Characters Alexa, Oddisa
Synopsis Alexa meets Oddisa in the living cavern- Intro scene
Out-of-Character Date February 2, 2020

Living Cavern, Igen
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size -- although its walls are not so nearly circular -- the living cavern is filled with numerous rectangular tables, almost too many to count. The Weyrleaders have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths at one end of the cavern. The hearths are kept as low-burning as possible during the day when folk come inside to escape the heat outside. They burn brighter at night to keep away the deserts chill. No matter hte level of flame, there is always a stew pot that hangs for nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's cooling system.

Twelve days since Oddisa was searched, and she fits in well. The afternoon has arrived, and chores are well underway. Wandering into the cavern, the smallest of the current candidate groups is covered in a fine layer of dust, grease stains on her pants, grass stains on the sleeves and back of her shirt. Face red with sun, and the beginnings of sunburn over farmers tan, redness seeping over the tan. She scoots past everyone in the food line, filling two mugs with iced Klah and draining one while standing to the side of the line. There's nothing particularly special about Odi, politely nodding to anyone nearby and saluting as rank dictates. Refilling the mug with juice, each table is eyed speculatively. Nope, not there, not there either. Nope. Not them. Finding the perfect place to sit might be hard, given the candi-bait status brightly displayed on her chest. Maybe a giant red A would have been less conspicuous.

Candidates are nothing new. Even candidates for Raaneth's clutch is something Alexa has almost grown accustomed too. After all, she's done this two times before. But still; new faces bring a natural curiosity and the goldrider is no different. She's got her seat already. Hell, Alexa has the whole table, as per usually, papers and books spread out until she's claimed a space much larger than she ought. But with the living caverns getting crowded and at least one person looking for a spot, Alexa finally decides she ought to straight up a bit. And hey, maybe a table full of paperwork isn't the most desirable place to sit, but she'll still offer "There's a seat here!" to Oddisa, in case she wants it.

Oddisa hears the call out and takes a step back, lips twitching to one side as she examines the table surrounded by papers and captained by an unknown goldrider. Every inch of the space is scrutinized, sharp blue eyes raking from one side to the next before both shoulders rise in a 'might as well' shrug. Yet another glass of juice is procured, as a cook taps Odi on the shoulder before she can slip away and hands her a plate with several pieces of fried wherry, cut into strips with a sauce. A gesture that indicates she's ingratiated herself with the important people. Striding forward, there's nearly a cocky level of confidence, carrying her head high and walking with purpose towards her destination. Sitting down at the table with her three mugs of liquids and meat precariously balanced atop. "Thanks, werywoman. I would hate to interrupt yur work, though." The drawly sweet, entirely too youthful, soprano is at sharp odds with her abuse of proper language.

There are only three of them at Igen. Goldriders. And being the youngest, process of elimination could potentially lead Odi to the correct conclusion about which one is sitting at the table she's joined. But even so, there's a quirk of lips and a dry, "I'm Alexa. 'Weyrwoman' is fine, but, it can get kinda tedious to hear it all day." Which is to say, Odi is welcome to use her name. "And it's fine," she assures, stacking papers and books into neatly organized stacks to set aside — well out of the way of food and the threat of three beverages. "I tend to spread out and forget how much space I'm taking up. And a break is always nice." And after a particular paper is moved, Alexa reveals that she is not without sustenance herself; a plate of simple finger foods hidden beneath her notes is quickly claimed and settled before her once again. "You might want to see the healers," she notes, eyeing the 'sunkissed' candidate. "Sunburns are nasty business in Igen. They've got a salve that can prevent it."

"Tis' nice to meet ya, Alexa I'm Oddisa. Odi works best, though, Oddisa sounds." A wrinkle of her small nose, eyes rolling slightly with head wagging back and forth to indicate utter displeasure of her full name. "Yu do yur work here?" The caverns are glanced around, both hands now free tapping her ears. "Isn' it loud?" Oddisa often seems to prefer quieter spaces, more hay fewer people. The idea of doing all her daily drudgery indoors is a punishment. Tracing a finger gently along the reddened portion of the arm, there's a quiet pursing of lips, locking her gaze on Alexa to indicate she's heard her but taking a long time to respond. "I'll be sure to consult, a healer." Seeing could be a stretch since for all she knows the only healer allowed within 5 lengths of her is far away. "You're Raaneth's rider, then? I've not met yu yet, though I'd heard about yu. Eggs look good. Not that, I'm an egg expert. My ma is though, said a lotta complex positive things."Slowly, in the course of conversation, the chair is quietly tipped back on two legs, knees hooked on the inside lip of the table for 'safety.'

"Odd?" offers Alexa, helpfully. She couldn't help herself, the twinkle in her green eyes an entirely obvious thing. As is the grin that she tries to hide by quickly stuffing a date into her mouth. A nod of her head answers that question, because at least Alexa is polite enough not to speak with her mouth full. "Sometimes," she allows. "When I want to have some background noise. Sometimes the record room can feel… too quiet." Like solitary confinement. "It's really not that bad," she assures. Like white-noise; the dull chatter and perpetual sounds of the living caverns. Whether the weyrwoman is worried about Oddisa following through on her promise to 'consult' a healer is uncertain, but she doesn't appear to be overly concerned. "At least wear a hat. Long sleeves. Really; you don't want to burn." She might be speaking from personal experience. "And yes, I am." Raaneth's rider. "And I think so, too." For the eggs. "She's finally settling down about them. She can be quite fussy the first few days. Very protective." It's tedious, says her tone of voice. "Your mother… is a dragonhealer, then? Does she work here?" Two-legged chair balancing? Not a thing Alexa is going to fuss over, even if she won't attempt it herself.

