Igen Hold

Lord Holder Iedtri - 6'2" with wavy auborn hair and almond-shaped brown eyes and muscular build that borders on being burly. Iedtri is more laid back and relaxed then his father, Lord Iequi.

Lady Holder Sirini - 5'10" with a rather slender build, a warm smile that seems to brighten her dull mousy brown hair. The young Lady Holder works side by side with her Spouse, letting all around her know that she is just as much a force to be reckoned with as her Lord Holder.

Igen Hold is a desert hold on the eastern edge of the great desert that stretches all the way to Keroon Bay. It's been hit by fires and severe storms that have resulted in deaths leaving several children without homes and families to care for them. Some of these children were sent to Igen Weyr as Fosterlings, three of which were personally adopted by Ex-Senior Weyrwoman Sianne after she and her lifemate rescued them.

The Holds Main export is Sand. Sand bags, the fine sands used in the creation of glass, as well as some glass products. Very little comes from this Hold in the form of agricultural products.

Igen hold does take in several imports those, these include - Rice, ovines, runnerbeasts, opals, turquoise, hardwoods, melons, berries, rind fruit, redfruit, kiwi berries, pineapple, and leather goods.

Recent Events: There is a major theft (08/06/06).

At Igen Hold structural weaknesses require repairs in part of the area. (02/22/06).

There are rumors of a child who can speak to all dragons.. (1/1/06)


At Igen Hold there is a mysterious person who saves someone from disaster. (10/10/05)

Gather. (8/14/05)

At Igen Hold a drunk person wakes up in the wrong room. (8/1/05) GAther (7/17/05)

At Igen Hold there is renegade attack. (5/29/05)

At Igen Hold there was a minor earthquake (3/21/05)

At Igen Hold the Lord and Lady Holder of Iedtri and Sirini (the middle daugher of Lord and Lady of Katz Field Hold) take over the status of Lord and Lady of Igen Hold after the deaths his parents. Shortly there after the couple greeted the arrival of their fourth child, a son that was dubbed Iequi after his grandfather. (9/14/06)

At Igen Hold a severe wind storm wreaks havoc upon the hold and several small holdings in the desert region, killing many and leaving children without families and many families without a place to live. Some were moved to the weyr, others moved to Igen Hold and other Holds beholden to Igen Weyr. (11/20/08)

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