Learning Life Lessons

Characters Kate, N'sir, Oddisa, R'sner
Synopsis Lack of sleep and high emotions do not go well together.
Out-of-Character Date March 4, 2020

Igen Weyr - Lake Shore
It is sometimes hard to tell where the bowl ends and the lake shore begins. Fine grains of gold, tan and orange hued sand layer much as the bowl walls in the distance beyond. The sand only gives way to thin patches of grass where the tall fence of the feeding grounds intersects the lake to the south and the smooth curve of the bowl wall rises on the opposite shore. At that intersection one can make out a small building and colorful fabrics where the Weyr's residents go to relax. The shallow lake waters shimmer invitingly, day and night, lapping at the fine grain sands. Engineered pipes are hidden beneath the bowl landscape and feed the lake as well as the grasses of the feeding grounds to keep the water levels from dropping past a certain point which is marked by a waist high obelisk.

Autumn - Month 9 of Turn 2724

Another day, supposedly has come. They're all starting to blend together for the new Weyrlings as dragon care hits high gear, and the growing babies require more and more time food and oil. The human body copes with exhaustion in new and exciting ways, Oddisa had spent several moments one morning trying to figure out if she owned a left sock or if they were all right socks. Stumbling out of the barracks into the evening sun, Oriapeth rushes towards the lake with a bouncy demeanor that has ZERO reflection on her rider's pinched up, crossed arm pouting figure. "Ori is not out here. COME on." No use, the young dragon is heading towards the lake with the single-minded determination of one on a mission. When heading to a new place, it's common for the gold to proceed her rider, size alone, allowing her to be everywhere first. Getting to the shore, she dives in and sticks her head under the water in a ridiculous fashion. "No, I promise it's not there. Yur bein' a child. This isn't how we'll find my knot." There's no telling her though, the gold dipping her head under the water every few steps like a giant waterfowl.

Something is definitely amiss in Weyrlingmaster-land, a fact made clear the moment that N'sir traipses into view on R'sner's arm. It could be the fact that he has disdained leathers or the robes typical to Igen, opting for a flowing, floor length lavender sarong that displays a shocking amount of leg. It could be the sandals over boots, or the fact that his hair, normally braided is loose and spilling nearly to his knees. Or, it could be the fact that his spirits are uncharacteristically high. Course, whatever it is, is definately out of the norm, a fact made even more clear at the warm, rich laugh spilling past his lips as squeezes R'sner's arm before releasing. Mind you, the /REAL/ clue comes in the fact that Elianneth, his gloriously fey-green is currently lounging on the beach with Toith, the pair of them surrounded by more then few males wise enough to stay out of Toith's reach. "I still think we have time to go to the bazaar," he urges only seconds before watching Oriapeth charging into the water. For a long moment he just stares at the event before a toss of his head sends heavy curls swaying out behind him in an enviable wave. "Or swimming." Swimming is something he is more then willing to change course for.

In absence of R'sner, Toith makes a pretty good babysitter. One would likely not expect it, given the green's penchant for roughhousing and general mischief (not to mention mud, something Igen is sadly — in the green's eyes at least — lacking). And she can definitely multi-task, keeping those pesky boy-dragons at bay while also keeping an eye on any weyrlings that might wander this direction. But there's definitely a sigh of… something (is that relief? Disdain? It's hard to tell with Toith) when R'sner appears. He looks relaxed enough, save for the sort-of tightness around his eyes, and the strain across his shoulders. He's not smiling but, then again, he usually isn't. And his weyrmate's pronouncement has him arching an eyebrow in return. No bazaar. He doesn't say it, likely because he already has and does not feel the need to repeat himself. But he will offer a sigh and a somewhat reluctant, "If you wish to swim, you can swim. But go no further than waist deep." Of course, there are baby dragons to contend with in the water, and the splashing of Oriapeth certainly isn't lost on the weyrlingmaster. Neither is the weyrling she's attached to, standing on the beach looking helpless to stop her. And so it is toward Oddisa that R'sner turns their steps, N'sir brought along by virtue of the arm entwined with his own, until they are both within speaking distance. "Something wrong?"

