Wake up and smell the manure

Characters Oddisa, Katailea
Synopsis Oddisa drags Katailea to the stables.
Out-of-Character Date February 2, 2020

Candidate barracks, Lower caverns, Stables (theater of the mind)
While the barracks are little different from the dorms in layout and appearance, a little time makes it apparent that they house younger people, for the most part. There's also more order; the cots are lined with precision - almost as if laid out on a sleeping chart. The room is kept tidy, and the presses are closed and not leaking belongings. Though not segregated by sex, one side of the room appears to belong primarily to the female candidates, the other to the males, though there does happen to be some over-lapping. In general, the barracks are open, perhaps as an introduction to the more public, collective life of a rider. To one side of the door, a large chore board lists the duties of each Candidate for the day.

Early morning at Igen Weyr, the sun isn't up, and the temperature is cooler almost cold, though as the days lengthen each day is warmer than the last. Eleven days since Oddisa was searched and a routine is well in place, before anyone else is awake, the petite blonde is. Chores begin after breakfast; nonetheless, the girl who refuses to remove her SR. Apprentice beastcraft knot, instead has pinned the candidate knot next to it, is up and out of bed, kneeling next to her clothing press an outfit is placed on the bed. Perched on the railing at the bottom of the cot are a pale green firelizard and a patchwork brown, both content to observe the morning's ministrations' eyes casting light into the darkness of the barracks. If one were to pay any mind to rumors, spread amongst gossipy candidates, it is said this early riser schtick is an attempt to gain favor. Kissing up to R'sner and N'sir. Especially as she comes into breakfast a mess of dirt, hay and stains.

It was only a few days after Oddisa joined the ranks of Candidate at Igen that Katailea did. The other petite blonde, the one with the green eyes, is an early riser by nature and is also awake already this morning and pulling out her dress for the day as well. "MOrning," she offers over towards the younger girl.

Short and blonde is the flavor of the cycle, Oddisa sorting through clothes in the press, attempting quiet for the sake of the sleeping-in crowd. "Mornin'." Childish soprano voice barely above a whisper, the drawl similar to that heard in Tillek seaholds. The dress is eyed, one eyebrow going up with a downturn of the lip speculatively. Without another word, a wooden box, finely crafted and etched with the name Oddisa in complex caligraphy, is placed on the bed, next to the clothes. Slipping off the blue, threadbare, knee-length nightshirt, it's tossed on the cot as underclothes and shirt are pulled on, followed by pants. In short order, fully dressed, she hops back onto the bed and opens the box. Sunbleached hair is unbraided by deft hands, eyes flicking to Katailea again before whispering, "I'm Oddisa, wha' gets yu up at dis hour? Gonna brown nose wit' me?" Asking in a teasing, playful tone with an unladylike snort of humor.

Changing from worn nightgown to day dress is a relatively quick process for the older teen. Night clothes folded and placed back into the press in exchange for a brush. Turning then to settle on her own cot, she replies with a smile, "Katailea." The trader's accent may be difficult to place with her travels, but at its base is Nerat. "Just awake," she answers quietly for the sake of those who may still be sleeping as she sets brush to her hair.

Deft hands unbraid both sides, a brown wooden comb violently pulled through wavy curls, lips settled in a firm frown, in a hurry. "Well met, Katailea." Three pieces of hair are separated out, on the left side of her head, and tightly braided with more hair being added until that side is completed with a tight piece of leather knotted around the end. The right side gets the same attention, hands run over and down, inspecting the work before scooting to the edge of the bed. "You wanna come?" No indication of where she's going is provided as socks are put on, and boots are zipped up. A silent sign that it's time to depart, haygirl, and trot take flight and head towards the entrance. Odi stands waiting for a response, leaning against an empty cot, body towards the older teen, hands in pockets. The firelizard flying and diving in circles pop suddenly *between*.

"Well met," Katailea replies, in agreement with that sentiment at least. Not in nearly so much a hurry herself, there's still plenty of time before they're expected to be anywhere this morning. Hair brushed and pulled up however doesn't take terribly long and her own boots follow socks soon enough. "Where?" the question follows the question of joining, though she's already on her way towards the door at the offer. She'd rather be out while its still cool than lingering in the still sleeping barracks.

When it's clear Katailea is joining, Oddisa nearly picks up a slow jog, "Stables, I go every mornin'. Can yu ride? Trot and Haygirl need fed firs'" Scooting into the Lower Caverns, raw meat scraps are procured and tossed into a fabric satchel that's an undyed off white color. "If yu won' drink from the trough, yu need to ask kitchen for water." Advising while wrapping a napkin around 5 pieces of bacon, the bacon is placed wrapped up ONTOP of the meat scraps and Oddisa grins widely, "Yu aren't really dressed to ride, bu' there's more to do." One of the lower caverns helpers hands Odi a few pern carrot equivalents and a bag of peppermint type candies, popping one into her mouth she moves towards the next door. "Early is better, less people." Less oversite. "Where yu from?" This morning routine obviously occurs with or without company, the young woman having ingratiated herself with several people it seems.

