Babies and Good Bye's

Characters F'inn, K'zre, Kate, Oddisa
Synopsis After the Hatching Feast, K'zre and F'inn find and talk with Oddisa and Kate, and their new baby dragons.
Out-of-Character Date March 1, 2020

Igen Weyr - South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from disappearing during the driest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

Summer - Month 8 of Turn 2724

There's no real preparation for Impression, not really. No amount of speeches or talking can prepare you for having your mind invaded for the rest of your mortal life. Especially when you've thoroughly planned out your next six months, as Odi had. Evening has become late evening, the sun now welcomely down below its Zenith and fresh, crisp air is blissfully trapped in the bowl, creating a welcome reprieve from the heat. The moons rise and provide light, as well as glow baskets which have been set out to help guide feast goers back to there mounts or weyrs. A rush of activity has become a steady thrum, all the noise and excitement settling into a hum of chattering voices and music played by various harpers who remain with the celebrities in the caverns. Emerging from the weyrling barracks for the first time since they arrived, Oddisa's changed into actual clothing and is wearing her jodhpurs and a breathable blue t-shirt. Oriapeth sways forward, in the delicate place between a meal and a nap where all bets are off on how long she will maintain consciousness. A few steps out of the barracks, and Oddisa stops dead, looking around the bowl and gulping hard. The enormity of her decision to stand is only now starting to set in, a wave of nausea and the weight of responsibility settling over the teeny weeny teen. Luckily the gold has none of this doubt, sauntering forth with amazement, flexing head up so that jeweled eyes can stare at Balor and Timor the light bouncing off silver dapples and creating a glow off freshly oiled chestnut hide. Experiencing the wonder through Ori's eyes, Odi goes slack-jawed and gasps out with a tiny squeak, "This is.. well everythin'. Mostly, it's a lot of it alrigh'." Runners never talked this much. The little blonde girl might need a moment or several decades.

Toith is here somewhere. Tucked into the shadows or against the bowl wall, jewel-bright eyes on the barracks and the little ones that emerge from it. R'sner is undoubtedly inside, N'sir as well, and the pair are doing what they can to settle the weyrlings, be them human or dragon, into their life. Tonight — the first week, no doubt — is a time for adjustment and, provided they don't go far, the weyrlings are allowed a bit of time to wander and relax and visit with others, or to simply take time for themselves.

F'inn on the hand is psyched. Psyched enough that he's had a few drinks and is more then looking forward to the end of the evening. He's free. Nymionth is free. And /both/ of them are eagerly awaiting the moment when they can take to the skies and whisk Yasminath and K'zre off to parts unknown. That being the case, he has one arm slung over K'zre's shoulders, an easy grin traced over his lips as he slants a glance down at his weyrmate and grins. "I have /never/ been so happy as I am at the thought of passing the buck to your dads." He's ready to /go/. It's R'sner and N'sir's turn to handle the chaos. Course, he can't help but spot Oddisa and Oriapeth emerging from the barracks, a wry smile tracing over his lips. "We were never that doe-eyed were we?" It'll change. Oh shells will it change, babies are babies, whether they are human, or not, and before long that starry-eyed look will be replaced with raw, fierce, exhaustion. Ahhh, the good old days. "You think N'sir is going to be tucking them all in?" Of course he will, thier younger 'dad' is the most motherly person he knows.

K'zre just looks exhausted. Relieved, but also exhausted. Still, there's an easy almost-smile on his face, and he walks without resistance at his weyrmate's side. His arm around his waist; his hand at his waist, fingers tight as they hold the bronzerider's shirt. Exhausted. Relieved, But unwilling to let go. The question has him frowning, a glance spared for F'inn before he's looking forward toward Oddisa, as if just now noticing them (don't blame him. It's been a very long day. A very long month). "We were," he decides, offering the truth because he doesn't understand sarcasm. But whatever else he might say about their own Impression, he leaves unspoken. Nor does he touch on his father(s), and the responsibility they are now taking over. Instead, he squints a glance toward the sky, then the gold, then Oddisa, and offers a rather obvious, "That's not a blue." Because wasn't Odi just so certain she was getting a blue? THIS IS K'ZRE TRYING TO TEASE! Just go with it.

