Morning Musings

Characters K'zre, Oddisa
Synopsis K'zre and Oddisa meet up at the lake and have a discussion about everything from eggs to candies.
Out-of-Character Date February 25, 2020

Igen Weyr - Lake Shore
It is sometimes hard to tell where the bowl ends and the lake shore begins. Fine grains of gold, tan and orange hued sand layer much as the bowl walls in the distance beyond. The sand only gives way to thin patches of grass where the tall fence of the feeding grounds intersects the lake to the south and the smooth curve of the bowl wall rises on the opposite shore. At that intersection one can make out a small building and colorful fabrics where the Weyr's residents go to relax. The shallow lake waters shimmer invitingly, day and night, lapping at the fine grain sands. Engineered pipes are hidden beneath the bowl landscape and feed the lake as well as the grasses of the feeding grounds to keep the water levels from dropping past a certain point which is marked by a waist high obelisk.

Summer - Month 7 of Turn 2724

Another early morning in Igen, Rukbat has yet to creep over the edge of the bowl, but the light has seeped in enough to walk about without the need for a glow basket to light the way. This time in the morning is often busy, due to the lack of heat and the ability to be industrious outdoors. Long before other candidates rise from bed, this hour is frequently Oddisa's favorite, waking up and gathering breakfast meats in a satchel she disappears to the compact stables nestled inside Igen's walls. Today she is easily spotted, atop a red chestnut-colored runner, the beast fine-boned and built for the desert with wide nostrils and dark skin coloring. Water laps at the hooves of the animal, who is ambling along the lakeshore, occasionally dipping his muzzle in and splashing the water, pawing at the surface to the delighted, carefree giggles of his blonde rider. Picture perfect, the pair beyond the fact that instead of on her feet, Odi's boots are grasped one in each hand, fingers bent around the reins while also managing to hold the leather tongues of her footwear. At least she brought boots at all, Right? Right.

Is K'zre a morning person, or does he just not sleep? A question for the ages, and one that won't be answered today. It's Yasminath that is likely to be spotted first, the bright little green spiraling down from on high, her hide made darker in the shadows as she settles on the sand. She's far enough away as to be polite, perhaps out of deference to the prey-animal's natural inclination to fear large, winged predators, even if they are raised among them. She crouches carefully, and from her neck slides K'zre, sans boots himself. He's dressed rather casually; a pair of loose pants rolled up to the knee and a long-sleeved shirt of light linen that is meant to keep the morning chill at bay. But with Yasminath also somewhat bare (no straps to be seen) and, a moment later when the green snuffles at her rider and then wanders into the water, the correct conclusion may be drawn. Bath time. A tip of his head and K'zre studies the pair — runner and girl — in the shallows before he sloshes into the water in pursuit of his green. "Does R'sner know you come out this early?" he wonders, voice carried across the water and clearly meant for Oddisa. It is not an accusation, just an honest, curious question.

DRAGONS. Of all the things runners fear, from crumpled up papers to a canine they've seen a hundred million times, to that tree that looks far more tree then it had previously, not to mention wind, their own tails, and shadows. Being scared of dragons is at least natural, unlike everything else, which is to be seen as utter silliness. Sighting Yasminath's green hide winging in the animal stiffens, head up, ears perked, and every muscle tenses for a long moment. It's fair to say K'zre and Yas have the attention of both of them, Oddisa gathering the reins up in preparation for the chestnut to act out, a more laborious task than usual while holding your own boots but she manages. Pulling on rein out to the right and pressing her left leg into the runner's side, she redirects the energy put into possibly being scared and gives the beast a task. An immediate shift of focus occurs, dark muzzle dipping back into the water. K'zre gets a minor tip of the chin from Odi, mind focused on the task at hand before answering. "I've got no clue wha' R'sner knows or doesn'. I've been meaning to ask you 'bout him anyways." Pausing Oddisa is quiet, contemplating how to proceed, "Yur related aren' yu?" Eyebrows creep into frilly blonde bangs, hinting that she's stumbled upon some long lost secret. "And anyway, am I not supposed to be out here? I've lost track of all the things I'm not supposed to do." This is totally true, said with a bit of tired sarcasm as she balks at all the restrictions of candidacy, possibly not totally on purpose. She's been balking at random silly rules since she was born.

