Touch of the Cosmos Gold Zeraeth

Sun lit gold shines bright over the soft smooth hide of this dragon. It gleams with an eternal newness along the delicate taper of her muzzle ending in a slightly blunted point. The light flows around the loving blue-green swirl of her large eyes and onto fine wrought eyeridges that help to frame her delicate face. A short length of neck is well, but not overly muscled, which describes most of her frame in general. Her sturdy build is well proportioned but neither bulky nor overly light, she is just as much as she needs to be to move with purpose and as much grace as any dragon can muster. Front is equally balanced by the perfect length of her tapered tail. The agile extension is studded by softer ridges of half-molten nuggets. Thicker spars support the broad and lengthy swath of delicate wingsail membranes. The translucent sails appear much as streaks of light which emanate from her body and dissipate outwards into the cosmos beyond her physical boundary. It is as if she can invisibly touch those beyond her physical being as surely as the sharp golden curve of her talons can ensnare her prey.

Egg Name and Description

Exploring the Cosmos Egg

An average sized egg this one is split in bands of color. Across the larger wider end of the shell is a oceanic blue. Even and slightly rippled by an invisible wind from it rises a band of earthly brown. The umber is dappled with the green of life, there yet indistinct. Beyond that a dark obsidian stretches over a good third of the remaining shell. Within there are the tiniest of dark, stars coming into being if one looks so very hard. A thin band of circles comes next, like a drawn phases of the moon they tell their own story in time. The other end of the ovoid is engulfed in the brightest of yellows with a few flickering flames or burning orange.

Hatching Message

WOBBLE: The warmth of the sands has roasted this large eg until the exploring the cosmos can not quite take it anymore. There is a distinct twitch before it is still once more. The rivulet of sand that dribbles down the side of its shallow nest testifying that yes, indeed it did move. That was not completely your imagination just now. It is ever so hot out here, not comfortable at all, and to prove it the egg twitches again.

CRACK: The exploring the cosmos egg continues to twitch with ever increasing frequency. The one within perhaps getting a bit irritated as the focal point of the shell most resting on the sand grows ever hotter ever quicker and it is ever SO uncomfortable! A distinct crack snaps across the sands and the egg falls still in as much surprise to the sound as to the crooked shard which has slipped off allowing true light into the inner world of the shell. What, what is this now?

HATCH: The jagged piece of shell which has broken off the exploring the cosmos egg lays passively on the sand. Where it once kept unbroken a surface so bizarre there is now a shadowy jagged hole. A weakness which appears to be utilized in surprising efficiency. That, that spot out of which slips titanium hued talons, damp and yet ever so sharp and ready. They push and test at this hole, snapping off other pieces of shell and widening the point of origin until it will suffice as exit. When eager talons can do no more the foot behind it kicks out, dangling in mid-air a moment before kicking again, rocking the shell over until it crumbles wider and out slides the newest member of Igen with a surprised squeal.

Impression Message

The sands are hot, uncomfortable and filled with wild action. It's enough to make your head hurt, the way your heartbeat pound with surging adrenaline of shattering shells and flashing hatchling talons. «Yes, is not it wonderful! Such a chaotic dance!» a good beginning, no a GREAT beginning. One that comes for you in an unavoidable fate that was sealed the moment you stepped onto these grounds or perhaps long before. The winding road of life which has brought you to this moment, to the luscious hungry swirl of eyes that drown your very being and rescue you at the same time. Rescue d from an eternal loneliness you never realized was so empty before Zeraeth was in your heart, your mind. Zeraeth? «Why yes Maisy dear. Now is that food I smell. FOOD!» the yank of changing desires pull you physically as well as mentally. An interesting road lies ahead indeed. You and your Zeraeth.


Zeraeth is not a shy dragon. She is a queen and she knows it. She can be rather demanding in fact, and often seeks to be at least acknowledged as if there's always a whisper of insecurity in her position in life. That said she'll change over time, as we all do with experience and maturity.

As she grows she'll need you to help learn control and refinement to her wilder side. The newly hatched is raw and barely forged. Her mind is powerful, and quick to react. She has a lot to learn in order to tune down and become the magnificent queen she is able to be. Learning some degree of discretion will be a challenge for she is more of a straight forward and upfront kind of gal. She has no hesitation in questioning anything, everything and everyone. If she doesn't like the answer you're apt to get the same or slightly altered question in short order until she is satisfied. If she doesn't think something is right she'll stand as stubborn as a slab of granite stone, unmoving but for your interference. You, you are the one to balance her. To help calm her so that you both can assess situations as they are. To learn to take time, even if it is but a minute or half of one to take stock and not charge recklessly into the unknown.

