+IGWhelp NPCs

Clearly, the PC characters here at Igen Weyr are not the only people who live at Igen Weyr and its surrounding areas. Some of the following might come up in RP at times:

Lord Iequi, Lord Holder of Igen Hold
Lady Dutryci, Lady Holder of Igen Hold
"Cookie", drunk, spoon-wielding cook
Earmuff, eternal candidate with a gambling problem
J'bob, brown Bubbath's rider from Rojocuello Hold
W'bob, blue Devlith's rider and Assistant Weyrlingmaster
Zaxier, Journeyman Herder and Igen's Weyrherder

If you have any other ideas for NPCs who come up often in RP and should be added here, please contact the Weyr admins. (@mail [knotsearch(igw/admins)]).

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