K'zre frowns, glancing over in the dawn-darkness to watch Oddisa and her runner. "You should know something about what he thinks. You see him at least daily." The Igen Weyrlingmaster would be a constant presence in the lives of the candidates, given it's his job to make sure they are kept on task and well prepared for the Hatching. "And I'd imagine he does know," he decides, turning back to Yasminath as he reaches her side. "Cause he seems to know everything." Is that a Weyrlingmaster power? Probably. A shrug is offered at the question of supposed to be, and he answers honestly with, "I don't know. I don't see why not? Are you doing your chores and lessons as you're supposed to?" It's an honest question which K'zre dismisses a moment later. "He's my father," he confirms. But that doesn't mean K'zre is going to be putting his foot down on the rules for him. This is Igen. Kez has no authority here. "It's pretty simple," he decides, seeming to take that sarcastic statement at face value. "Don't leave the weyr without an escort. Don't drink in excess. Don't have sex" That one has him squinting over in the dark, as though to assess whether that is of any concern with this particular candidate " Don't fight, verbally or otherwise. Don't shirk duties. Don't be disrespectful…" He might be making up rules now.

Truthfully Oddisa avoids the Weyrlingstaff like the plague, while they're present she attempts to be as small and quiet as possible to avoid any notice whatsoever. So far so good, except it would be evident that she's doing this. Getting away with being herself, outdoors, on a runner, out and about as she pleases has been easier if she at least appears nubile and sweet. Sweet might be a stretch, but she's giving all the signs that she's learned her lesson and is // well-behaved . With a wrinkle of the nose and slight roll of denim eyes, Odi leans back on her elbows, using her mount as a recliner now that he has settled, "Yu can't break a rule tha' doesn' exist, and if'n yu ask it could suddenly exist." Fantastic logic, by a 15 turn old scamp. K'zre's confirmation that he is related to the Weyrlingmaster gets a nod of the head, as the third degree begins she lays all the way back, maneuvering one hand off the reins, gathering the boots up and placing them on her chest. "I'm fine with tha' chores aren' the issue… They're expectin' me to be someone else, not me that's for sure." The idea that she might have to change who she is to succeed is an unwanted guest in her life. As the rules list grows longer and longer, she sticks her tongue out and sighs heavily. "They seem to have somethin' against using flattering to achieve anything or line cutting. And //ew no one here is worth havin' sex with. Who'd I even be doin' tha' with, well.. there is one, but I think he's weyrmatin' a gal from High Reaches.. or tryin'." Scrunching her face in apparent disgust.

Yasminath is watching the runner, far more curious than concerned. At least she's not making hungry eyes at him. K'zre is mostly half-scrubbing at her hide, keeping tabs of Odi and her mount by way of his dragon, while his hands perform the routine washing. "It's still a rule even if you've never heard of it." Something about 'ignorance is no excuse'. But really, K'zre isn't here to debate rules and whether Odi is breaking them. That's for his father and N'sir to decide. He's just… here. Somewhat stuck in a place that's not home, because the person that is his home is stuck here. "You're kind of defensive," he points out. "Did you know that? Who is it you think you're fighting against?" It's an honest question, in a curious voice, and comes with a glance toward the girl on her runner. "Who said you have to change?" Another honest question, the healer frowning a bit as he pauses in scrubbing. "Who are all these they you keep talking about?" Really, it's baffling to the greenrider, who shakes his head and dips down to grab another handful of sand. He's also absolutely not going to touch the subject of who Odi might actually want to have sex with. Nope. There are some things that even K'zre doesn't wanna know.

"Rules keep appearing out of nowhere…On that logic anything done can suddenly be against the rules." Silence, Oddisa remains lying back on her mount and staring up at the sky as it gradually fades into a lighter blue, the navy of darkness being washed out by Rukbat as she rises to greet the day. "Am not-" Is the first response Odi can find to K'zre's idea that she's defensive. Huffing and then locking her lips in a grumpy ruffled up scowl, all teenage grouchiness for the moment. K'zre may have hit a sore spot, as the silence carries on for a long time. "I'm a girl." Well duh, K'zre knows this, but it is stated plainly as if maybe he's not noticed. "An' it's easy, I'm not fightin' because that might imply losin'. Girls are not usually beastcrafters, for a girl to get into runners, it takes twice as much as any boy. Yu have to be tougher, work harder, wake up earlier… Yu can' seem like a girl." Not that Oddisa ever has appeared a typical teenage girl. "I don' wanna.. stop cutting lines, it's easy to do. I don't see the problem with it, N'sir and R'sner do. I have stopped hitting people, even when they could use it." A giant sigh, maybe Oddisa's avoidance of growing up, is obvious. The age she's at has its own unique struggles. "An' of rules… someone said yu stole a bag of candy, the other day. I know stealin's against the rules." Snickering slightly, having not believed a word of what Katailea said about the incident. If Odi has to be uncomfortable and introspective, K'zre can join her.

