+IGWhelp Knot2

Booleans are built-in lists in the knots. They can be viewed by typing 'igw .who/<boolean>', and you can talk on them using '=igw/<boolean>'. (You must be a member of the boolean to talk on it.) IGW booleans are: Color of each dragon (Green, Blue, etc…), Each wing name (Desert, Shimmer, etc…), and some type groupings (Residents, Crafters, Riders Candidates, Visitors)

Please keep in mind that knot chatter, same as RP in public, +watchable rooms, must be kept G. Comments rated PG or PG-13 are frowned upon, and too many of them may earn a warning from the admin. Anything rated higher than PG-13 will not be allowed on the Igen Weyr knot. If you must make a rated R comment, check 'igw .who ratings' to be sure that everyone is rated R or higher, and then ask permission from the people on the knot to post a rated-R comment. If all else fails, keep your comments to the 'sex' channel.

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