Opening up the peppermint bag, it's held out towards Katailea, whilst walking fast towards the South Bowl. "I can teach yu, if yu impress you'll wanna know how to ride." As if the two things have much to do with one another, Oddisa moves as if she's lived here forever. There's no hesitation, striding around as if she owns the place, sure of what she wants with a casual air of determination. "I'm also from Xanadu, though I spent the last turn in Fort Weyr an' before tha' I was in Keroon." The walk isn't a short one, dragons and riders moving about, crafters. The brown watch dragon looks down from the edge of the bowl at the two of them. Odi waves, "Good mornin' Nakatoth." Chirping up towards the beast with a wave. "He's up there twice a seven, always nights."

Katailea shakes her head at the offer of the sweets. "No," then a second later, "thanks. I don't … runners," she concludes with another shake of her head. Runners are not a creature she's accustomed to, but she walks on with Oddisa all the same. "I moved around alot before Xanadu too," she notes in return. "but if you were at Fort that's probably why I don't remember you from there. You do seem familiar though." Almost a question, not quite sure how or why, but not putting too much thought to it all, a light shrug of shoulders following the thought. A glance towards the watchdragon as the name is noted. "You've gotten to know the place quick."

"Have yu spent much time with runners?" Oddisa dismissively tilting her chin towards her fellow candidate, both eyebrows up and face reading quiet judgment. Reaching into the bag, a second peppermint is procured before it's twirled 'closed' and tucked in with the meat scraps. "I go home plenty, lotsa riders in the family. Ma always beggin' a visit." As they reach the stable, the big stone door is pressed open, and the beasthold carved into the side of the mountain that is Igen is entered. Stone windows have been carved out, allowing runners to see outside. There are long hallways of light stoned walls with wood stalls built in a neat row. The place probably houses 20 runners, not a large stable by any stretch. The electric lighting mixed with glows allows the area to feel well lit, stone providing a cool atmosphere for beasts unaccustomed to the heat. "As I sai' I go home plenty, prolly ran past one another. Yu know any of the Xanadu dragons? My Da's blue is dark, Gloomth, he's got light spots, green tinge to his head an' wings. Sisters blue is similar, but he's got lighter stripes on his legs and neck, Nefariath. My cousin's dragons kinda a mix of dark, and really bright green. She's got spots, an' stripes Neith." In perfect Oddisa, the dragons are all described and named without mentioning any of the people's names, ranks, or ages. Inside the stable, several stalls are walked past, until they arrive at one with a chestnut-colored runner, a white blaze striping down his face in a T shape. "Good morning lil' buddy, how are you." Greeting with each word dripping affection, one hand out towards the creature.

Another shake of her head answers the question though the words that come with it confirm, "No." She hasn't spent much time with runners ever. "Transported them a couple times, and mucking stables when I was a candidate before." But that is the extent of her time with the creatures. Inside the stables she finds a place to stay close enough to continue friendly conversation, yet well out of arm's reach of the beasts in the stalls, or as well as she can manage in the spacing of the structure. "Hmm.." is verbalized as she considers the descriptions given one by one. "Maybe, but…" She probably saw them about at least once or twice, but she doesn't know them well enough to say for certain from what's provided save the last. "Evi. I stood with Evi when she impressed Nei."

"Hardly consider mucking a chore, more a relaxation exercise." Sighing happily, Oddisa smiles fondly, remembering all the wonderful time she's spent mucking, all of the lovely 'you' time that only happens when doing manual labor. Beastcraft girls are strange. Placing tiny hands on the uppermost rail, the stall front climbed like a ladder. Turning around with care, Odi is perched facing Katailea while simultaneously leaning back into the runner, whose pressing his chest forward, head nuzzling the cloth bag in the girl's hand, "Ah he smells the good, hmm. Yeaaah, yur needy." Patting the wuffling nose of the giant animal that has nearly become a lap runner. "Yu know Evi, she can ride yu know. Before she impressed, her Da is one of the better race trainers on Ista. " Making casual conversation, tilting her head towards Katailea while managing to entertain the equine charge that is desperately attempting to eat a hole in the goodie bag. "Yu can come closer, yu know. He don' bite." This could be a lie, I mean, all runners bite, and really all creatures bite. When is the crucial part.