"You'll need to substantiate that claim with evidence," decides the Healer, shooting a look at Odi and her 'rules appearing out of nowhere'. He might not have a stake in the matter, but that's still his father she's talking about. Even if she doesn't name him. "Otherwise, I am going to assume it's you being… young." It's the closest he's come to blaming her age for anything; for making her youth a factor in how he treats her. Silence is fine with him; he'll just go back to washing Yasminath while Oddisa takes her time being grumpy and ruffled. When she does speak again, he won't ask her for evidence on that claim, but he will arch an eyebrow and shoot another look her direction. He has no room to speak on beastcrafters, given his own occupation is Healer (and dragonrider), but he'll still look skeptical all the same. "You're pissed off because they wouldn't let you cut in line?" he asks, though it's rhetorical. He might have rolled his eyes, except that he's squinting at Yasminath's hide and scratching at something with a fingernail. "Cutting in line is rude. How'd you like it if you worked your ass off all day, were hungry and looking forward to dinner, and that dinner was delayed because other people decided they didn't want to wait like you? It's common courtesy. You treat people with the same respect you'd like them to treat you with. And I wouldn't want anyone cutting me in line." Are they really talking about line cutting? Apparently. At least until she mentions the bag of candy. K'zre movements don't quite stutter, but they do stop. A sigh. A moment of silence before he decides, "I did. I was proddy and sometimes—" A press of his lips cuts off that thought. "Yasminath was just about to go up, and I… Yeah, I did steal a bag of candy. I'm not proud of it," he allows. "And I paid him back for it."

"Fine." Oddisa rolls her eyes, conceding defeat for the moment as K'zre asks for evidence, and she doesn't have any. "I'm not tall, I can cut a line an' most people think I'm ten." And there has to be SOME advantage to looking like a child. Reparations. "I mean, the candidate knot kinda spoils it…" The point is made, and she groans because growing up is hard and having to act with forethought with other people is a new occurrence. "I'm… I don' like silliness, of all the things I could do wrong." Focus shifts as K'zre admits to candy theft, the boots on her chest are entirely forgotten as she sits up with a bright grin of disbelief. She would never ever have believed it true. The abrupt movement ends with the boots falling into the lake and the chestnut runner jumping sideways. Turns of training keep Oddisa in her seat, thighs tightening and reins grabbed with a newfound intensity, there are several hops and a bounce that nearly becomes a rear, the beast allowed to move several steps forward and back to regain composure. Unable to maintain stillness in the now unsettled animal, boots eyed under the lake surface with a pout, the runner is allowed to walk in small circles along the beach. "Yu actually did it? HUH. That's amazing.. Was it good candy? Yu could be proud of it if yu want; it was candy, not jewelry." Laughter trickles out, "I mean, it's not like yu cut a line. That'd be super serious." Such sarcasm, the bright cocky grin on her face full of joy, she's a fan of K'zre's crime spree.

"I'm not." Proud of it. "Why would I be proud of losing— Never mind." There's definitely an eyeroll now, even if she might not be able to see it. The momentary fright has K'zre turning his gaze toward the runner, watching with keen eye and mild concern until the situation is handled. But he'll use the moment as an excuse to pause in his task, Yasminath perfectly happy to lounge in the water while he takes a breather. "It probably was." Good candy. "But I don't remember most of it. And I wouldn't call it amazing. It wasn't as though it took any sort of creativity," he argues. "I just took the bag. It was blatant; he was sitting right there." He took it off his lap. There was no chance for subterfuge or need for cleverness. "And it doesn't matter what it was, it wasn't mine and I never should have taken it." A sigh and a scowl, and he'll rinse his hands before trying to change the subject back to her. "No one's making you be someone you don't want to be, Odi. There are rules, yeah. But no one's going to make you think or feel or act differently than you want to think, or feel, or act. Maybe you had to be tougher as an apprentice," he allows. "But candidates don't have to be anything other than what they are. The dragons would see through it, anyway. You can't trick them."