Oriapeth doesn't need a babysitter, she's perfectly capable of making all her own choices and decision with no outside commentary. Oddisa doesn't follow Oriapeth, who is wing high in water in moments, head ducked under the surface and waves cresting in as she creates wake with the continuous dunking of her head. Sand and soot have clouded the water, prompting a snort from the growing reddish gold that sprays water up into a fine mist. Oddisa has never seemed less amused, eyes locked on the baby in a grumpier than usual state. "I didn' intend to swim, we were SEARCHING FOR MY KNOT-" The words yelled towards the waterlogged queen, turning around to face R'sner. "Is, nothin' sir. I misplaced my beastcraft knot, I'm sure it's here somewhere. Not here but," Waving around to indicate the Weyr as a whole, back to the lake rejecting all of the fun Ori is having and entirely focused on herself. N'sir gets a polite nod of the head, stiff, formal, eyes searching the greenrider up and down, "Can yu not swim?" Head to the side, distracted in her tired state from the purpose of her evening and tired enough to ask stupid questions. Oriapeth croons happily to Toith and Ellianth «Darlings join me, we will scour this lake and recover lost artifacts.» Laughter follows the words, it's perfectly clear that she's not taking Odi seriously AT ALL right now, instead, distracting herself from the so-called 'problem' by turning it into a far more exciting game.

N'sir glances up at R'sner's face, his lips pressing into a moue of disappointment. "I really want to get some candy." Not because he craves sugar when proddy— that's K'zre's department— but is as good an excuse as any to argue in favor of the bazaar. It's Oddisa's return that has him straightening, the bazaar forgotten as he brushes his curls over his shoulder, straightens the length of lavender silk cascading down his legs and arches a brow. "You were /all/ issued three knots along with your bedding and a change of clothing, Oddisa. You could not possibly have misplaced all three already." For good, or ill, he's forgotten about swimming, at least until it is brought up, again. "I can swim." R'sner just prefers he not go to deep. Which really? Fine with N'sir. At Oriapeth's call, Elianneth answers with a low, husky croon, the little glowing green more then content to remain right where she is for now. « You swim, » she calls back. « We will watch. » It is their job after all. « If you plunge your snout very deep and blow you can make a fountain to share with your rider. » Cause Eli? The little mother of monsters is ALL about being helpful.

R'sner is nothing if not the pinnacle of patience. Or at least, he can totes look the part. And as such, there's very little change in demeanor as Oddisa explains the issue and N'sir promptly replies. There's a gentle squeeze of his weyrmate's arm, a touch that lingers a few seconds longer than necessary, and a glance that settles on him briefly before he turns back to the weyrling at hand. "And why are you looking for your beastcrafter knot?" he wonders, asking a question he already knows the answer to. "You're a weyrling, not an apprentice. And I assure you, it isn't lost." Because he totally took it. "You'll get it back once you've graduated." He isn't going to say he took it, but he's definitely leaving that line of reasoning wide open for her to connect the dots for herself. "As for swimming, I'll remind you that N'sir is your weyrlingmaster as well, and it's not a particularly appropriate question to ask him what he can and cannot do." Even if his weyrmate is willing to answer the question. And is more than a little proddy at the moment >.> As for Toith? Well. There's a tart little « I ain't your darling, » that is at least tempered a moment later when, with a tail twitch, she adds, « I'm your teacher. » And sometimes she even acts like it. « W'll swim later. Got plans first. » Like chasing off the boys. Grr. Rawr. Hiss.

Bounding towards the lake comes Xinieth, Kate trailing not quite behind. « You're swimming without me? » the accusation is directed towards Oriapeth though the mental mists that carry the words are pushed towards the others as well being that they're there. The little green does not just walk into the water though, no. It's pounced upon even if the water can't be caught, a splash sent out around her. Kate has given up on being dry at the lake, case and point right there though she does turn to offer a half smile towards the other humans. "Evening.."

