Former Igenites
Name Position Dragon Status
Abrael Weyrling green Saethiath Transferred to Xanadu Weyr
A'eyr Wingrider Bronze Indaryth Transfered to Monaco Bay Weyr
Akeylah Wingrider green Shemsuth Retired
Alexa weyrwoman Gold Raaneth Transferred to Fort Weyr
Anjah Candidate Retired
Aoriya Wingrider brown Omasuth Retired
Arva App Weaver/Weyrling Green Ruseth Retired
Ava Candidate n/a Transerred to Fort Weyr
Azoa Wingrider brown Yumath Retired
Benton Harper Retired
Br'yn Wingrider bronze Albarith Retired
C'vryn Healer bronze Emeliuth Transferred to Half Moon Bay
Chet Wingrider blue Aeskath Retired
Dahj Jr. Weyrwoman Gold Esoireth Transferred to Fort Weyr
Daija Weyrling green Ellezath Retired
Doktah Candidate Transferred after Candidacy
Eilistra Stablehand Retired
Elayne Jman Harper Green Teraisheth Retired
Emelene Jr Jman Healer Retired
E'sai Wingrider blue Khuth Retired
Farris Wingrider blue Sarkith Retired
Giselle SrApp Techcrafter Retired
G'rism Wingrider bronze Troyseth Retired
Isentho Glasscrafter Retired
Janan Stablehand Retired
Janja Weaver gold Feyruth Transferred to Half Moon Bay
Jei Wingrider green Yxelth Retired
J'leron Wingrider brown Dakoth Retired
J'rezi Wingrider bronze Ciniterrath Retired
K'al Weyrsecond brown Perkineth Retired
Kassala Jr. Weyrwoman Gold Xerosaeth Transferred to Fort Weyr
Kathryn Jr. Weyrwoman gold Nylaeth Retired
K'cen Jman Woodcrafter Blue Karidath Retired
Kelemi Harper Retired
Kitty Jman Farmcrafter Green Olivith Retired
K'ori Dragonhealer green Silaveth Retired
K'vir Guard-In-training Bronze Zekath Transferred to Xanadu
K'yli Wingrider bronze Fulcioth Retired
Laera Weyrling blue Kereth Retired
L'cas Wingrider Bronze Ophioth Retired
Ma'kai Wingrider bronze Garanth Retired
Maisy weyrwoman Gold Zeraeth Retired
Mataya Wingrider Green Corwynth Retired
Maralaine Wingrider brown Coatlcuazith Retired
Meena Trader Retired
Merek Jman Smithcrafter Blue Iikith Retired
Navi Wingsecond brown Andrith Retired
N'hil Weyrleader bronze Quiath Retired
N'kor Wingrider bronze Nasrinth Retired
Oatile Resident Retired
Oe'lly Weyrsecond bronze Pirkith Retired
Quillan (Q'll) Apprentice Minecrafter Transferred to Xanadu - Impressed Bronze Qhynnveslacth
Raaiqa Trader Retired
R'by Weyrleader bronze Finbarith Retired
R'en Weyrleader bronze Sindrieth Retired/Dead
Re're Wingrider brown Saenkarith Retired
R'oc Wingrider bronze Nasheth Retired
Rezia Wingrider brown Pralayth Transferred to Half Moon
Rou'x Wingrider brown Indianath Transferred to Ierne
Saelis Jr. Weyrwoman gold Daeslynth Retired
Saverio Candidate n/a Transferred to Fort Weyr
Sayetia Guard Retired
Seppanen Journeyman Harper Retired
Shetaia weyrwoman Gold Ryath ??
Shizen App. Starcrafter Retired
Sianne Sr. Weyrwoman gold Sakrienth Retired
Siaryn Gardener Retired
Sigrid Harper Retired
Sranii Resident Retired
Suletia Runner Retired
Surka Weyrbrat Retired
Tay Wingrider green Jhanieth Retired
Tejra Jman Harper (Xanadu) n/a Transferred to Xanadu
Tivaly Apprentice Harper Retired
T'lin Wingrider bronze Ciragath Retired
Traven Handyman Retired
V'al Wingrider blue Saith Retired
V’al Ivaylo Blue Matioth Retired
Velorn App Computer Crafter n/a Transferred to Xanadu
Vi'leko Wingrider bronze Shidenisseth Retired
Vivka Kitchenhand Transferred to Fort Weyr
Wesley Jman Printcrafter Retired
Yaromil Salt Trader n/a Retired
Y'taer Weyrling blue Vernammerath Transferred to Xanadu
Zak (Is'ac) Sr. App Beastcrafter Impressed to Bronze Kivshiralth at Xanadu
Z'an Wingrider brown Mokusoth Transferred to Half Moon Bay
Zhia Caverns Helper Retired
Z'yer Wingrider Brown Inith Retired
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