Despite all your work together and the passing turns, each mating flight will return her to that wild creation so newly forged. She is a goddess and she will take to the skies, often with minimal (but messy) blooding. Roaring the fires that surge and pulse through her body and echo in yours. Her flights will be a test of endurance as she'll climb high and range far over the desert dunes and even at times the sparkling seas. Her suitors will have to prove themselves as she finally becomes aware of their presence. They may also have to be ready to take a bit of battle damage as she seeks truly the strongest and bravest among them. If they are afraid of a few "scratches" or love bites, well they are not fit to be her partner. She is not likely to settle on any one mate, but you never know. One may be able to prove themselves worthy of her time and again, or she may laugh at their ambitions as she twines with another, stronger male. Like her dam however, she isn't the very frequent riser, but when it's time you'll /know/.

Of clutches she will be fiercely protective, especially her first couple. It's likely she may growl or charge at the galleries and not allow watchers the first sevenday or two. Or not at least without your constant calming presence. Willfully allowing candidates to touch the eggs, perish the thought! It will take all of your will to hold her back from sweeping them all off the sands with a powerful brush of her tail. She'll forever think NONE are worthy of her children and even in hatching she'll be deferring to the soundness of the dragon's choice, not the strengths of their new rider half. Since her position in life and soul is dependent upon successful clutches she will put a huge amount of energy in brooding. Once they are hatched however she is quite enough willing to allow them to pass into the capable hands of the weyrlingmasters and return to her 'normal' duties. Even as memory fades over time she'll generally retain an awareness of which are her young and how they are doing.

So she will grow with you into the queen she was hatched to be. A strong and dependable leader. A fierce and nurturing mother, the giver and creator of life. Shy, subtle, manipulative these are not things you will much ever have to worry about her. That impulsive reaction will temper to partnered actions. Movements with reason and when she decides her whole being and force of will is behind that decision. Should you ever rise to a leadership role these are qualities she will help to echo in yourself. As much as you help to calm and balance her she will raise and challenge you to be the leader you never imagined you could. Respect earned by respect given to those below you, and in knowing you mean what you say and that everything you both are stand behind what decision you make and the future you face.


Her mind is a typically gentle but persistent presence. It flows with a constant current that will push at others, carrying her words or feelings as easily as breathing. Of hues the invisible currents most often will carry blue and greens like the northern auroras but she isn't as prone to color as she is to that warm presence which simply makes itself known. She knows she is at the top of the dragonic food chain and her mind will be ever alert to the presence of others. Expecting as much in return that even if it's not conversation that other dragons acknowledge her presence. When they don't the gentle pressure will be a bit more persistent, a bit stronger as the strength she bears so typically subtly begins to swell outwards. Whoa to any but the senior above her that is slow to acknowledge, resistant to answer or ever tries to ignore her. She will most of all not be ignored and the solar storm that can rage as she shifts from placid monitoring to forceful demands is always but a heartbeat away.

Mind Touches

Solar Winds push gently at your thoughts, a steady stream of something, or rather someone you can't quite put your finger on. Yet it is undeniably there whispering, teasing the edges of your thoughts in a constant bombardment of gentle mental pings. It pushes here and pushes there testing your defenses. It will slip into the smallest crack, ever waiting for the opportunity in its simple presence.

Solar Winds continues a steady pulse. It is a warm presence, one which is also persistent in its pressure, the soft caress of its mind against the edges of yours. There is something about it which seems like it might be holding back as well, more controlled than others of its clutch of its self even so new. At the poles of your thoughts it finds a weaker spot for that fraction of a moment. A burst of blue-green aurora dazzles deeper into your mind with a pleasant glow that fades as quick as it arrived back to the distant thrum of a hovering presence.

Solar Winds offer a duo of life and death. The presence is persistent, pushing gently at the edges of your mind without forcing its way in and yet ever ready to slip in should you falter for even a brief moment. It does not seem to have an intent to harm, but the way it seems to hold back, as if it could be so much stronger, surge even to the beating heart of the star from which it emerged. What you feel are the equivalent to soft raindrops when the distant possibility of a hurricane might be something to be wary of.


The theme for this clutch was Creation Myths, and for this dragon that was the creation story of the Norse. The general reference used is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voluspa. This focuses on the creation part of the story. Her egg was focused on the creation of the cosmos as earth was lifted from the sea and the sun and moon and stars found places and started the cycle of day and night. Her mind continued with the cosmos off a bit on a tangent more related to the solar wind interacting with earth's magnetic sphere and the push and pull of life and death it offers. Creation fits so very well for a queen who has the gift of giving life to the entire species and so her person is a mix of these continued themes and tangents and your own preferences. Zeraeth comes mostly from Aesir (the principal pantheon of norse gods) and it's rune name Ansuz. Secondarily from considering the Codex Regiius and Prose Edda manuscripts which recorded the information. You can of course play her as you wish and change whatever you like to suit your needs. I hope I've given some interesting things to consider and explore should you choose to do so. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy her wherever your path takes you. Neyuni.

Name Zeraeth
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Eranzath
Created By Neyuni
Impressee Maisy
Hatched October 15, 2016
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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