One More Task

Characters eresai neyuni
Synopsis Just one task left!
Out-of-Character Date February 20, 2015

Igen Weyr - North Bowl
the bowl

Zuhth is restlessly settled on the bowl floor while her rider comes off of the lake shore. The hour is growing late but it is not yet dark and Neyuni nods, passing along some message between rider and dragon as is typically done. «Khuth.» the golds mind reaches out to wherever the dragon and his partner have gotten to «Can you and yours meet mine in the south bowl for a quick trip.» and altho it might sound like a question, it clearly isn't.

« Zuhth, » the blue returns with ripples of amusement. It always amuses him, that their names sound so alike, but of course it is only natural since that is the only way it could ever have been since she is Zuhth and he is Khuth. Still, he likes to be amused. « Of course, » is readily agreed. « E'sai needs some moments to get his flight leathers and to check my straps. » Like a good little bluerider. But once done, the lapis of his hide can be seen against the paler blue of the sky and in a liquid circle, he glides to the ground, as water drawn to the drain. E'sai doesn't dismount immediately, lest the pair wish to go, but he does raise his hand in salute of the gold and her rider.

Neyuni runs her fingers along the base of the flight harness, checking it for weak spots out of habit and that it isn't rubbing against the golds hide wrong in any spots as she waits. Zuhth seems to relax under the attention, tail flicking back and forth but not as sharply as when one is of irked mind. In fact a yawn escapes the toothy maw and she draws up, as if she's surprised herself. It's good timing for the weyrling pair land in the bowl. "Ah, E'sai!" she calls up "You an Khuth are looking well. Sorry to steal you away from your duties a few, but this shouldn't really take long." tho she doesn't sound sorry much at all. In fact, she looks a little mischievous if one were to guess, depending on how well one knows the weyrwoman. "Have Kuhth get the image from Zuhth while i get strapped in." and then she's doing just that.

Away from Zuhth, "Not a problem, ma'am!" E'sai calls back to the Weyrwoman politely. His fingers are run over the straps that hold him in place. Khuth's thoughts wash toward (across?) Zuhth's mind and pull the visualization back with him as his mind recedes like a wave back to the heart of the ocean. « Ready when you are, » is echoed aloud by the bluerider to the goldrider and they'll follow the gold into the sky when she is.

Away from Zuhth, Zuhth snorts, flicking her tail this time towards the other dragon «Yes, good habits.» she seems quite comfortable with her name, as he is with his. If their thoughts were fairly close in their hatching days, or in the depths of their riders minds, or wherever it is dragons find their own names, perhaps it's just in the sand, Igen's sand. As much like humans blaming 'the water'. Then Neyuni is ready and gives the signal to take to the skies.

The sun is closer to setting, the granite rock warm and inviting for dragon and humankind alike after bathing in the sunny rays all day long. A few clouds sprinkle the skies overhead, helping to frame a potentially lovely sunset. On the rock not far from where Zuhth lands are seven flags that flutter in a very light breeze. They alternate in colors of silver and copper and seem to have something written on them.

Khuth follows his dam down to land, talons scratching against the stone thoughtfully, lightly after he's firmly on the ground. E'sai begins to unbuckle, but then his hand stills, looking to the goldrider to see if she's going to dismount even before he takes a proper look around.

Neyuni slides down Zuhth's side and waves for E'sai to join him "I won't bite!" she calls teasingly.

"A biting goldrider," E'sai offers as he finishes unbuckling, "would no doubt make the world gossip." He shifts to dismount with an assist from Khuth before the dragon goes back to examining the stone beneath him. The bluerider tugs at his jacket to make it sit properly and pulls his goggles up onto his helmet so he can see before fingers are finding the strap under his chin.

Neyuni sighs as she seems to be taken literally. "Well, maybe when Zuhth's proddy next time, but then I suppose it woudn't be much newsworthy. SO, a quick little errand here if you could go grab the flag with your name on it and show me."

E'sai has an involuntary swallow for that. "I'm told a lot worse things happen between proddiness and flight." He might count sex as one of those worse things, it's possible. He has gone a little pale. Her next words have the young man's eyebrows lifting. "A flag?" Khuth rumbles, and tilts his head in the direction of the things E'sai shouldn't have missed. "Oh!" He hurries in his step to claim the copper flag with his name on it, returning with it as quick as he might.

Neyuni mmms "Well, you'll have to let me know after you've been through a few turns. I think it's rather interesting but then I guess I get a different perspective." she watches you go off and find your flag, the glint of copper and she's digging into a pocket in the meantime. As your return with your flag she holds out a newly fashioned riders knot. It's clearly still a bit stiff from being recently woven and despite being stuffed in a pocket is clean and crisp but for a tiny piece of lint or two. Clearing her throat she tries to sound formal "And with this last task successfully accomplished your time as a weyrling is at an end. I welcome you E'sai, and Khuth, as full Igen riders. Congratualtions. It apepars you will be joining Twinkle wing for the time being."

E'sai certainly had to know graduation was coming sometime, but judging from the surprise on his face, he hadn't guessed that moment to be now. He looks back to where he'd gotten the flag and then back to the Weyrwoman with surprise. "Wow," is probably not the appropriate response. "I mean, thanks." He reaches for the knot, "I… wow."

Neyuni looks warmly upon the pair "You are very welcome. I know the Weyr's been an adjustment for you, and I'm sure you'll keep finding new things but I really hope you two find the happiness you deserve amongst your family here. If ever you need don't be shy to come speak to me as any other" a different and wildly assorted family with all sorts of characters "You'll of course need to move out of the barracks as well. There's plenty of open weyrs, whatever you prefer." Zuhth stretches her wings out, briefly shading the smaller blue, her own child she might almost reach out and caress in her own congratulations.

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