Curiosity Claims a Candidate (aka Katailea is Searched)

Characters Alexa, Katailea
Synopsis Alexa and Katailea meet in the galleries. After a lot of curious questions, Alexa asks her the most important of all.
Out-of-Character Date January 29, 2020

Igen Weyr - Galleries
From this vantage point, you can look over the balcony to the Sands below. The seating here stretches out around the perimeter of the Sands, the rows of seating rising high above. The benches are wooden, simple bleachers, and the stone steps have been worn down along their center from turns of foot-traffic. Above the bleachers, the ledge of the galleries is pocked and marked from dragonclaws where dragons have perched to watch the hatchings as well.

Winter - Month 3 of Turn 2724

Igen is always hot during the day. Even in winter, the days are blistering. So much so that sometimes even places like the Hatching galleries can feel cool in comparison! Though, of course, the operative words are 'in comparison'. It's still hot. It's just not as hot. And it's definitely not as hot in the galleries as it is on the sands, which is probably why Alexa has scooted her butt up to the top of the galleries, lingering close enough to the balcony's edge that she can easily see down and be "available" should Raaneth need her (hint: She doesn't), but definitely far enough that she can find some relief from the warmth. Her hair pulled up into the messiest of messy buns, the stray bits still stick to her neck and cheeks but at least don't impede her ability to pour over paperwork. Which is, naturally, what she's doing. Because she's weird, and this is "fun" for her. On the sands, Raaneth has taken to brooding in a very overbearing fashion; wide wings employed to keep her clutch hidden from view save for a glimpse every now and then when one wing gets tired and the other must be used instead.

Igen is one place Katailea hasn't been before being so far from the coast where she's spent so much of her life. Plenty of time in the territory over the turns, but never the Weyr itself. Today however she finds herself here waiting on a ride who needed to make a stop at Igen first. Beggers can't be chooser, so the side trip isn't so bad a tradeoff. The hatching caverns might not have been her first choice of refuge from the heat, but they are the one she found first or perhaps was directed towards. Blonde locks pulled up in a similar fashion to Alexa's the young woman makes her way to the galleries. A glance is spared for the gold hiding her clutch, but its not where her attention lingers.

Raaneth is normally a nice enough gold, but when she's brooding over her clutch the mama-claws come out. It's her deep-throated rumble of warning that brings Alexa's head up, a roll of her eyes and a murmured, "be nice," offered when the weyrwoman discovers that the source of the disturbance is not an actual threat to anyone or anything, and is simply a visitor. Still looking a bit puffed up, Raaneth goes back to fussing while Alexa stacks her papers and carefully sets them aside. Sometimes, a break is warranted. "Sorry about that. She's always a little fussy the first sevendays or so, but she's all bark and no bite." At least, most of the time.

Katailea was staying on the far side of things compared to eggs and dame. That warning rumble brings another glance in Raaneth's direction and while she might have gone in search of another place to wait it's the sound of human voice that causes the blonde to turn sea green eyes in Alexa's direction. A slight smile comes as a silent greeting even as she shakes her head for the apology. "Its alright, some of them are more .. particular than others from what I've heard."

"True," agrees Alexa. "But even so, she knows better than to behave like that. This isn't her first clutch," she adds, slanting a look at the dragon. Raaneth ignores her. Putting her papers to work as a makeshift fan, Alexa settles back in her seat with a sigh. "You're not Igen," she notes with a squint, curiosity getting the better of her. "At least, you don't look Igen. But then again, neither do I." So who is she to judge. "I'm Alexa," comes next, because the girl has manners and sometimes she remembers to use them. "That's Raaneth," is added with a toss of her head toward the dragon. "You can sit up here, if you want. No pressure."

Its with a bit of a laugh that Katailea replies to Alexa's comment, that look towards her lifemate not going unnoticed. "No," she returns, shaking her head as she moves further up the galleries to join the other, the word both confirmation and agreement. "Katailea," she offers her own name, turning on the toes of one foot to settle into a seat beside the weyrwoman. "Nice to meet you." Beat. "Both," added a second later to include dragon as well.

"Well met," declares Alexa with a grin. "On behalf of both of us." Even if the draconic half is being less than diplomatic at the moment. "I've got snacks and some water, if you're in the mood," she adds, twisting to wave a hand toward the tray somewhat buried beneath the paperwork. "It had ice in it earlier." The water, presumably. "All melted now, sadly." Sigh. "So if you're not Igen, where are you from?"

Katailea shakes her head, "I'm okay, thank you," she replies for the offer of snacks. "Water though…" That she could go for ice or no. At least if it had ice it should be reasonably cool yet, compared to the surrounding at any rate. The question of where brings a pause as she considers the answer for a moment. "All over I guess. Fa-," she starts, changing what she might have said. "Nerat originally. Xanadu currently. And you? Igen now," that's clear enough with her gold being on Igen's sands. "But before?"