"Stuffy," Remarks Oddisa about the name, the papers are glanced at and curiousity begins to get the better of Odi, scooting over slightly and craning her neck down at the piles. "Quiets nice, it's why I visit the stables, anyone tha' matters is up 'fore the sun." The strong opinion about early rising, as she tips in her own homemade rocking chair, the juice sipped away at. "She's a dragonhealer, but we're all from Xanadu." Even if this particular person was picked up in Keroon, a fact that may or may not have been given to Alexa. "Clothes I can get." Allowing the chair to settle down on all four legs, she scoots back and leans towards the papers. All the while, she's not asking to look at them, but instead keeping the subject on the dragon. "Some of um are, yeah. Ma mostly works with infertile Queens, or clutching problems. Is a Xanadu specialty. She'd bore yur ears righ' off. Protective can be useful, Mares get tha' way. First mares specially, an' since dragons don't remember things, I'm sure every clutch is a first one. Makes sense Since firelizards are the base of dragons, an' firelizards in the wild have to fend off predators. She's every reason not to want people aroun' her children, I've never met a person tha' wasn't also a predator." More astute than she first sounds, it's obvious some harper did a decent job with her education. Still, laser focused on trying to read any piece of visible paper, sure to find something that interests the nosey girl.

"I'll keep that in mind," declares Alexa, who might just be the opposite of a morning person. But there's a dry smirk all the same, like there's a private joke that only she is privy to, and takes no offense for it. It's a fair bet that Alexa knows her name, her rank, her home and her lineage, though perhaps only as far back as the first grandparents. She lives and breathes recordkeeping, and has more than a few connections to Harper Hall. But the papers on her table are far less interesting; inventory lists and accounting forms; numbers and words arranged in neat little columns. And none of it confidential enough to entice the weyrwoman to leaning forward and hiding them from view, when she catches Odi trying to sneak a peek. "True enough. But I wouldn't say she forgets about the other clutches. She remembers that she had them. Maybe not the specifics, but there's a sense of 'having done this before'. But I doubt it would change her mind, even if she did this a hundred times over. She is who she is, and that's fine," agrees Alexa. "And it is only while they are at their soft and squishiest that she's fussy. A few more days, and she'll let all of you out there to meet then up close and personal without even a hint of temper." Well. Maybe a hint. "You work with runners, then." A trick question; she totally already knows. "What do you think of Igen's stock?"

Oddisa is full of opinions, most of them built off the backs of other beastcrafters. While harpers might have given her knowledge, Journeyman provided structure and moral guidance. Most of what is learned in animal husbandry are common sense, and instinctual. The lists recieve a heavy eyeing before they are given up as the useless pieces of fire kindling they are. "Does she now? That's interesting as most dragons don' remember more than a day, or two. I know Queens can recall essential things, an' clutching might be that." Mentioning meeting the eggs, Oddisa nods. "Hoping she is, can' imagine an angry dragon is a good thing." Knowingly nodding and picking up her fried wherry piece. "What's she like? Yur gold? I know dragons take after there parents." Explaining the question while lazily drawing figure 8's on her plate in sauce, playing with her food. "Igen's stock is beautiful, a bit smaller than I've been aroun'. The slight dish to there faces, an' how they seem to last in the heat's remarkable. There's one or two I'd put over almost any mount I've had, beautiful animals. Do yu ride?" Because if she doesn't well, she might learn.

"Their memories are bad," agrees Alexa. "But it's not quite… total amnesia? She might not remember how many eggs, or what the babies were named, but she definitely remembers that she had clutches in the past." A shrug dismisses the subject, while nimble fingers pluck another date from her plate. "Indescribably," decides Alexa with a grin. "That's what she's like." It is an entirely unhelpful answer and she knows it, but apparently the weyrwoman is unrepentant for it. "Strong and independent. Loyal and brave. In a nutshell." Gathering up all that kindling, she manages to make a single pile that can be easily clutched to her chest, rising as she does so. "Bred for the desert," she agrees, for Igen's runners. "But no. I don't ride. At least, not runners." A quirk of her mouth and she tips her head toward the bowl. "She might be independent, but she's also rather demanding. I've got to get back to her. Have a good day, Odi."

"Loyal and brave, sounds good. I'd take strong too, independant can be helpful." Oddisa takes mental notes of Alexa's traits, nodding along interested and intent to listen closely. "Riding runners is great, yu should learn." In Odi land, everyone should learn, because when you find an amazing thing you share it in hopes to spread the joy you have found. Even when that doesn't happen 99 percent of the time, Odi is always hoping to find converts to the craft. One of us. One of us. Runner people are a specific brand of zealotry, "Good luck with 'er, Katailea was righ'." What she was right about is left up in the air as the chair is leaned back and the beverage drinking is in high gear. Being late to a chore won't help her any, and the sooner it's complete the better to pursue her interests.

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