+IGWhelp History

At one time, Igen had a an incredibly large area to cover during Threadfall—certainly not enviable. The Weyr's coverage consisted almost entirely of mountains and desert. With Aivas' improvements, air conditioning units helped maked the Weyr's heat tolerable, and Igen has become one of the friendliest Weyrs to live in, as opposed to the hostile greeting the environment provided before.

For roleplay purposes, here's a list of Weyrwomen and their leaders that your character might remember. An asterisk beside a position indicates a current Weyrwoman. The current Weyrleader is the last name listed.

Weyrwomen Position Weyrleaders
Xena & Gold Ildaiath Senior B'relan & Bronze Cherenath
G'lar & Bronze Steelth
J'ham & Bronze Branth
Lina & Gold Demiath Junior
Charolette & Gold Phrequanth Junior
Roberta & Gold Ralorieth Senior T'ris & Bronze Prydieth
Z'quir & Bronze Keysith
Blythe & Gold Pranath Senior D'val & Bronze Sorvoth
Veia & Gold Sorchayth Junior
Lonriya & Gold Isisth Senior E'in & Bronze Kalerriarth
K'loh & Bronze Vorshnath
Br'yn & Bronze Abarith
S'r & Bronze Tenirth
Charlotte & Gold Noruith Junior
Dani & Gold Rosselith Junior
Kathryn & Gold Nylaeth Junior
Neraud & Gold Sabiyath Junior
Aileen & Gold Uthandriath Junior
Sianne & Gold Sakrienth Senior R'by & Bronze Finbarith
J'io & Bronze Ytroth
G'rism & Bronze Troyseth
Neyuni & Gold Zuhth Senior* R'en & Bronze Sindrieth*
Saelis & Gold Daeslynth Junior
Janja & Gold Feyruth Junior
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