Final Assignment

Characters lucrezia neyuni
Synopsis Final assignment? Is this a trick question??
Out-of-Character Date February 22, 2015

Igen Weyr - North Bowl
the bowl

Zuhth is relaxing in the bowl, albeit with her flight straps on. Neyuni is not far behind, coming from the direction of the admin complex tugging on her flight jacket despite the warmth of the day. She stops by her dragon, running her hands beneath the portions of the straps she can easily reach while she awaits the summoned weyrling pair. It isn't all that long a wait as the two arrive and the weyrwoman turns to greet them. "Rezia! Pralayth! So glad you could come so quickly. Sorry to take you way from your duties but I have a quick errand I need the two of you to join me on. Zuhth'll pass along the image." she doesn't actually sound very sorry, more excited as she scrambles up her dragons neck "Signal when you're strapped in and ready and have the view in mind."

Of course, when a lovely lady calls, Pralayth doesn't hesitate to answer. The mottled brown is sporting his finest weyrling straps, while Rezia's strapped in and hastening to get her helmet and goggles on. He saunters his way up with a well-practiced swagger right around the time that the girl's able to get her helmet on and her jacket cinched shut. A salute is quickly popped off to Neyuni and the former trader tilts a grin to her. "Ready when you are, yeah yeah? As soon as she called, he was all ready to go." Once the image is relayed, picked up, studied and bounced back, the girl settles in and chews thoughtfully on her lower lip. No questions are asked, though, and that's purposeful.

<travel to red butte>

The sun warmed rock is pleasant beneath a dragon's feet, inviting them for a nice long soak without being overpoweringly hot for their accompanying riders. A dwindling number of flags are set up in a small group, near which Zhuth lands and her rider dismounts. Neyuni waits for the other pair to join them, The flags alternate in silver and copper and seem to have something written on each.

It is, in short, the perfect place for Pralayth to lounge - and maybe, just maybe, try to talk Zuhth into some cuddling time under entirely innocent pretenses. Really. Fortunately, he'll wait until Rezia's dismounted and stripped her helmet off before he does so, leaving the trader-girl to cant a glance at Neyuni - then at the curious collection of flags. The helmet is shifted to rest at her hip, held there by a gloved hand while she fusses with her jacket to open it up. Though she squints at the flags, she doesn't yet approach. "So," she wonders with only a ghost of her usual chirpiness, "what, um. What's all this, Neyuni?"

Neyuni is quiet a moment, studying the occasional flutter of the flags before answering "This, this is your final assignment. If you would please find the one with your name and return it to me." a simple enough task that clearly has a more significant meaning behind it.

Rezia's features crease with confusion and her lips part wordlessly for the span of a breath. Pralayth utters a reassuring rumble which, ultimately, spurs her to get moving. There's a silent nod to Neyuni in passing and she ventures to the row of flags before retrieving a copper-hued one and studying it for a long moment. It's with rare seriousness that she returns to the goldrider and presents it, spread out across her upturned palms. Nothing is said - the significance of the moment is one that is not entirely lost on her, even if that understanding is marred with traces of bewilderment.

Neyuni keeps a serious enough face, a hand digging out a newly braided knot as you retrieve your flag. She takes a moment to brush off a few small pieces of lint which cling, about the right amount of time for you to return. "Seems we have a trade to do, and I hope you'll think it fair enough." She offers out the riders knot in return for the colored flag. "You've done the weyr proud in your training and we hope we've given you everything needed to begin your journey as a dragonrider. There are many opportunities within this wide world, though I hope you will continue to call Igen home for many turns to come." she falls quiet seeing if the moment begins to make sense or not yet.

It's a very somber thing indeed and it weighs heavily on the former trader's shoulders. Rezia hesitates, the flag still held out and the knot unclaimed, while she listens to the Weyrwoman's words. A cautious look is angled to her lifemate at the end, but what he says - or doesn't - is for her mind alone to know. Her mouth pulls slightly to one side while she chews the inside of her cheek. Eventually, in a muted voice, she says, "We're glad you want to keep us, Weyrwoman - but I'm not sure just how fair a trade it is, yeah-yeah? Feels a bit like we're getting too much of a bargain! We'll do our best to make Igen proud to have us, you know? You're family - and, I guess, now, all the Weyr's our new family now." The exchange is made with steady hands, but forgive her if she spends a few long moments just studying the knot itself. "Thank you, Weyrwoman."

Neyuni can't hold back a smile now. "Well I think Igen will well benefit from the skills each of you has, and will grow over time. The copper is for Twinkle wing, which you'll report to starting tomorrow. As for the rest of today if you haven't been hunting about the walls yet for a weyr of your own, best get looking!" Zuhth rumbles, pleased in the background and reaches over to whuffle at Pralayth her own congratulations "If ever you think we're asking to much of you two, please don't hesitate to talk to me or any other. We are a family here, or at least that's how I want my weyr to be." in this she sounds rather both possessive and defensive and the line between dragon and rider blur being so united in spirit for their home.

Rezia affixes the knot to her shoulder with a few deft motions, much to Pralayth's positively rumbled satisfaction. The brown rears back on his haunches, chest puffed out and wings flared, to signify a pride that no roar could ever give justice to. Then he settles down and returns the whuffling at Zuhth, amiable as ever. The girl laughs, the serious mood finally cracking away. "We've been looking, not to worry! He's just fretting about finding one with a large enough ledge, you know? Oh. Oh! Oh, don't worry! We'll do whatever it takes, yeah yeah? No matter what wing we're in, we'll do the best we can possibly do." At the end she offers up a hug, a broad smile finally claiming her face. "Oh, thank you so much!"

Neyuni leans happily into the hug for that brief moment. "Congratulations so much. It's really my honor to be able to do this today. Hope you won't miss Al'dru to much." and as to the weyr hunting "That's good to hear. I'm sure he'll be able to find one that suits his tastes, or at least i hope so. It's much easier to make them bigger on the inside, than the outside." sorta fixed by geology that, well without lots of engineering.

"Oh, pshaw!" Rezia bursts into a fit of giggles. "I won't miss him at all - he's still here, you know? Or, I mean, at the Weyr, but you know what I mean, yeah yeah? I'm sure he's pretty tired of the lot of us by now!" Pralayth shifts a bit, mostly to get up and lumber closer to his rider, purely to press the tip of his nose into the back of her shoulder. "Oh! Oh, I know. I think we have a few picked out, but it's just- well. We'll have one picked soon, I promise! Oh, oh, but we probably should do that soon." There's a flicked look to the brown, then back to the Weyrwoman with a smile. "May we go?"

Neyuni chuckles in understanding "Of course, and of course! I'm sure I'll see you around soon." and she steps away, heading over to the even more dwindled number of flags as if to check who's left to sneak out here.

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