Lack of sleep can really mess with your mind, Oddisa doesn't look tired at all, but that's possibly due to her age. Dark denim blue gaze slips slowly from the assistant weyrlingmaster to the Weyrlingmaster, back forth, back forth, as if watching a match. N'sir's response prompts a loud 'uff' and pout, shaking her head quickly mouth open and eyebrows high up in offense. "Beg yur pardon, I've not lost those-." The teen wiggles her shoulders, turning them away in a dismissive manner that's plain rude, both hands thrown forward with fingers shook in frustration. If she were younger, she'd be sent for a nap, jaw tightening further with each word out of R'sner's mouth. Speaking in tight, terse syllables, there's no doubting that whatever temper Odi might have is right beneath the surface at the moment. "Politely, Weyrlingmaster," Each word is cut off, voice betraying how grouchy she is "I earned tha' knot, and I would like it back. I earned it, I want it." Simple, to the point and every bit the teenager today. Only the reprimand brings her back, remembering her current position and allowing an apologetic downcast to her gaze before mumbling. "Jus' askin'." Oriapeth isn't worried about Odi's foul mood, which probably means she's mostly having a tired temper tantrum and not experiencing any real distress. Reaching towards Ellianeth with a brush of golden dust, playfully whisking through the green mind with laughter. «This we must try, watch this.» Shoving her head underwater, there's a gigantic SNORT that sprays up and scatters mist and water droplets far and wide, likely to hit a few unknowing sunbather's if they dared venture near. Toith's response receives a second snort, in derision «Teacher yes? Is this a self-appointed title? If so I'm an explorer, I wish to play too.» Sassy, rude, and a decent reflection of how her rider is acting. Xinieth gets a light touch, comet dust rushing through in a swirl of color and whirling metallic sound «I was saving a spot for us darling, do you need a role too? You can be anything apparently.» Kate gets the barest nod Oddisa busy being offended.

N'sir might be proddy— extremely proddy— but he has not taken leave of his senses entirely. That being the case, the complete and utter lack of salutes has him pursing his lips in disapproval, one brow arching mildly as he glances between the weyrlings and up to the weyrlingmaster. It's the rest that has him swinging his gaze back to Oddisa, a long, vastly displeased stare leveled on her. Rather then address it, however— he's leaving that to R'sner given how high and erratic his temper is at the moment— he turns to Kate and Xinieth, his lips twitching in a fond smile at the green crashing into the lake so enthusiastically. "Elianneth used to do the same thing," he notes as he steps closer to her. "Of course, as soon as she was allowed to fly it turned into cannonballs." Which may, or may not, be a warning. An amused warning. A warning that will do no good, /at all/, but there it is. "How are the two of you settling in?" Course, Elianneth bugles a greeting to Xinieth the moment she appears, cheering for the splash before releasing an equally delighted bugle for Oriapeth's fountain. Discipline? She's just as happy to leave to Toith as N'sir is to leave it to R'sner.

The arch of R'sner's eyebrow really says it all. Amazing how much can be said without saying a word. Through Oddisa's temper tantrum the weyrlingmaster remains mute, his expression stoic save for that lofted brow that says 'interesting' and 'is that so?' with the same sort of disinterest he might have shown a toddler declaring that it didn't want to eat their vegetables. The appearance of Kate and Xinieth is met with a polite tip of his head, a murmured, "Good evening, Kate," offered as the green goes crashing into the water. And while there might be a touch of amusement for it, his attention is quickly back on the other weyrling and the situation at hand. He even waits a good three seconds after she's finished before he speaks, the look in his eyes a very 'are you going to listen now?' sort of look that really should not be ignored. "I understand that you are under a lot of stress," he begins, speaking both to life changing events and lack of sleep, no doubt. "And as such, I am willing to allow that you aren't behaving as you might otherwise." Translation: she's getting a pass on the sass this one time. Or at least, he's going to go a bit easier than he might otherwise. And while he might not raise his voice, make no mistake that he is deadly serious in this regard. "I am you Weyrlingmaster. N'sir is my assistant. You were an apprentice," and yes, he is definitely using past-tense there, "so I know you understand hierarchy and rank. You understand where your place is." And maybe, just maybe, he's speaking for both Oddisa and Oriapeth to hear (because he is not at all pleased with the little gold's insolence, either). "I expect you to behave respectfully — which is more than just the words you speak. The next time you decide to let your temper get the best of you, you'll be scrubbing the barracks with your toothbrush and Oriapeth will be sitting on the sidelines while her siblings get to play." He is not at all above reprimanding both of them for disrespect. "Now. In regards to the apprentice knot. As I said, you will get it back once you have graduated. Right now, you are not an apprentice. Your craft has been set aside and you will give it no more thought while you are a weyrling. Raising Oriapeth will take your full attention. Your craft can wait — and it will wait. You knew this when you were Searched. So, politely, no. You may not have your knot back. It will be kept safe until you demonstrate that you are a competent dragonrider and have earned the right to be an apprentice once again."

