Search FAQs

Who are the dam and sire of this clutch?
Gold Raaneth will be rising for a PC Clutch in 2020. The Sire of this clutch is TBD.

Who can I contact on the game if I have any questions?
If you have any questions, regarding this Search Cycle, please contact the SearchCo. Type 'sig .who/all' to see those listed as SearchCo Members.

Do I have to live at Igen Weyr to be Searched?
Prior residency at the Weyr is not a requirement for Search. We will Search outside of the Weyr.

Do I have to spend a lot of time online to get Searched?
You will need to have a certain level of activity in order to be around to be searched and enjoy candidacy. At Igen we like to focus more on whether you spend what time you do have playing and getting to know folks, or just sitting on your cot.

What do you look for in candidates?
Here at Igen, we look for Candidates who can interact and socialize well with everyone — not just SearchCo members, or fellow Candidates — and who will realize that IC situations do not necessarily reflect OOC views. We look for Candidates who can RP well, and stay IC during IC situations as well as understanding that IC actions do equal IC consequences. We look for good sense of the world of Pern, and a good solid character background as well as an understanding of what makes that character tick. We look for people who want to give back to the Weyr, and ultimately to the game.

How many PC Impressions will there be? Will everyone who was Searched Impress?
PernWorld Impression policy is 6 PC Impressions per hatching. In some cases more eggs are allowed, in others fewer. You can expect that typically there are up to 6 PC impressions. Typically there are more PC candidates than PC eggs available, so not everyone who is searched is likely to impress.

Will there be a PC gold egg in this clutch?
As with any leadership flight or any gold flight won by a bronze, there is always the possibility of a gold egg being PC. While we always keep an eye out for potential gold candidates, we typically don't decide whether to hatch a gold or not until very close to the hatching.

I was Searched on the game by another Weyr and was left standing. Will I be Searched by Igen Weyr?
As per the game rules, Candidates that have been Searched by another Weyr on the game, but did not Impress are considered to automatically be Candidates until they no longer wish to be, or Impress a dragon, and do not need to be Searched (if they so desire) to stand at the next Weyr running a Search Cycle. Therefore, if you have been Searched previously, you are more than welcome to stand at Igen Weyr without having to be Searched. However, you will still need to fill out the application so that we know you want to Stand at Igen.

My character is engaged/married/has children. Am I still allowed to apply?
Providing your character still falls within the Searchable ranges of 12-25 for males and 14-30 for females, it's all right if your character has a child or two as long as they are fostered off since Candidacy would not allow for a parent to spend a large amount of time with their children. However, if your character is engaged, you may have to end the engagement in order to stand as a Candidate, and if your character is married, they will not be Searched.

I am interested in going Stand-Only. Can I do this?
Yes, you may. We do try to encourage Stand-Onlies, particularly if people want to gain a better grasp of their character before they apply for Impression. If you would like to be a Stand-Only at Igen Weyr, please just fill in the on-game application, state you wish to be considered stand only and answer the other questions (or put Not Applicable as needed).

I just started playing on PernWorld and this is my first time MUSHing, am I too new?
Definitely not! As long as you have a good grasp of the game theme, and general Pern canon, the length of time you have played on the game or played MUSHes should not be a detriment to your being Searched and/or Impressing.

What if my questions aren't here?
If you have a question and it's not listed here, then feel free to contact one of the SearchCo Members on the game via page or @mail

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