Colored Ice

Characters Janja Abrael Ise
Synopsis No weryling dragons were eaten by Feyruth in the making of this scene.
Out-of-Character Date January 10, 2015

Lake Shore
It is sometimes hard to tell where the bowl ends and the lake shore begins. Fine grains of gold, tan and orange hued sand layer much as the bowl walls in the distance beyond. The sand only gives way to thin patches of grass where the tall fence of the feeding grounds intersects the lake to the south and the smooth curve of the bowl wall rises on the opposite shore. At that intersection one can make out a small building and colorful fabrics where the Weyr's residents go to relax. The shallow lake waters shimmer invitingly, day and night, lapping at the fine grain sands. Engineered pipes are hidden beneath the bowl landscape and feed the lake as well as the grasses of the feeding grounds to keep the water levels from dropping past a certain point which is marked by a waist high obelisk.

With the sun still low in the sky and the heat of the day still well ahead of them, Feyruth and Janja sail across the weyr bowl to the lake shore, gliding neatly to a landing just at the water's edge. Though she wears a single strap around her, Janja doesn't seem to be strapped in as the lone strap seems to support multiple large bags and odds and ends. Her rider slides down, as the gold gets as low as possible for her, using the strap to control her decent. Jan wears a stylish bathingsuit and wrap though the thickness about her middle is distorting the natural lines of the clothes. She quickly works the strap and bags off Fey's side and the gold slips into the lake until the water rises just below her back.

Saethiath has still not quite lost that childhood energy. But she's not really a child any more as she RUNS out towards the lake at a breakneck speed. Abrael is left in the very real dust as the energetic green splashes into the water, submerging completely for a second before rising again. Probably splashes. Lots and lots of splashes. "Sae, No, that!" Abrael actually shouts when she realizes which gold is in the water. "Ma'am, I'm sorry!" Worry is writ across the small teenager's face as she stumbles to a stop.

Feyruth rumbles warningly at the little green as she approaches. The gold starts to scoot away but Janja calls from shore, "Oh, please don't dear! I'd rather not be swiming out too far with all these things." It seems odd she would notice as her back is to the lake and her self half buried in cleaning supplies she's pulling out of the bags. Finally Jan turns with one of the large cleaning brushes in one hand and a bag of soapsand in the other. "Now what are you fussing abou…Oh dear. That's not good."

Saethiath is heedless of her danger, even when Feyruth rumbles at her. Water is splashed as the green undulates through the water, spinning in a circle cheerfully. Layers of orange in all their hues dash within her mind, side by side, but not mixing, creating a chaotic scene that elicits feelings of sunshine and joy. « Isn't it lovely! Such a perfect end to a day. » "She, she won't…. Sae, please come out…" Abrael tugs at the sleeves of her dress, right on the goldrider's elbow.

A hard frost washes over the lake, cold enough if seems as if the water should freeze even here in Igen. « Get away from me with all that undignified splashing! How dare you! » The gold raises her head well above the water's surface, eyes awhirl of reds and oranges. Meanwhile, Janja drops her cleaning supplies, hopefully not on poor Abrael and starts a funny sort of unstable trot out towards the water. "Oh, do come here dear. I'm sure I can wash you just as well up here away from her. The gold hisses, « And now you have endangered my Janja! »

Frost? Frost is colorless. White. Streaks of it join the orange, dashing out pathways of color and leaving nothingness in their place. It's shock which has Saethiath freezing in place for a moment, watching as her painting is erased by ice. But only for a moment, because colorless cannot last forever. Soothing blues swirl about her mind. « Maitoth tells me to stay away from him also. » She at least backs up a single step? Give the gold a LITTLE room. Startlement is replaced by curiousity, and Saethiath curls her head sideways. « Why is her belly pointing out? Abrael, did I make her belly explode? I didn't mean to if I did. » Because SURELY, Janja's expanded stomach is the danger her gold refers to. Abrael is a color of her own- bright red with embarrassment as she follows Janja, ready to catch (be squished) by the gold if she should fall in her unstable trot.

The icy cold slashes out at the curious little green even as the gold's head snakes down lower towards her, eyes still whirling wildly. « You have made her frightened. She is frightened for you! And she's mine! » The gold snaps at the air above the green in warning and then turns towards shore. She meets Janja at the water's edge, with her head at least, and the weyrwoman gives a sigh as she puts a soothing hand on the queen's head. "Of course I love you most." She shoots a look back at Abrael, eyes widening to convey something before turning back to Feyruth. "She's just a silly baby. Not even worth your anger." While Feyruth doesn't seem convinced, she's at least ignoring the green for the moment.