Oriapeth stretches forward, spotting F'inn and K'zre with a cant of her head to one side and then the others. Snuffling at the air, new baby nostrils detecting smells, and Oddisa shakes her head. "No, that's liquor, like… Booze, like alcohol." Running out of descriptive synonyms, there's a struggle before she splurts out, "Adult funny liquid, makes em act funny." Tail twitching side to side, there's no notice before the newly hatched gold is inspecting F'inn and K'zre, pattering forth and flaring her wings with a flash of rose and a tap of talons on stone as if they could somehow miss her. Making an entrance is essential, Oddisa, on the other hand, is horrified and rushes after her newborn lady, "WHoa, WHOA.. tsk, tsk, here, come on whooaa. Shhh here. -HERE-." None of the runner commands do anything, this is a dragon and snorting with a tiny rumble that could very well be taken as laughter. Eyes the size of tea saucers, Oddisa moves around the side of her friend and presses her hand into the chest of the dragon. Nope, she's not moving like that either. "She's uh-" Pushing a bit more, "I think uh-" A giant shove, trying with all her strength to redirect the dragon out of the two men's personal space before sighing with defeat and smiling wryly at K'zre. "They ran out." The best explanation she has for this mix-up that is now her life. Stiffening formally, she looks from F'inn to K'zre, back to being overwhelmed in a flash. Oriapeth handles this better, reaching out to any nearby dragon with a burst of golden dust swirling through infinite space, vast and timeless. Bubbling forth with laughter, the joyous throng of revelry apparent in each word flowing off a chuckle. As if everything is funny, and no one knows why. «Testing, testing, is this thing on. Ahh, good. Hello pretties! Who claims these two?»

F'inn arches a brow at the gold's advance, his lips twitching in a wry smile as he watches Oddisa do her level best to control Oriapeth. "You're not going to get anywhere with that," he points out in relaxed tones. "Well, eventually she might get annoyed with being spoken to like she's a runner, but.." Course, then they are being investigated and pale blue eyes sweep up to the newborn queen as Nymionth makes his association clear in a wash of rose petals. « They are mine. Ours, » He corrects from his spot next to Yasminath. « And while it is nice to be polite and say hello, be careful til you are more sure on your feet. » Glancing at his bronze, F'inn chuckles quietly, carefully guiding K'zre out of the path of the baby that is probably a lot less sure on her feet then she believes she is. "I'm surprised the two of you have no passed out," he admits to Oddisa. It is only belatedly that he winks at the gold and flashes her a lopesided smile. "Well met, Oriapeth."

A tip of his head and K'zre hmms. "There were a shocking amount of greens." All greens. ALL GREENS. Save one. Who is suddenly in very close proximity. But it is hard for a dragonrider to be nervous about a dragon. K'zre kinda knows he won't get eaten. Still. She is not a little dragon, even just-hatched, and he's paying some deference to those talons just in case. He won't even protest F'inn's protective move, though he'll offer his own little snort and a slant of his gaze toward his weyrmate. « He is mine, » agrees Yasminath, moonlight and the twinkling of bells echoing her words; pride and joy for her K'zre. Tucked up against her bronze, she cranes her neck down to bare witness to the babies, a quiet croon filling the night. "Adrenaline," comes K'zre's unconcerned explanation for how Oddisa is still awake. "And F'inn is right. She's probably not going to obey you if you insist on treating her like a runner." But the other things she might try? That will be left for R'sner to discuss. It's the saucer-eyes that have him frowning again. "Are you alright?"

Kate has had the habit of taking a walk most evenings if for no other reason than to get out once the heat has lessened. Today that routine was interrupted by the hum of dragons just before dinner. Now though, with the tiny green (as far as dragons go) sated with food for her belly and oil for hide she ventures out with Xinieth close by. If she were the appropriate size to do so she might even be underfoot, but then even newly hatched dragons aren't small enough to succeed in that. Unlike Oriapeth however Xinieth is not taking off on her own, not yet anyway.

Oddisa's attempts fall on deaf hide, F'inn's tuck of K'zre only brings the greenrider more attention, if only momentarily. Pausing to listen to Nymionth, head rotating around in an attempt to find her clutch sire. Spotting him, there's a spontaneous twirl, unaware of how big she is and risking taking out F'inn and K'zre with her tail and hind end. Throwing both hands up, Odi is much louder now, smacking against the large dappled shoulder"WHOA. STOP." Before the golden tail can collide with anyone, the newly hatched baby stops and swirls back around, wings making a wooshing as air moves about her. Delight whirls in bright blue eyes, exuding off the 'little' baby discovering the world. "She seems to barely listen to me, I'm a few moments behind every idea she has." Explaining the headlight eyes to K'zre, "An' she's.. she talks constantly." The advent of noise into a mind that was mostly silent, before now. The touch of Yasminath has the new dragon searching around again, reaching out to tap around and find the green's mind. «Hello, hello, yes, yes, pardon me, moving through.» Each thought encountered that's not Yasminath's gets a mild laugh until finally focusing in on Yasminath, Nymionth, and Xinieth. «My feet, ah yes, those! Well, look at them, they're wondrous. Do you all have feet? WHat're they like! » A rush of a looming blue planet, the path ahead littered with multicolored celestial dust to mentally reflect her physical preoccupation. Stepping backward first, to create room, Oriapeth stretches out her forelimbs and admires her talons. Oddisa focuses on F'inn, having to move her attention quickly. "I don't know if I'll ever sleep again." Kate gets a startled look, "Yu.. seem to be doin' better than I am." Is commented, watching her friend out of the corner of her eye.

