Candidate Chats

Characters Katailea, N'sir, Oddisa, R'sner
Synopsis R'sner and N'sir spend an evening chatting with candidates.
Out-of-Character Date February 10, 2020

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size -- although its walls are not so nearly circular -- the living cavern is filled with numerous rectangular tables, almost too many to count. The Weyrleaders have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths at one end of the cavern. The hearths are kept as low-burning as possible during the day when folk come inside to escape the heat outside. They burn brighter at night to keep away the deserts chill. No matter the level of flame, there is always a stew pot that hangs for nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's cooling system.

Spring - Month 5 of Turn 2724

"We've eaten in the bazaar /every/ night since we got back," N'sir laughs. Slipping his arm through R'sner's, he flashes a wry smile, dark eyes twinkling with amusement. "If we keep going this way we're going to end up given Cookie a complex. I remind you, Sir, she has our daughter." Winking, his brows rise and fall in playful twitch, a toss of his head sending the ridiculously long braid swinging over one shoulder. "Besides, you are way to tired to fight the crowds and we both know it. Not," he adds. "That I am saying you are old, but…" As he chatters away at the weyrlingmaster, N'sir steers them toward the tables of food, snagging a tray and a pair of plates along the way.

Food, the final frontier. Or a minor evening annoyance that requires Oddisa to stop doing what she wants. Slipping in from the lower caverns, blonde hair out of braids in wet kinky curls that drip water down her green shirt, there's no stalling or slowing. Instead of waiting in the line, she stands hopefully in front of a random brownrider, striking up a conversation. After a few moments, it's like she was always in the line. Sneaky sneaking complete, a plate is gathered. The weyrlingstaff are eyed, hoping they did not spot her trick. Meats are placed on the plate, all the while keeping the weyrlingmasters in eyeline.

Having already made her way through the line Katailea already has a place at a table though the food on her plate hasn't been touched much if at all. One elbow on the edge of the table, her chin resting on her hand while she looks off across the cavern at… well nothing in particular at all. Daydreaming, lost in thought, who really knows.

R'sner is not going to complain really. But he's definitely going to frown about it. And then scowl at the mention of being tired but not old. Because he's not. He is definitely not OLD. "Not tired, either," he decides, the words low and grumpy, and coupled with a slide of his eyes toward his weyrmate. "And I'm happy to prove it." JUST TEST HIS PATIENCE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS! Or don't. Because really, they just got here, and they definitely do need some food. And oh, look, there are candidates he can abuse address instead! "Questionable behavior from a guest," is his not-so-gentle chide of Oddisa's little line-cutting routine, but he won't make her do anything crazy like put it back and go to the end of the line. It's Katailea's dreamy-gaze (or really, the lack of eating) that has him shifting his attention that way, frowning toward the redhead before pressing a kiss to N'sir's temple and urging him toward the food. And Res? He'll just slide on over and not-so-subtly ask, "Everything alright?" of Katailea.

N'sir exhales a snort in response to R'sner's insistance, one brow twitching upward. Wisely, though, he opts not to argue the point. It is the mention of questionable behavior that has his gaze sweeping toward Oddisa, one brow arching sharply as he regards her. Rather then comment, though, he merely sniffs indignantly, a grimace tracing over his lips as he goes about the business of filling their plates. Unlike some, N'sir choose fruit and veggies and a sparse amount of roast wherry before snagging a pot of klah and a pair of mugs. It is midway through stepping away from the table that a loaf of dark bread and a wedge of cheese is added to thier meal, another -look- shot toward Oddisa before he's stepping over to slide the tray on the table next to R'sner and the candidate being questioned. "Everything alright?" He has no idea, sadly, that's he parroted his weyrmate.

