Strangers in a Strange Place

Characters Evi, F'inn, K'zre
Synopsis F'inn, K'zre and Evi meet up in Igen and discuss weyrlings, weyrseconds and sick family.
Out-of-Character Date January 18, 2020

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size -- although its walls are not so nearly circular -- the living cavern is filled with numerous rectangular tables, almost too many to count. The Weyrleaders have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths at one end of the cavern. The hearths are kept as low-burning as possible during the day when folk come inside to escape the heat outside. They burn brighter at night to keep away the deserts chill. No matter hte level of flame, there is always a stew pot that hangs for nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's cooling system.

F'inn grins as he enters the living cavern with his arm drapped around K'zre's shoulders, the smears of dried clay adorning his face and speckling his fingers utterly ignored. "You are going to have fits once I start coloring the clay and have smears of blue and orange all over my face." The teasing is accompanied by a wink and broader smile, his weight shifting as he guides them toward the tables laden with food. "So. What is on our agenda for the day? Did you want to go to the Bazaar? Take Nym and Yas to the lake to swim? Whatever you want." Pausing a beat a pair of young women standing (dreamy eyed) in their path, he dips his chin in a polite, if not sterile, nod before guiding K'zre around the pair.

K'zre seems less than chirper, though that isn't saying much. He's also a lot cleaner than his clay-bedusted weyrmate, though it doesn't seem to bother him. A glance at F'inn, a hint of a frown, and he decides, "It doesn't bother me," for the idea of clay and paint all over his face. "Just don't get it on me." Which, of course, is going to happen at some point. Woe. Dreamy-eyed women are eyed with suspicion, though it's a curious sort of 'what is wrong with them?' look rather than especially defensive. A little squint, and he decides they're probably not dying and therefore, do not need his attention. "I… don't know?" he admits, for their potential plans. He claims a plate, but is a bit slower about choosing his food, opting for things he knows are mild (and therefore, safe). "The lake… could be good," he allows. "N'sir said there were tents on the beach that could be rented. To keep out of the sun."

The season for young women is upon them! As Evi enters the caverns, it's clear that she has NO IDEA where she is at all. It seems the visual to go *between* is not all you need. She's so overdressed for the weather it should be a capital crime, long sleeve shirt, long jacket, and a long green wher hide skirt that goes to her ankles. Upon walking into the cavern, the young woman curls her lips in and stares around, her face blank of readable expression. With a tiny bounce of joy, rocking from heel to toe, she walks towards the food tables. "Weee diiddd ittt." Is said quietly to, maybe herself, maybe someone else, she's not making any real eye contact. Spotting F'inn covered in clay her hand goes into her skirt pocket and pulls out a bright canary handkerchief embroidered with obnoxiously bright pink flowers. "Um, sir, you have something on your face." She sounds like she's informing him of something, though he has the sweetest smile on her face. And to K'zre, inviting herself in on the conversation, "I've spent eight sevendays in a tent and they're making people rent them?" The audacity.

"Beach it is," F'inn notes with an lopesided smile. "I am not about to complain over the thought of getting in cool water." It is already hotter then he'd thought it was possible to be, even with the Igen appropriate clothing. "I was.." Whatever he was is forgotten at being presented with a canary yellow handkerchief. For a moment, he just stares at it, pale blue eyes slanting from the fabric, to the woman offering it and finally to the knot on her shoulder. "Long way from home," he notes before glancing toward the entrance to the living cavern. Given the weyrling knot on her shoulder? He's clearly expecting to see at least an assistant weyrlingmaster trailing along behind her. "Has Xanadu graduated already," is asided to K'zre in quieter tones. It is in the wake of the question that he affords a quiet smile, his head giving a mild shake at the extended hanky. "Porclain clay, it will destroy your handkerchief." And really, it's F'inn, a bit of clay (more then a bit in this case) is absolutely fine with him.

A little helping of fruit, some roasted peppers, a bit of flatbread, some (hopefully not *too* spicy) meat… K'zre is observing his options and making his selections like it's do or die time; as solemnly intent on his meal as he'd be on diagnosing a patient. It's the unfamiliar voice that draws his attention, dark eyes sliding Evi's way as she offers handkerchiefs and F'inn politely declines. Frown. "I don't know," is all he can say for Xanadu's weyrlings. "Ask R'sner?" Who is conveniently not here, because, "He'd probably know." It's no skin off his teeth, even if he's eyeing Evi with the same studious look he just gave to the food. "Yes," he states simply, for the tents on Igen's beach. "They're not camping tents," he snorts, as if that idea is ridiculous. "Just a place to stay out of the sun." And he clearly sees nothing wrong with renting it, even if there's a frown pulling at his lips. "You are going to suffer from heatstroke if you stay in that getup."

