Adventures in Spaaaace!

Characters Ilyse Neyuni
Synopsis Learning a new between location takes one small step for Niskath and one giant leap for Ise!
Out-of-Character Date February 17, 2015

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
the bowl

Niskath comes out excitedly, greeting everyone she passes with an excited little burst of emotion. Ise hurries after her dragon, pulling her flight leathers on. "Wait Nis, wait!" She laughs.

Neyuni stands in the open bowl as another day slowly fades with the setting sun. Zuhth is restless besides her rider, wings furling and unfurling with uncharacteristic impatience, and Yuni lays a hand as if to try to physically help her settle. There's the dragon equivalent of an under the breath mutter but of course completely intelligble. Amusement lights the rider's features briefly until Niskath makes her appearance "Evening Niskath… don't tell me you've left your rider behind?" no wait, she hears a voice joining.

Niskath bounces around happly. Any time to spend with Zuhth and Neyuni is time that makes her happy. Ise giggles as she hurries along. "Sorry, I was getting dressed." She salutes and beams. "Ma'am. Lady Zuhth." She says to both, grinning warmly. "How're you both?"

Neyuni sucks in her breath, "Well I suppose that's better than running naked through the bowl. I'm sure I won't be inconvinienced by a few moments tardiness for such reasons." thinks. "Although the evening is quite nice," but before those thoughts can wander to far the dragon at her sides 'bumps' her rider back on track. "Anyhow. Now I understand you've both been cleared for betweening, and there are many places to visit. I understand you've been learning our local Holds, and it is a common, if not always exciting duty that we serve as escort (that's fancy for transport). Even I do such tasks," although one suspects she gets her choice of who and where moreso than others "and I thought today's trip would provide you a… hopefully memorable location. At least if you feel up for a quick getaway?" she glances down the bowl and a pair of folk seem to be heading over but its clear they'll be a few minutes yet before looking back to you both questioningly.

Ise looks from Niskath back to Neyuni and she beams at the goldrider. "Of course we would like to go somewhere with you, ma'am." Niskath is trying to keep herself from shaking from excitement. "Where are we going?" She asks, placing her hand on Niskath's side to help calm her down some. "Not that we've not seen others run naked through the bowl."

Neyuni sighs "Indeed." but those are stories for another time. To the task at hand "Alright. Zuhth has the image if Niskath can pick it up from her see how well you can 'see' it as it were."

Ise nods at that before she closes her eyes to focus and she nods to Niskath who focuses and nods her head up and down.. "Got it." Ise says to her, getting the image firmly affixed in her mind

Which is good timing as their passengers arrive. A techcrafter and a helper carrying a small insulated box, which looks to be protecting the insides from the trip between as best one can. "Alright, let's get mounted up and buckled in, the rest of the fun'll be upstairs." she grins and then moves to the two others helpign them mount and get secured into Zuhth's straps.

Away from Zuhth, Zuhth waits only /just/ long enough for everyoen to get secured before she takes a few steps to gain a little momentum and springs, or lumbers, into the sky.

<Transfer from Igen Sky to Yokohama Cargo Bay>

Away from Zuhth, Zuhth bugles loudly as she emerges into the cargo bay in the empty area kept specifically clear for arriving dragons. The gravity here is ample but not quite as strong as on the planet somewhere below. Wings tilt to angle body towards one of the landing pads as the stations gravity pulls her down. It's not quite the same as flying in normal air and she rumbles for the younger Niskath who appears nearby to follow.

Away from Zuhth, Niskath has to get her bearings at first in the new gravity, it causing her a slight bit of odd sensation before she manages to compensate and follows the gold around. She gives a small bugle in response.

Ise looks around, seemingly stunned at the moment. "This is one of the ships that brought our ancestors here," She states. "Wow."

Neyuni slides down from the queen's neck once she settles on one of the landing pads. The crafter and helper seem at ease in the working environment, if not entirely with their transport of the day as Neyuni grumbles loudly "An Hour! So much for a quick trip." the crafter give s a bit of a non-committal shrug and flees as soon as he's reasonably able to off on whatever errand the weyr has need for here. Turning she makes her way over to where you and Niskath have settled "Indeed. it seems hard to fathom to me but that's what I'm told anyhow. You can visit the other two ships as well, but you really need to be wearing space suits for them. One's open to space nad the other isn't as reliable." which is likely to earn her a few unkindly looks from those working here.

"That's a bit un-nervy." Ise says, rubbing the back of her head as she looks around and sighs. "Such technology, but so strange." She murmurs mostly to herself before she looks over towards the two workers. "I'm glad you asked me to come. This is amazing, but I know you'd be so bored here.."

Neyuni grins "Glad you understand, besides this place is always amazing the first dozen times or so. I don't know, do you think we should have a spacewalk class? It is entirely different to not feel gravity at all. the tech's weren't excited the lat time i asked if they could shut the system off here jsut for a little bit. I can't imagine why." she winks.

Ise snickers a bit at that before she ohs. "Floating? That would be amazing. I bet everyone in our class would love it. Absolutely love it." Ise says as she looks around the area, walking. "I feel lighter."

Neyuni keeps pace just behind you seeing where your curiosity leads. "Yes, well we hopefulyl won't be up long enough to adjust to it too much, otherwise when you go back you just feel as heavy as a dragon. It's nice to visit now and then, or" ahem "Y'know fulfil the weyr's duties and all."

Ise chuckles a bit at that as her eyes flick back over to Neyuni and she grins. "This your little get away from it all hide out, huh?" She wonders, giggling again before she winks. "I won't tell anyone, promise." She says, winking at her.

Neyuni walks along confidently, steps lighter but not just due to the lesser downward pull. "So glad you understand, Niskath chose wisely. Soon enough you'll be taking on such duties afterall I can't think of much training left." Her words trail off as she seems content to follow whatever catches you eye, a fresh vie of the station through one who's never been here before and if the crafters take a bit longer to complete their errand she doesn't look as much in a hurry anymore for the pleasure of such company.

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