This is not F'inn's first rodeo and despite having a few drinks in him, he's quick to sweep K'zre off his feet and the both of them back out of the way of that massive gold rump and tail. "You need to be /firm/ with her, Oddisa," he states in matter of fact tones. "Believe me, you do not want R'sner and N'sir finding out that she's backing up her hindend into guests, or that you cannot keep her in control." Drills. Lots and lots of drills would meet that eventuality. Course, for his part, Nymionth is laughing, the warm rich sound relaxed as he drapes one massive, moonlit kissed wing over Yasminath's back. «You have to pay attention to all your parts at the same time, » He advises Oriapeth. Of course, he's quick to offer a croon to Xinieth as well, the air immediately swelling with the rich scent of roses. "You'll sleep," F'inn assures Oddisa with a snort. "In fact, I'd be shocked if the four of you," he adds Xinieth and Kate into the mix, as well. "Are not out like lights in a few hours."

The startled sound from K'zre is probably a reprimand and not a squeak (>.>) when he's swept off his feet and moved away. But it's the bronzerider's words that have a hand lingering on his weyrmate's arm, firm fingers grasping in silent communication. Or maybe not so silent, as the next words out of his mouth are, "It's her first night," he reminds. "And this is undoubtedly why weyrlings are kept to their own area. We came here." They did invade weyrling space. They ought to take some blame for the potential consequences. "It would be prudent," he adds, speaking for both Oriapeth and Oddisa, "to maintain an awareness of your surroundings, however. And to take care of where you are swinging your… pieces." Limbs. He means limbs. Thankfully, Nymionth is able to explain in a much more practical manner. « I am here, » announces Yasminath helpfully, when Oriapeth's mind finally reaches her. Curiosity and amusement send the moonbeams dancing, twinkling bells clear as she reaches out in return. « And hello, » she adds, for Xinieth's benefit, delighted to see her as well. « And yes. We all have feet. They aren't the same feet, » she decides. « because those are your feet, and these are mine. But I am told they are 'structurally equivalent'. » That would be K'zre, telling her that. The appearance of Kate has curiosity coming into the Healer's expression. At least until he recognizes her. Then there might be a bit of a balk and a rather awkward embarrassment. Yeah. Last time he saw her, he was running away with her friend's candy.

Xinieth hasn't quite gotten the idea of how big she is yet either, but being half the size of Oriapeth has its advantage in that. She doesn't have to look out for quite so much right out of the gate. "Hmm? Oh," it takes a second for Kate to realize that she's being spoke to. "Maybe?" or maybe just different challenges Oddisa. A humid breeze so out of place in Igen pushing back against roses and moonbeams in a return greeting from the green towards both of the other dragons. « So you have feet. » Now that that's been determined. « But who are you? » "I give us an hour tops," Kate says at least of herself and Xinieth, stifling a yawn. « We know you? » more directed towards Nymionth, because she feels like she's supposed to know that voice anyway.

The sweeping of K'zre evokes a grimace from Oddisa, "I'm, she's new at all this. I think she's excited. Sorry. They, we're gonna be in trouble." Admitting this early is the first part of accepting it, Oddisa snickering towards F'inn as if he might understand trouble. Mental exhaustion will come long before physical exhaustion, the edge on Odi's voice hints that she's already past her normal limit for chicanery in a day. That limit will need to be tripled if she's to survive; drills might be welcome because right now, structure sounds nice to the pixie girl. Shocking change to how she was this morning, balking at structure at every turn. Oriapeth's more interested in other dragons than the riders, turning around and moving herself to a vantage point where she can keep an eye on all three of them. Sudden humidity catches the attention of Oriapeth, greeting her sibling in twirl of bright white comet dust that wooshes past with a whirring mechanical sound. «If my feet are mine, and yours are yours, mine and yours are the same yet not. FASCINATING. You're serious? Our own feet.» It's hard to tell if this is sarcasm due to the large amount of laughter following, mirth on glimmering gold trails and fast whirl of being sucked forward. Wooo, FORWARD. «Are you him? Mine seems to think you hold some significance. I'll decide for myself.» Towards Nymionth specifically. This is absolutely sass, her voice forward and joyful with an overbearing pushiness of a creature who will be making her own decisions. Oddisa turns towards Kate now, "I'm… she's not slowing down at all, she gets a new bad idea every few minutes. I think our ship might leave without us." A giant smile plasters itself on her childlike face, totally giddy even with the advent of being a gold whirlwind's nanny for the foreseeable future.

