Emergency Preparedness

Those who live at Igen are trained in the ways of survival and preparedness for the typical situations one might find oneself stuck in. Once, sometimes twice, a turn the Weyr holds a two or three day session of emergency drills and training so that those new to the area become familiar with the common hazards and those long familiar keep refreshed on what to do in such cases.

Earthquakes, desert survival, canyons survival, flash floods, quicksand, resourcing water, dealing with common area injuries (ie: sunburn, sprained ankles), recognizing signs of sun or heat stroke, sand worms, desert tribes, renegades, sandstorms, and duneslips/duneslides are some of the many common area ailments which all of Igen’s folk are trained to deal with. Sometimes that just means knowing when you are in over your head, and how to call for help.

Due to the many hazards in our area all of Igen’s folk are also encouraged to impress at least one firelizard. Firelizards are not generally viewed as pets, but frequently as an essential survival tool and training of them is offered quarterly in the Weyr. Available eggs are placed around a hearth in the back of the living cavern and may be claimed on a first come first serve basis at no cost.

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