Lake Shore Musings

Characters Ise, Janja, Neyuni, Z'an
Synopsis Life moves along the lake shore
Out-of-Character Date January 4-5, 2015

Lake Shore

Mokusoth is crouched down, mostly drowsing on the sands. By the stains on his maw, it's obvious that he's been well fed. Question is, for how long? He does raises his head to warble at Neyuni as she arrives tho.

Neyuni seems to be taking a stretch of the legs, coming a roundabout way along the bowl wall, fenceline until it intersects with the shore and her steps simply follow the resultant path in front of her. As the sand of the shore thickens her paces slows down somewhat to compensate as feet are planted with slightly greater care, though she appears in no particular hurry. As her course comes near one of the young dragons she slows even more "So sorry to disturb you. Quite a nice day for a sunny nap."

Even tho on the lazy side, at this time of the day, the young brown does not go back to slumber. He doesn't seem upset. Not at all. Another warbling sound escapes his maw. A playful one as Mokusoth slowly rolls to one side. How scandalous. He is begging?

Neyuni looks like she might just continue on, but the young dragon just has to roll over just so and look ever inviting. She goes to move on again and hesitates, there's something ever so tempting about such a look, such a dragon. "Well, I don't know now. Wouldn't your rider be upset?" which is an interesting thing, where did the lad get to?

Trying to be as stealthy as he possibly can, Z'an emerges from the gardens, carrying a small flask. Dragon nap. What a bette time to go sneak away a bit. But then, the former Harper gasps at the scene he finally contemplates. "Oh, Mo! Don't you…." he exclaims, hurrying at the brown's side with an apologetical smile on his face. He nearly drops the flask in his rush and suddenly mumbles. "Sorry, Weyrwoman. He doesn't usually act like that…" « But…but. I /do/ like to have my belly scratched! » Mokusoth protests adding his deep bass tone.

Neyuni doesn't seem particularly perturbed "Oh, it's alright" the youngsters still given quite a bit of latitude for the moment, by her at least "Besides, who doesn't like a good belly scratch?" the flask isn't entirely missed "It's to bad they don't always nap as long as one might hope but it's good you stayed close by at least. Catching up on a few errands?"

Another wince makes Z'an's body quiver and he immediately hides the flask behind his back, going back to mumbling again. "Oh…yes…I try…to stay close as much as possible if not…well…all the time." He allows himself to chuckle some, fidgeting at the hidden flask. Not the right time to get caught with some fine liquor. "Would….would you mind keeping an eye on him for just a second? I need to return something to….someone…" How dare he? But then, he's torn between getting caught with alcohol or breaking the protocol to dash away and hide his fault. "I will be back in a blink!!!"

Neyuni has had her random walkabout the bowl paused by a certain belly scratching begging brown. The dragon has yet to be really satiated for the request as Yuni's left alone again with the youngster as his rider runs off with the glint of a flask not fully hidden from view. Returning something, suuure. Looks like she'll wait indeed, wait for his return and then we'll see. Until then, there's the other half still present "My my, what an /interesting/ rider you have chosen."

Mokusoth finally rolls to a crouched position again, warbling all the way. « He smelled just right. » comes his reply, his deep bass tone tainted with scent of vanilla. "Don't you keep bothering…." Z'an exclaims, hurrying to reach his brown's side. His hands are free from their previous package but by the way he's poorly smiling, he has the strong feeling it didn't go unnoticed. "Sorry again, Weyrwoman. He does have a much more deep sleep after eating usually…"

Feyruth sails across the bowl to land neatly lakeside. Her rider unstraps several packages of items from her side, tossing them to the sands below before following them down. Janja works quickly to remove the minimal straps the gold was wearing just in time for Feyruth to slip into the water. While the gold soaks, Janja starts digging through her bags which dispense rather normal, if large, dragon cleaning equipment. "Hello all." She calls cheerily to the others gathered without daring to stop at her assigned task. "Everyone in for a bath as well?"