The staring gets a stare back, Evi is too cheerful, and a plate is picked up with a happy wiggle of her body. As the handkerchief is refused, she folds it into a perfect square and slips it in her pocket, "I would have given it to you anyways, once you use it." There's a subtle implication in her statement, it could be rude if not said with so much darn pep. All the glee radiating off of her seems out of place when nothing particularly special is happening, even placing vegetables and fruit on a plate is down with tiny flourishes. "I came with my cousin, Ony who promised C'con she'd watch me. She was never going to, I'm sure he knew. We graduate at the end of this month." If there was ever an opposite to K'zre, it's Evi, cheer incarnate. Both shoulders reach her ears, eyes looking up in a 'what to do' gesture. "It is dreadfully warm, but see. I um, I am comfortable like this, and we won't be here long, and I can take the jacket off. Plus, I look great. Also, I'm supposed to have gone to Fort, but we came here." She babbles. "Do women always look at you like that?" Tilting her head towards the dreamy-eyed girls, then back at F'inn."I mean. There's like five of you at Xanadu, do they not know?"

F'inn is less concerned about heatstroke then he is over why there is an unattended weyrling from Xanadu running around in Igen. It is enough that a frown unconciously dances on his lips, pale eyes narrowing as he slants another glance toward the entrance of the cavern. Still, me manages to snag a roasted pepper off K'zre's plate, popping it in his mouth and sucking the juice off his thumb before winking at his weyrmate. "Grab more of those?" It is the abundance of entirely overwhelming cheer that has F'inn slanting a glance back toward Evi. But it is her last that his expression turning almost deadly serious. "What do you mean you meant to go to Fort?" Setting his own plate down, he straightens immediately, pale eyes searching for the Ony she'd mentioned. "Who is Ony? Did this person imply to your lifemate that the image they had given was to Fort?" He's angry, that much is clear from the tenseness in every single part of him. Angry enought that he even misses the suggestion that there could /ever/ be another him anywhere on Pern. Fortunately, he misses that only for a moment, before snorting. "I'm one of a kind, I assure you. Where is your escort?" Because they are getting read the riot act to end all riot acts.

Stolen peppers are quickly replaced, a few more added for good measure when F'inn encourages it. And while K'zre might give Evi some serious side-eye for her wardrobe, it's the declaration that she was supposed to go to Fort that has him forgetting about the food. But F'inn is quicker on the draw, speaking the words K'zre is undoubtedly thinking, though without the same level of emotion the bronzerider is showing. A quick breath comes, a moment in which K'zre appears about to say something only to think better of it, and instead he lays a hand on his weyrmate's arm and leans up to murmur something low in his ear. A squeeze of his fingers, and he turns back to piling his plate, the tension in his expression the only sign that he's not entirely pleased by the turn of events. "If you intend to stay for any length of time — which you clearly do if you're taking a plate and filling it with food — I recommend removing your jacket. Igen's caverns may be cooler, but do not underestimate the impact the heat can have on you, particularly coming from the chill of Between."

The change of mood takes a long time to hit Evi, caught up in her own world as she is. "Nooo, I mean, sorry, um, you see, she told me we were coming here, but only for like A MOMENT. Might as well, I thought, she did have permission to escort me around. But she also needs to see a man about something, she's not really the best escort, but she was available. I knew this was Igen. Her ma would kill her dead if she ever did that." Her eyes glaze over, and there's this sudden change in her facial features, the overall glee draining into an unimpressed eye roll. "She'll be back for me soon enough, um, you can have yours speak to Neith if he has questions. She um, has- " pause "Answers." The jacket is removed and put over her arm, "I um, can eat elsewhere. You two look so busy. " There's no more bounce, all cornered animal now as she searches for a seat elsewhere.

F'inn draws in a slow breath at the whisper from his weyrmate, a huff exhaled before he nods curtly. "You're right," is murmured to whatever was said. Pursing his lips as he sweeps his gaze back to the weyrling and arches a brow. "Don't be ridiculous. If you haven't done anything, as you say, there is no reason to be nervous or uncomfortable." Leaning over, he deposits a few more peppers onto K'zre's plate before noting pointedly. "If I were you I would be far more distressed over the thought that another rider would not be upset at the way you chose to phrase it initially. A mistake like that could end with both you /and/ Neith dead." Which clearly is not at all ideal. At the mention of eating elsewhere, he affords a mild shrug of his shoulders. "That is your call."