Katailea does mind chores, or hard work. Mucking stalls would not be listed anywhere near the top of the list, but that idea of 'you' time she understands completely. "I do," she confirms knowing the girl's cousin, "But I didn't know that. She never talked about her family very much." Or the topic never came up to get into those details at least, a topic for which a mental note is made to potentially ask about later. "I'm okay here," the blonde replies, arms crossed loosely across her stomach. All creatures have the potential to bite of course, which may or may not be a reason for it despite Oddisa's assurance on this particular one.

"Alrigh' suit yurself." Standing up on the top rail, holding onto the animal that could at any moment dive away and unbalance the girl, she snags a black leather halter from a hook next to the stall and holds it up. The runner obligingly sticks his face in, snuffling lovingly at the teen. It's now apparent how she gets so dirty, as the once clean shirt now has a green stain on the front. Tossing the lead rope over the chestnut neck, the animal lines his back up perfectly with the railing. Sliding down atop the steed, there's a beatific grin of pleasure. "Evi's got enough reason not to discuss family." Is all that is said, wrinkling nose and looking disgusted before leaning forward to drape her body over the runner's neck and shoulder. Anyone who's not been around runner-folk would find the behavior, bizarre. The casual relationship of trust and mutual affection similar to that seen between dragon and rider. "Xanadu to Igen is sorta far, any particular reason?"

A brow might raise at Oddisa's movement, her affection for the beast, but Katailea doesn't comment on that. That or the other girl's cousin's reasons, whatever they might be. Another mental note filed away at that perhaps, but nothing said aloud. She will suite herself and remain fixed where she is for the time however only to answer with a shrug. "Why not?" Xanadu to Igen. "I was asked if I'd stand, I said yes." Does there really need to be more of an answer than that. "Fort isn't exactly close either. Any reason?"

Fingers are gently wiggled back and forth on the rope, the runner dropping his head and Oddisa sitting up straighter, legs engaged in holding her on with seat well underneath. Reaching down the stall latch is unhooked, pressing a hand into the door and clucking to allow the runner to move forward. Striding slowly into the barn aisle, Oddisa shrugs from ontop the mount, "I was in Keroon being reassigned. Tested into Senior rank, an' was tryin' to find a nice stable in Keroon to move up in." The explanation makes sense, and the casual wave given beckons Katailea to follow. "I'm gonna exercise him, yu can come if you'd like. Ever fed a firelizard? Mine don' bite." The 'don' bite' might be a frequent claim by the pixie blonde. From *between* as if the words fed and firelizard in the same sentence is all it takes to summon them, Haygirl and Trot appear. "Can yu hold my bag." The bag of various foodstuffs having been clutched in between fingers holding onto the rope. "What is it yu did in Xanadu? An'.. how well did yu know my cousin?" Because it might be awkward to bring up a person, only to find out they weren't friends. Devotion to family coming above anything else.

Staying well out of the way of runner and rider Katailea steps back down the aisle when the stall is unlatched. "Oh," Keroon is closer the Igen than Fort and in their traditional territory so that explains that. "Sure," equally casual agreement to watch her exercise the runner, she'll follow to watch. "Once or twice," the trader replies with a light shrug to the question of feeding firelizards. She will venture close enough to take the bag when it's handed over, sliding the strap over her shoulder to keep hold of it even as she steps back. "Worked at the docks," is what she did at Xanadu, and as for her cousin, "We stood together," which she mentioned already, "were friends." Maybe not best friends, but friends.

The animal is bright chestnut, with two back white socks and a sloping dishy face. Desert bred, it lacks any of the bulkiness that is present in northern bred runners. It's hair and eyes shine with good health, with a loud SNORT it proceeds forward Oddisa laughing and patting fondly. "He approves of this idea." Sliding off the animals back infront of a cut out section, the response gets a nod. Trot and Haygirl land ontop of a saddle rack, brown Trot moving forward and chirping inquisitively with a glance at the bag and then back at Katailea. Haygirl hides next to Trot, letting big bro do all the talking. Tying her mount up with a series of loops Odi quickly saddles, checking girth fit. "Evi's always out makin' friends. Ma will be happy, she's had me writin' letters for nearing two turns. Tryin' to help'er." The comment has Oddisa frowning, shaking off an idea like a loose piece of hair in her face. "Have yu met the weyrlingstaff here yet? They searched me, tough. The assistant is a bit… interestin'." She means feminine and mean, but interesting is a nice word.

"Right.." the beast approves. If you say so Oddisa. The pair of firelizards may find themselves disappointed however by Katailea's lack of notice or understanding of their desire for what's in the bag as she watches the beastcrafter's actions of readying the runner. "She is," she comments on Evi, or at least she seems to be from her perspective. "Help her?" that bit brings a curious question to the young woman's voice, but its followed by a shake of her head. "I haven't," met the weyrlingstaff yet. "Good interesting, or not so good?" Because she knows that word can work both ways and given the nature in which it was said there must be more too it than simply interesting.