Neyuni mmmms in that motherly mmm-hmmm kind of way which one can't quite tell if they are in trouble or not from. "Oh, he's not bothering me. I do remember some of what it was like getting used to even though it was so long ago. You'll tune into his rhythms quickly enough. At least it isn't like he's hungry. I'm sure you'd never hear the end of that." she offers a bit of a tangent for the moment, broken as another arrives. The shadow of igen's other queen giving her pause, but as to Janja's antics "No thanks." that doesn't seem to be on her itinerary if she has one.

"It happens to be what I'm thinking. With him, I'm sure I will keep chopping meat for the rest of my life." Z'an's voice raises again in reply, idly casting a glance at the bathing gold nearby. « I should be able to hunt soon… » Mokusoth's voice sounds almost apologetical as the brown rumbles. "Then, Faranth protect us for the herdbeasts population will decrease dramatically." The former harper chuckles, his attention back on Neyuni now. "I guess we're making quite the pair here, Weyrwoman…"

Neyuni's gaze flicks away from the bathing queen as Janja splashes out with ample tools of the trade in tow, as if Neyuni's going to do the others job for her. A bit of a dismissive snort and attention lingers back to the weryling pair, future of Igen, for better or worse. "It would seem that perhaps we should have you candidates practice some butchery, the cooks who impress always seem to have an advantage those first months." she seems to be trying to remember if there's any with such skills amongst the group "They usually trade tasks for favors later, although I don't know. Has Mokusoth tried eating off the carcasses yet? Their jaws'll get strong enough before they're able to fully hunt on their own. At least it'll relieve some bit." a flicker of light "Though Al'dru would know when exactly that's ok." lest she undermine your superior with such frivolous ideas as to actualyl letting the dragons feed themselves anytime soon.

Z'an listens carefully as if receiving precious advices here and he nods. "Oh trust me, he already tried to chew on everything vaguely edible! At least to him." he can't help but chuckle here and he adds. "I mean when he's not trying to steal Saethiath's meal." « But she was full! And I hate to waste! » Mokusoth protests energetically, emitting an odd rumble. "Yeah…I'm sure he will be dedicated when the hunting sessions will come."

Neyuni nods her turn to listen, trying to not show to much amusement at the typical foils of young dragons, but "Oh my, stealing Saethiath's food. I'm sure she wouldn't be so happy about that!"

Z'an raises both hands in deny. "Oh no. He did try but I was faster than him." And that comment makes the brown protest again. « It won't ever be that way. » Oh impetuousness of youth. The former harper may still be faster than his brown, at least on the ground, but with time and turns he will certainly be less strong as Mokusoth's natural broad body is already giving him a huge advantage. Wait until he learns to better carry himself when on the ground. "Next time, I'm sure he will ask first. Right Mo?" And Z'an pats the brown's flank affectionately. "We will both try to behave. I can assure that, Weyrwoman." But it won't be that easy.

Neyuni looks surprised "Impressive. the little ones are usually faster than one might expect, especially when it comes to food." or maybe that's how she remembers it at least. The weyrwoman speaking relaxedly on the shore with Z'an and Mokusoth. Farther beyond Janja and Feyruth are out bathing, but the lake shore is otherwise quiet for the moment in the warm (but not scorching) sun on what seems to be a fairly pleasant day so far. As for behaving, she'll have to wait and see on that. There's another rather non-committal "hmmm" on that account "oh, so did you get that… item returned?"