Abrael takes that look as meaning 'get your dragon out before mine eats her' - or something of equal urgency. Since the weyrwoman is being supported by her gold Abrael edges around and gestures for Saethiath to get out now please. « Abrael! You didn't ask. Wait, frightened, why is, Abrael, ask why she's frightened. » She could ask the gold herself, but the gold isn't listening to her. Streaks of yellow edge the beginning of a pastel painting, orange, but relying heavily on those soft blues to bring out accents. Even as the ice freezes her colors and causes them to flake off. « But I'm not done yet. » "Come on Sae!" It's a low hiss as Abrael glances over at the gold. Reluctantly Saethiath leaves the water, flicking her wings open and sending droplets everywhere around, leaving them on anyone in the near distance.

Saethiath is not the only dragon to vacate the waters at this point, as a few others lazily soaking farther away choose to absent themselves from the notice of the tempermental Feyruth as well. "There now dear, it's all good." Even a small rain of water from the green's wings doesn't interrupt Janja's attempt to deflect her queen. "Why don't you go have a bit of a soak and I'll just wash you after?" As the great eyes seem to slow, Feyruth thinks. Finally, she gives Janja the lightest of nudges and turns herself back about towards the deepest waters. Janja sighs softly, body relaxing. With Feyruth heading back out, she turns to Abrael. "Is she ok? I do try to keep her away from the little ones." She grimces. "She's not even all that fond of her own."

Since Abrael can't really ask the question with the distance between her small human and the larger gold having grown, Saethiath takes this one on herself. « You know. You're really pretty. I like you. » The statement is written in the most eye-smarting shade of orange. Think construction vests. « You're like Matioth. He doesn't like people near him, but I know he secretly wants it. Are you like that too? » "Saethiath…" Abrael mutter's the dragon's name under her breath as the bright bubbly conversation continues from green to gold. Saethiath has relaxed, and is now sitting at the edge of the water, the very tip of her tail flicking at the ripples that reach the shore. Still beat red, Abrael turns towards the goldrider. "I'm sorry ma'am… she just… she has a lot of energy."

Janja sighs again as she carefully and less than gracefully drops down to sit on the sands. She gives a soft, ladylike grunt as she does. "Now I'm all worn out and I haven't even gotten to scrubbing on her." The goldrider begins to fan herself with one hand. "I'll just have to get some one else to help me!". She seems remarkedly cheered by this, considering how very unlikely it is /anyone/ will go near Feyruth right now. Meanwhile the gold does something possibly even more frightening then anything that's happened yet. She brings the full weight of her powerful even for a gold mind and I AM RULER personality to bear as she reponds to Saethiath..and every other mind nearby. « I am beautiful. And I do not want to be near you. » And then her mind snaps closed and distant.

Ever social as she is, Niskath trots herself out towards the Lake with Ise in tow. Hey, there are /dragons/ here and there is her sister and all sorts of chances to say hello and be nice. And so the warm colors and feelings of the hearth preceed her arrival and she gives out a warm, « Hello sister, Queen. » She gives up just enough of the proper respect for the latter and an abundance of affection for the former. Ise salutes when she notices Janja and gives a little wave to Ab.

No dragon can gainsay a gold when she gets on THAT high horse, and Saethiath is no different. But rather than pull away her mind also, it stays right on the edges of the gold's thoughts, warm and bubbly. JUST IN CASE the queen changes her mind. They could totally like… play. Or something. « Feyruth doesn't want to be near us right now. But, » Can dragon minds whisper? If they can Saethiath hasn't figured out how yet. « Maybe she will. Want to sit and wait to see if she does? » Saethiath's open to anything. Abrael completely misses Ise's arrival at first, as she's kneeling down next to the gold rider and offering, hesitantly, "If, um, you needed, it's Saethiath's fault… I um, could help?" ?Yes, she's afraid of the gold but… surely she wouldn't eat her if Janja was nearby?

As she's delivering her stumbling offer, her eyes flick up and see Ise, giving her a 'hi, sorry!" kind of look.