Nymionth certainly doesn't mind being examined by either Oriapeth or Xinieth, the curiousity of the pair met with calm welcome and the perpetual wash of roses. « Humans put considerable significance on relations, » Nymionth agrees. « In that sense, I suppose I am terribly significant. You would not have existed without my presence. » So yes, yes, he's significant, in his own way. Stretching out his neck, he chuffs at both his offspring, the merriment in his gaze relaxed as he twists around to whuffle at Yasminath, as well. For his part, F'inn is not at all apologetic about whisking K'zre to safety. "I need all your parts in place and unbruised for the forseeable future, thank you very much." Glancing over at Oddisa, he offers a mild shrug and a slow rise and fall of his shoulders. "It was the opposite for Nym and I. He was responsible, I was the wild card. Fortunately? You will all," he adds with a reassuring nod toward Kate. "Achieve balance. F'inn by the way, Rider of Bronze Nymionth, weyrsecond for Fort Weyr and K'zre, rider of green Yasminath, healer at Fort Weyr."

"I'm perfectly capable of moving on my own," is K'zre's quick return, though it's not so much an argument as just… fact. He can totes move of his own volition. But he is also not really upset about being in his weyrmate's arms. Even if being whisked away has a fairy-tale ring to it that might make his ears pink. THANK GOODNESS FOR NIGHTFALL. Yasminath is all moonlight and gentle bells, enthusiasm contained because they are so little and she does not want to hurt them! She might be better on her feet now, but she's still not that graceful on her feet. « I am Yasminath. Don't you know? » she wonders, the question innocently asked and without the sarcasm that some might have. « I know who you are. I know your name. It is Xinieth. » Dragons just kinda know these things. « And Oriapeth. » Even if it is the bronze of the pair that has caught their attention. This is fine. Yas is perfectly happy to be a spectator, humming happily in her spot beneath Nym's wing. "I… Yes." He's just not going to comment on having previously met Kate. Because that's not really a time of his life he'd like to linger on. "It's been hours," he snorts at Oddisa. "She'll slow down when she's tired." Which will probably come without warning, if she's like the ninety-nine percent of other baby dragons out there.

Kate laughs, "I think that ship already sailed," she teases Odissa in turn. A smile send towards F'inn for that assurance even if she's not quite certain of it. It must come otherwise riderdom wouldn't be what it is. « We would, » Xinieth protests the idea of not existing, misty tendrils reaching out to poke at the bronze. « Just you wouldn't be significant. » Then to Yasminath, « I know that. » While she may not have recognized K'zre in the darkness the name at least is familiar even if it does take her a minute to place it. And when she does, she'll say it for him. "We've met," Kate notes, amusement in her voice for that. "How was the candy?" « Can we go to Fort, Kate? You know how to get there. » The question bringing a hand to rest on the young green's neck, "Some day Xinieth," the blonde replies with a bit of a sigh, "When you're bigger."

Recognizing a moment when she sees it, even through the haziness of a new dragon Oddisa is about to introduce Kate to K'zre. Then F'inn does it, and Odi points to the man in F'inns arms with a reserved twitch of her lips through the continued 'what have I gotten into' glaze to her face. "You've met K'zre he's, well this is the K'zre I was speakin' of." The level of respect she affords K'zre is rarely given to anyone else, and it shows in the defference in her voice and the way his name comes out of her mouth. Twisting a tiny finger at the greenrider even if it's obvious she sees him. The question asked receives a mortified bulge of the eyes, embarrassed for K'zre before a squeaky -hhmm- of chuckle escapes her lips. F'inn's reassurance is met with a proud uptilt of the chin, pressing all the way up to her full height, faking it for now. She's got this. " Settling back on her haunches, a level of grace that's difficult to achieve in one new to world Oriapeth manages it for a handful of seconds before losing balance and nearly toppling backward thanks to oversized wings and muscles that have never seen use. Woaahh, wooahh boom. Flicking the large sails open and closed the queen proclaims, «Meant to do that, I did.» Nymionth's wings get a long look, eyes whirling bright green and blue and then glancing back at her own. Hrm. Those do seem familiar indeed. Oh well. Turning towards Yasminath, examining the green with a wuffle and delighting in her mental presence, there's a rush of bright crimson as if flying far to close to a distant star, it's warm and comforting yet substantial and forboding. «You're significant, or… the fleshy one attached to you is. FABULOUS. Then we're on a first-name basis already Yasminath.» Xinieth's comment about going to Fort gets Ori's attention «MIne likes that place, we should go. I'll be bigger tomorrow, supposedly. Tomorrow it is!» It's a date.