Z'an's heartily chuckle nearly dies in his throat as Neyuni asks about his flask. He almost thought that was forgotten by then. How fool from him. Women see everything. And especially Weyrwomen. "Oh..err…that? Yes, yes. I…it….has been taken care of…" he mumbles, suddenly a bit pale. Droplets of sweat are slowly forming on is forehead but it doesn't have to do with Igen's heat. He shouldn't have borrowed that flask…

Niskath knows there are people out and about and therefore /she/ should be out and about. And so she is. She moves along towards the lake, her eyes whirling about to see who is here and who she can talk to. « Mokusoth! » The warm fires of the hearth sweep outwards. « What are you doing…ooooh. » She pulls up when she notices Feyruth and Neyuni. Ise is not far behind. "Niskath you've got to wait for.." She pauses and pulls up as well, giving Neyuni a sharp salute. "Ma'am." She says, quickly

Neyuni's gaze is quite focused on Z'an as he stammers out a not quite convincing answer, saved by the arrival of another young pair she seems to let it go… for the moment. There's a hint of a nod at the salute. Neat, tidy there seems to be some training going on and although she tends to be more informal she's doesn't seem inclined to dismiss the formality at this moment. "G'day you two."

Z'an would jump on Ise as she appears along with Niskath, suddenly feeling /so/ relieved Neyuni's attention has been distracted. What a perfect timing! He does stay still tho but the large smile on his face betrays his feelings right now. Mokusoth perks as Niskath comes near and he happily greet his sister with a low warble. « Talking about food. » What else? It begins to be a known fact that it's the brown's favorite topic. « Soon we will hunt! » Maybe not that soon but sadly the idea made its way in the brown's mind. "Hey Ise!" Z'an finally exclaims, waving a bit too frantically to be natural.

"Hey, Z'an… everything okay?" Ise asks as she looks over towards Neyuni. "It's good to see you Ma'am.." She bobs her head as Niskath bounds over and nudges her big brother in his side. « You're always talking about foooood. » She teases softly, the warmth filling the air as the colors swirl bright red and orange. « Soon enough. But we can swim now! » She offers. "It's a lovely day today." Ise says, her eyes flicking around the Weyr.

Neyuni sighs "Indeed, more pleasant than I expected. Sort of how I always remembered it when I was stuck in the winter at Fort." she shudders involuntarily. The interacting of the dragons is heartwarming "Good of you. Niskath's looking well today. Managing to keep her oiled enough? I think she's grown a handspan since I saw her yesterday from a bit. You managing to keep her out of trouble, better than Z'an? I don't suppose Mokusoth 'tasted' something of yours?"

« But what is more interesting, tasty, warm and sweet, than fooooood? » Mokusoh's mimics his sister's always cheerful and eager tone, adding his own deep bass, edged with scent of bright cinnamon and caramel. Z'an hardly stifles a chuckle at that, saliva coming in his mouth as always when his brown is so descriptive about what would fill his bottomless stomach. « We can swim for now tho, yes. Ladies first. » "Everything is fine here ye…" *cough* Z'an straightens again, covering his mouth with one embarrassed fist.

"She loves getting oiled." Ise says before Niskath hears Neyuni's praise. She sits up and beams at the goldrider, showing off her recently oiled hide as she walks around in a circle before nuding her bigger brother again. "As long as she's not with Abrael's, she seems to do good. Those two together are a handful." She admits before she grins. "Moku's no trouble, he just loves what he loves!" Niskath turns towards the water. "Ah ah, not yet young lady." Ise chides her dragon "You /just/ got oiled." Ise tilts her head to the side. "What's wrong? Why're you embarrassed?"

Neyuni soaks in the information offered intended or not, and seems to just be enjoying the youth of the dragons and the warmth of the sun herself. Although she makes no movement towards the waters if others want to play that's plenty fine. She's perfectly fine staying warm and dry where she is. Her expression seems to mirror Ise's question, yes why embarrassed?

Much for Z'an's discomfort, Mokusoth seems to enjoy himself rather nicely, nosing Niskath right back playfully. "Don't push things Mo. You heard Ise. Niskath just got oiled…." Quite a nice diversion but not good enough as he finds himself under both of their interrogation. "Not embarrassed. What makes you think so? I…just happen to find the waters very tempting and…." he swiftly removes his shirt and boots, aiming to the sparkling waters with a grin. "…it would be a shame not to enjoy them." With that he dives with a loud splash.