There's enough condensation on the glass to suggest it's still relatively cool. A wince and an apology comes as Alexa hands it over, if just because, "Careful, it might drip on you." For herself, she'll take a handful of dried fruit, popping a piece in her mouth as she squints briefly toward the sands. An eyebrow arches at the abbreviated word, green eyes lingering on Katailea a moment or two. But Alexa is definitely not about to ask for clarification. She'll take that 'Nerat and Xanadu' and roll with it. "Well. Kind of the same? Sort of. I mean; a bunch of holds when I was younger. Then Harper Hall until they sent me here. But Igen's the first place that felt like home." Probably has something to do with the great golden goose out on the Sands. "Do you like Xanadu? I've only seen it once or twice, but it seems nice?"

"Thanks," given for the water as its handed over. The idea of it probably dripping doesn't seem to bother her in the least and she lifts it to take a long drink. If she she noticed that look she doesn't comment on it instead nodding for the answer given. "Nice, that you found that." A place that feels like home. As to herself, a shoulder lifts in a half shrug, "It is nice, I like it alright. Friends there." But there's something in her voice, her body language that accompanies the words that she's perhaps not completely sold on the place either.

"Friends are good," agrees Alexa, securing her own glass of water. She leans forward, elbows to her knees, the glass carefully held between her hands so the dripping condensation meets the floor and not her clothes. "But they're not everything." Cause maybe she read into that subtle tone of voice and, while curiosity might get the better of her, she's at least not so bold as to outright ask. Yet. "It's Raaneth that makes this home, though," she admits. "I've a brother, too. He's here. He's also what makes it home. But… well. Even with him, Igen wasn't home until Raaneth helped me to belong." And maybe that sounds crazy, or maybe it makes sense. Either way, she offers a shrug and wonders, "How do you feel about dragons? I mean, I've heard living in Xanadu can be, uh… loud." Rumors definitely get around about Leirith.

Katailea tilts her head as she looks towards Alexa. "No," a mix of agreement and question about friends, but a nod follows her gaze shifting towards gold at her mention. "I've heard that too," she notes of finding one's dragonic match changing things. "I don't know," she offers honestly after a moment of thought. "I never spent much time around them until Xanadu and well, yes." The last word said with laughter in her voice. "It can be."

"I got a small taste of it," admits Alexa, for the loud Xanadu dragons. "We were down there a few months ago…?" she questions, squinting toward the sky as if it might give her the answer. "I dunno. Time's kinda weird. But we met the new little gold. She's kinda loud, too." But most baby dragons are. It's the topic of dragons changing things that pulls green eyes back to golden hide, a softer smile coming unbidden to the weyrwoman's lips. "Ever think about trying?" she wonders, another curious glance offered Katailea. "Have you ever Stood? Is that why you were in Xanadu?" So nosy, this one!

"Inasyth," Katailea offers the name of said new 'little' gold. "Most of them from that clutch are," she notes on the idea of them being loud, experience behind those words along with a subtle sort of fondness as well. The question that follows however brings a bit of a frown as her gaze drifts down towards the glass in her hands even as she nods, "I stood with them. And for the next. Not why I was there, "in Xanadu, "but why I stayed so long at least to begin with."

"Hmm," is all Alexa really says on the matter, even if it's not saying anything at all. But she makes no point of hiding her study of Katailea, curious green eyes lingering on the girl beside her for longer than they should. "Do you want to try again?" she wonders, the question not nearly as casual as it might appear. "You could stand here. At Igen. It's not Xanadu," she admits, casting a little glance around as if the hatching cavern could reveal anything new. "But it's my home. And it could be your home. We've got eggs," obviously. There's no denying the hulking queen crouched over her still-squishy clutch. "And we need candidates. And I'm definitely asking," she continues, just in case it isn't clear, "If you'll Stand as Candidate for them."

The study goes unnoticed as Katailea looks into the glass of water. The question brings her back, green eyes turning towards Alexa. "Yes and no," its an honest answer at least if nothing else. There's more then to then then if she'd like to but if she would. Alexa earns a stare for that. "You're serious?" Because she's not so certain after her last attempt at such. "Then yes," one thing she apparently doesn't have to think too hard upon.

"Yes, I'm serious," confirms Alexa, without a hint of mischief. "I would never joke about such things." And when the answer comes back in confirmation, the wide grin returns. "Awesome! Yes! Thank you," she adds. "I'm sure it can't be easy…" Whatever else she might have said she leaves unspoken. Because as much as she might imagine what being left might feel like, she's never experienced it for herself. "Of course, you can take a few days if you need to settle some things back in Xanadu," she adds. "I mean… don't linger long there, but… you know. Say good bye and get your stuff and… whatever else you might need," she encourages. "And when you're ready, you can come and ask for me, or the Weyrlingmaster or Headwoman… they'll get you squared away in the barracks and stuff." A hint of hesitation, and she sobers a little when she says, "I really do appreciate it. Do you… have any questions?"

A smile finds its way to Katailea's lips at that confirmation. A nod follows what comes next. "No," she replies with a brief glance down. "But thank you," she adds looking back up to meet the other's eyes. "For the chance. I won't need long, a couple hours maybe. And no," a shake of her head. For now at least there are no questions.

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