"Ah, I see," is all K'zre will say about it, though there's a measure of relief in his expression. He scoots on down the line, eyeing F'inn and the addition of even more peppers and is quick to add another helping of fruit and meat to go along with it. Something about balance, no doubt. The continued conversation gets a return of his gaze, dark eyes darting to first the Weyrsecond and then the Weyrling, expression politely curious as he considers her. A snort, but he abstains from answering (and F'inn's totally got that covered) about eating arrangements, and instead wonders, "What is your name?" because they've appeared to skip right over introductions. "I'm K'zre, and this is F'inn. His bronze is Nymionth." That done, he turns to survey the living caverns and a likely spot to sit, assuming his weyrmate will get the drinks.

"My intention was to um, eat something, and then go to Fort. If I get Ony in trouble well, she might not take me places. By places I mean other places, she will have to take me home. Ony likes trouble but not that much trouble. " Evi is back to being a sweet, if lost, looking child. "I um, well, ok." Reluctantly follows them, closing her eyes and then giggling, covering her mouth with one hand. "Nei says we are not supporting characters in this tale, so we won't be dying soon." As if that makes ANY SENSE at all. The veggies are picked at, she eats with all the slow nibblings of a rabbit. "I'm um, Evi, and green Nei is mine; she prefers Nei. She's not into formality." Out on a ledge above, the bowl is a green still waiting on her last growth spurt, all stripes, spots, light and darkness. There's a bite off of that sentence as if more words should come after but do not. "Bronze, Nymionth. I think I saw that name in a letter. Nym- i- onth." Wrinkling her nose, she squints at them both, "Nooo, probably not."
Shrugging off her ideas with a tiny bounce, the happiness fading back in. "It's nice to meet you both, I- no, it is." Deciding that it might as well be nice.

F'inn does go for the drinks, snagging four mugs and filling two with juice and two with klah. Pausing to snag a picture of juice when Evi joins them. "I'm sure your cousin meant no harm," F'inn notes as he sets the items on the table. "But she should let your weyrlingmasters know where you are going all the same. It's for your safety and that of your lifemate," he assures before slidding into a seat at the table. It is Neith's interjection, however, that has him flashing a lopsided smile, his chin dipping in a nod as he snags a pepper off K'zre's plate and pops it in his mouth. "I'm sure she does. Neith sounds very… sure of herself." Which is not always a bad thing. "Well met," is added in the wake of chewing and swallowing. It's the rest that has him laughing, his brows twitching as he settles his elbows on the table and craddles a mug of klah in his hands. "It is perfectly alright to be unsure if meeting us is nice, or not."

"He's Weyrsecond of Fort Weyr," repeats K'zre with a bit more defensiveness than the subject is due. "I would be shocked and insulted if you hadn't heard of him at least once." Don't they teach Weyrlings about foreign Weyrleaders? Squinty-eyes aside, K'zre is pleasant enough, even if he's still eyeing Evi's attire like it's a personal affront to his position as a Healer. At least he won't grill her about her escort, whose name may or may not be familiar to him. Sliding into a seat at the nearest empty table, he goes for the flatbread first, piling peppers within it before taking a bite. The supporting character bit might have him frowning, but he's calm enough when he declares, "I've learned that life doesn't care much what role you play. Dangerous games have dangerous consequences," and shoots a rather pointed look at his death-defying weyrmate. A few bites of food and a hasty swallow of juice later, and he begrudgingly decides, "Well met," in return.

"Well, Ony doesn't need to mean harm. Mostly harm happens." Evi's stance is clear on all happenings in life, the inevitability of bad things. "I'm sure he knows, Nei reports such things to Ila'den, or Nailii, who reports to him." Maybe, a big maybe there folks. Biting her lip, she shakes her head, "Noo, I have all the Weyrleaders written down." A tiny, fluffy pink notebook that probably cost more then one should ever spend on an item that LOUD, is pulled from her pocket. "I have them here." Holding up a list of Weyrleaders, Weyrwomen, weyrwomen, and Weyrseconds. "Um, so." There's a pause, the food is picked over slowly as a piece of fruit is dissected with a fork instead of eaten. "I'm related to all these people, and my cousin Odi lives in Fort, and she writes these letters and they're super boring like mind-numbing, she needs a good harper because she spins a tale like an auntie. I once had to read one that was all about this runner who had this hole in its foot, and she went on and on and on. Neith wanted to use it for fire kindle, and she thought that if it took as long to burn as it did to read we'd be warm for two turns. There's a lot of people in those letters, I'm not really sure it even was you two." Suddenly realizing how much talking that was, she quiets down, "Um, thanks for letting me eat with you. Um. Sorry for all the. Everything." Her lifemate might be the amusing one of the pair.

