Harkonnen Flight

Those within the wings under H Flight perform duties for the Weyr, primarily outside the Weyr. These folks generally fulfill the Weyr’s external labor contractual obligations. They are the primary face of the Weyr for those outside the Weyr, excluding the Weyr’s leadership. As such they are expected to act in an appropriate manner for their assignments.

Typical Duties:

Rider: Escort, goods transport, mail, taxi service, search and rescue, firefighting, policing, weather/sweeps reports, sweeps, responding to dragonrider flags noted during sweeps, Hold/Hall watchrider, Postal Delivery.

Non-Rider: Guard, messenger, radio operator, drum tower/harper, starcraft (weather forecasters), trader liaisons, sales persons, scribes.

Bay Wing - PC

Alasse Brown Gwansuleth Watchduty
Aph Blue Sciath Watchduty
Malk'm Blue Jageroth Watchduty
Damar Blue Ferahainth Watchduty
R'que Blue Kelsith Escort/Sweeps
S'las Blue Chessylith Wingrider
Danni Green Hiraeth Watchduty
Kate Green Xinieth Wingrider
N'sir Green Elianneth Wingrider
R'sner Green Toith Wingrider
X'in Green Klyssyneth Watchduty

Cinnamon Wing - NPC

L'neco Bronze Ugaluth Wingleader
Ph'eles Brown Mephistoth Salesman
Rev'im Brown Noriloith Scribe
S'curo Blue Asumith Police
Tessa Blue Biskanth Firefighter
T'ico Blue Sympath Messenger
Ellamy Green Bumeth Messenger
G'op Green Oyoguth Trader
Libby Green Laloth Firefighter
Mesia Green Mnaerath Messenger
Ph'dryn Green Rtylith Messenger
Th'mew Green Vilqueth Taxi
Jenna Resident Messenger
Richardo Resident Firefighter

Camphor Wing - NPC

N'lacu Bronze Erivith Wingleader
Mc'lan Brown Nakatoth Guard
Z'fuf Brown Panith Taxi
W'efet Blue Anunoth Police
Iska Blue Jabreth Police
Amee Green Pyseth Cargo
K'fet Green Ufawath Cargo
Rennie Green Oboth Harper
L'ruy Green Ynath Taxi
Valesa Green Xasath Messenger
Defrain Resident Scribe
Ferma Resident Guard
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