"Ahh, I was hopin' the story was better. I was picture yu in the dead of nigh', sneakin' into someone's weyr and snatchin' the candy." Giddiness exudes from Oddisa the excitement of the mere idea of such a heist bringing her great joy, "Proddiness makes yu forgetful?.. good to know." HOW SHE MIGHT USE THIS INFORMATION IS YET TO BE DETERMINED, but she's totally writing it down in Odi's great big book of essential tools and tricks. The waterlogged boots are eyed again, Odi slipping off her mount and grabbing them up. Shoving her sandy feet into the saturated boots gets a squelch of displeasure, shaking her head and -uffing-. Mistakes were made. Reaching up, the reins are tipped over tiny red ears, the animal having to dip his head to make the move possible and getting a pat in thanks. "I was… kind of hopin' R'sner and N'sir might like me, I mean, if'n I somehow don't impress it doesn't matter but if I do. I usually get along well with my masters and journeyman, I don't know how to do that with either of them. I mean. Either people like yu or they don't right?" A shrug, before both hands are planted on the saddle, and a big hop is given, all arm strength and quick feet as she regains her seat with wet boots dripping water down the barrel of the animal. "Egg'sll hatch soon, I think, maybe. They seem hard enough. Yu an' F'inn can go home, an' dependin' maybe take me somewhere else.. right?" Checking on there deal, "The dragons'll either like me of they won', I know that… I no one in my family has ever stood twice. My da's side is all riders, for… five generations. Mostly blue, though' his aunt has a brown. That's sorta set the bar." A high bar.

K'zre huffs in distaste. "I would never sneak into someone's weyr." Of course, two weeks ago he would have said the same thing about stealing candy. "No," he insists. "Proddiness does not make me forgetful." What it does make him? Well, maybe he doesn't want to say. Because it's kind of ridiculous. While Oddisa goes for her boots, K'zre turns to get back to washing, working his way beneath Yasminath's wing, which she kindly lifts up-up-up to afford him a clear view of his conversation partner. "How do you know they don't?" he wonders, unwittingly playing devil's advocate. "Maybe," he allows, for whether someone likes you, or doesn't. "People don't tend to like me, but I don't…" pause. Frown. Shrug. "I don't really think about it." It might be a lie, but it is close enough to the truth that K'zre will go with it. "Yeah," comes in agreement for the eggs, and if there's a look of relief in the greenrider, it fades quick enough. "I don't think it's a contest," he decides, for riders going way back. "My parents are riders. But F'inn's parents aren't. Think it just depends on the dragon." A little rinse of his hands again, and this time Yasminath heads out to rinse herself as well, sending a few meager waves in her wake. "And yeah," he says again, casting another look toward Odi. "I said I would. If you don't Impress, I'll take you back to Keroon. Or Fort. Wherever you want to go."

Mmhmm, yes, lots of nodding from the blonde girl as she spares a glance to the sky in an attempt to tell time. It mustn't be too late yet, because she goes back to draping herself across the runner's neck, one hand hanging down scratching at the animal's upper forelimb and shoulder, hand filled with red hairs that are discarded to begin the hand currying anew. "I mean, I doubt they'd ever come out an' say they don' like me… I'm not good with people." Stated plainly, not a judgment against herself but a fact. "I like yu K'zre, yur the only healer I've ever liked." The compliment is hidden by the healer bit, but she nods several times to press her point in. "F'inn likes yu, an' I think he's got decent taste." The information about F'inn is digested quietly, facing lacking any true expression as she allows her hands to put several tight braids in the strawberry mane, "Everythin's a contest, some jus' aren' as aware, and they forget." This idea alone is probably half her trouble, walking her fingers further up, standing in the saddle to braid up near the ears. "An' good, I think Katailea will impress.. so our plans to run off an' find an island to play on might be jumpin' the rail a bit. She's nice, Katailea. Kind of prissy, if yu ask me, but she did my laundry with me the other day an' I was down to wearin' hand me downs." Bright pink hand me downs, that didn't even fit. A long awkward silence as Odi struggles with words again, ".. Never thanked yu, for, taking care of me last turn… at Fort. Thanks." Ducking her head behind the muscular neck in front of her, hiding the blush that comes over her cheek and the embarrassment she harbors.