"Not everyone gets… an easy route. I've always gotten to do this, an' this is always what I wanted." Further explanation on helping Evi might not come, Oddisa puts one hand up, covering her mouth in thought. With the lizards making louder noises, chittering at one another and flicking wings as breakfast is now LATE, "The lizards can sort the meat out if yu open the bag an' put it on the rack." Pointing to the wooden saddle rack that currently acts as a firelizard perch. "Well, that first nigh' I did twenty laps aroun' the bowl. Because instead of agreeing to be searched, I asked a few minor questions." Alright, she was rude. But that's not how she saw it, and this retelling is Oddisa's alone.

"No.. they don't," on that Katailea agrees easily enough, though there's question more there in the silence of it. Its not something Evi ever really mentioned, at least not in so many words or any detail. "Oh?" the sound one to encourage the younger to continue her story at the mention of laps even as she moves to open the bag and search out the meet that was earlier added for the firelizards. Once found its set out for them before she looks back to Oddisa. "So they made you run laps for asking questions?" Something about that doesn't seem to add up, but having not met them yet herself she can't be certain.

"I'd simply asked why they wanted to search me. I think he took it personal." Oddisa's denim eyes roll so far up into her head they might get stuck, mouth ajar in a teenagers best look of annoyance. In this moment, she looks a bit like Evi. "I may have offended him, an' once I agreed he made me run laps. He said ten, but.. I though' shards. If I'm runnin' ten, lets run twenty." The math makes no sense, "Mostly I didn' need him thinkin' he'd got me." Because Faranath forbid you get 'got'. The two firelizards dive into eating, happily gobbling as fast as any creature can. "Chew it or I take it." Both slow down, but only a little. Leading the saddled runner out into an open area that seems to be on the other SIDE of the mountain, which could mess with ones head a bit. "I'd be real polite. I… sorta know the clutch sires rider a lil'. He's alrigh'. Not met the dam's rider."

Katailea laughs. Sorry Oddisa, but if you made the punishment worse for yourself then that's all on you. "Sorry, but.." she can't help but find it somewhat amusing. "I feel like there's probably more to it than a question like that. And if you ran 20 when they asked for 10, that's on you." Not that she's lacking sympathy for her as she follows outside. "Good to know though," if nothing else she appreciates the heads up. "Haven't met him, she's the one who searched me. Seems nice."

Positioning the runner next to the fence, Oddisa climbs to the top rail and settles into the seat. The reins are gathered, though the runner moves side to side in a nervous jig of anticipation. "Yu could ride behind me easy, come on." The doubt cast down upon her ABSOLUTE INNOCENCE by the new girl who seems to at least be willing to follow her around and talk, brings a severe frown. "Get up here wit me, it'll be worth it." Patting alluringly with one eyebrow up and a slow nod of her head. "You wanna ride a dragon, all high in the sky, but yur scared uh a lil runner? Look at cute lil'buddy. He won' hurt you." The baby voice with the sharp soprano tone and the lower lip wibbling is dramatic.

"I'm fine here," Katailea assures of her place along the fence and not atop the runner. For today at least she'll forgo riding. Someday, Oddisa, you might talk her into it, but not today. "I'm not scared," she returns at the suggestion that she might be. That's one way to get her to try it, but she's not giving into the idea just yet. "Maybe another time?" Maybe another day.

"You look very brave from down on the groun' all on yur feet." A slow sage nod, Oddisa's sultry tones moving into pure sarcasm. Without asking anymore, the runner is ridden around, first at a trot and then a canter. After two passes she arrives back to where Kat is, "Another time has arrived, yur chariot." Again patting behind her, waving Katailea on insistently. "Come on, you think a dragons gonna be impressed by someone who can't get slightly off the ground? Psh."

Katailea rolls her eyes, "Brave has nothing to do with it," she huffs, unamused by the other's sarcasm. When it seems she's given up, Katailea leans against the fence to watch, that is until after only a few laps she's back to try again. "I have no problem getting off the ground. Not today Oddisa. They're going to be looking for us soon anyway. I should be getting back." Because breakfast and chores and the rest of the day are still to come. With that, she's turning to head back towards the Weyr proper.

"Alrigh' Tomorrow, wear pants." Truthfully Kat might fit into some of Odi's pants. "I'll be present at chore, see ya." In no hurry to finish the ride, Oddisa remains for the better part of a half an hour. Breakfast is skipped, because she packed all the bacon she can eat and is content on a diet of bacon and candy. As far as Oddisa introductions go, this one was a raging success. After a nice long ride, and caring for the borrowed runner. Bacon will be consumed on the way to maintenance.

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