Not Exactly Illegal Eccentric Brown Hatchling
While somewhere, certainly, there is a picture perfect workshop - smooth, glossy wooden counters and neatly fitting cabinets - that somewhere is not here. Instead, this dragon's frame and coloration mimics far less organized - and far closer to the reality that usually befalls such workspaces. Like mis-matched cabinets, patches of brown-stained hide sit side by side - red mahogany claiming his narrow chest, while a patch of oak settles over his shoulder, and pine upon his haunches, each patch somewhat haphazardly hung, as if it has begun to fall from its mounting. Knobby, slender limbs, like tool handles sticking out from drawers and closets, jut awkwardly out from his body, smooth and glossy, well-worn in hues of pecan, bearing sharp plutonium talons at the end - his tools of the trade, while his tail is a measure of old rope - its beige length oft coiled. Turns of dust and sawdust gather upon his nose and face, giving his narrow muzzle a speckled appearance, and causing his eyeridges and headknobs to take on an almost rounded appearance. Upon his wide wings, dark brown shadows, dusty and dim stretch between supporting spars, where hints of amber cling - old lights forgotten and faded, failing to fight the darkness.


Egg Name and Description

To The Edge of Yesterturn Egg

The darkness of Igen's sands appear to have been pranked by the Weyr's youngsters. In one particular patch the obsidian sands are splattered by a mix of paint-like dots. The majority seems to run from lemon to tangerine in hue, but there are tinier dots in icy blues, or blood hued reds found within the mix. There is otherwise no discernable pattern as some of the markings cluster and others are a bit more spread out. With closer inspection one will notice that the markings actually arc away from the darkness and indeed these are marking upon a shell and not so the sands themselves. How long has this egg been hiding so for it seems so much farther distant than any of the others that it might belong to a former clutch of yesterturn rather than today.

Hatching Message

WOBBLE MESSAGE: To the edge of yesterturn egg sits broodily upon the sands. It is a speckled dot almost lost within the darkness of the surrounding sands. If it hadn't been placed atop a smaller mound of sand for this particular event it might just seem to huddle down and disappear altogether. However, there it sits, highlighted for all to see, or not.

CRACK MESSAGE: Movement is near impossible to detect on the to the edge of yesterturn egg. The dark surface almost glistens. Is that activity shifting the light across the speckled dark surface? Time will tell, time indeed.

HATCH MESSAGE: Great Scott! The to the edge of yesterturn egg abruptly isn't more than a shattering of large shell pieces. The fun is that the inside is somehow as black as the outside. Good luck cleaning up that mess later! Whatever experiment took a sideways turn to cause such an explosion, the rather large frazzled brown hatchling that staggers away is some proof indeed. There WAS an egg here.

Impression Message

A bright flash encompasses your mind like a bolt of lightning. Burning, electric, sizzling in a moment that is but the space of an instant the moment you register it is already past into the deep rumbling of thunder. Fumbling excited thoughts crash into your own, suddenly just *there*. Never again shall the word "boring" enter your vocabulary. No, your amazing awesome Zemeth has arrived! The stage is set, the ideas churn like butter until they congeal and.. no wait that wasn't quite what he had hoped. Ok, let's try that first impression thing again. «Hi I'm Zemeth, Aria! I'm really hungry and I think you could use a meal as well. I prefer my food lightly baked in a solar oven,» at your mental shock «Struck by lightning?» further that awkward empty space as you digest the fact of his presence so uniformly merged with your own. Oil to the cogs that you hadn't realized were froze up and now the gears spin wildly. «OK, fine, chopped in a stainless-steel bucket will have to do. Wait ,» he catches a thought « What do you mean wood, wood buckets, do you know the flavor that imparts?!? Well I suppose we could experiment to see if cedar is any different than oak, as compared to metal…» and so your next phase of life begins.


There are phases and event in life to which you can reflect on his development and the core of his being.

Weyrlinghood: From that first shocking moment as two became one your life, well just became a whole lot more complicated. Zemeth is loud, Zemeth is full of energy, full of curiosity, full of the lack of ANY common sense what so ever as he gets started. He is a student of all sciences, ever working up theories and then testing them, adjusting and trying again. As you find him in the barracks half covered in oil with the rest dripping down his sides and puddling onto the floor next to the empty bucket he /mostly/ managed to dump on himself «Well that didn't entirely go as planned» and thankfully no one was hurt but he knows he missed and spot and if you aren't fast enough to intervene he'll flop right onto the dirty floor and roll in the now dirty oily puddle until well coated and then you've just a /mess/ on your hands. Catching a whiff of your thoughts «Dirty? DIRTY! I NEED A BATH!!!» I think the whole weyr just heard him. Not subtle is your fellow, strange perhaps, even a bit eccentric one can draw the line that he isn't mad exactly. Ummm, yes let's stick to eccentric. Thankfully he also learns quickly, which for better or worse means you'll need to watch out for his next iteration on whatever the experimental subject at hand. «What you said you had to consume the lessons! How was I to know that didn't mean eating the lesson scroll?» *blank look* totally open for misinterpretation right? Begin choosing your words with a bit more care!