Nymionth and Yasminath sense that Neifeth's the slightest of smells, only the impression of pine and the softest tickle of grass. « That letter was //the worst, even Evi's memory of it takes three hours. If I only had six months to live I'd want to spend it reading the blonde ones letters because it would feel like an eternity. » Snotty and sure of herself, she's sure both her elders need to know this.//

F'inn slants K'zre and entirely to innocent look, his brows twitching as he sips his klah and notes, "I have no idea what you are refering to. I'm the literal soul of caution, K'zre." He's not. Not by a longshot, but that does not serve for the warning that is being imparted. It is the mention of Odi that has F'inn blinking then laughing quietly. "You are related to Oddisa?" Clearly he's shocked at the thought. "She broke my nose playing hockey. It was a great day." Clearly he had a grand time with that one. That she's not entirely sure who he is fine with him, although there is a pointed warmth in the look he turns on his weyrmate. "You should look in on her while you in Fort, she is very sick."

Nymionth and Neifeth sense that Yasminath's mind is moonlight on water and the tinkling of bells, rife with curiosity and confusion. « Who? What? Letter? Who is the blond one? WHY DO YOU ONLY HAVE SIX MONTHS TO LIVE?!! Nymionth! We must get a healer! HAVE F'INN BRING K'ZRE!! » as if she isn't connected to his mind.

Yasminath and Neifeth sense that Nymionth sighs, a rich warm wash of roses cascading down over the greens in his mind. « No one is actually dieing, my darling. I suspect that Neifeth is merely making a colorful point regarding the dryness and lack of inspiration in current correspondence. Although, » He chides gently. « It is not terribly kind to do so. »

K'zre's eyes just narrow all the more, a studiously suspicions look slanted at Evi. As though she is an entirely puzzling and potentially dangerous creature. "So does that mean you have heard of him or not?" It is clearly NOT OKAY WITH HIM that she might not know him. Or at least, know F'inn's name. But he lets it go with a snort and a scowl, and a much more aggressive bite of his makeshift taco than is technically appropriate. Chew-chew-chew. Glower. Only to be left somewhat startled at the sudden mention of Oddisa's name. "Oddisa is your cousin?" is said at the same time F'inn is asking after the same thing, the greenrider's gaze darting to his weyrmate for a moment. "I thought your name sounded familiar," he murmurs after a moment of thought, though shrugs it off soon after. "And yes," he seconds F'inn. "If you are going to Fort you should see her. Make sure she is staying in bed." Because he has his suspicions that she might try to sneak out early. As for broken noses and great days? K'zre will pretend he heard no such thing, even if he's glowering rather vehemently at his plate of peppers.

"I um, yes. We're a turn and nine months apart. If I called her Oddisa, she'd break my nose." Evi's cheek warm, her head tucked down, and lips curled in. "I didn't… Ony never told me she was sick." The fruit on the plate is in a bunch of tiny chunks fit to be fed to the smallest child. Nearly pureed. The edges of her lips point down, eyes getting big and sad. "Um, she's ok, right? Because even if I don't like her letters…" Evi seems more concerned than ODI even does about her own well being. "She broke your nose?" Mouth agape, eyebrows up. As K'zre suggests, she stays in bed, Evi laugh, guffaws and can't seem to stop. "If you've not tied Odi to the bed, she's not in it. " Looking over at F'inn, she says, "So you are the person in that one letter, was actually a good one. I um. I do know who you are then. For sure." Closing her eyes tightly, she shakes her head, "Uh Nei can take some getting used to, apologize to your lifemates. I mean, she means every word and she's not kidding. But it's not always very appropriate. " After a tiny bite of fruit, "I'm um, done talking, I've totally ruined your meal." At least one member of the pair has manners.