Kate raises a brow at Oddisa's near tantrum over what she's not exactly sure, coming to the conversation late and not quite following it all yet. Green eyes turn towards N'sir with that unspoken question, she's not stepping into the middle of it. Xinieth on the other hand is perfectly happy to be in the middle of other things, turning around, snout to tail, positively pleased with that shower her sister has provided though she doesn't venture far from the shoreline. A sigh for that thought of flying cannonballs in the future even as she turns a tender smile back towards the little green. Yep, that will likely happen. "Alright I guess," the blonde replies to the question of settling it. As well as can be expected so to speak. Exhausted for one, but they all say that's to be expected so not exactly worth mentioning that.

Having her tantrum witnessed by others gets the barest rush of red to tanned cheeks, aware that she's being watched by others if for no reason, then the color of her dragon's hide and the knot she will inherit with it. Self-awareness rushes into the itty bitty girl, lips flattening into a line at N'sir's disapproval before slowly crumpling down under R'sner's stern gaze. Avoiding all eye contact, she fixates below R'sner's chin before sagging in defeat, the mark of how tired she is. Each word seems to shrink her down a little more, the first time that a dressing down has ever done anything at all. "I…" There's a full moment it does appear that the once a beastcrafter might burst into tears, mumbling "I.. earned it. It's. I'm proud of it, sir. No one did it for me." Holding onto this idea, even if it's obvious the boat is going down, she's always been a going down with the ship type gal. Oriapeth finally decides to get involved, sending a massive wave of water for Xinieth to enjoy before turning to toith, «Mine was once something, she is not ready to be less than she was. I have explained that she is more than she ever could be but, the two legged ones are not always that bright.» the last bit a whisper with a touch of laughter. Though there is great sadness too, as the overwhelming share of emotions has reached her and it's clear she's perplexed.. Ori stands still, arranging her wings on her back, so they don't catch on back talons before turning towards the beach and crooning towards R'sner and Odi with an unmistakable touch of confusion. Oddisa flounders slightly, moving forward with the sudden realization that she might have harmed the queen's feelings, "Shards, does it get easier?" Asking R'sner before giving a fake, 'it's all good, everything is good' smile to Kate and N'sir.

N'sir expects the SAME level of discipline and good behavior from every single weyrling regardless of the color of their dragon. He is not, however, bothering to comment on that conversation. For the moment, at least. Instead, his attention remains firmly on Kate, his chin dipping in a slow nod. "It will get easier in time," he assures. "Before you know it they will not require constant attention and will be sleeping more then they are awake." Which, of course, means that, assuming all chores and lessons are done, the weyrlings will be able to nap, as well. It is Elianneth, however, that responds to Oriapeth. « She is as much as any of our humans, Oriapeth. Right now, your attention needs to be on one another and not on what might have been before. You are her priority. » N'sir, however, does glance at Oddisa at her question, his expression utterly serious. "Not for quite some time. You have to remember that your feelings and your defiance will affect Oriapeth, as much, if not more then it affects you. She needs to be the entirety of your focus if the two of you ever hope to graduate with your class. Once that happens," he provides. "You can return to your craft as you please within reason. I am still tailor, despite being a weyrlingmaster. But whether or not you actually graduate with your class will depend on your behavior." Without missing a beat, he looks back at Kate and asks with the same measure of seriousness. "You are making sure you are eating, yes?"