F'inn is not the least bit apologetic for the whisking of his weyrmate, a fact made clear from the lopesided grin that traces over his lips and the wink that accompanies it. "We should probably let them get some sleep?" The murmur is accompanied with a glance toward the dragons, Nymionth's amusement clearly affecting his own good humor. "Congratulations, both of you," he offers to the human half of the pairs. "Try not to run the dads ragged, eh?" Although, he's fairly certain R'sner is more then capable of keeping that from happening. For his part, Nym is not insulted, content to remain right where he is wrapped around Yasminath.

"Ah. Yes. Well…" Ahem. Can we just pretend that little candy-episode didn't happen? K'zre would certainly like to play it that way. But no. Nope. Kate just goes right ahead and pops that bubble with an inquiry into said candy. And the greenrider is definitely looking awkward now (and is on his feet, actually. He probably got put down at some point, though rest assured he's as tightly pressed into F'inn's side as he possibly can be). But for all the awkwardness, his answer is a rather straightforward, "Sweet," that is entirely honest. Seriously. He's not being sarcastic. He's legit answering her question. There's a flash of something that is almost a smile toward Oddisa, but he won't comment on bulging eyes or embarrassment-by-proxy. From Yasminath there is amusement, clear in the tone of her mind because the green is incapable of subterfuge. « What else would you call me? » she wonders, bells tinkling as though the green were giggling « I have no other name but that. » And « Fort is a very nice place. You should definitely both visit. » But maybe not today. Or tomorrow. Cause babies. It is only when F'inn speaks his last that K'zre seems to realize he's missed the most important part of this conversation, as his hastily — but earnestly — added, "Yes, congratulations!" is given. "And you should try to sleep. They tend to wake up very early for breakfast."

Kate blink, almost ducking Oriapeth's movement, but they're safe this time. « Bigger, bigger Oriapeth. Not tomorrow. » Xinieth corrects her sister's plans like it or not. "Dads?" the blonde questions, hiding another yawn behind a hand, it makes sense after she has time to think and put those relations together with the weyrlingmaster again. "Right." No need to explain! "Thank you," for their congratulations followed by what does sound like a very good idea about now, "Bed." « Do we have to? » Kate already leading Xinieth back towards the barracks. They could say goodbye, thanks for stopping, but … sleep is calling.

Suddenly Oriapeth begins to paw at the ground, Oddisa noticing the tiny queen making tight circles as if preparing to lay down. Oddisa scuttles over, at first shoving at her with her hip digging into the shoulder and lower forelimb before lifting up her new charges flaxen head and clucking her tongue in cheek. "Thank you, um, there'll be an attempt." On not running, the dads ragged. Walking backward there's a scared smile for K'zre, totally out of her element in this arena and winging it hardcore with trying to walk backward into the barracks. "Yur… yur not goin' to never come back righ'?" Inquiring towards K'zre, "She's not even broke yet, -tsk tisk come on-, come back, I'll have her.. figured out." Or she will have Odi figured out. Toward Xinieth, there's a slight «I'm going tomorrow. You can come» Stubbornly refusing any other option, even if her memory of this meeting will be washed away by sleep at any moment now. Yasminath and Nymionth get the last brush of her mind, stars twinkling yet drifting further and further apart in a comforting rock of darkness. Safe, warm, gently rocking to sleep. «I feel dreadfully heavy, it must be that time again.» Even if she's never done this before.

"His fathers live here, Oddisa," F'inn points out in matter of fact tones. "R'sner and N'sir would never forgive us for such a thing as that." He's not waiting, though, one hand bracing in the small of K'zre's back as he steers him toward their dragons. "And if you really need us, Oriapeth can reach Nymionth and Yasminath relatively easily." Fortunately, K'zre is just as eager to be away as F'inn and in the wake of waves and winks and reassurances, the pair are mounted and in the air, circling the bowl far over head while the babies settle in to rest.

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