As she's addressed by R'sner there's a grimace, gathering her food and sliding in next to Katailea while stuffing pieces of meat in her mouth. Several pieces don't make it to the actual table, the speed at which she eats is either commendable or a total lack of table manners. "Sorry, um, sir. He's a friend." Odi has conveniently made several friends to cut lines. Instead of speaking, there's a tiny finger poked out towards Katailea, "Somethin' up?" A tilt of the head to one side, possibly ending in water drops on her new potential friend thing. "Sirs, evening, beautiful one." Subject change time.

Katailea hmms. The sound coming first before she really takes notice of anyone else. Its a second later that she blinks, sea green eyes turn towards the Weyrlingmaster and she offers a bit of a smile. "Yes, sir." the answer to the question follows once her thoughts have caught up enough to register the question. "Sirs," she corrects given the repetition of the question with N'sir's arrival, as she pulls her hand back towards her lap and drops her elbow from the table and shoot a look towards Oddisa. "No, just thinking," the first an answer for the younger candidate and the rest clarification for them all.

"Sure he is," drawls R'sner, a rather suspicious look granted to Oddisa for her claim of friendship. He's definitely not buying what she's selling. A snort and a shake of his head, and he slips into a seat at Katailea's table, invited or not. "Thinking," repeats R'sner, another eyebrow arched. But he won't push, because it's not his business (at least, it doesn't yet appear to be his business). "Thinking is fine," he agrees. "Just make sure you're also eating." And speaking of such, the moment N'sir returns with their food, the weyrlingmaster is plucking some wherry from the plate and popping it into his mouth. A moment later, and his arm is snagging his weyrmate, hauling N'sir down unceremoniously into his lap.

"All evenings in Igen are beautiful." N'sir's response clearly marking him as a born and bred resident. "And just because you may be friends with someone does not justify cutting in line. It is impossibly poor behavior and reflects poorly on your home, your family and your craft." That the words end with another pointed sniff? Well, this is N'sir we are talking about. Tilting his head, dark eyes crinkle at the corners as he looks at Katailea. "Thinking is /wonderful/. More people should indulge in that pasttime." Plucking a handful of berries off the plate, he exhales a merry laugh as he's hauled into the weyrlingmaster's lap, one arm draping around his shoulders. "Hello. N'sir, by the way," he offers to Katailea. "Assistant Weyrlingmaster, Rider of Green Elianneth. And R'sner, Weyrlingmaster and Rider of Green Toith. You are enjoying Igen?"

Oddisa swallows everything on the plate and sighs heavily, clapping her lips together in avoidance of commenting. "Yu.. should meet the rest of ma family." As if Odi, in comparison, is a total gem. "No good in thinkin' only leads to more an' then yu can't stop an' yur trapped. Yu die of overthinkin'" She's not a healer or anything, but she says all of this with a cheeky smile. "I contribute.. that's what I give my craft, my work. Line cutting doesn't affect my work." Odi is no longer able to resist. The meat is shoveled in quickly, the plate now totally empty. As the weyrlingmaster begins to cuddle the assistant, the blonde sticks her tongue out, adult love is totally gross. Turning to Katailea there's a second smile, obviously willing to drag Kate into her trouble.

Katailea laughs lightly, whether its for antics or words, offering up a close-lipped smile to all three though its a slight shake of her head that's sent towards Oddisa. She's not about to add to the chiding however, she'll leave that to weyrlingstaff. "I don't know that it's always wonderful, but.." she leaves it at that with a shrug of shoulders. There are, after all, times where one might rather not think. "Well met," she returns N'sir's greeting, providing her own name a moment later. "Katailea." Picking up her fork, finally, she does manage a few bites before a look is sent towards Oddissa. Don't make her part of your trouble, please.

"We've met," drawls R'sner, a little quirk to the corner of his mouth. "I would hope she knows who I am." Given he spends a fair amount of time with the candidates; lessons and chores and answering questions and what-not. "But I also hope your time in Igen has been pleasant." There's a kiss for N'sir's temple before he's turning to collect another helping of wherry, a piece popped into his mouth as he considers Oddisa with a frown. It's not a thoughtful frown. "Maybe it won't affect your work, but I'm sure it affects the people around you." But he won't waste time with a lecture that Odi will undoubtedly ignore. Instead, he says simply, "I gave you a chance to apologize or leave it alone, and you decided not to take it. So instead, I'm now assigning you a sevendays worth of assisting the kitchens. After your normal chores. You can help with dinner rush." Done. End of discussion.