"Oh, that's a lovely idea! Thank you." Janja, queen of obliviousness, for surely it would be best to get the poor weyrlings /away/. Janja pats her tummy happily as she watches the gold hulk around the waters. Feyruth even goes so far as to fully spread her wings and lay them atop the water /just/ to take up more room. "Oh..another one!" Janja says, just now noticing the other green and weyrling rider. "You might want to just keep her up here for a while." She thinks, adding uncertainly, "I'd take her home but that just might make her more angry at this point. She did want a bath."

« I can sit with you. » Niskath comes over and nudges her sister softly. She looks to the queen « My sister's very outgoing, Queen. » She begins. « So forgive us, but she wants to help just as all of us do. » She sends politely, deferently. "Heya Ab…" She looks towards Janja. "Ma'am, how're you?"

"I, um, I don't mind." See how good Abrael is at lying? At least some of that redness is fading from her cheeks as she looks out across the water at the gold. Ise gets a smile in return hello as Abrael picks nervously at her dress.

Another wash of chilling frost lashes out from the gold, this time aimed at the new intruding voice, though Feyruth doesn't say anything. Janja tenses again. "Why?" she mutters looking around puzzled but when no explaination comes forth, she just bites down on her lip. "Well." She says, leaving off as if uncertain where to go from here. " How is training going? " she finally asks in a hesitant and befuddled way. "You are still in training right? They seem rather small still." The last is said as Janja eyes the greens. "Seems like Al'dru was asking C'vryn for names about something or other, crafters maybe?"

"They're not small" Ise protests, before she looks around. "Forgive me ma'am, but the two greens are trying to help. Does the Queen not need assistance?" Ise asks gently. "And training is going well. At least I believe so?" She looks to Abrael

Saethiath is at least not bouncing? Just her tail is in motion, always, always, always in motion as she flicks at the water. Maybe Feyruth likes white. But Saethiath isn't particularly fond of that not-shade, so instead she adds tints of blue and threads it through her painting. "Ay, um, He's introducing us to crafts… you… liked the healers?" Her tone is uncertain as she looks up at her fellow weyrling, hands curling and uncurling in her lap.

Janja looks at Ise as if she's grown two heads. "Nooooo. No, Feyruth really doesn't need any help." Her eyes flick over to check the two greens again /just/ in case they've decided to try to break the queen's command but there they are right on the sands. "I think she's had enough of little dragons today." The comment about not being small doesn't get responded to. "I think you're getting 'Ryn's twin visiting soon. At least, he said he was coming to do a talk." She purses her lips and furrows her brow, as if remembering is hard. "Isn't that usually who the dragonhealers talk to? No one is sick that I'm aware of." And she rubs her belly protectively at the thought.

"We had Kera and C'rus come for the craft rider talk." She looks to Ab. "Healer? Me? Oh no. I'd be terrible at that. I need to do something that'll make money as well." She admits. "I'm soo poor." She says, ashamedly. "So, yeah."

"I think Saethiath," Abrael's eyes glance over towards her green, "will stay out, and um, away." That um is going to be the death of Abrael. Till she can beat it people are going to know she's not confident. "Oh, um. I guess? It was a…. mindhealer? And another… C'rus from," Abrael's eyes flick to Ise, making sure she's getting this right, "Fort? And um, Kera from…." That place escapes Abrael's memory as her face squishes inwards in attempting-to-remember.

Feyruth begins to swim back to shore, though Janja doesn't notice till the queen is fairly close to shore. Her eyes widen and she struggles to her feet as Feyruth wades onto the shore. "Oh, dear. I think she's decided to skip the bath afterall." As Feyruth rumbles impatiently, Janja looks helplessly at the cleaning items and straps scattered all over the sands. "Oh…." She turns to the weyrling riders. "Send those back to my weyr with somemone please? She's not at all going to wait." And with that she hurries over to the gold who offers a leg and neck to boost Janja up. "Bye now." She calls, gold taking to the sky.

Saethiath bounces to her feet when the gold comes out but…. no. She doesn't want to play. ALAS. And now she's gone. With the recalcitrant one gone, Saethiath turns her attention to her sister-friend. « Race you! » Back to the weyr? That's where Saethiath is already streaking. Abrael picks herself up from the ground, a relieved smile on her face. "I didn't really want to try.. she seemed really upset… I guess… we should get that stuff." As the girls move to gather the goldrider's things Abael will relax, and the conversation turns to more fun topics.

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