+IGWhelp Leadership

The following people are the ones within Igen Weyr that are *always* BUG_OK, whether the poor unfortunate blokes like it or not. All questions, requests, reports of trouble, or just general comments (How're we doin'?) should be reported to one (or even all) of the following:

Sianne Senior Weyrwoman
G'rism Weyrleader
K'al Weyrsecond
Neyuni Junior Weyrwoman
Saelis Junior Weyrwoman
-OPEN- Weyrlingmaster
Kathryn Dragonhealer

Please feel free to approach them (or anyone else listed in 'igw .who/admins'), no matter how large or how small the matter is. If you're unhappy, and you let us know, we're going to do our best to resolve your problem.

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