A Smile

Characters V'al, Abrael
Synopsis While dragons play in the lake their riders take some time to destress a bit.
Out-of-Character Date January 1, 2015

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The lake! The lake! Someone loves the lake, even if he's not that far out, and only really along the shoreline. Matioth splashes about in the water with V'al standing close by, keeping a watchful eye on his lifemate so that the blue doesn't sink or venture out too far into the water, or some other great disaster. And, Matioth is content not to wander too far in and worry his rider. Nope, this spot? Just right. It's enough to get clean and stay clean.

Hopefully Matioth doesn't mind if someone else is just as excited about the lake, because here comes Saethiath at a dead run. Suds cling to her, a sign of the start of a bath she has escaped from, and Abrael follows with a brush in hand. When Sae hits the water she slows down, suddenly thinking second thoughts about this. She jumps back out, then pokes a nose at the edge of the water. "Hey V'al…" Abrael is breathing hard as she comes to a stop, eyeing Saethiath.

For once? Matioth doesn't mind Saethiath barreling towards the lake, towards him — as long as she doesn't hit him! Though the green bails from the water, the blue remains in, splashing about still. A rumble of laughter follows before he turns and continues to splash. V'al doesn't stray from Matioth's side, but does turn to smile at Abrael. "Hey Sab. Seems you've been running about?" He teases lightly.

One toe in, one toe out. Or whatever dragons have for toes. Shifting herself Saethiath scoots closer to her clutch brother. « You are having fun. I didn't think you knew how to have fun. Abrael, ask why he likes the water so much. » Abrael sighs, tilting her head slightly. Here, around V'al, she actually manages a full sentence. "That's rude love. Just… try it." Back to V'al, Abrael gives a slight smile. "She ran out on her bath. I… didn't think she wouldn't like the lake though."

« Your idea of fun is weird. » Comes Matioth's retort, smooth, the fire of his mind warm and the scents of baked breads and roasted meat filter in. He is, for once, not annoyed! He continues to rumble with his laughter, playing in the water and sinking down and up again. "Don't stay under too long." He reminds his lifemate gently before he looks back to Abrael. "I see. She doesn't like the water, maybe? I don't think it would be unusual. They can't really swim yet."

« Water is fun. » Saethiath notes that down in her list of things-learned-about-clutchmates. Especially Matioth who she has decided to like above all of her other clutch brothers. Taking courage from the blue Saethiath puts both front feet into the water, and tries to snap at the ripples that Matioth is making. « They move! » "I'm not sure… she does run out on baths a lot." Abrael holds up the brush in her hand. "Matioth seems to be having fun?" Always a question there.

« Water is clean. And fun. » He will relent to that much, at least. As Saethiath smaps at the ripples of the water, the blue turns and considers. More ripples are made, larger and more enthusiastic. This? This is a game he can play. "Maybe… Try and make a game out of it?" V'al gestures towards the pair with a nod of his head and a smile. "He's enjoying himself. I think it's rare that he gets along with others. It's a nice change." The man tucks his hands into his pockets and gives his lifemate a little more space, moving to stand beside Abrael.

Saethiath is much more interested in things that move, and those ripples have completely captivated her. She ventures deeper into the water, bouncing. That is, until her head goes under. At which point she scampers back out. « It tried to EAT me. » That smile on V'al's face brings up a corresponding one on Abrael- more real then the half weary ones she has been wearing of late. "I'll try that- the game. It's kind of nice to see her cautious about something. I… kinda thought maybe she didn't have anything like that." Looking downwards Abrael kicks a rock into the shallows before looking up at V'al. "You look happy."

As Saethiath ventures deeper into Matioth's realm, he bounces to create bigger waves for the green to chase. Though she is scampering back out after she goes under. « It can eat you. It's much bigger than you. » The lake is expansive, and he's only seen a small fragment of it! "She seems to throw herself into everything, I can imagine it's nice that she's wary of something, at least." He frees a hand from his pocket and reaches to ruffle the girl's hair with a chuckle. "Thanks, I suppose? Do I always look gloomy?"

« I do not wish to be it's meal. Abrael, why isn't it eating him? » The asking her rider to ask the questions for her might just get old soon, but so far, nope. Mostly because Saethiath never gives Abael a chance to actually ask. "No, just… you're you." That's about as clear as mud and Abrael rubs the side of her head with the edge of her hand not taken up with a brush. "Um, Saethiath wants to know why it isn't eating Matioth."

Matioth is the lord of the water, dictating it's moves with another splash and a movement, furthering the amount of ripples that go outwards. V'al gives Abrael a look, a single brow lifting in question. "I'm me? What's that supposed to mean?" He wonders, though his tone remains light. His hand goes back into his pocket. The question earns a laugh and he shrugs. "Because he's blue like the water?" Hopefully they weren't looking for a serious answer.

"I don't know." Sabrael manages to look a bit sheepish as she grinds her toe into the ground, hands moving to settle firmly behind her. Saethiath's head swings backwards to peer at V'al, as if seeing if he's joking. No way to tell, so she turns her head back to a big ripple that comes her way. She snaps and steps into the water- more careful this time not to go too deep. "Sorry, she asks lots of silly questions."

"Sure you do. You said it." V'al teases yet again, he leans closer, giving the girl a light nudge before he's venturing closer towards the water. As Saethiath peers at him, the man merely shrugs. An answer is an answer! "It's fine, Sab. Don't fret it." Matioth sends forth another wave as his clutchsister enters the water, daring her to venture forth while the lake tries to eat her.