"Maybe not to everyone," N'sir allows as he turns an easy smile on Katailea. "But I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed in Igen's nights. You should make a point to visit the bazaar in the evenings," he suggests readily. "When the bonfires are high and the dancers and drummers performing." There is /nothing/ like it on Pern, in his opinion, of course. And, while he is absolutely listening to R'sner's addressing the 'problem', he is wise enough to remain silent on that particular matter. Instead, he opts for a wry. "Well, she doesn't me and I would never introduce myself without introducing you, as well." That would be rude and disrespectful, and while he might occassionally be cheeky with his weyrmate, he is never disrespectful. He does, however, murmur, "And pot scrubbing," as he rests his temple on R'sner's shoulder. "Cookie always needs pots scrubbed."

The meal now done, Oddisa stands up and nods to R'sner with her lips tightly closed to avoid anymore words from spilling out. "Alright sir." Standing up there's a bit of a cocky look on her face. "I guess I'll start now." One of her cardinals moves with any punishment is to lean in like she's enjoying it, even when she hates it. Meandering towards the kitchens, plate in hand, Oddisa at least always listens.

"Its taken some getting used to," Katailea admits as to her experience in Igen up to this point. "I'm more used to oceans of water than sand, but the evenings are pretty," on that much at least she can agree between a few more bites. "That does sound like something worth seeing," the young woman adds to the idea of the bazaar. "Later," is sent after Oddisa as the younger candidate excuses herself to her punishment. The question that follows turned back towards R'sner and N'sir, "Did you both impress here at Igen?"

Oddisa is rather lucky she left when she did. Any more pretending to enjoy it and R'sner would have happily tacked on another sevenday or two. Because who is he to deny her something she might enjoy? (aka, he is totally wise to her ways, and not about to play that game). Instead, he simply nods his head at her departure, and goes back to his plate of food and current table companions. "It takes time," he agrees, for Igen. "But there are a lot of things to enjoy here. The bazaar is definitely one of them. Particularly if you enjoy a party. Just be careful of the food," he warns. "It can be a bit strong if you've not developed a taste for the spice." No need to burn a tongue off in the pursuit of delicious food! As for Impression? "I did not," he allows, though there's a squeeze of his arm around N'sir's waist. "N'sir did. But I Impressed in Fort." A very, very long time ago.

"I did," N'sir answers in the wake of glancing after Oddisa's retreat. "Shells, seven turns ago now? Nearly eight…" Blinking a few times, he pops the berries in his mouth, chewing and swallowing and sucking the juice off his thumb. "It /feels/ like yesterday," is admitted in quiet tones. Glancing at R'sner, his lips twitch in a wry smile, dark eyes fond as he watches his weyrmate's face. "He was my weyrlingmaster, actually," he notes with a pleased smile. "I wore him down." And while it might have been a very, very long time ago that R'sner impressed? It's pretty clear that is not something that makes a lick of difference to N'sir. Instead, he twists around to look at Katailea curiously. "Where are you from if I may ask?"

"I'll keep that in mind," Katailea replies, appreciative of the warning for the food, though its likely to be something she'll at least test at some point. The blonde nods for the answers, swallowing before she responding. "What brought you here then? If you don't mind my asking," that to R'sner as a smile and a giggle find their way for N'sir's commentary. "Wore him down quite well I can see," a hint of teasing for how obviously close the pair are. The question of her own origin is answered with a shrug, "I was at Xanadu before coming here."