"And you will get it back," repeats R'sner. But the words are spoken with understanding this time; reassurance that he is not going to forget and discard it. "But right now, Oriapeth is your first and only concern. You are not the knot you wear on your shoulder, Oddisa. Whatever work you did to earn your apprenticeship is still a part of you. You can still be proud of it. But you need to be proud of this, too." As the little gold joins them, R'sner affords her a longer look, his thoughts hidden behind an expression of quiet study. "It does get easier," he assures. "With time. And getting decent rest will help as well. The first few months are hard but you'll get into a rhythm." Of course, what R'sner won't say right now is that it's still gonna be hard. Weyrlinghood isn't ever easy. The hard parts simply change as time goes on. "Take some time to calm down. If you have any questions, you can come ask me or N'sir." And while he is definitely going to keep an eye on her, he's also going to give her space to gather herself together, closing the distance between himself and his weyrmate. His hand finds the small of N'sir's back, resting there as he stands beside him.

Tired. Emotions. Not always a good combination. Oddisa isn't the only one close to tears even if Kate doesn't seem to have the reason for them just now. Oriapeth's wave is frolicked in briefly before Xinieth turns, crooning as she nudges forward to push at the blonde's shoulder. The smile that attempts reassurance for the one Oddisa sends her direction is turned from the younger girl back towards her young lifemate as she reaches a hand up to pat the green's nose. « They are all more than before. » Xinieth agrees. Any tears that might have been are blinked back as she looks back to N'sir, nodding in reply "Yes sir." Maybe not quite as much as she should perhaps, but "I'm trying."

Oddisa stands still, grounded in place for several minutes processing, arms crossed defensively and protectively over chest as she's frozen with indecisive, exhausted confusion. Sharing your mind with someone else means thinking of others before yourself, constantly, it's a new part of her life and is going to require growth. R'sner receives her attention once more, a slight nod of the head before N'sir is being listened to. "Do you think they'd issue me several toothbrushes? Or should I send somethin' to my ma?" And she's back, no more time for introspection action calls. Without a second thought or word, the overshirt shes' wearing is stripped off to reveal a light undershirt that's tucked into the tight high waisted tan pants that are her style. Wading into the water, Oriapeth meets her with a pushy nuzzle, nearly knocking her down and soaking her in water as it drips off of her. After several moments of affection, Odi playfully splashes towards Kate and shakes her head. "This is still absurd, righ'? Is not moved from absurd jus' yet." The barest chuckle, wings stretching out to push at Xinieth «Backward, forward, side to side. We are going in every direction all at once. Obviously, there's some discomfort. This new skin itches wildly.» Wiggling around and reaches behind her shoulder to try and rub a spot with her own muzzle, Oddisa quickly taking to the task.

"It will get easier," N'sir assures in gentle tones. "Before you know it, you will both be sleeping through the night." Shifting into a lean against R'sner, his expression softens as he watches Kate for a moment before sweeping his gaze over to Oddisa, as well. "I'll start bringing snacks down to the barracks for you all. Fruit and nuts, a bit of bread and cheese. It might not sound like much, but having something readily available to snack on will help." Glancing at Oddisa, his lips twitch faintly before he notes. "I assure you, we have an ample supply of toothbrushes. There should be spares in the barracks already, but I can bring more." It is in the wake of the words, though, that Elianneth shifts, stretching slowly before launching herself into the skies and heading for the feeding pens. Immediately, N'sir stiffens and steps away from R'sner, his gaze going distant… That he is about to bolt is wholly and entirely clear only seconds before he's racing toward the south bowl. Beyond the fact that a flight is about to happen? It's abundantly clear that N'sir is one fast S.O.B.

R'sner is just going to ignore it. N'sir's already answered the toothbrush question, and there's really nothing more he can add. "It will get easier," he repeats, knowing full well it's probably going to start irritating the weyrlings. But, well. What can he do? It's the truth. With Oriapeth and Oddisa joining the fun, he's perfectly content to step back and let the weyrlings be weyrlings; bonding with each other and/or with their dragons. It's only Elianneth's departure, and his weyrmate's sudden bolt, that has the Weyrlingmaster looking anything other than stoic and (probably insufferably) calm, cool and collected. His eyes track his progress before going toward Toith, the green offering a deep-throated sound that is probably an affirmative, before she settles down in the sand once again. "If you'll excuse me," comes in a murmur, though he won't move until he's spotted another Assistant Weyrlingmaster on the way over. With that decided, he heads after the racing N'sir.

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