Weyr Economy

It’s been centuries since thread has fallen and the old order of tithes fully supporting Igen in return for the protection from that deadly enemy has long faded. The Weyr has found its own place in the evolved economy of the region, although it still is a central in many ways. In times of duress, or emergency there is a silent understanding that all contracts all moot and what is needed is simply done and the repercussions are dealt with afterward. Outside of that, tithes no longer exist in the manner they did centuries past. The Weyr negotiates contracts (long or short term depending on politics, etc.) with the habituated areas in our “coverage”. For those holdings which don’t want to work under contract we provide a strait fee based service and either buy or haggle for the goods they produce. Long term contracts work well for the large and medium sized holds and are pushed for by the Weyr since the Weyr then has a predictable supply of demands vs goods to plan upon. The fee based schedule tends to work out better for the smaller cotholds and nomadic desert tribes. The Weyr competes with Independent riders which helps keep the price low in most cases.

The Weyr has also taken steps to help make itself more self-sufficient, although its leadership acknowledges it will never fully be, as well as steps to produce goods which are of higher value to bring in money in order to purchase items the Weyr cannot otherwise negotiate for. In recent decades that has included development of hydroponic gardens and the conservatory which grow food, herbs and spices. The Weyr has also negotiated the long term use of plots of land for grazing, which is used for the feeding herds which cannot all be stored within the bowl feeding grounds.

For goods and services the Weyr needs which are not directly available via the areas under its coverage, or supplied by the skills of its residents, the Weyr will purchase or barter.

Contracted services the Weyr offers includes:

Escort Riders provide transportation for personnel from their home hold/craft to other locations. There are different rates for what color of dragon is guaranteed for escort, and the frequency, availability, or “on call” nature. They may also act as security escort, or in conjunction with the Weyr’s security forces.
Transport Transport of goods to and from the area to other areas. Fees will depend on the load to be carried, anticipated frequency and whether it is within Igen’s service area or beyond it (where Igen may have to negotiate with the other Weyrs to operate so charges an extra out of service area fee)
WatchRider Standing watch at your Hold today! Nothing like a dragon to say you’ve got class (and cash!).
Messenger Ferry written messages from one location to another instantly. No waiting on those long legged runners to deliver your precious letters.
Area Report Receive either a printed or electronic report of the areas daily news. Includes weather tracking, sweep information, and notable events or upcoming gathers. What the Weyr knows, you can know too!
Specialty Services Some services depend on the area under contract. The Weyr also does such things as: dragon assist in annual roundups, aerial surveys of crops, land and livestock, removing large trees, controlled burns/vegetation control, etc.
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