next task if others are still being given a rubdown, but he won't be letting them slack off either. «If Amoreth's rider is low on oil why don't you give them our leftover.» What sounds kind is more practical since then the task can be completed more efficiently, benefiting himself as well as his fellows.

As a weyrling he'll find like K'vir that much of the world is black and white. There are the rules and you either are breaking them or following them. Only as you come to graduation and the strict militaristic aspect of training comes to and end will more of those pesky "gray" scenario's really start to pop up into your world. It was so much easier before that he won't really be mature for awhile longer as he clings to the simplistic view of the world, only slowly the realities of things for you and he sinking in. It's hard to say if this is completely him, or some of your own youth and inexperience rubbing off, and it'll likely be several more turns after your actual graduation before you really find yourselves maturing into the next phase. It's during this transition that he'll develop his rather dry and often sarcastic sense of humor, coping with things that seem so simple but end up ever so complex (such as relationships!). Not that he is rude, quite the opposite. Those around will likely describe your adult partner as calm and courteous, but you'll sense the fighter inside held in check. Whoa if anyone should cross and unleash that barely restrained fury for a fierce fighter he will be. As more gray slips into your world the strict edge of discipline will fade and he will be more inclined to follow what you feel is right, rather than what you may have been told is right. It's almost as if you'll have a delayed part of weyrlinghood, in testing what orders are given when you disagree and its apt to be a headache for whatever wingleader thought they were getting an easy pair to find you growing into this more headstrong and independent force. Suddenly it is the results which matter, not so much how you get there, even sometimes stepping outside the normal bounds to do so.

Not that he's one to be solo. Independent if needed yes, but not solo. He much prefers to work in the group and it seems likely that after enough turns you're unlikely to avoid being tapped as a wingsecond, and even perhaps wingleader. He isn't particular ambitious but there is just something natural about the balance you've grown into in finding the needed result for the Weyr without blindly following orders. As social as he is and as well as he works within and can lead a small group, he is completely at opposite when it comes to romance. Let's hope K'vir doesn't listen to him for advice because he lacks anything close to it. «What, she didn't like the dead tunnelsnakes? But it shows what a good hunter you are! Such skills, how can she not be impressed?» Complete bafflement which is what he will experience with the greens and gold a-proddy that he encounters. He has really no clue when it comes to sweeting up to a female in heat. His own slow acceptance of adulthood, whether his own personality or a lingering effect of your own youthful impression. He may, or may not, have more luck in actual flights. The lingering militaristic strategies being put into play where romantic complexities are really not needed to his benefit. If he catches it'll be just that. A glorious few hours and then it's back to normal. Particularly good for greenflights it may make your life a bit more complicated should he ever catch a gold. «She wants me to bring her a beast to the sands, but why?» <== Mr. Clueless.

As much as weyrlinghood will be one extreme and the period of turns after may see the other end of the spectrum he'll eventually find his path somewhere in the middle. There are the core things about him, his calm and courtesy, the strength of his fighting and the particular sense of honor and duty. If he doesn't blindly follow instructions anymore that will be as good a service as not ignoring them either. In this your future holds many paths and many possibilities and it shall be interesting to see what destiny lies ahead.


Faith in Music

You might wonder more than once if that is what your voice actually sounds like, or if this bronze is somehow not living up to the traditional "his voice sounds like yours but like through a tunnel" kind of thing. For the voice which responds to your every inquiry is deep and dark and rather gravelly in tone. It almost sounds… villainous but that it doesn't actually hold any sense of evil to it. Smug and perhaps described as sexy to some who'll get the chance to hear him speak directly. You will find it carries his desert dry and sarcastic sense of humor well. His voice is well, mostly that. He is not one who is prone to placing mindscapes, colors, or migraine inducing imagery along with it. There might be the occasional influence of space, a sense of deep vastness, and the dark of the void now and then but very infrequent. Even when it does happen the dark is not one of those all consuming, terrifying, and threatening sort of tones. It is just simply dark, because well not everything is light and bright.

Mind Touches

Faith in Music reaches out with gentle notes. Soft and subtle they weave about your thoughts in a tentative caress. You get a sense of one lonely and lost, searching driving towards a destination even it is not entirely sure of except in the surety of knowing that destination exists. Will it be at your feet, or another's, or something altogether different. The music grows and the scene shifts as if one is travelling among the stars. A broad and empty expanse which suits the tones touching your mind.

Faith in Music draws you onwards, through the dark abyss of space, past glowing stars and darkened planets. Searching, seething as it pushes onwards in a desperate rush. The tones change into confrontation and sparks flare into your head. Is it fighting itself, or another to continue towards a destination momentarily blocked. There is love and sacrifice and then it breaks away and dissipates.

Faith in Music returns with some assurance. Warmth in the tones of love and joy. A destination that seems within reach and the song cascades into an unbeatable love song. You do know that love conquers all right? Well if not, just wait, it'll prove it in due time.


The theme of the clutch was the 80's.

Egg: The "Longest Journey Egg" was inspired from the Japanese Anime Macross, which became the first part of Robotech in the US. The egg is more a focus on the Macross ship itself.

Mind: Faith In Music originally stems from the series. One of the main characters is a music idol, and there is quite a bit of music in the series. The music is meant to press onwards representing the journey undertaken and draw you along for bits and pieces of that. While th touches were not changed, the mind itself was written with your new partners ultimate inspiration in mind. I suppose if you could always amuse yourself sometime and imagine him singing in that particular unique voice of his. I somehow doubt that he'll ever make superstar status, however.

Description: His description is loosely inspired by the thought of armor, making him a bit bulky, heavy and more angular. Just generally inspired off of his characters inspiration without really being too specific.

Persona: As requested he is based off of Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect, and Turian's more broadly for some aspects. Since there are so many paths of possibility, how exactly you choose for things to proceed is, well, up to you! I hope I've managed to capture a few basics and give some thoughts and ideas which would carry with the theme but ultimately, like the game, it's up to you to choose how he unfolds.

Name: I find names the most difficult aspect of creation. It's a good thing they know their own in the books, harder when you're behind the scenes trying to get just the right one. Try to find that one that sounds right, fits the inspiration, hasn't already been used and doesn't sound like any real words, etc, etc. So yours came from three sources. Looking first at Garrus Vakarian, secondly his alias Archangel (or more the german word for it Erzengel), and lastly his own full name Kyzenviro. Trying to find the inspiration which fit, and keeping it short. In the end it looks as if he stole the Z when he honorific'd your name and pulled one syllable from each of the other sources.

Congrats and welcome to the Weyr! I hope you will continue to have an enjoyable time for however long.


Name Zekath
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Eranzath
Created By Neyuni
Impressee K'vir
Hatched November 14, 2015
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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