He grows quickly, and despite his large size he never becomes particularly bulky. It will lead to awkward growth spurts for him, a tangle of limbs and tripping over his own talons in intervals won't be entirely uncommon until he gets over a turn in age. He really doesn't seem to mind though, rather carefree about the whole affair. He'll grown, he'll figure it out. He is confident and little bumps along the way aren't going to phase him. Unfortunately he isn't particularly good at predictive measures, and can be oblivious to the obvious consequences of his own actions. At best, stand by for extra chores «Wait I rolled in the oil, why does the Weyrlingmaster want you to mop the floor now? It is so shiny, and clean» because y'know all the dirt's now on HIM, repeating your efforts «I thought the straps needed a few more buckle holes», or in a few worst cases someone might actually get hurt «I didn't mean that.» he'll wail horrified. Because he really is a nice guy, he's just got a lot of growing to do both in and outside.

Eventually he will be approved to fly and you'll find he's a decent flier. He'll seem to prefer a running ground start, and when you are allowed to fly together he'll have a habit of holding his wings up as you mount, both shading you from the hot sun and keeping them well clear. He is also supportive of his classmates, forming a bond with them second to yours in closeness which is likely to carry beyond your weyrlignghood. You'll find him having difficulty forming relationships with strange dragons. He isn't the most social, he'd just rather be pursuing his own experiments and after one or two incidents where others have helped and been hurt, he'll just get rid of that risk by doing things solo.


Cosmic Yearnings

His is a mind which is churning, so broad it encompasses more than thought itself. His voice is a little high pitched and RATHER LOUD. Although it doesn't seem purposeful, just who he really is. When excited his thoughts will leak out to those nearest in random garbles, strands of consciousness accompanied by spacial visions and flashes of any color. Other times when he is thinking, THINKING I tell you, dangerous affair as that can be, the mindscape will be much calmer. Floating through a sea, the images of the cosmic bobbing in the dark pool of the ocean of space like little light bulbs about to flicker his ideas to life. Eureka, or in his mind, Great Scott!

Mind Touches

Cosmic Yearnings reaches out slowly, languidly, unhurried. A creeping dark mist it may be mysterious, but it is mostly harmless. It swells slowly upwards, as if the effort might be more than it can handle, or wants to invest, it's hard to tell. Like a dream it envelops, drifting you to some higher plane amidst its misty visage. Blue and green, purple and reds blossom faintly from the dark as it begins to probe the edges of your thoughts. Most notably lacking is a sense of curiosity, if anything it seems more a sense of duty, as if it truly must extend itself to this task but its attention, its true yearnings seem focused elsewhere and distracted it fades.

Cosmic Yearnings returns in a dark misty swell, enveloping you in a fog that both contracts and expands your world. No longer are you stuck upon those sharding hot sands, but off to someplace, somewhere else, pushing a boundary you aren't quite sure how to define, reaching with a surprisingly strong yearning for a distant very tiny red spot. Against the darkness it both stands out and fades away. A trick of the eyes, or mind, or as real as anything else in this endless void. The spot suddenly pulses, there, you can just make it out if you strain your eyes and squint a bit with your head tilted just *so*.

Cosmic Yearnings laments in a sad swirl of obsidian and deep navy. It just cannot seem to reach what it desires, what its heart and soul yearn for. Almost mournful and moping it circles about you in a slow erratic pace, the flare a nebula to your left, the swirl of a supernova to your right. It slips by in an icy shower of comets pounding the edges of your mind in a wistful hope that eludes as you reach for it vaporizing back to the hot reality of the black sands beneath your feet.


Congratulations! The theme of the clutch was Space!

Egg: His egg was based on the picture of space which shows the oldest galaxy, the smudgy kind of red blob. About as far back in time as we are able to see.

Dragon: As you didn't have any particular preferences I pondered awhile were to go with this dragon. In the end I was thinking of space, then time which his egg ties in to, as well as "eccentric" and my brain circuited me to the movie "Back to the Future" and the character Emmett "Doc" Brown. Thus he became. Ari helped me massively get his description to fit just right.

Name: His name comes from the script writer Zemeckis. It also reflects the character name of Emmett, and then I just tried to keep it short per your preference. So Zemeth it became. Names are generally the hardest thing about dragon building for me, if you hate it please contact and we can retcon to another.

In the end it was a bit of a shot in the dark to build and I hope you will enjoy him. I hope he is fun, and quirky enough in a playable fashion, but by all means if I have missed the mark you can make him however you truly wish, in whatever direction you wish. It doesn't bother me.

Sincerely, Yuni!

PS: If you could ever actually get approval for a time travel plot he would be the SO perfect one to get caught up in that.

Name Zemeth
Dam Gold Zeraeth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Neyuni
Impressee Aria (Ariadne)
Hatched June 2018
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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