If K'zre were the type to understand (and use) sarcasm, this would undoubtedly be the moment when he would grace Oddisa with a deadpan look. Because not being good with people? Kez could probably write a book on the subject. Except not. Because he's not good with people and therefor, generally doesn't even realize when he's not being good with people. It's complicated. But for Oddisa's admission of liking him, he'll kind of go blank-faced, an awkward little silence stretching out while the healer rakes his brain for the right response. In the end, he settles for, "Thank you," and then, "F'inn doesn't count," before realizing what he's said and hastily trying to explain with, "I mean, he does count. But it's different. He doesn't count like that because… because." He's making it worse. At least he realizes this, and settles for a sigh. Likewise, contests get a blink and an unreadable expression, like maybe he doesn't know how to answer that one, even if he doesn't necessarily agree with it. Which means the next thing that comes out of his mouth is, "I never met her," for Katailea. Because while he actually might have met her, but he didn't catch her name during that whole candy fiasco. It's the thank you that seems to catch him off guard, and while he has no dragon to turn to in effort to hide his awkwardness, it's definitely there. Odi might be hiding behind a great red neck, but Kez will just stare in that direction while he struggles for how to respond. There are a few false starts — and probably at least one moment where he thought to say 'it was my job' only to change his mind — before he finally settles for, "You're welcome." Because that's polite, right?

At least in this arena, Oddisa is fully aware that she isn't good with everyone. The rough edges she's developed, a defense mechanism, and survival strategy to overcome being underestimated at every turn. Growing up with two tough, tomboy older sisters did not help one iota. "He counts. Every person that likes you counts, even if yur sleepin' together." They're weyrmates, and sleeping together is the entire reason K'zre is here in Igen, with F'inn. Though presumably, it's not the sleeping that makes one's bed cold and lonely at night, not that Oddisa would know about any of this as she's never had anyone to fill her bed nor desired that. At 15 turns old, this is ideal. Leaning up to finally look at K'zre, focusing her attention on him. "She… seemed to know a lot about the candy thing." Is all Odi gives to the subject of Katailea, "We're friends, I think? At least that's what I imagined a friend would be like." Settling more upright, possibly in preparation to take her waterlogged charge back Odi tilts her head, watching the healer get more awkward and shaking her head. Politeness may matter to K'zre, straightforwardness, and gratitude are essential to the pixie blonde, "I might need to get goin', I can't do this all day… at least not anymore. You'll be at the hatchin', right?" Asking with big eyes, in total, 'please come please' mode. There's no R'sner's in sight, so she's going to use this cuteness.

There's a moment in which K'zre might think to correct her on that. There's a breath; the expectation of words. But then he seems to think better of it, the breath exhaled without sound instead. Sure. Sleeping together. He'll go with that. Of course, the second subject up for discussion isn't any more welcome, though K'zre manages to keep himself composed on the matter of candy. If Oddisa's information illuminates the greenrider as to who Katailea might be, he doesn't give it voice. "I'm not surprised," is what he says, longsuffering evident in his tone. 'It's probably spread around the globe' is what he doesn't say, because he has a funny idea about how gossip works. "Friends are good," he decides, having very little to contribute on the matter. He stifles a yawn with one hand, though there's a bob of his head to show he's listening, acknowledging that their time of discussions, dragon-washing and runner-riding are likely at an end. "Of course," comes without thought for the Hatching, a little frown offered in return for those big-eyes. "Why wouldn't I go? It's F'inn's and—" Light-bulb. Ahem. "And you're Standing. I'll be in the stands."

The lack of correction confirms it, a friend is a friend. Even if it's a mating friend. "When yu go, try not to sit with ma family. There's a lot of them, an' they're sorta loud. I think yu met my cousin, an' she's the best behaved of the lot." Oddisa offers with a headshake and bright smile, fully aware of the rabble-rouser nature of her siblings. Not to mention being related to so many people that she could probably attend every hatching south of high reaches and have a relative standing, the L'ton contingent of her relatives use hatchings as an excellent excuse for good company and good food. "I'm sure.. well I'm not sure, I've never done this before, but I hope to be aware enough to see yu there. Or after, definitely after." Because no matter the outcome, she will probably need support. The runner is faced the other direction, and a hand wiggle is given to K'zre, allowing the animal to take off at a light trot towards the stables. Life soon may resume normality, or not. Every ride might need to be treasured, they could be her last for a long while.

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