To V'al's back Abrael wrinkles her nose. She dogs his steps closer and dips down to brush her hand through the water. She hesitates for half a second, before flicking the water at V'al. Retribution for the teasing. Saethiath can't stand down from a dare, and steps in. Spreading her wings she uses them to steady herself, only to realize they break up even more of those ripples. Experimentally she beats them against the water, watching the ripples meet, shatter, and create more.

V'al tenses the moment the water hits his back. A soft snort of laughter before the man is turning, foot swinging out to kick a wave of water back at Abrael. As Saethiath makes her way further in, wings spreading, Matioth lifts his own and uses them to send bigger waves forward. It is a change from his usual snippy behavior towards the green.

"Meep!" It's a very real sound that escapes from Abrael's lips as she's ducking to try to avoid the splash. The ducking only makes sure it gets in her hair, the curls flattening out as it sticks to the side of her face. "I barely flicked you!" Her voice is even almost a normal tone, not super quiet. Reaching down she scoops up a whole handful, aiming for his face. (Hard, since he's so much taller than her.) Saethiath, for the moment, is caught up in the game as she moves deeper and deeper before, op, nope, Stop there. Sh'es not nearly as tall as her bother and can't go deeper without sinking into the water again. « Not fair! You're bigger! »

V'al laughs loudly, especially as Abrael takes most of the splash. "That you did! But, I do things seriously." More laughter follows as she scoops up a handful. He turns, only to duck down and scoop more water in her direction. As Saethiath comes to a stop, he sends forth more water and then ventures close. « Life is not fair, V'al says. » A gentle rumble before he gives a nudge to the green. He passes her, heading back to the shore and nudging his lifemate just so.

"See! That's what I meant." Hopefully he makes sense of that as Abrael takes that flash right in the face again. She's bad at ducking. But for once she's having as much fun as her lifemate usually has, the full and not-at-all tainted with worry smile on her face telling just that. Rather than allow Matioth to pass by unscathed Saethiath takes a page from the rider's playbook and lifts her wing, allowing a cascade of droplets to fall down as Matioth passes under. « I will make it fair. » Bold golds underline the promise that the young green makes.

"That I'm serious? I tend to think of myself as more… Carefree." V'al notes idly. Matioth does get wet from the droplets from Saethiath's wings, but he does not protest this. « Good luck. » The blue does sound sincere as he settles on the shore. He, now, plays the observer. V'al does stride forward, descending upon Abrael and sweeps the girl up into his arms. "I still don't get it." But, he's all grins and deviousness as he rushes deeper into the water — not too far! And then? He drops her into the water. Whoops. Not really.

Abrael is frozen for a split second when V'al sweeps her up, eyes wide. But as he goes deeper? Nope, not staying frozen. She's just going to throw her arms around her neck and cling. "V'AL." It's an actual yell, as she tightens her grip at that fake drop. "What are you doing?" Except she can't mind it too much, as that smile goes from ear to ear and her eyes are shining. She might even meet his gaze full on for once. Saethiath's wings stay outstretched, and for once, she doesn't ask Abrael to ask the question. « What is he doing with her? I like her smiling like that. »

V'al's laughter is louder as Abrael yells, no longer quiet and soft and that brings a further smile that touches his eyes. As her arms tighten around him for that fake drop, he laughs louder. "Well, they couldn't be the only ones having fun, right? You're smiling." He gives her the option of letting go, if she doesn't let go, he does safely lead her to land once again. « I think he's playing a game? » Matioth answers, though his tones are colored with curiosity.

Yep, no. Abrael isn't about to let go until they're back on dry land. Only then does she let go of her death grip and drops lightly onto the ground. Only to reach out and shove at V'al (it's not much of a shove- more of a statement really). "Mean…" She even raises a finger in mock chastisement, but it's ruined by her smile, and the fact she leans forward and wraps her arms around him in a tight quick hug. "Thanks V'al." Saethiath pulls her wings in and picks her way out of the water, moving behind Matioth so she can peer out from behind him at their riders. « It is a good game. »

V'al is shoved, and he laughs for it. "I'm the meanest. I believe Ise called me that before." Mean, that is. As she leans in and wraps her arms around him in that hug, the man freezes for a moment. It is unexpected. His expression softens and he lifts his hand to ruffle her now wet hair. "You're welcome, Sab." Matioth accepts the presence of Saethiath without protest. « It seems so. He's smiling, too. »

"Ise was right then." But wait. It catches up to Abrael that she just hugged him. Cue that bright flush of embarrassment as she steps away, her gaze not at all on V'al any more. "I should, probably go finish giving Sae that bath… she's we enough now." Even through that red though? She's still smiling. Saethiath is.. silent? Just watching curiously from behind the bulk of her brother. She's not even trying to annoy him with her chipper energy. Only the steady happy drip, drip, drip of orange gives away her inner pleasure.

"It seems so." As Abrael colors and steps away, V'al straightens and considers. "You should. Maybe she'll like the lake more, now. Enough to bathe." He doesn't meet her gaze, looking to Matioth. The blue shifts away from his sister, the curious thoughts pulling away from the happy drip of her orange thoughts. "I'll see you in the barracks, Sab." Curious is the pair as they depart, silence between the pair heavy.

Abrael lifts up her gaze to watch him leave, dripping from the splashing she'd taken earlier. The blue no longer acts as a corner for Saethiath to peer around, but that is alright, because she slinks forward to twine herself around her lifemate. « That was fun. Maybe we could play that game again. I like Matioth when he isn't being so stiff. » Abrael reaches out impulsivly and wraps her arms tightly around Saethiath's neck. "It was fun. I'll splash you?" Sweet moment over- because Saethiath slips right back into play mode.

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