+IGWhelp Candidate Rules

1) It is advised that Candidates refrain from sexual relationships during Candidacy. While such things are certainly not prohibited, Candidates should be aware that if they become pregnant, or they get another Candidate pregnant, they will likely be removed from Candidacy. Caring for a growing dragon is hard work, and Weyrlinghood would last long past the third trimester. Therefore, Candidates are encouraged to avoid having sex during the few weeks of Candidacy.

2) Candidates are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages, particularly in excessive quantities. Candidates are representatives of the Weyr during their Candidacy and the Weyr would like to present sane, level-headed and sober Candidates to the hatchlings on Hatching Day.

3) As Candidates are not allowed to drink, the bar, Nomi's, is off-limits for Candidates without the supervision of a Weyrlingmaster or one of his/her Assistants. Any Candidate found in Nomi's without supervision can face removal from Candidacy.

4) Leaving the Weyr is not allowed unless the Candidate in question has proper superivision of the Weyrlingmaster or one of his/her Assistants. Candidates are not allowed to attend Hatchings at other Weyrs, even if the clutch they have been Searched for isn't ready to Hatch yet (after all, they were found acceptable to dragonkind, Igen Weyr does not wish to risk losing one of their Candidates to a hatchling at another Weyr's Hatching.) To attend non-Hatching events outside the Weyr, a Candidate must be accompanied by a member of the Weyrlingmaster staff. And W'bob doesn't count because he's irresponsible.

5) Candidates are expected to behave maturely. If they have problems, or issues arise, please come and talk to the Weyrleaders and Weyrlingmaster's staff as soon as possible so such problems can be resolved as easily as possible.

6) Candidate pranks that involve spiking the Weyrlingmaster's klah with numbweed or painting all the herbeasts purple will not be allowed. While Candidate activites are certainly planned and encouraged, pranks that can cause harm to anyone are prohibited. If you have an activity or event you would like to coordinate, please check with the Weyrlingmaster for approval.

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