F'inn shakes his head, snorting at the suggestion that either Nymionth or Yasminath could have their feelings hurt. "Believe me, they have weathered worse." And lived to tell the tales. "Neifeth is who she is, never apologize for that." It's K'zre huffing that has him pushing up and leaning across the table to steal a kiss from his weyrmate. "She knows who I am, love," he assures before dropping down into his seat. "And yes," is added to Evi. "We were playing hockey and her swing went a little wild. No harm, no foul." It certainly isn't the sort of thing to bother him. "She had better still be in the infirmary though, or she'll find herself on extra duty for a very long time the moment she is well." And he is not kidding about that, at all. It's the suggestion that their meal is ruined that has him glancing down at the shared plate and promptly stuffing a bit of meat and pepper into his mouth. "Tastes fine to me."

Yasminath and Nymionth sense that Neifeths leaves are now petals, mimicking the rose petals but turning them neon fuschia, though her thoughts are shared it's obvious she's speaking mostly to Yasminath. « Was anyone else hurt in the accident that caused this degree of intellectual disability? Don't answer, maybe you're on a word limit. » She's not that nice, « You just blow compliments up people's butts because you might hurt their feelings? Exhausting. » The mind sounds so put out, as if the thought of kindness drains her energy. Dramatic and forward in every way.

No harm no foul… except for F'inn's broken nose. But K'zre is less concerned with the past than he is with the present — and Oddisa's current state. The suggestion that she might get out of bed has him frowning hard. "She'd better stay in the infirmary or she might very well die." He doesn't bother to censor his words; he has no room to play nice in this matter, even if the subject somewhat scares him. "She's very sick," he tells Evi, with little regard to whether it might upset her to hear it. "A high fever and the beginnings of pneumonia, which I believe I caught in time. When I left her she was stable." But he'll make no promises about her present condition. The weyrling's discomfort — whether with the topic of conversation or the excessive explaining that she's done — seems not to phase him. Either that, or K'zre hasn't even recognized it for what it is. But he will snort and declare, "The meal is fine," right along with his weyrmate. "You can't ruin a meal by talking," he insists, even if there are plenty out there who might disagree. And a moment later, he's proven wrong when his gaze goes glassy and his expression darkens. He won't glare at Evi (it's not really her fault?) but the rest of his food is set down and pushed away as he rises. "If you'll excuse me…"

Nymionth and Neifeth sense that Yasminath is very obviously confused, but she isn't so naïve as to not recognize an insult when it is directed at her. The moonlight goes dark, and a wash of hurt and confusion rushes in to fill it's place. « … what? Why would you say that? » A tear into water. A shadow across the moon as the bells fade into nothing. « I thought you were hurt… » and she cared about that! She cared a great deal. A final flash of light and she's gone, her mind yanked away and a wall of glass put up in it's place.

Neifeth and Yasminath sense that Nymionth's mind holds the barest hint of a rumble of thunder, the fall of rose petals swirling in the air in patterns that just might herald a coming storm. « Slinging insults, simply because one can, » he assures. « A mark of poor and substandard character. A pointed flaw in one's overall sense of oneness with weyrs and a lack of disregard for the future of one's rider. All in all, grace, even when met with the venomous bile spewed forth by those so self-centered to eschew even the most common decency is beneath us. » In the wake of the words, and Yasminath's withdrawal, Nymionth shifts in the bowl, readjusting his position to drape one cape-like wing over his petite green darling.

"I'm glad. Um. I." Evi's eyes glaze over, and her mouth moves slightly, shaking her head back and forth. The word 'no' is formed, and then she sighs. The problem is ignored for the moment, the pieces of fruit scooped into her mouth, and suddenly the slow, picky, eating is fast. She inhales and then exhales in the way a mindhealer might teach to calm one's mind. Deep breaths. "You say that, but, Nei can be very cruel, and she doesn't always play well with others. I get lucky when she doesn't deem them worthy to talk to at all." Standing up, her eyes go to K'zre and then F'inn. "I'll make sure she's there, warn her about all the punishment." Over bitten pink lips, have an apparent cause as her dragon ruins everything. "I… We should go." At that, she scurries out towards the bowl. Just before departing like a scared mouse she'll call out. "It was a pleasure, I'll read about you again." And off she goes, to chastise a green dragon for being a rude biotch.

F'inn exhales a breath, pushing to his feet along with K'zre. He says nothing about Neifeth's behavior, however, it is not his weyr and they are not his weyrlings. Where she Nymionth's spawn? He would deal with it. "Give Oddisa our love when you visit with her. Well met, Evi," he adds before moving to follow his weyrmate out of the living cavern. Course, two steps in and he is jogging to catch up with K'zre, one hand reaching out to brace against the small of the greenrider's back as they step out into the bowl.

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