A Quick Errand

Characters Ilyse neyuni
Synopsis The Weyrwoman… is plotting. Hmm…
Out-of-Character Date February 19, 2015

Igen Weyr - North Bowl
the bowl

[Dragon/Igen] Zuhth stretches her thoughts. «My rider would like to see you and your's Niskath, in flight leathers. She's… plotting something.» it doesn't come across as a warning, a sort of tacked on thought that seems to bleed through whatever else is on her mind.

Ise comes hurrying out, this time /beating/ Niskath out, who seems rather put out that her rider up and snuck out on her before she was quite ready. She comes out anyway, hurrying after her rider this time.

Neyuni is waiting with Zuhth who's looking at the Weyr rim somewhat distractedly. "Oh come on now, you're the one who /wanted/ me to be 'responsible'" a doubleedged sword perhaps as the dragon sighs and angles her head down to whuff at her rider. «I asked them to come, there see.» as if her rider was somehow in doubt of her abilities to pass along a mere message. Yuni looks to stifle a smile, schooling her features to be semi-serious as she waits for both parts of the weyrling pair to join them "Hello Ise."

"Ma'am." Ise offers as she bows her head towards Neyuni and Zuhth, before she looks over towards Niskath who finally catches up. "We're here. How can we help you?" She asks while Niskath gives a small bugle of a greeting to her gold.

Neyuni looks momentarily unsure of how to answer that. A hand slips towards the small bag slung over one shoulder, fingering the contents hidden beneath the flap for a moment as if reassuring herself. "Join us on a quick trip if you would. It shouldn't take to much of your time before you can return to your… duties." and with the minimal explanation she calls "mount up." and steps to her own.

Ise nods. "Oh, of course ma'am." Ise says, beaming a smile before she turns and makes sure the straps are on Niskath firmly before she begins to mount up.

Away from Zuhth, Zuhth leans down, assisting her rider in mounting. When the younger green and hers are ready she leans back and launches into the sky with a powerful push a quick beat of her wings.

Away from Zuhth, Niskath launches up into the sky as well, following behind Zuhth, the much smaller green quick to catch up with her Golden leader.

Away from Zuhth, Zuhth doesn't seem inclined to cut Niskath any slack, climbing quickly into the sky before leveling off about half way up the bowl wall. Plenty enough wing-room here for a trip between. «Here is where we are going.» she passes the image «Please show your rider and let me know when you are ready.»

Away from Zuhth, Niskath nods her head « We're ready. » She offers, giving the gold enough space so as to not crash into her when they between

<Between to the Red Butte>

Away from Zuhth, Zuhth bugles as she reappears in a generic sky room somewhere over pern… oh wait, it's where she wants to be. The queen huffs at the lack of specificity and circles doooown.

Ise tilts her head to the as she looks around. "Huh.." She murmurs to herself mostly before she looks over to Neyuni and smiles.

Normally empty, quiet and barren, the dawning light is slowly warming the cooled granite surface. Upon it are eight flags which flutter gently in alternating colors of copper and silver. It appears that something is written on each. Zuhth settles not far from the grouping of flags, careful to not be so close as to knock them over int eh downsweeps of her landing. Neyuni dismounts and waves. "If you could just retrieve the one with your name on it…" she offers semi-helpfully "we can complete today's little errand.

"Huh.." Ise says as she hurries along and grabs one of the copper flags, turning back and carrying it over towards Neyuni. "I've got it." She says, sounding confused by this little errand/lesson. "See?" She waves the flag with Ise on it.

Neyuni fishes out the item from her carrysack as you claim your flag. "Congratualtions Rider. You have completed the last task in your journey as a Weyrling. I welcome you Rider to Igen where I hope you will find your home for many years to come. You'll be working with Twinkle wing!" she grins both proud and a little sheepish, looking unsure if this seems to informal or not as she holds out a riders knot. "If you could not spoil it for the others tho, we'd appreciate that. You'll need to move out of the barracks anyhow. It's past time for such grown ladies to have a weyr of their own. Many fine views to choose from around the bowl. have you scouted anything yet?"

Ise seems very surprised by this and she takes her knot and she blushes furiously at getting it before she ohs. She giggles loudly and moves like she's going to hug the Weyrwoman and then restrains herself. "No.. No Ma'am, I haven't. I guess I'm going to have to start looking, huh?"

Neyuni nods "Yes, definitely! I remember wanting to get out of hte barracks so bad, of course it's not like i had much choice of weyrs but you…. hmm so many options. The lake view, or seeing the western wall, if Niskath like sun early… or late… and whether you two want to stomach a high or low ledge. So many options! You can see the stores for the basics you needs to setup sine the weyrling furniture needs to stay in the barracks for the next group. I do hope she won't be so fussy as Zuhth. I had to haul reeds from the marshlands in for her couch." and by the size of the dragon, no small task that.

A small laugh barks out from Ise's mouth at that before she grins impishly. "Well, I don't think she is, but Zuhth needing things to be perfect and there isn't anything wrong with that." She comments. "What do you think, Nis?" Niskath seems rather happy with the options. She's happy with her home. "Igen will always be /home/ for me."

Zuhth stretches her wings at the mention of her self and arcs her neck, crooning her own congratulations to the younger green «It is good to keep one's rider busy, and to have a comfortable bed. Although the sandstone is not bad, i found it a little gritty under my talons for sleeping» her tails flicks as her rider continue chatting amiably oblivious to the dragons conversation "I'm glad to hear that, and I hope you'll share a cup of wine sometime at dinner. I do liek to hear everyone's adventures of the day, or if not adventure, well gossip isn't so bad either."

"Of course, I will." Ise says, smiling warmly towards Neyuni. "I mean, you're a lovely person. I enjoy our time together." She says this earnestly. « It is, the bed most importantly. I also need somewhere I can reach all the other dragons easily to make sure they're doing well, and see how they are enjoying their beds.»

It's Yuni's time for a blush to creep in and she can't resist leaning closer to hug, at least if you don't step away. "Thank you, that means a lot." Zuhth on the other hand seems to be considering Niskath's point of view «Hmm, probably a little lower in the bowl then but you'll have to see which view suits you best. As for now I think we'd best get back. Eranzath was going to hunt this morning and that's always fun to watch. Mmm, bronzes!» There's a fun dry wind to those thoughts, and with that the queen turns from Niskath to whuffle at her rider, interrupting "Oh, what, did i forget an appointment? Sorry Ise, seems duty calls."

Ise hugs Neyuni tightly, beaming at her. Ise nods her head. "Thank you again ma'am." She holds her knot tightly. "Take care, you!" She says, beaming before she waves at them both and heads back to Nis.

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