"He's hiding something." Ise says to Neyuni and she giggles gently before she watches him dash off and she shakes her head. "Obviously." Niskath wuffles softly as she notices Moku's rider just dash off. She nudges her brown sibling and turns back to her rider and croons softly to the Weyrwoman as she passes her.

Neyuni mmms "More than one thing I suspect, but he should know better. You can't hide anything in a Weyr!" she seems amused, amending "Well, at least not for long."

Ise giggles and nods her head towards the Weyrwoman. "Thanks, well for having Niskath." She looks to her dragon. "I can't imagine my life without her now." She sobers softly. "So thank you." She says, nodding her head to Neyuni as she grins. "This place is beautiful."

Neyuni flushes a little "Well, I'm glad you found such a pairing. I'm just glad all fo the eggs hatched healthy and found their mates on the sands really. It's an interesting lineage to consider without one there isn't another for as far back as anyone can remember." as to Igen "I find it home. Odd to leave to find out where one really belongs, but this is for me. I hope you find it just as much so for you. Of course with a dragon… well in a turn or two the whole world will open up. Breaksfast at Tillek, lunch in Half Circle, dinner in Paradise and back in time for the flavored ices." it may be a little hard to tell if she's serious or simply exaggerating.

"I didn't travel much before. And living in the forest for two turns of course was rather harsh." Ise says as she reaches out and rubs over Neyuni's eyeridges. "What did you feel like when you impressed?" She asks. "For me, it was like I was in the dark and then suddenly.." She snaps her fingers. "Boom!"

Neyuni seems caught off by the question. "I.." she falls quiet trying to find those words "I suppoe it was similar. I guess I wasn't surprised to impress. I really expected it with most of my family being riders and all it was just something I never imagined /not/ being a rider. In fact I wasn't much paying attention to where she was wandering, there was a pretty little green I had kind thoughts for even though you aren't supposed to think such things." a toe shuffles some of the shores sand a bit at the admittance. "and then she was just there and it always felt right even if it took me a long time to really accept her fully somehow. It sounds like you're adjusting quickly. Kinda odd having one know your innermost thoughts so easily?" she queries

"It is, yes. It's hard to have emotions that you thought you suppressed, fear…neediness, desire for love.. brought back up in such powerful ways." Ise says, looking down at Nis. "So it's been difficult at times." She admits, blushing herself

Neyuni nods knowingly "Well, I wouldn't worry. Haven't seen a pair fair at figuring it out yet and you're only a few months into the rest of your turns. It did always feel like somehow my life really started that day. As time goes on, well I hardly much remember before in to much detail." she shrugs "I guess it'll be different for each, and my Niskath, I've heard you have quite a bit of energy or am I mixing up my dragons?" she eyes the growing green.

"Niskath has decent energy, but Ab's dragon Es is the boundless one of the bunch." She admits. "She's the one that's always out and about. Niskath is the one concerned with what everyone is doing and how they're doing." She admits, blushing some. "But they're pretty active together, as you'd imagine sisters would be."

Neyuni considers "I suppose. Everyone's a bit different. Some are active, I've seen some that barely want to get off their couch. I'm glad they are on the more active side personally, that seems a lot more fun." or at least more opportunities to see young dragons play, which is much like young kids playing, an invigorating activity in and of itself albeit sometimes just as tiring to watch. "Well I can't imagine you'll be able to keep her from the water much longer" she eyes the green and the brown already splashing about with feyruth finishing up not to much farther beyond.

"Yeah, no… not much." Niskath bounces into the water fully, splashing into it. "Sorry, Weyrwoman, I've gotta go make sure she doesn't do something silly." She heads towards the water. "Nis!" She calls out, half laughing in her critique.. "You… yoooou!" She can't keep her amusement out of her voice.

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