"A lot of things," admits R'sner. It is a very non-answer answer to the question about what brought him to Igen. And while he might be well aware of it, there's a ghost of a smile that attempts to be pleasant but is decidedly no apologetic for failing to divulge history. It is N'sir's own interpretation of the beginning of their relationship (that is entirely accurate even if the weyrlingmaster shoots him a look) that brings a wry slant to that smirk. "We were involved before I was his weyrlingmaster." Does that make it better, or worse, that R'sner taught him? Res is clearly going with 'better'. If just because, "But we were not together during that time." Rules and regulations and stuff. He's got a reputation to uphold! "I have a friend in Xanadu," he allows. "It is a beautiful place. Although… a bit loud." And he definitely means the dragons.

"Well," N'sir answers with a merry laugh. "I am far to pretty to resist for long." And stubborn and determined and relentless >.>. And clearly, humble. Course, he's flashing dimples at R'sner's -look-, dark eyes twinkling with clear and present delight. "True," he allows at the adjustment of thier timeline. "Which made candidacy and weyrlinghood both very frustrating and very interesting all at the same time. Rules, you know," he adds to Katailea with another easy smile. "He's a stickler for rules." It is the mention of Xanadu that has him beaming. "Does Leirith still wear the hat I made for her?" Yes, he made a hat for /Leirith/ not Risali.

Katailea isn't judging. If it's better or worse isn't her place to say though there is a smirk that sneaks its way towards N'sir. "So I've gathered," the blonde notes of R'sner's attention to the rules. "But I can't imagine having to adhere to them that long while being so close." Possible yes, but she can see exactly where it would be frustrating too! A laugh then at the reference to Xanadu's dragons. "It can be, yes, but no I don't think I ever saw her wearing a hat.." Curious to that, yes. Asking, no.

The struggle was real Katailea. And don't you let R'sner fool you with his sardonic half-smirk and pseudo-relaxed demeanor. The weyrlingmaster might simply shrug his shoulders and reach for another bite of wherry, but there's a subtle tightening of his arm around his weyrmate's waist that comes along with it. "It is what was best at the time. Especially with a young dragon, rules are important." Doesn't mean they're easy, though. "That hat is several turns old by now," he points out. "You made it before you were a candidate. If it survived Leirith this long…" Then some serious kudo's to Risali for keeping it safe. "She did look fantastic in it." One would dare say she looked fabulous.

"Well," N'sir huffs with a good natured laugh. "There will be a strongly worded letter in Risali's future." That he is not really insulted, though, is clear in the relaxed drape of his body in his weyrmate's lap. "We survived," he admits. "Although I will not pretend that there was not a temper tantrum or two." Pausing a beat, he slants a glance at R'sner and dimples. "I talked him out of them, though," he teases in tones that make it abdunantly clear that it was NOT R'sner having the tantrums. It is the age of the hat that has his eyes widening though, a shocked look tracing over his features. "Well /that/ makes sense, it's out of fashion now." Clearly, he will need to make another. Stat. "But," he sighs as he sits up. "I do have to go inventory the weyrling barracks. If you will both excuse me?"

"I'm sure," Katailea replies her agreement with R'sner's remark. Rules, in this instance at least, are important. N'sir on the other hand, his laughter is echoed by hers. She'd have been far more surprised by the revelation if the tantrums had been by the older man than the younger. "Probably," her agreement on the age of the hat being the reason behind it no longer being worn though she is hardly one to judge fashion and what's in and out of style. But as the younger of the pair excuses himself she sends a smile towards him, "It was nice meeting you."

"Good evening, Katailea," comes as she rises to leave, R'sner's head inclined politely in her wake. It's N'sir's attempted escape that has him arching a dark eyebrow once again, and just as quick he's up and snagging him around the waist again. "Oh no you don't," he declares, hoisting him up unceremoniously over his shoulder. "If you thought I wasn't paying attention to your lack of eating, you're mistaken." A quick grab of their plate, and he's heading for the door, because he'll allow that, "You can inventory the barracks while you eat." And no, he is not going to put him down. Because reasons.

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